Amazon Fab Phone Fest Sale Offers & Coupons: July 2024

Getting your dream phone just got a little easier and way more affordable! We bring to you our review of the Amazon Fab Phone Fest Sale offers for July 2024. Even we are surprised with the deep discounts Amazon is offering this year!

Have a look at the July 2024 Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale with some of the best discounts and offers on smartphones you have ever seen! Phones not only from Redmi, Realme, Vivo, etc. but also from companies like Samsung, OnePlus and Apple are available at huge discounts. Don’t miss this one people!

Amazon Fab Phone Fest Sale

Amazon is back with its 2024 edition of the Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale, and this time, the deals are better than they ever were! Getting your dream phone, whether it be an iPhone 13 or a OnePlus 9, just got a little easier and way more affordable. With discounts going up to 40% even we are surprised by the huge discount Amazon India is offering in 2024!

Amazon has been trying to increase its presence in India ever since it stepped foot in the golden land in 2012. What was then a mere home delivery service market, has now become one of India’s premiere go-to places for shopping just about anything.

Now, shopping for trivial stuff like appliances and clothes have always been common on online websites but from the last few years, Amazon has surprisingly emerged to be a hot smartphone market as well. Obviously, this has not only been the effect of good quality service or selection. This is the result of aggressive discounts and deals that they are offering to the costumers on the very bestselling phones, no less. They offer discounts at a percentage that no normal retailer can, simply because of the volume of sale that they provide to the phone companies.

With no change in marketing strategy this year, Amazon has launched it’s Amazon Fab Phone Fest Sale from 18th to 20th July 2024 with never-heard-before deals and discounts on your favorite phones!

If you’ve been holding on to your old phone while slugging and struggling to save for your dream phone, today might just be your day! You can get your hands on your dream smartphone within a few clicks now, because Amazon has taken care of the hardest obstacle, the “money part” (believe us we know how that feels like!) for you.

The Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale has been one of the most successful annual smartphone discount fest in India, ahead of Alibaba’s and Flipkart’s. There are two main reasons that justify this dominance of Amazon in the Indian online market.

  • Firstly, costumers get a wider selection of smartphones on Amazon than on any other online marketplace out there. Naturally costumers are drawn to the variety.
  • Secondly, amazon fab phone fest offers are far more aggressive in the average percentage of discount on every phone, including the big brands that are known for not giving any discounts all year round, like Apple or OnePlus! So even after comparing the prices of the same phone from various websites, the customers tend to buy from Amazon anyway.

Now, because this year’s Amazon Fab Phone Fest is just a prime example (pun intended!) of value for money, we thought it would be great to review it for you and give you a short briefing of what’s in store. Dive in!

Here Come the Exciting Amazon Fab Phone Fest Sale Offers July 2024

When we went to review and compare the sale offers on Amazon Fab Phone Fest to put it here, even our first reaction was of surprise and awe. Keep in mind we review such sales very frequently, so it is not that common for us to come out of one and really be surprised. But this time, we feel that those executives at Amazon have really outdone themselves in terms of discounts and deals. The plethora of discounts available at almost every smartphone you could ever want (and yes, even including the iPhone!), is just something we have never seen before.

MobileMRPSale Price
Samsung Galaxy M51Rs 28,999Rs 22,999
Samsung Galaxy M31Rs 22,999Rs 16,499
OnePlus 8TRs 42,999Rs 36,999
Redmi 9ARs 8,499Rs 6,799
Oneplus 8 ProRs 54,999Rs 47,999
Redmi Note 9 ProRs 16,999Rs 12,999
Samsung Galaxy M11Rs 12,999Rs 10,499
Redmi Note 9Rs 14,999Rs 10,999
Samsung Galaxy A12Rs 13,999Rs 12,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LiteRs 43,000Rs 29,999

Our overall review for the sale is definitely positive and our advice to you as our readers, our brothers and sisters is that you should definitely consider buying your next smartphone at this sale itself. Because believe us, in our experience, you might not get better value for your money at any point of time in the recent future.

Why do we think that this is such a great time to buy your phone at this sale (and to be alive really!), you ask? Well the answer might be a long one. The factors you need to know to validate our review are these:

Amazon’s Jaw Dropping Deals on the Bestselling Smartphones!

Amazon Fab Phones Fest Offers on Best Selling Smartphones

The best marketing strategy and frankly the most obvious solution to boost the sales of an underperforming product is to give a discount on its purchase. That’s what most websites and companies seem to do when they offer huge discounts on the relatively less popular phones. But what the Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale 2024 offers you is the rare opportunity to grab such discounts on not only the fairly popular, but the bestselling smartphones out there!

