10 Best Selling Induction Cooktops in India 2024 with Price List

Discover the features of some of the best Induction Cooktops in India in 2024 and also get answers to most of the queries which are crop up for induction cooktop and induction cooking.

best induction cooktops in India

Through this review article, you will be taken on a tour around the best-selling induction cooktops in India in 2024. You will also come to know about the comparative credits and discredits of each. You shall also receive a vivid idea about the cost of each Induction cooktop.

Cooking is probably one of the first activities that human beings ever started. With the due course of time, the way of cooking and the medium of cooking has evolved drastically. Having started from naked fire, to cooking without fire, the history has been long. Today, you are going to come closer to the modern concept of induction cooktop-based cooking. So, check out the following article.

What is an Induction Cooktop?

Induction Cooktop

The popularity of induction cooktops is witnessing a great surge. Induction cooktops have attracted the attention of people from all strata of society. They have literally brought about a revolution in the age-old gas stove cooking medium. Owing to this, there is an ever-increasing number of options for induction cooktops available in the market. As a consumer, the choice becomes overwhelmingly difficult.

Well, as you read till the end of this article you shall be able to figure out about some of the best induction cooktops in 2024 that available in the market. This would definitely make your choice a lot easier

How does an Induction Cooktop work?

An induction cooktop is a portable cooktop system unlike traditional prefixed gas stoves and oven tops. Induction cooktop varies mainly in the principle that it employs for cooking. The principle used is induction heating through the magnetic field. This leads to energy conservation as the least amount of heat is lost.

The only thing which is to be kept in mind is that, while cooking on induction cooktops special set of cookware is used. These have the special property of getting heated up via resistive heating which is employed while induction heating. Since induction cooktops do not generate direct flame, the kitchen ambiance does not get uncomfortably heated up and hence it is a lot easier to cook. Also, temperature regulation is done effectively.

Types of Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop or induction hob/stove is, in reality, a coiled copper wire which is arranged in a flat cooking surface get up. When this copper wire is connected to an alternating current supply, there is a huge magnetic field which is created. This leads to the development of eddy current and in turn the heating up of the cooking vessel through induction heating. In the process of induction cooking, the temperature or heat created for cooking is generated through a magnetic field. This helps to efficiently heat up the utensils without losing much of heat to the environment.

There are various types of induction cooktops. The most popular variations are: –

1 – Single unit induction cooktop

These cooktops possess only one cooking zone. They comprise of a single burner and hence the name these cannot be used for large scale cooking owing to the limited cooking space. On the other hand, the great advantage that this type of cooktop offers is that it is highly portable and very convenient to use due to its handy structure and mode of operation.

2 – Multi-unit induction cooktop

There are two cooking zones that mean you can simultaneously cook on two burners placed side by side. This model actually resembles the authentic gas stove model that existed. So, it basically provides you with all the advantages of double burner gas stoves. These are not really handy or easily portable. They can be easily set up in the kitchen and used for cooking. The power consumption is a bit high which comes to something round about 3600 watt and 220 volts.

3 – Built-in induction cooktop units

They are just like built-in ovens. They are designed by integrating with your countertops. These enhance the decor of your kitchen. These are multi-unit cooktops. You can cook simultaneously on two vessels. They are fitted by proper customization with your kitchen countertop. Built-in induction cooktops are costly because installation and fitting charges can be a lump sum.

Difference between Gas Cooktops and Induction Cooktops

In spite of being relatively novice, the induction cooktops have successfully grabbed the attention of all people. Gas cooktops have been used for centuries. With the tide of time, induction cooktop has actually opened all-new dimension in cooking medium. While both seem to have their unique set of merits and demerits, a closer comparison will help you to understand each of these cooking medium genres better.

Gas CooktopsInduction Cooktops
Food cooked on gas receives only 50 percent of the heat generated from the flame, whereas the rest is lost in the environmentFood cooked on induction cooktops receive 90 percent of the heat generated from the induction heater
When you cook on gas stoves you deal with a naked flame, so this mode of cooking is far more prone for accidentsThere is neither any naked flame nor any combustible source of energy. Cooking is made far easier
Due to non-efficient energy utilization, cooking takes longerThe best form of energy utilization, hence cooking is faster
Compared to induction cooktops, the temperature control is not that much accurateTemperature control is far more precise with digital control panel
Any type of cookware can be usedSpecially designed cookware can only be used

Here are the Top 10 Best Induction Cooktops in India in 2024

There is a huge number of lucrative options in the market for induction cooktops. Before you invest in an induction cooktop, make sure you carefully go through all the details regarding the model.

