Flipkart Flight Booking Offers & Deals 2021: Best Coupons

The Flipkart Flight Booking Offers and Deals for 2021 are the biggest surprise for all the avid travelers in the country! Now the best travel offers can be enjoyed just the way you imagined.

Flipkart domestic and international flight Offers in 2021 were surely not predicted even by the most regular customers of this e-store. Since this name has always been associated with products, people never thought the name would enter into the service industry by allowing people to book flight tickets through this portal, along with getting some of the best deals and discount offers as well.

Nevertheless, Flipkart has now come up with some of the best flight tickets for all those who wish to travel to different locations. If you have a bucket list, this e-store has flight tickets for you and that too at affordable prices.

Gone are the days when you sacrificed your traveling wish just because you had to pay a lot of money on flight tickets; now is the time when you just think of flying to another location and you reach the destination at a price you had never imagined before. Flipkart travel offers are spreading smiles everywhere.

Check this Awesome List of Flipkart’s Flight Booking Deals and Offers:

If you are all set to enjoy Flipkart Travel Offers, there’s nothing and no one that can stop you from booking the flight tickets on Flipkart. When you logon to flipkart app, you have to get into your profile, check the tickets of the place you want to go to and then book the tickets.

Of course, you need the Flipkart travel coupons because without the promo code, you won’t be able to get the discount in typical e-stores. When you read similar traveling offers and deals, you have to note down the coupon codes so that you can use them to get the discounts you are eligible to receive. But this is not the case with Flipkart. The discount is instantly received even when you don’t have any code with you.

1. Now Book Domestic Flight Tickets on Flipkart App with Discount :

According to the domestic flight booking offers on Flipkart, you are eligible to get upto INR 1000 OFF on all the domestic flight bookings you make on flipkart app!

Yes – this introductory offer is now gaining popularity like fire in the forest. When you use the Android App of Flipkart to make the bookings for the flight tickets, you get the discount instanty.

However, the minimum transaction to get this discount is of INR 0-2000. The maximum discount you can enjoy is of INR 1000. This discount is per INR 1000 per customer.

This means if your family members have accounts on Flipkart, you can plan and get more benefits from this offer. This offer is available from 1st January to 31st March.

Also, it is available for all the bank credit and debit cardholders. That’s not all – it is available on the option of net banking as well. In order to enjoy this discount on the app of Flipkart, you have to make sure to download the latest version of the same. Don’t forget to update the app of Flipkart before you make the purchase of the flight ticket.

Flipkart Domestic flight offers can be enjoyed without any specific Flipkart flight coupons. You don’t need to remember any coupon code just because you want to enjoy these discounts.

2. Grab an Exciting Discount on First Flight Booking

Calling all travel fanatics – this Flipkart Flight Booking offer is meant for you. We bet that you’ll be excited to know that you can now grab a flat 10% off on your first flight booking made through Flipkart. The best part is, there’s no minimum booking amount required for avail the

It doesn’t matter in which bank you hold an account, as far as you have got either a credit or debit card or net banking facility, this offer holds valid for you. What’s important for you to know is that this offer is applicable on both domestic as well as international flights. All you need to do is apply the coupon code – FKNEW10 – at the time of making your payment post booking. This coupon will be valid only once per user. So, make good use of this facility.

Head on to the app now, what are you waiting for?

3 . Take the Benefit of the Discount on Round Trip

What better than being able to travel and save at the same time? Sounds good, right? Well, that’s what Flipkart has brought to us through its amazing discount on a round trip. Want to know more about this?

Well, you can now avail flat Rs. 600 off on round trip booked through Flipkart if you are a new user. However, you must know that the minimum booking value is Rs. 4000 and that, the coupon is valid only once per user.

So, if you want to try your luck and participate in this offer, then grab your debit or credit card or gain access to net banking facility and apply the coupon code – RNDTRIP at the time of payment.

This offer stands valid on all the flight bookings, so hurry up and take full advantage of this opportunity!

4. Check out the Flight Booking Offer on Domestic and International Flight

We are certain that this offer will attract you to grab it at the earliest. For obvious reasons, why would you want to miss the chance of having flat Rs. 750 off on all your flight bookings made through Flipkart? Yes, you heard that right.

You can try your luck for this offer if your minimum booking value is Rs. 5000 or more. In exchange, the maximum discount amount that you’ll get is Rs. 750. The best part is, you can make payment from any of your debit or credit card or through net banking facility.

Just apply FLYTWO coupon code while clearing the payment and enjoy the discount on your domestic as well as international flight bookings.

This Flight Booking offer on Flipkart is going to be valid for a very limited period, so make use of it while its still there. And don’t forget the best part, this coupon is valid twice per user. Now, pack your bags and start traveling!

5. The Instant Discount of INR 25000 on International Flight Tickets:

If you want to be eligible to get a discount of INR 25000 on international flights, your booking amount has to be of minimum INR 2,50,000. This means when you book the tickets for INR 2,50,000, you have to pay only INR 2,25,000. Such an offer does not come on a regular basis and thus, you must know how to use it while it lasts during the sale period.

6. The Instant Discount of Flat 5% on Domestic Flights

The above offer is not the only one for the Flipkart users; if you want to use this e-store or app to purchase or book the flight tickets to travel to another location in your country and your minimum transaction is of INR 10,001 and above, you get a flat 5% off on the total amount.

This is not an ordinary offer that you can read and forget. If you plan to take your entire family on a nice vacation, this is your only chance to save a huge amount of money.

All set to have your doubts cleared about this new feature on Flipkart?

Can we book flight tickets on Flipkart?

Yes, you can book flight tickets on Flipkart through Flipkart travel.

What is Flipkart travel?

With the help of Flipkart travel, you can now book flight tickets of your choice. That’s not all – you are eligible to get some of the best deals on flight tickets. This means you save money despite traveling to your dream destination in the country.

Can you count upon Flipkart travel?

The truth is that you can very well count upon the services of Flipkart, since this name has been serving people for quite a long period of time. If you dream to travel in your country without spending too much on traveling, you’ve got to read about the discounts on this e-store and app.

How can I cancel my flight in Flipkart?

You can cancel your flight tickets on Flipkart by logging in to the app, entering the details of your flight, and pressing on the cancel option. The amount of refund you’re eligible for will be communicated to you through the registered email and text message. As per the committed timeline, your refund will be generated in your linked account.

Are the Flipkart Flight deals and offers really genuine and good enough?

If you ask us, we bet that the deals and offers on Flipkart are really genuine. You just have to make use of them when the discount period is ON. Once the coupons expire, you can’t get the offers.

Is there anything that you need to be warned about when you share your personal details on the website of Flipkart?

Most of the people are quite scared to share their personal details on websites, e-stores and apps. However, since Flipkart is an experienced name in the market, you should not have any fear. Also, no intricate details are asked from the ends of the customers. You just need to share the general details.

Don’t hold your excitement, go and avail Flipkart Flight Booking Offers

Aren’t all of the deals we mentioned above extremely lucrative? Who’d imagined booking flight tickets through an ecommerce website like Flipkart. But well, this facility has been introduced for all the travel lovers across the country. Besides other travel portals, here’s another platform from where you can book your tickets, travel,
and save – all at the same time.

These deals are exclusive and valid for a short span, respectively! So, keep an eye on their opening and closing dates and book your tickets well in advance. Travel safe and travel free, through Flipkart!

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