The 10 Best Track Pants in India in 2024 For Comfortable Wear

Check out this catalogue of the best track pants in India in 2024. This list of the top brands offering the most comfortable and good looking track pants.

Here are the Top 10 track pants in India in 2024, all in one place so you can make an informed consumer choice. Track Pants are an all-time favourite and one of the most versatile clothing. You can choose to wear track pants when you go meet your friends, a casual outing or even while staying at home.

Best Track Pants in India

Track Pants gained popularity in the 70’s and have been a rage ever since. When the trend of wearing track pants became super popular, many brands started making track pants. With such a surge in supply, the task of knowing which is the best manufacturer of track pants becomes a tedious job. You need to be absolutely sure about the quality, after all for so many people track pants are the go-to comfort clothing and even fashion clothing.

To help you out with this task we have curated the best beginners guide for track pants which has everything you need to know about track pants, which brands are the best, why they are the best, what to look for when buying track pants and we have even answered all your popular queries about track pants.

A Curated List of the Top 10 Best Track Pant Brands in India in 2024

Are you looking for the best track pants in India in 2024? Well, you just landed on the best page for this information. We have just the list for you that includes all the top brands, and why they are good. We ranked them according to their quality, price and diversity.

All the brands and products mentioned below have been carefully selected on the basis of the reviews provided by customers, efficiency, rating, variety and cost. You do not have to go through the store not knowing what you are buying, nor do you have to browse through 10’s of pages wondering what would be the right choice. It is all right here in place!

1. Nike Track Pants

Nike Track Pants

Nike has one of the best track pants for the gym. Nike is an American brand which specialises in sports and athletic fashion. Nike has many times been awarded as the best sports fashion brand.
The quality of Nike products is unbeatable. They are durable, very comfortable and not super expensive.

Nike offers a variation of track pants and that is what we love about them. If you are a dancer looking for track pants, Nike offers an entirely different range for you. Similarly for casual wear, gym wear and even for mountaineering they offer a separate collection.

The quality of all Nike clothes is impeccable. The material is breathable, soft and skin friendly. There are different materials Nike offers and all of them are suitable for different occasions.

Cotton track pants are great for casual wear and cotton mixed with either polyester is superb for dance and gyming. If you are looking for gym wear, there is no better place than Nike.

The gym wear collection has specialized features like porous pants for extra ventilation, stretchability and a different more suitable material.

Specialised track pants are also made for dancing which are fitted and stretchable. If design matters to you, Nike has some really fashionable pieces for you according to what collection you are looking at.

The price range is quite diverse and depends on the material, design and quality. Simple cotton track pants are very inexpensive but as you go for specialized high quality track pants for gym and dance, the price does increase.

Nike is super popular amongst all Indian households and all the reviews are majorly amazing. The customer support is great in case you want to exchange or have a defect, their service is efficient.

2. HRX Track Pants

HRX Track Pants

Here is why HRX is the best track pants in 2024. HRX is an Indian brand which was started by the famous actor, Hritik Roshan. Since the starting of its conception, the brand saw a quick pick up in sales.

The owner of the brand, Hritik Roshan is known to be a fitness enthusiast and the ambition around health reflects well in the entire brand.

HRX offers you a specialized range of track pants which are great for gyming or any sort of physical activity. HRX has specially curated clothes keeping in mind the needs of anyone who has an interest in fitness.

What is the biggest discomfort people face with their clothing during physical activity? The answer is simple, sweating is the biggest discomfort from clothes. HRX solves this problem for you by using a special Rapid-dry material for all its gym wear.

Another feature of all HRX clothing is having an antibacterial finishing on the clothes. All the sweat that gets accumulated in the body and on the clothes can often harbour harmful bacteria, the antibacterial simply makes sure the chances of infection are reduced and you stay fresh.

HRX clothing was made keeping in mind the Indian consumer which is a huge benefit for the brand and the people buying it.

You get similar quality products at HRX as compared to other expensive American brands. HRX is also extremely affordable. The price range is not very high even if you got to the higher end of the product range.

There are a variety of styles you can choose from. All of them of course have different prices and styles. HRX offers specialised track pants for different purposes.

The first line of trackpants is the training joggers which are loose fit and great for running. The price of joggers ranges from Rs.500- Rs.2200.