Here is something that can help you out. These are the most popular and best induction cooktops in India 2024, according to peoples review and people’s choice ratings.

1. Philips Viva Collection 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Philips Viva Collection 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop is one of the best induction cooktops for home use in 2024, which is exclusively set for Indian cooking. This induction cooktop is extremely easy to handle. There is a special preset program for Indian cooking. It comes with a set timer of 0-3 hrs.

The auto-off program will not let your food burn. The power consumption is about 2100 watts. You will not burn yourself on touching the surface. The cool to touch technology is awesome.

Those who are new in the field of cooking can cook without any worries with the flame-free technology of this induction cooktop.

The button for starting the gadget is easy to operate. Overall the operation is so designed that even novices can handle it without any worries.

The electromagnetic induction employed in this induction cooktop makes cooking easier and faster. Fast cooking ensures nutrient and mineral locking in the food which is highly beneficial for health.

You would love these facts about the Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop:

  • Auto program for Indian cooking
  • Easy operation
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Cool to touch surface
  • Auto switch-off
  • This excellent induction cooktop will cost you around 4795 INR

Frequently asked questions about this induction cooktop model

What voltage is used for operating this Philips Viva cooktop?

The minimum voltage required to run this induction cooktop is 220-240 volts

What is the warranty period for this product?

It comes with a 1-year warranty which can be extended

What is the utensil specification for this induction cooktop?

You have to use induction compatible cooktop made of iron or stainless steel. The vessel must have a bottom diameter of 12-20 cm.

Is the cooktop surface waterproof?

The cooktop surface does not malfunction even if a mild liquid is spilled on it. You can easily wipe it off

Can Tawas and pressure cookers be used on this?

You can use Tawas to make perfect rotis and pressure cooker on this cooktop, the bottom has to be induction compatible. The base diameters have to be 12-20 cm.

2. Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button

Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt Induction Cooktop is one of the best Induction Cooktops in India in 2024. This multifunctional induction cooktop hauls from the most trusted flagships in the field of kitchenware which is Prestige. Hence there is no doubt regarding the quality of the product.

Apart from the normal functions which an induction cooktop generally performs, it has various other unique features like the aerodynamic cooling system and automated voltage regulator.

This model of an induction cooktop is extremely compact in design and best portable induction cooktop. This is a great option for power saving. The automatic voltage regulator carefully monitors the working voltage. This not only saves power but also reduces voltage fluctuations and hence increases the durability of the cooktop as well as the vessels.

The anti-magnetic wall of this induction cooktop is well suited for consistent and even heating. The even heat distribution throughout the base of the vessel is attributed to this specific feature. The anti-magnetic wall prevents excess and unwanted heating of the glass surface other than the cooking zone. This utilizes energy efficiently and never lets the glass surface heat up.

It has programs for numerous traditional Indian menus. So, you can cook your favorite dishes effortlessly. This induction cooktop features an auto cut off technology. If you have forgotten to look after your dish for a long time, then the cooktop will automatically switch off and not let your food burn. At the same time, it also has the auto warm technology which keeps food warm for a long period of time

The control panel is highly sophisticated assuring precise control. The display is quite large and the options are easy to follow. The buttons are soft-touch in nature which ensures the longevity of the product. There is no fancy maintenance of this cooktop. Once you are done with cooking, allow the surface to cool and then just wipe the surface.

Under nominal price, this surely is the best induction cooktop in India. The maximum retail price of this cooktop is 2795 INR. The product also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer

The exceptional features of Prestige PIC 20 1200-Watt Induction Cooktop are: –

  • Power saver technology
  • Aerodynamic cooling system
  • Automated voltage regulator
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Menus designed for Indian kitchen
  • Highly portable
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • The cost is 2795 INR

FAQs about this model

Can heavy pressure cookers be used on this cooktop?

Yes, heavy pressure cookers with appropriate base diameters can be used

Will boiling and cooking be regulated in the same way?

No, there are various modes to choose from. Each adapted for specific cooking types

Is it suitable for normal plug point?

Yes, it is suitable

What can be done if the product does not operate properly?

Prestige customer care service can be contacted for any product malfunction.

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Pigeon 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop is the best selling Induction Cooktop in India in 2024. So If you are looking for some sleek model of an induction cooktop for your kitchen, then this probably is a great option. Along with superior looks, this brand-new Stovekart induction cooktop also scores high in terms of functionality and versatility.

