Amazon Flight Booking Offers 2022: Up to Rs 2000 cashback

Amazon flight booking offers for 2022 are more enticing than anything else, especially for the ones who love to travel. The discounts on domestic flights will enable frequent travelers to travel hassle-free at economical costs.

It’s that time of the year when offers have been pouring tremendously. Amazon flight booking offers for 2022 is one of them. Till now, if you were making your flight ticket bookings offline or on some other website, you can now change the platform for good. Plan your travel with Amazon and save every bit of your hard earned money in the form of discounts and cashback.

We are all fond of Amazon since it is a one-stop destination for all our shopping needs. But now, Amazon is giving us another chance to stay loyal to its platform.

Amazon has introduced some jackpot cashback offers for its customers. You can travel within the country to any city by simply booking your flight at a much affordable cost than the rest through Amazon.

Yes, you heard that right – Amazon has expanded into the travel segment as well. Be it to the capital city of India or the IT hub, you can travel to any place of your choice by availing Amazon flight booking offers.

Those of you who have already planned their vacations and booked their tickets, you are definitely in a loss this time. However, do keep an eye on the offer dates or the upcoming offers on Amazon if you wish to save some money from your expenses.

Amazon is known for bringing in some of the best deals, and this time too, the flight booking cashback offers are so lucrative that you’ll not be able to say no to it. Are you excited to check what these Amazon Flight ticket offers are? We are listing the details of these cashback offers down below.

So, if you are eagerly looking forward to these offers to start booking your domestic flight tickets, then take a look and pick the best one for you.

Exciting Amazon Flight Booking Offers and Coupons 2022

Amazon Domestic Flight Booking Offers

We bring you the best Amazon deals and offers, be it for the fashion segment, groceries, or travel. The holiday season hasn’t ended yet and we want you to make complete use of it by traveling endlessly, but within the budget.

To make things easy for you, we have listed down the details of the amazon flight booking offers and coupons so that you can choose the best one that fits well into your requirement.

By saving your cost here, you can utilize the same money for hotel booking or just simply anywhere. Don’t believe us? You can take a look at the discounts offered by Amazon and we are sure that it will not be hard for you to strike off some place from your bucket list. Let’s dive into the Amazon flight ticket booking offers –

1. Enjoy discounts on flight booking offer for Amazon Prime Members

If you are about to plan a trip to another city anytime soon, you are in luck. Amazon has got the best deals designed for you. Excited to know what the Amazon flight booking offers are?

If you are an Amazon Prime member and you wish to avail these flight booking deals during the offer period, there’s immense cashback that you can earn. But for that, you need to know the details of these offers, so take a look at it down below –

Minimum Booking AmountCashback
N/ARs 200
Rs 5,000Rs 400
Rs 8000Rs 700
Rs 13,000Rs 1000
Rs 20,000Rs 1500
Rs 30,000Rs 2000

a. Spend less, save more

You must be wondering how you could spend less and save more? Well, we’re here to clear all your doubts! This offer is for those people who end up spending an amount more than Rs. 5,000 on their domestic flight tickets. If you fall under that category, you get a chance to save Rs. 400 in the form of cashback.

However, this is possible only if you apply the coupon code – so take note of it. The coupon code for this offer is PRIMENOV400.

b. Travel with extra savings

This offer will be applicable for those of you who spend an approximate amount of Rs. 8,000 on your flight tickets. If you are one of them, by applying PRIMENOV600 coupon code, you will earn cashback worth Rs. 600. Isn’t this a great deal?

c. A deal worth grabbing

If you belong to a family of 3 or 4 and your flight ticket expense surpasses an amount close to Rs. 20,000, then you stand a chance to avail this offer. In turn, you’ll get to earn Rs. 1,500 in the form of cashback by applying PRIMENOV1500 coupon code. Be it for this offer or any other offer; do remember to apply the right coupon code at the time of payment.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep an eye on the offer date and plan your trip immediately.