They also offer slim fitted track pants which are more stretchable and synthetic which are perfect for gyming and dancing.

The price ranges from Rs.800-Rs.2000. All in all, HRX is a premium quality brand in a very affordable price range.

3. Adidas Track Pants

Adidas Track Pants

Adidas has been popularly acclaimed as the best track pants brands in India in 2024. The brand has been a trusted household name which has been used by the Indian population for quite some time now.

Adidas offers you style with comfort. There are a lot of products you can choose from when buying from Adidas. Adidas is considered a premium brand in India and hence the price of their products is higher than the average cost. Adidas currently has 5 labels under them offering you track pants.

The first brand is known as essentials. It has all the basic necessities you need in casual clothing including solid coloured loosely fit track pants. Essentials has simple designs and nothing fancy.

The next collection we love is originals which have hallmark pieces of the adidas collection. All the items in the original collection reflect something uniquely adidas, be it their logo or the typical lines pattern. The Originals collection is truly adidas.

The other collections Adidas has been called the Y-3 collection, the Steven Mccarthy collection and the sustainable collection. The Y-3 collection also has track pants but they are fashionable and trendy pieces. The Y-3 collection is for everyone who is looking for unique track pants that they can style with outfits.

The Stella McCartney collection reflects the designs of the English fashion designer herself who launched her own clothing line through adidas. Now if you are someone who wants to show up to the gym in style, we suggest you go through Stella McCartney’s collection that has some really trendy pieces in it.

The last collection is for everyone who is sensitive towards climate change. It is called the sustainable collection that has their range of clothes made from environment friendly material. All in all, we love Adidas because it has a lot of variety and offers different collections for different needs.

4. Puma Track Pants

Puma Track Pants

Puma is infamous and is popularly known to offer the best track pants for men. Puma is an international brand with its origin in Germany.

Puma designs both athletic apparel as well as casual clothing. Puma is involved in both retail and manufacturing of its clothes which makes all its products super reliable.

The quality of all the clothes is superb and we can promise you that they are extremely reliable even after rough usage.

Puma is also a luxury clothing brand, so you should expect the prices to be higher than most brands. Puma offers multiple styles and collections for you to choose from.

Puma has classified its apparel, including track pants on the basis of different criteria. Some of the track pants are made of a quick dry synthetic material, suitable for running and gyming. There are also slim fit joggers made of cotton or cotton mix for casual wear.

The brand has multiple collaborations with big brands like BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari etc. If your brand image matters to you, Puma is perfect for you.

It offers collaboration specific track pants which reflect a premium design incorporating the motor sport brand and Puma. All the designs are classy and work well with your normal clothes.

Puma offers different designs like slim fit designs, straight track pants and slim fit track shots. The brand manufactures track pants for both men and women. The designs are minimalistic and clean.

The trademark puma logo is on all designs. You get basic designs like solids and minimal designs to choose from.

Puma does not compromise on quality or cut corners in order to conserve its prices. All in all, if you are not on a budget and are looking for impressive designs that look and feel expensive, Puma is the brand for you.

5. Mast & Harbour

Mast & Harbour Track Pants

Mast and Harbour is more than often the popular choice for the best track pants in India. Mast and Harbour is a budget clothing brand which is perfect for students and anyone looking for great track pants on a budget.

Mast and Harbour is a fairly new brand but it has gotten some amazing reviews. The owner of Mast and Harbour is the commerce giant, Reliance industries.

Mast and harbour have very simple track pants often in solid colours. Their delivery service is super quick and you can buy their track pants on Myntra. Mast and Harbour offers good quality products at a very affordable price.

They have minimalistic designs like solid-coloured pants or track pants with just a single stripe. Most of the trackpants offered by Mast & Harbour range from Rs.500 to Rs.900. The material is soft and breathable.

Track pants need to be super comfortable because they are often the go to item for a lot of people to wear, they also need to be durable because they are worn a lot and lastly, they need to be inexpensive because they are often bought in multiples.

All these qualities are offered by Mast and Harbour. You can wear their solid-coloured track pants at home and also style them with a fancy top if you are going out.

The material is stretchable but is not clingy and makes you feel comfortable. Most of their track pants have an elastic waist paired with a string so that you can adjust the size according to your convenience.