It consumes 1800-watt power. The minimum working voltage for this induction cooktop is 220 volts. Through an automatic shut off feature, you can now cook your food in the most energy-efficient way. Power saving is the best attraction of this induction cooktop.

Something that you are going to fall in love with the 7 segments LED display of the induction cooktop. It allows you to choose between several options for almost all the parameters regarding cooking. You can choose between cooking types and menus. There are various preset options to make your task easier. The button on the panel has a feather touch. They are extremely easy to operate. Through the buttons on the LED panel, you can regulate the mode of cooking, functions, timer

There is also a timer option. By presetting the timer, you can actually cook food without worries. You can put the food on the cooktop and do any other work. After the time is over the induction will automatically shut off. This makes cooking a lot easier.

This induction cooktop from pigeon is highly reliable as it is tested thoroughly on all kinds of safety parameters. Special protection against electrical hazards has been maintained while built. Hence this cooktop is a lovely blend of reliability and durability.

The cost of this model of a pigeon induction cooktop is about 3000 INR. You can also get attractive discounts on this base price during offers on various online stores

Special attractions of this induction cooktop are:

  • Dual heat sensor technology
  • Auto shut off technology
  • Smart and versatile LED panel
  • Soft push feather touch buttons for hassle-free operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Highly safe for use
  • MRP of 3195 INR

Few FAQs regarding this model

What is the cord length provided?

This comes with 1.2 meters cord which allows easy access to almost any place

Is it portable?

Yes, the lightweight and sleek design makes it highly portable

Can the cooktop be replaced if damaged?

Yes, of course. Within the warranty period, the damaged part will be replaced. After warranty also it can be repaired but with charges applicable

Can daily use vessels be used on this induction cooktop?

Induction compatible vessels made out of steel and iron with a flat base and proper diameter can only be used

Does it take a very long time to cook food?

Not at all. The utensils also get heated up within no time. You can save sufficient energy while cooking on this.

4. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop

Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

This is a very sturdy model of induction cooktop with a smart and elegant look. It requires no extra installation and it is very easy to use.

The proper and efficient heating through this induction cooktop will help you to cook food faster. This saves both energy and money. Induction ovens are really eco-friendly and help in the reduction of the over consumption of non-renewable natural resource – LPG. Because it cooks food faster, much power is saved and hence your pocket is happy. Since the ingredients are not exposed to direct heat, the nutritional level of the food is kept intact. There is no vitamin loss and none of the nutrients are denatured

Coming to the external built, it has a full glass paneled body. It has cool-touch technology. Be assured that will be no accidental burning. The glass used for building the body is of high quality. Hence the finish is also premium and the product is also of high grade and ensures long life.

The buttons for controlling the various cooking aspects are sensor touch keys. Accurate and precise temperature regulation can be easily achieved. It has 10 different types of preset Indian menus for various recipes. All you have to do is put in the right ingredient and choose the menu. That’s all. Your work is sorted.

The timer function is highly improved. You can set a 24-hour timer to help you out for delayed cooking. On the other hand, there are 0-3 hours of preset time which can be set. Time is no longer a restraint for cooking tasty and healthy dishes. On surpassing the preset time, the timer will redirect the device to auto shut off and hence prevent any hazard. It will save power as well.

It uses 2100 watts for functioning. The voltage required id 220-240 volts. All these amazing features come for only 4795 INR. The product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. If you are thinking that you need to spend a lot of time and effort on cleaning this induction cooktop, then you are wrong. This demands for minimum cleaning and that too effortlessly.

The distinguishing characters of this induction cooktop are:

  • Highly functional timer
  • Cool-touch technology
  • High-grade glass panel for built
  • Easy to clean
  • Long life
  • Affordable price
  • Energy efficient
  • Costs only 4795 INR

Check out these FAQs regarding this cooktop

Does this model slip on the kitchen countertop?

No, the grip of the stand is extremely good. Even if your countertop is made of granite or lacer, it is not going to slip

Will the electricity bill be very high if this is solely used for cooking?

No, it is highly energy efficient.

Does this automatically turn off when the utensil is withdrawn?

Yes, it has sensor technology, by virtue of which it turns off by itself.

What is it’s cooking surface?

It has a cooking diameter of 20 cm. the heat spreads out evenly.

Can it be used continuously for preparing a large batch of puris or pakoras?

It works fine. More than 2 hours of continuous usage also causes no issues.

5. Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button

With superpower saver technology, this Prestige induction cooktop has a great fan base. Firstly, because it comes from the house of prestige, the most trusted brand in the field of kitchen wares in India and tops the list for best induction cooktop brands in India. Secondly, because the easy to use interface grabs the attention of users. It requires 1900 watts power and 230 voltage for easy operation.

