Latest 1mg Bank Offers 2024: Credit & Debit Card Coupons

Know about the latest 1mg bank offers in 2024 for HDFC, SBI, and ICICI bank customers. Make use of your credit and debit cards to avail the below-mentioned deals.

The newly introduced 1mg bank offers for HDFC, ICICI, SBI, Axis, and Kotak bank credit and debit card holders are certain to prove to be lucrative, preferable, and reliable.

1mg bank offers and deals

Through any of these 1mg bank offers, you have the chance to avail great amount of cashback in exchange for using your debit or credit cards. So far, if you have felt that your bank’s debit or credit cards haven’t come to use much, now is the time to leverage the opportunity that 1mg bank offers are offering. Sounds great, right?

So, to help you furthermore, we have made a list of 1mg bank offers with all the possible details in depth. All these offers are only applicable either on debit cards, credit cards, or those with internet banking facility. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of these 1mg bank offers.

Your Go-to List of 1mg Bank Offers for Debit/Credit card & Internet Banking Users:

We are certain you are keen on knowing the 1mg bank offers for 2024. Thus, we have compiled together all the deals for your easy reference so that you can make your decision on which offer to avail or not. So, stay tuned and go through the details well.

1. 1mg ICICI Bank Offer is the best one

What if you were told that 1mg ICICI bank offer gives as much as 5% cashback in 1mg wallet plus 16% instant discount? Sounds great, right? However, this is applicable only if you possess a valid prescription for the needed medicines.

Other than this, there’s another deal that allows you to have almost 40% discount up to Rs. 3200 on pathology tests with home sample pick-up facility. Can anything get better than this ICICI bank offer on 1mg?

To add to this, the third 1mg ICICI bank credit and debit card offer enables you to gain 30% instant discount up to Rs. 300 on premium chat-based e-consultation. And lastly, you can even try your hands on the offer through which you can attain flat 25% discount, but on doctor teleconsultation.

And the process for availing any of these deals is extremely simple, more than you must have thought. You just need to download 1mg app or visit the website. Post which, you can select the products, use the promo code, and make payment using your ICICI bank credit or debit card, or internet banking facility. Do take note of the promo code for all these deals. For medicine and pathology, apply ICICI. For chat-based e-consultation, apply ICICI2020. And lastly, for doctor tele-consultation, apply ICICIBANK.

Avail any of these deals while they are valid so that you can reap maximum benefits.

2. Check out 1mg HDFC Bank Offer

You no longer have to worry about going and purchasing medicines when there’s a platform like 1mg. The added advantage is the range of 1mg HDFC bank offers. When you avail the 1mg HDFC bank credit and debit card offer, you get a chance to take home flat 17% off on prescribed medicines.

However, what’s important to note is that this HDFC 1mg offer is valid for a very limited period, so think wisely and utilize it whilst its still there. You can redeem the offer by either using the application or visiting the site Whilst checking out, apply the coupon code – HDFC17 – in order to avail the discount.

Isn’t the process quick and simple? We told you, right? Just refer to this guide and proceed with availing the deal. Go, grab your HDFC cards and make full use of it, right away!

3. Take a look at 1mg SBI Offer

This 1mg SBI offer is certain to entice you completely! Through this SBI 1mg offer, you have an opportunity to attain as much as Rs. 200 off on prescription medicines and up to 40% off on lab test bill. Does it sound lucrative enough?

Well, what is important to note for 1mg SBI credit card offer is that the minimum value needed to avail the deal remains Rs. 1000 for prescribed pharma products and Rs. 500 on lab test. To avail the offer, you ought to apply the coupon code, which in this case happens to be SBIMG. The SBI 1mg offer is valid only once per user during the offer period. So, think wisely and take steps accordingly.

If you don’t have an SBI credit card, you’ll not be eligible for this offer. So, make sure you read the details of the deal well in advance prior to participating.

4. Glace through 1mg Kotak Bank Offer

Calling all Kotak Bank account holders – the Promo Code OFF25 is for you! The 1mg Kotak bank offer enables you to grab flat 18% off on all products, plus 5% additional cashback, without any minimal order value.

The good thing about this 1mg Kotak Mahindra bank offer is that it gives a cashback up to Rs. 100 which get added to the 1mg wallet directly. Plus, what’s even better is that the offer can be availed multiple times by the user during the offer period. However, to avail the deal, the customer must visit the website or download the application.

Also, since the deal remains valid for a very limited period, keep an eye on the offer date and plan your purchase accordingly. We don’t want you to miss this chance at any cost!

5. 1mg Visa Card Offer is meant for you

The ongoing 1mg visa card offer has a lot in store for visa card users. If medicines is what you want, check out 1mg and avail up to 20% off on prescription medicines – which means, flat 15% discount on prescription medicines on a minimum order value of Rs. 500 and 5% cashback up to Rs. 100, along with wallet offers. The code to be applied is VISA.