Mast and Harbour is 5th on our list simply because yes, they offer good design, comfort at a minimal price yet their clothes are prone to wear and tear if you wear them a lot.

You need to take special care of the apparel to make sure they last longer. At the, we would suggest the brand to anyone who wants to buy multiple pieces of track pants for a less price or someone running on a budget.

6. Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones Track Pants

Jack and Jones is one of the top competitors for manufacturing the best track pants in India. Jack and Jones is a clothing label from Denmark. The brand saw a rise in sales in the last decade due to their amazing products and affordability.

Jack and Jones has a wide range of track pants available with the. They also have countless offers that make their products even more affordable for you.

We absoley love their cuffed track pants collection. They have military patterned track pants for men which look stylish and are comfy at the same time. Their cuffed track pants collection gained a lot of popularity because of how great their designs were.

They have track pants in many sizes and colours. They also have different track pants for different occasions for example solid cotton track pants for everyday wear, patterned track pants with minimal detailing for a nearby stroll and athletic fit track pants for gyming.

Jack and Jones is available on Myntra and Amazon. You can expect quick delivery from both these platforms and great customer support as well.

Jack and Jones has also recently come up with their denim style track pants which are great for everyone who prioritize comfortable clothing which is also stylish. Jack and Jones is a great option to consider when looking for stylish track pants or when you need a variety to choose from.

7. Proline Active

Many of the men in our audience have also chosen Proline to provide some of the best track pants in India. Proline is a brand started by the Batra brothers who have been tennis players themselves.

Proline focuses on active wear and the best part is it is owned by sport enthusiasts. The brand focuses on making the best active wear there is and still maintaining comfort.

Proline actively sells most of its active wear including track pants on Myntra. Proline believes in delivering value for money products and giving quality products to their clients. Proline actively manufactures sportswear that is designed by sportsmen.

The Proline active makes a variety of track pants for all shapes and sizes. They make lightweight track pants that are really soft and comfortable. Proline is an authentic Indian brand made for the Indian population.

The Proline active makes solid-coloured pants with an elastic waist. Other designs which are by proline and we love are the plain pyjama with motifs and stripes. Simple designs that look super trendy. Proline makes both men’s and women’s clothing. The track pants are usually priced between Rs.600 to Rs.1000.

Proline manufacturers a range of other products related to sports hence it is obvious that they specialise in the area. Their products are curated keeping in mind the Indian environment and sportswear as well.

We love their slide in pockets which are seamless and do not make an awkward look. Proline is a great brand to buy track pants in India and if buying online and investing in only Indian brands is your motto, we would definitely suggest you proline.

8. Okane

Okane Track Pants

Okane is a worthy mention in the list of best track pants in India because of the quality of its clothes, Okane was launched in 1945 with the vision to become a leading player in the Indian garment business.

Okane was established by two brothers, Kumar Jain and Rohit Jain who envisioned that their business would touch heights. Okane has shown tremendous success since its conception and now is one of the most looked up to Indian garment brands.

Okane makes track pants for both men and women. For men Okane makes special sportswear track pants as well as athleisure track pants which are suitable for casual everyday wear and work for light exercising or walking too.

Most of the garments manufactured by Okane are made of polyester, cotton or polycotton according to their purpose. The brand is also extremely affordable. All of their track pants range from a price of Rs.600 to Rs.1100.

Okane makes majorly three types of track pants, first is the lounge wear track pants that are generally available in a solid colour, have a loose fit and a waist adjustable by a string. They make tapered, slim fit pants which are generally for exercising or any other physical activity.

They have stretchable material which is extremely absorbent. The third is pure cotton, home wear track pants which are super comfortable and airy. They have an extremely loose and comfortable fitting. The loose track pants are available in bright colours and even in some patterns.

To sum it up, the collection, price range and variety of Okane is great and if you are looking to buy track pants you need to definitely consider Okane as one of the great options available in the market.


HERE&NOW Track Pants

Here and Now is also a clothing brand which emerged recently and that too exclusively online. Here and now offers a range of very inexpensive and diverse track pants. They make track pants for men and women. Here and Now is readily available on Myntra and you can have officers attached to a lot of their products.