Among the various unique features, the one which is the most attractive is the consistent high heating efficiency. This shoots up the score of this induction cooktop in terms of functionality. An anti-magnetic wall is also featured in this cooktop. The regulatory panel comprises of soft push buttons. Right from the temperature to the cooking mode, you can literally regulate anything with precision.

This Prestige induction cooktop looks sleek and smart. It is a great addition to the décor of your kitchen. The smart power saver technology is definitely a boon to the pockets of users. The power saver technology is infused within the cooktop surface. It emits only that amount of radiation as is required according to the size and diameter of the vessel.

There are various Indian menus preset in the induction cooktop. You can now cook idli, dosa to chapattis with ease. Various Indian curries can also be cooked. All you have to do is add ingredients. Rest assured that you will enjoy some great delicacies. Sizzling hot food will always be served at your plate with the keep warm option.

The automatic voltage regulator system will never let any voltage fluctuations affect your cooking. It will also save power. The newly improvised pause button of this induction cooktop is extremely useful. Whenever you need to attend some emergency work in between cooking, you can definitely pause the cooking and resume whenever convenient.

Automatic control of power and voltage consumption during cooking, as per the vessel dimension and cooking mode is achieved by the intelligent control system. If you don’t pay attention to your food for a long time period, don’t think it will be burnt, the induction cooktop will automatically shut off

This cooktop will never get overheated and also cool down easily and swiftly after cooking is stopped via the aerodynamic cooling system. There is a cooling fan which ensures proper and rapid cooling of the cooktop. Hence, no hazards from extra heating. All these superbly amazing features surely makes this model as the best prestige induction cooktop

You shall get all these great features at around 3310 INR. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on the product

Special features: –

  • Intelligent power saver technology
  • Nominal cost
  • Aerodynamic cooling
  • Pause button
  • Fully automated Soft touch control panel
  • Preset Indian menus
  • Sleek look
  • 3310 INR is the maximum retail price


Is the timer worthy?

The timer works fine, you can set time for meal prep as well as for auto shut off

What kind of vessels can be used?

All sort of induction cooktop compatible vessels works fine. The base diameter should be between 12cm-26cm.

Is this shockproof?

Yes, it is

6. Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 Induction Cooktop

This model is best suited for pressure cooking. The biggest query that most induction cooktop users face is that they do not understand whether pressure cookers can be used on induction cooktop or not. While many models are not compatible with pressure cookers and emit constant beep sound, this model has no such issues. It even has special components for pressure cooker compatibility.

This elegant looking induction cooktop has various lovable features. It has anti-magnetic walls. The all-new power saver technology constantly monitors the power emission for efficient heating and proper cooking. According to the material and base diameter of the cooking pan, the emission is regulated. It is highly energy-efficient.

Prestige PIC features dual heat sensors. These sensors function collaterally. Firstly, it allows heating of the cooktop only within permissible safety limits. Secondly, no excess heat is generated. Only the required heat as per cooking mode and vessel type are liberated. This prevents any extra power consumption and makes the energy consumption optimal.

This induction cooktop is specially customized for the Indian menu. With over 10 preset Indian menus, cooking all the lovely curries have become easier. You can even keep the food warm for a long period of time. This does not even consume a lot of power.

Now let us come to the distinguishing feature of this induction cooktop. It has an automatic whistle counter. With the help of this button what you can do is, set the number of whistles of the pressure cooker you want for your food. Once those many whistles are done, the cooktop will automatically shut off. With the keep warm technology, even after it shuts off, the food will remain hot for a long time period but with meager power consumption.

It features intelligent power saver technology. This is not only pocket friendly but also aids for safe cooking. When you leave the food unnoticed for a long period of time, the cooktop will automatically shut off.

There is no rocket science in maintaining this induction cooktop. Disconnect from the power source and let it cool down completely. You can easily clean the surface with normal products. The cost of this induction cooktop is quite nominal. It will cost you only 4420 INR.

Check out the following features in the prestige pic v3 induction cooktop:

  • Sleek and elegant design compatible with modern modular kitchens
  • Specially designed for pressure cookers
  • Intelligent power saver technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Auto shut of technology
  • Dual heat sensors
  • Costs only 4420 INR

FAQs regarding this induction cooktop

What kind of pressure cookers can be used over this cooktop?

Regular steel pressure cookers or the ones which have steel or iron base. However, aluminum pressure cookers are not compatible

If the heat milk functional key is used, what time will it take to heat 1 liter of milk?