2. Exciting Flight booking offers for Amazon Non-prime Members

If you are wondering what’s in store for the non-prime members, we are going to give you enough reasons to be happy too. There’s no way we would want you to regret not having a membership with Amazon. Check the flight booking offers exclusively meant for Amazon non-prime members –

Minimum Booking AmountAmazon Cashback
N/ARs 100
Rs 5,000Rs 250
Rs 800Rs 500
Rs 13,000Rs 750
Rs 20,000Rs 1000
Rs 30,000Rs 1500

a. An unmissable offer

We hope you are no longer upset about not being a member, because you have equal amount of benefits. If you are looking forward to availing this offer, you must know that you can earn an amount worth Rs. 250 if your ticket cost is more than Rs. 5,000. All you need is a coupon code at the time of making the payment. The coupon code applicable for this offer is FLIGHTNOV250.

b. Enjoy your travel time with special savings

For the Amazon flight offer, you stand a chance to grab cashback worth Rs. 500 if your ticket cost is somewhere around Rs. 8,000. We bet there wouldn’t be a better deal for you. Quite obviously, that’s because domestic flight tickets are expensive if you book it on short notice. For this offer, do note that the coupon code to be applied at the time of the payment is FLIGHTNOV500. So, make the most of this offer!

c. An easy way to save big

Travel to the city of your dreams without worrying about the flight ticket cost. Wondering why? Well, a good amount of your ticket cost is getting covered in the cashback you’ll earn. For instance, if your ticket costs Rs. 13,000 or more, you will earn Rs. 750 in return. Isn’t this a lucrative deal? For this offer too, you’ll need a coupon code, which is FLIGHTNOV750. With so many options in front of you, make your choice and choose the one that suits your needs.

Travel soon and safe!

We are sure you have now understood the benefits of Amazon flight booking cashback offer, but are you aware of the booking process? If you are wondering how to book flights through Amazon, check out our guide below.

How to book domestic flights through Amazon?

If you are just as excited to make use of Amazon domestic flight booking offer as we are, then you must check out our guide below. If you encounter any issues while booking your flight, you may refer to this process and we bet you’ll be sorted. Let’s take a look –

Step 1 – If you haven’t installed the Amazon app yet, download it now

Step 2 – Login to the app

Step 3 – Go to the flight section

Step 4 – Select the date and city as per your preference and click on find flights

Step 5 – Select the airline and suitable timing

Step 6 – On the next page, click on apply offer and then apply the promo code basis the offer that you want to avail

Step 7 – Find the traveler details section and fill in your details

Step 8 – Before submitting the page, click on proceed to review and check if the details entered are valid

Step 9 – If the details entered are correct, click on proceed to payment and make the payment using any payment mode

Step 10 – Here’s the most exciting part – once you have made the payment, the cashback will be credited into your Amazon Pay account in less 48 hours

We hope you have now geared up to make full use of the Amazon flight deals. With not much time left in hand, get ready to pack your bags for your next trip!

Why you should book your domestic flight tickets on Amazon?

Are you contemplating why you should be booking flights through Amazon when there are various such booking websites? Well, we understand your concern. To clear your doubts, check out why Amazon India flight ticket offer is something you should pursue! We list down some of the benefits, take a look at it –

  • It’s only on Amazon that you’ll find low cancellation fees or rather no extra cancellation penalty
  • Here, you get to take the benefit of some seamless rewards in the form of cashback on domestic flight booking. The highest cashback offer gets applied automatically.
  • Being a global e-commerce platform, there are absolutely no hidden charges or fees. Amazon strongly believes in the transparent pricing policy
  • Unlike a lot of other platforms, Amazon has an easy booking process which auto-fill’s the saved traveler data, account and payment information.

Now, with these discount and cashback offers, you can save a significant amount that can be used elsewhere for important arrangements.

Take a vacation without breaking the bank

Traveling is not just about visiting places, it’s more about reaching your dream destination. The Amazon flight discount offers take you a step ahead of reaching your dream destination. These deals are designed keeping in mind your budget and the period of travel.

Besides, if you are an existing Amazon Prime member, you’ll know that your membership hasn’t gone unutilized. Apart from using the membership for your shopping purpose, you can now use it for booking your flight tickets too. Ever thought you’d get so many benefits out of one platform?

We are equally surprised as you are. If you haven’t converted yourselves into prime members yet, you must give it a thought. While there are offers for non-prime members too, but being a member has its own rewards. Are you set to take the most-awaited trip? If not, gather your excitement and start planning for it now!

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