Here and Now has a diverse range of track pants from denim style track pants to sportswear track pants that suit all your occasions from a marathon day to a park date with friends.

Here and Now is a great brand easily available online and super affordable. It offers many designs for both women and men. One should definitely check it out.


 Highlander Track Pants

Many people claim Highlander to be the designer for the best track pants in India. Highlander was launched in 2007 by a couple. The brand has now become extremely successful and is being endorsed by Rohit Sharma in India Highlander clothes are easily available on Myntra.

Highlander offers track pants mainly for men but also some for women. They offer most track pants in simple solid covers. A lot of their designs are made keeping in mind how compatible they will be with rigorous physical activity.

Highlander also makes casual wear track pants which are often made of cotton or cotton mix which is comfy to wear. In totality, Highlander is a great option to buy track pants from online but it is more expensive than many other similar options mentioned above.

How to buy the best track pants for yourself?

You would have noticed by now that there is an abundance of track pants in the market. Brands and local vendors are selling thousands of track pants every day. In this large heap of track pants, it obviously is very difficult. To help you with the entire process and give you more clarity on what are the things you need to consider when buying track pants.

1. Durability

This is one of the most important factors to take into account. The trackpants you are buying need to be made of well-knit thick material which lasts for a long time and does not become a victim of wear and tear. Track pants are worn quite frequently and need to be strong enough to sustain such usage.

2. Purpose

Always know why you are buying the track pants. They have different purposes and different brands make collections according to purpose. Track pants are mainly made for 3 purposes, first is active wear, second is casual wear and last is home wear. Buying the right track pants for the right purpose is super important.

3. Comfort

Any clothing item, not just track pants needs to be comfortable. Make sure the cloth does not cause irritation on your skin. The breathability and absorption capacity of the fabric matters a lot. Breathability means that the air can pass through the fabric which is super important if you are buying track pants for exercise, running or physical exercise.

4. Material

Knowing what the track pants are made of and what will suit your requirement is vital. Track Pants are majorly made of polyester, cotton or polycotton. Cotton wear is suitable for everyday casual wear, poly cotton is suitable for dancing or light exercise and polyester works for intensive training.

5. Price

The last factor and a really important one is the price of the track pants. Yes, you should not compromise on quality for price but you should also not pay excessively for an item. Know the worth of the track pants you are buying.


To make the process of buying track pants easier for you, we have answered all the frequently asked questions regarding track pants for you below.

What are the best track pants?

The best track pants are the ones which are comfortable, breathable and durable. Track pants need to be strong enough to sustain physical activity and at the same time not uncomfortable. They are the ideal go-to piece of clothing.

Which brand is best for track pants in India?

The best track pants are manufactured by Nike. They offer a variety of choices and are loved by customers not just in India but around the world. Nike makes comfortable and durable track pants that are often multipurpose too.

Are nylon track pants good?

We personally do not suggest nylon track pants because they absorb heat and are not very comfortable to wear. They can cause red inflammation on the skin and also generate a lot of heat due to friction.

What’s the difference between joggers and track pants?

Track pants were originally wide legged, but recently joggers which are cuffed or tapered at the end are also considered a type of track pants.

Where can I buy track pants online?

There are multiple fashion stores and brand websites where you can buy track pants online. Myntra, AJIO and amazon have track pants available from multiple brands. Other than that visit the official sites of Nike and Adidas.

Ending remarks on the best track pants in India in 2024

Track pants are an all time favorite piece of clothing. You can wear them to sleep, style them for a casual date and roam around in them all day. Track pants are super comfy and come in all shapes and sizes. Buying the right pair of track pants can make you addicted to buying them.

This guide has been written with the aim to help you find the perfect pair of track pants. All the brands mentioned above are reputed names which have received amazing feedback and reviews about their products.

We have drawn in-depth analysis and comparisons of all the brands to give you the most authentic and accurate ranking. We have carefully researched and then ranked our products to make sure you choose the absolute best for yourself.

Aniket can be defined as a passionate blogger, a tech freak, and a complete shopaholic. He aims to provide a helping hand to the people by enabling a way to save money on shopping by presenting the best online deals & sales updates. With more than 5 years of rich experience in the industry, he assures to provide fully researched content.

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