Approximately 5 mins is required to heat 1 liter of milk

Can roti’s be made on this?

Of course, they can be made. You need to use a proper induction compatible tawa for it

Can this induction cooktop be placed anywhere?

Yes, it can be placed on any surface as long as the surface is flat.

What is it’s working voltage?

It needs 230 volts and 2000watt power for proper functioning

7. Ibell 2000-watt 850Y induction Cooktop

Ibell 2000-watt 850Y induction Cooktop

Made of the superior quality glass panel, this Ibell induction cooktop is one of the most preferred items of users. It requires 2000 watts and a voltage of 220-250 volts for proper functioning. The design is chic. The glass top is excellent. It comes in pitch black color. The high tempered single ceramic glass adds an edge to the look and functionality of the product.

Let us focus on the LED display now. It has 4 level digital display. You can actually control any aspect of cooking with the control panel. The mode of operation is very easy.

It has 7 preset cooking functions. Also has power saver technology. When the food remains unnoticed for a long time it automatically shuts off. The automatic voltage regulator helps to cook food easily without any kind of power wastage. There is no unnecessary overheating of the cooktop.

Both the cooking surface and coils are of great quality. Comes with 1.5 meters cable. Can support any utensil whose base is induction compatible. The cost of this induction cooktop is 2990 INR

The special features of this induction cooktop are: –

  • Superior quality coils
  • High quality crystal glass top
  • Can operate over a wide range of voltage
  • 7 preset cooking functions
  • Highly customizable LED control panel
  • Auto shut off technology
  • Costs around 2990 INR

FAQs regarding this product are: –

What ampere socket does it require

It requires 10-amp socket

What is the warranty period?

Comes with 1-year warranty which can be extended

Does the cooktop has sensors?

Yes, it will auto shut off once you remove the cooking vessel

Is it very heavy?

It weighs only 3.3 kg approximately

If the indicator blinks, what does it indicate?

It means the vessel being used is not compatible

8. Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Usha has been producing premium quality kitchen appliances for a long time. All its products have been performing excellently well. This induction cooktop is very popular in the sense that it is one of the very first induction cooktops in the market. Initially, it was a favorite for bachelors and hostel dwellers for its easy portability and ease of use. But now it is used by everybody. When Usha is the mother company, there is no need to mention regarding the quality, because it is one of the most trusted kitchen brands in India.

Let us focus on the special features of this induction cooktop. Firstly, it requires 1600 watt and 230 voltage for operation. Regarding voltage, there is a special feature in this induction cooktop. It has an inbuilt mechanism to resist any voltage fluctuations up to 1500 volts through metal oxide varistor which is incorporated in it.

The intelligent power saving technology is also featured. Induction cooktops are energy efficient gadgets which make cooking a far more economical process. The same principle is applied here also. It will sense the size f vessel and mode of cooking and accordingly deliver only that amount of heat as is required. This prevents overheating of the device as well as unwanted power consumption. Whenever food is being cooked for a long time span the induction cooktop will automatically switch the power saving mode on. You don’t have to set any extra program

There are 5 different pre set menus in this induction cooktop. For these recipes there is no need of constant monitoring. The control panel is also manually programmable and quite advanced to precisely regulate cooking

The all-new pan sensor technology is an additional perk of this induction cooktop. It will never operate or get switched on if there is no vessel on the cooktop. This not only saves power but also reduces risk factor

For the ease of portability, a 1.2-meter length flexible power cord is provided along with the device. For additional safety measures, a 10 Amp plug is provided which is earthed. There will be no risk of short circuit or power fluctuations when you connect the device

The finish of the induction cooktop is awesome. The body and cooking surface are elegant in look as well as extremely functional. The bottom part is provided with anti-skid components so that you can place it wherever you feel like. All these mind-blowing features are available for just 3449 INR

Product highlights

  • Power saving technology
  • Pan sensor
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Earther plug
  • Lengthy cord provided for better working
  • 5 preset menus
  • Costs only 3449 INR

FAQs regarding the product

What is the warranty period for the product?

The company provides 1-year warranty on the product

What type of control panel does it have? Touch or button

It features button type control panel

What is the cooktop surface type?

This cooktop is a ceramic plate type

How can the surface be cleaned?

Simply clean the surface in case of any spillage. No fancy cleaning is required

Does it support pressure cookers?