On lab testing, there’s a discount of up to 50% – that is, 40% on lab tests up to Rs. 3200 on a minimum order value of Rs. 500 and 10% cashback up to Rs. 800 in 1mg wallet. In this case, the code to applied is VISA.

For premium e-consult service, you have a chance to get 50% off up to a maximum discount of Rs. 300. The code needed for this deal is VISA2020. So, get that visa card out and get going with availing the offer. Such deals don’t come often!

6. Consider 1mg Amazon Pay Offer

If bank offers didn’t fascinate you for some reason, why don’t you look into 1mg Amazon Pay offer? This deal is for everyone who weren’t the account holders of the aforementioned banks or found the deals non-lucrative.

Now, through Amazon Pay 1mg offer, you can make payment via Amazon Pay and win up to Rs. 300 cashback. The minimum cashback that you have a chance to earn is Rs. 20. However, this Amazon 1mg offer is valid only on a minimum order value of Rs. 100. So, make your purchase accordingly.

Besides this, since this deal is valid from 1st January to 31st December, take note of the dates so that you don’t miss your precious chance of earning some bit. Sounds good, right? Why wait? Go, participate in this offer now!

7. Make use of 1mg Paytm Offer

Just like other deals, 1mg Paytm offer, too, is here to impress you by all means. You won’t be disappointed, and that’s our assurance. All you have to do is make payment through Paytm and in turn, grab a cashback of up to Rs. 500. The minimum cashback that a user can win is Rs. 50.

However, do take note that this Paytm 1mg offer is valid only for new Paytm customers who place an order of minimum Rs. 1000. But here’s the condition – the order needs to be placed anytime between 1st August to 31st December. That’s when the offer period stays valid.

So, now that you know the details regarding the offer, why not go avail it for your benefit? Hurry up!

8. Don’t miss out on 1mg Freecharge Offer

There are certain deals that you just cannot skip and this, 1mg free charge offer is one of them. By participating in this offer, you can earn as much as 15% cashback up to Rs. 50 on your first ever free charge transaction.

You know what’s even more interesting? The fact that the cashback will be offered to you in the form of free charge gift and it will be credited in less than 72 hours after purchase. Do set a reminder that the deal stays valid in between 1st January to 31st December. So, make all your purchases within this time frame.

9) Psst… have you checked this Axis Bank Offer, yet?

1mg axis bank offers have always been unique and special for all those Axis bank account holders loyal to 1mg e-store for their OTC medicine and healthcare product needs. If you have an account in Axis and you have its credit or debit card, 1mg bank offers are meant for you. With the coupon codes AX22 and AX45, you can get a discount of flat 22%! Please note that you have to apply the promo code on the payment page in order to get this discount.

10) This MobiKwik offer for 1mg is here for you:

1mg MobiKwik offer is only for MobiKwik users. If you have an account in MobiKwik, make sure to use it when you make the payment on 1mg e-store. You get 20% SuperCash discount at 1mg! The maximum amount of discount that you can get is Rs.150 and this offer can be used only twice during the offer period.

If you are interested in this offer, make sure you use it before it expires or the important medicines go out of stock. A lot of people have already started purchasing medicines from 1mg to avail different discounts so don’t be late!

Hurry up and make the most of 1mg Bank Offers in 2024

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try your hands into any of these 1mg bank offers. Or, if you think you do not have the needed credit or debit cards of specific banks, take a glance through the 1mg Amazon offer or 1mg Paytm offer. Such deals don’t happen too often, so you must take advantage of time while they are there.

Afterall, who doesn’t like earning and saving some bit through the means of interesting deals like 1mg cashback offers. Isn’t it? The details of 1mg card offers have been unveiled to you, along with the validity dates. Now, its up to you whether you should pay attention to it or not. We don’t want you to lose any opportunity of having something in exchange for a purchase online.

Also, since the method of purchase and participation in the 1mg sale offers is easy, you won’t find it hard to avail the cashback. And yet, if you do encounter difficulties, check our guide above or visit the site and application and get your queries cleared pertaining to the 1mg offers. What are you thinking now? Go, hurry up. Don’t waste any time, start working on the list of medicines you need to order, even if that means ordering things in advance. Why not? Everything is fair when it’s a matter of seeking benefits through deals like 1mg bank offers.

Why go anywhere else, when you have 1mg for your medicine and health supplement need?

It is rightly said that health is wealth; unless you are fit and fine, there is no point in applying makeup on your face or pretending to be fine. Even if you have a slight problem in your health, you feel terribly disturbed. Therefore, if you have been prescribed with some medicines, or if there are a few general medicines that can make you feel better, you know that you have got to do everything to consume them. If you can save money while buying such medicines – all the very better!

No doubt there are a few other e-stores that deal with medicines, skincare, healthcare and oral care products, but we bet the other sites don’t have such awesome discounts. So until the other e-stores come up with better, or at least similar, discounts, it is good to stick to 1mg for your medicine needs. Nothing can compare to the feeling of saving a huge chunk of money, which you do when you buy medicines from 1mg during the sale period. If you want to save more money, you can always buy products and medicines in bulk.

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