Yes, it does

9. Billion Full Glass XC125 2200W Induction Cooktop

Billion Full Glass XC125 2200W Induction Cooktop

This sleek-looking Billion induction cooktop is extremely stylish in looks. It consumes 2200 watts and a voltage input of 220-240 volts. It has 10 different levels of power operation. So, there is huge option for power control. This induction cooktop also comes along with a 1.5 meters cord. So, you can place it anywhere you feel like and can even carry it according to your own convenience

This cooktop is made of black colored glass. It is of high quality. The cooktop surface is very smooth and easy to clean. The precise material of the cooktop is micro crystal glass. It has a digital display with touch control panel. The digital display is really awesome. There is a very convenient timer function in this induction cooktop. You can set a timer for a maximum of 3 hours. Precise and automatic regulation is wonderfully achieved through the timer

Coming to preset menus, there are numerous recipes like boiling milk, cooking dosa, chapatti, soup and so on. For each of these, you don’t have to monitor the cooking since it will be automatically controlled by the induction cooktop. It is the best induction cooktop for home use

If you have kids at home, this is the perfect option for you. The billion full glass induction cooktop comes with child lock. It is also equipped with intelligent power saver technology. Hence, power is saved and the electric bill also stays under affordable limits. Secondly, the power control system is extremely efficient for energy conservation. The cooktop is never overheated. The cool touch technology, is sure to prevent any accident.

There is also automatic shut off feature. Whenever the food is unnoticed for a long time period, the induction cooktop automatically shuts off. This cooktop will cost you only 3649 INR. The product has a warranty of 1 year. The after-sales service is really awesome. You can call engineers from the company for domestic service.

The product specifications are: –

  • Microcrystal cooktop
  • Sophisticated touch panel
  • Auto shut off
  • Power saver technology
  • Digital display
  • Cool-touch technology
  • Child lock
  • Easy to clean
  • MRP of 3649 INR
  • 1-year warranty
  • Preset menus for easy cooking


What type of coil is used?

This induction cooktop uses copper coils

Is the cooktop glass of good quality?

The micro-crystal glass top is of extremely good quality

At the highest temperature what is the maximum time for which it can work?

It can work continuously up to 6 hrs. at the maximum temperature

How can milk boiling be manually controlled?

You can manually control from the touch panel between heating and boiling of milk

Can this induction cooktop be used for preparing rotis?

It can be used effectively if you use induction compatible Tawas

10. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-watt Induction Cooktop

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-watt Induction Cooktop

This one of a kind induction cooktop uses 1900 watts and 130-260 volts for working. The power switch has special function of displaying the power consumed during cooking.

It has 8 preset menus to help you out for cooking. The digital display allows you to control all parameters of cooking right from temperature to cooking time.

The switches on the control panel are extremely durable and easy to use. This induction cooktop has pan sensor technology for added safety. That means it won’t switch on if there is no utensil placed on it. All sorts of induction compatible utensils like stainless steel pans, pots, pressure cookers can be used on this cooktop. You can even put grilling pans and boiling pots. The base must be compatible. That’s it. The protection factor in this induction cooktop is mind blowing. All sorts of instances of overheating can be eliminated with proper usage of the on off key. Any type of cooking can be easily done without safety issues.

This induction cooktop features auto shut off technology for least power wastage and improved safety parameters. Comes with 1-year warranty. If any problem is faced the after sales service is always ready to help. This induction cooktop also has the keep warm technology. If you place the cooked food over its top, it will remain hot for a long period of time but would not consume much power. You will be entitled to all these incredible features only for 4425 INR.

Product highlights are: –

  • Power consumed can be easily monitored
  • Pan detection technology
  • Intelligent power saver
  • 8 preset menu options
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with lots of cooking vessels.
  • Costs 4425 INR


How good and efficient is the timer?

The timer is extremely good. It allows you to regulate cooking time appropriately

What type of control panel does it have?

It has touch type control panel

Does the surface get overheated?

The surface usually does not get overheated. The temperature monitoring works excellently well

How good is the after sales service?

The after sales service is really awesome. All sorts of errors and problems are catered by company appointed professionals

Does it come with any type of utensil?

Yes, within the package comes an induction cookware with lid.

The Ultimate Induction Cooktop Buying Guide

Hey guys, after all having a sneak peek on all of the above models, it must have become pretty clear that what are the basic features of induction cooktops. Now, here are a few guidelines for you to keep in mind before you make an investment in any induction cooktop rather a simplified induction cooktop buying guide

  • First of all, choose an induction cooktop only from a trusted brand. Any local unworthy brand might cost you less initially, but eventually in the long run, it is going to cost you a fortune every time you go to repair it.
  • Understand your requirement first. Whether you want to permanently switch over to induction cooktops for cooking purpose or you will keep it just as an option determines a major fraction of the buying decision that you are going to take. Also, if you are a bachelor and move around a lot, changing messes and rented apartments, you should focus more on the portability factor.
  • Compatibility is another major issue and you should have a proper idea regarding what are types of utensils that your induction cook top supports. Most of the induction cooktop supports any utensil that has a stainless steel or iron base. This is because the induction cooktop works on the principle of magnetic induction and hence these magnetic based vessels are supported. In a few cases, they are not compatible with pressure cookers. So check out for all these before investing.
  • Now, here comes the main point—– what features to look for in a proper induction cooktop. Every individual induction cooktop has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But there are few mandates which you must look for in the induction cooktop before purchasing it. These are as follows: –


There are two types of designs seen in induction cooktops. One is edgeless where there is no additional rim and other one is framed. The choice of designs though is a matter of personal choices and can be chosen according to the décor of the kitchen. Edgeless designs are easy to clean because a simple wipe off will clean out the surface easily. The edged design, on the other hand, is prone to dirt accumulating across the frame crevices. But the advantage of the framed design is that they prevent overflow and also protects against uncertain cracks and break-offs.

Cooking zone

Single unit induction cooktops generally support utensils of diameter 12-26 cm. So, it is easy to place any vessel and carry on the cooking. In the case of multi-unit induction cooktops, you should check whether the diameter is enough to support two cooking pots side by side. Induction cooktops with a variable diameter of cooking zones are also available which are actually best suited. They allow flexibility in terms of cooking vessel diameter hence is better acceptable. For multi-unit cooktops, it is better that you choose the ones which have defined cooking zones

Control panel

The control panel is very important for any induction cooktop. It is the sole regulatory system in the cooktop and also helps to control the aspects of cooking. The display of the control panel should be of course digital and also clearly visible. The location of the control panel should be preferably very close to the countertop for easy access. The buttons are two types usually push-button type or touch type. Both are good if you can control properly. The settings through the buttons should be easy to follow and logical. They basically help you to even control the temperature and mode of cooking.

Power management: –

Induction cooktops generally aim at energy-efficient cooking. To achieve the goal a very strong and intelligent power management system is very important. An efficient power management system must prevent any kind of overheating and extra power consumption for unnecessary basis. Usually, most of the good brands incorporate elements of power optimization in the induction cooktops.

Auto switch off or auto cut off

If you have to attend any important work while cooking and you have forgotten to switch off the cooktop then this feature comes extremely handy. There is a fixed time beyond which the induction cooktop automatically switches off if left unattended. It will not let the food burn. Secondly, due to any reason if there has been excessive heating up of the surface, then also the temperature sensor will command the auto switch-off of the gadget. This is to prevent any sort of safety-related mishaps

Pan sensor

By virtue of this feature the induction cooktop will only switch on when it detects the presence of any utensil over it through sensors. Even if it gets switched on due to some reasons, it will get switched off by itself. Henceforth, safety is ensured strictly

Child lock

There is a cute little child at home who loves to play around and explore things, then this is a must feature to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Cooling technology

When you go to buy an induction cooktop make sure that you gather a proper idea regarding its cooling technique and time it takes for getting completely cooled. Another important feature of cool touch technology is associated with this feature. It will help any kind of accident because whenever you touch the surface, it will be cool.

Overflow management

Check out if the induction cooktop provides any kind of signals such as beep sound if any kind of liquid overflows on the top of the surface. Make sure the design is such that you are easily able to clean the liquid later on.


Everybody wants gadgets which require no fancy and time-consuming cleaning process. In this case, the edgeless designs are perfect. A simple wipe with a clean cloth is enough to clear the countertop. That’s it, you are ready for another cooking round.

Never expect any gadget to be 100 percent efficient. Likewise, in every induction cooktop there will be some cons.

The main issue is with cookware. Normal cookwares that are generally used on gas tops are not compatible with induction cooktops. So if you want to start cooking on an induction cooktop then you will have to invest in an extra set of cookware.

Best Induction Cooktop brands in India in 2024 :

Almost all, the leading brands which are into the production of kitchenwares produce induction cooktops. No doubt each of these brands produces some great induction cooktops. From each brand, there are multiple models. Each model generally removes the shortcomings of the previous model. The cost of the induction cooktops from each brand is more or less close and so are the features. The best induction cooktop brands in India in 2024 are: –


Amazing brand. Needless to reintroduce it. It has been and is still the queen in the world of kitchen wares. It has successfully launched many models of induction cooktops. Each one is unique and quite good in terms of service


Huge variety of induction cooktops. Each model comes within an affordable range. Easy to use induction cooktops. The products are extremely durable. Prestige provides amazing after-sales service. Each model is unique in its own way


Manufactures quality product within affordable range. All induction cooktops from this brand are feature specific and works fine. World-class features within affordable range is their trademark


The most trusted kitchen brand in India. Range of products is lesser than the previous three. Prices are affordable. Respectable warranty period


Not much well-known brand in India. Manufacturers of good quality products. Easy to use interface. Affordable price


One of the most trusted houses of kitchen products. It has a limited variety of induction cooktops to choose from. The prices are within reach. Each of the induction cooktop models have unique features and are easy to operate


Limited collection of products. Affordable price. The look and designs of the induction cooktops are really awesome.

Frequently Asked Question about Induction Cooktops

Which is the Best Induction Cooktop Under Rs 1500?

The induction cooktops which comes under this range are quite inferior and mainly designed for either bachelors who cannot afford much or middle class families. The best induction cooktop in India which comes under this range are Pigeon Favorite IC 1800 Watt. Under nominal price, the features are quite good.

Which is the Best Induction Cooktop Under Rs 2000?

The Prestige Pic is the best induction cooktop under 2000. It has many unique features like intelligent power saver technology and heat sensors which makes it a good option to invest in.

Which is the Best Induction Cooktop Under Rs 2500?

Philips HD 4298 is the best induction cooktop under 2500. It has some amazing features to offer. Perfectly suitable for all kinds of requirements

Which is the Best Induction Cooktop Under Rs 3000?

Philips HD 4929 is a great induction cooktop which comes in superior quality and under 3000 INR as well. It is the best induction cooktop under 3000

Which brand induction cooktop is best?

As per customer reviews and features Prestige is the best brand that produces Induction cooktops. Firstly, the quality of the products is extremely good. They are durable and quite sturdy. Many advanced features are included. Basic safety parameters are given special importance in all the models of prestige induction cooktops. So, it is a very wise decision to invest in a good model of prestige induction cooktop.

Which is better induction or electric cooktop?

The induction cooktop is always better than an electric cooktop. The difference between both is that, in an electric cooktop the heating coils is located below the ceramic surface. Initially, the electric cooktop might be a little cheaper but in the long run, it is not as energy efficient as an induction cooktop.

Do induction cooktops use more electricity?

No, it is a wrong idea that induction cooktops use more electricity. They are extremely energy efficient. Moreover, all good brands incorporate power saver elements within the induction cooktops. So, no worries. Induction cooktops are indeed pocket friendly

What is the most reliable induction cooktop?

The most reliable induction cooktop are the ones which comes from the house of prestige as they come with a combination of sensors. These not only reduce all potential risks of accidents but also makes induction cooktop usage safe for novices.

Do you need a vent with induction cooktop?

It is true that induction cooktops produce much less pollution than gas tops, yet the odor and fumes cannot be controlled. So, it is better that a vent is associated with the induction cooktop. So, if it comes to aesthetics then it is better to have proper ventilation.

Can you burn yourself on an induction cooktop?

The surface of the cooktop never gets heated up to the extent that you will burn yourself. They also come with cool to touch technology. Hence even if you touch the surface with naked hands, you won’t get burnt.

What is the best portable induction cooktop to buy?

Prestige pic 20 watt is the best portable induction cooktop to buy. It is best for bachelors and people who live in rented apartments. It is lighter to carry and sleek. So, you will not face any difficulty to carry it from one place to another.

Do induction cooktops use less energy?

Yes, of course. Induction ovens work on magnetic induction principle and hence is far more energy efficient than any other means.

Is induction cooking harmful?

No, it has practically no risks on health. The frequency of radiation emitted is so less that it has no health hazards.

Do you need a hood over a cooktop?

It is always better to have a hood over the induction cooktop. It keeps the kitchen free of grease and reduces your cleaning efforts considerably.

Induce the Benefits of Induction Cooktop in your Cooking

After reading the full article I am sure that you have forms a transparent idea regarding every aspect of the induction cooktop and induction cooking. Induction cooktops have gained immense popularity since its birth. Every gadget has its own merits and demerits. But, the merits in case of induction cooktop far exceeds the demerits.

There are various popular existing cookware and electronic brands which produce induction cooktop in India. Many more are coming into the market. All the models are indeed excellent. Power saver technology optimizes the power usage. They are usually maintenance free and easy to operate. If you want to save time and money then switch over to induction cooking today.

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