There is simple explanation behind these huge discounts (before you start to make up your own!). It is merely a volume game. The phone companies set up their prices after including the retailers and distributor margins. But since sites like Amazon eliminate the need for a retailer, they can offer the same models at relatively less prices. It is completely genuine, seal packed product that they send to you and not just “soap” or a duplicate phone, so don’t be afraid to buy online from Amazon.

In this edition of the Amazon Fab Phones Fest, you will see smartphones from companies like OnePlus, Apple, Samsung and MI selling at a drastically lower price point than anywhere else in the market. This celebration of Amazon among its rising sales and dominance in the Indian market, is sure to give you the golden opportunity to buy your dream phone within the price point you had always hoped it was in.

The Amazon Fab Phones Fest offers up to 30% discount on the bestselling smartphones of 2024. And we don’t need to tell you what the “bestselling” category includes, now do we? Here are the offers you might find to be particularly eye watering!

  • iPhone 11 – starting at just Rs. 45,999
  • OnePlus Nord – Rs.27,999
  • OnePlus 8T – Rs.42,999
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Rs.41,990
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 – Rs.61,900
  • Vivo v17 Pro – Rs.27,990

These phones are all not only good and popular for their easy to use user interfaces, but also for their over the top, remarkable features that you just cannot find in any other smartphones.

Their cameras are wildly awesome and they’ll capture your memories just how your eyes do and maybe even better! You can easily video call your long distant relatives or friends and have a great experience because these flagships come with high quality front cameras, with megapixels count going up to 32 MPs in some of the models which is just insane if you think about just two years back when front cams were of 2-4 MPs in the most expensive of phones!

With high battery lives, high performance chipsets and mega storage capabilities, you will be in for one hell of an experience!

Huge Discounts on Budget Smartphones at Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale!

Amazon Sale Offers on Budget Smartphones

We out of all people do understand your financial crunch without any reservations. We get that sometimes you just need to save your money where you can to spend it on more important things like your growing business or your ever-so-ghastly rent! And so do the companies! That is why they focus on the budget range of smartphones as much as they focus on their premium range. Some companies even more so!

Companies like Vivo, MI, Oppo and Gionee have taken hold of the budget smartphone market by introducing ridiculously value for money range of smartphones for a price range that you can easily afford. Models like the Redmi Note 10, Oppo A7, Honor 20i etc. are designed to give you a feel like that of a flagship phone, all the while at a price point much more affordable. These companies have relentlessly figured out the cutting of costs in making mobile phones and they can now offer quality similar to the expensive range of smartphones.

Don’t get us wrong, the smartphones in the budget category cannot outmatch the premium range in any comparison, but they sure do seem to give you an experience of a premium range smartphone. Their camera qualities are surprisingly good for a phone at that price point. Their processors are also good and they include the more than efficient 4-8 GB RAMs to run the phone flawlessly.

The Amazon mobile sale offers in 2024 has made it possible this time to get these already greatly priced smartphones at an even further discounted price! When you go Amazon’s home page, you’ll see under the Budget Phones category, the huge range of bestselling budget smartphones available at great discounts and financing deals.

If your current phone has a cracked screen or is nearing its end, and you don’t happen to have the money for a new and good one, you can always dip into this range of phones that only take a small bite out of your pocket for the same look and experience of a higher priced smartphone! Here are some of the amazing deals you’ll find in this category:

  • Redmi 7 – at just Rs. 6,999
  • Samsung Galaxy M10 – at RS. 7,499
  • Oppo A7 – Rs. 9,990
  • Honor 20i – Rs. 10,990

Fab Phone Fest Amazing Offers on Mid-Range Smartphones

Amazon Deals on Mid-Range Smartphones

The Mid-Range smartphone category comprises of handsets that do not compromise on quality and specs as much as the budget phones do and stay as useful and delightful to use as premium smartphones do at a price point that lies between budget and premium range.

This category of smartphones suits best to the people who like value for their money, and think of the premium range as impractically high, because it is an obvious fact that the big companies have a higher cost to margin ratio due to their added brand building and marketing costs!

The Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale 2024 offers its customers once in a lifetime opportunity to grab the best deals available on these smartphones! Discounts going up to 30% are available for this category and financing deals with EMIs as low as Rs. 2000 per month are also available to relieve you from your financial struggle even further.

These phones are popular for their impressive display quality, high –tech specifications and smooth and fluent operation. You will not regret buying one at all! Your experience is guaranteed by thousands of reviewers that rate these phone at 5 stars on Amazon. And of course, when you get bored of these phones, you won’t have to be worried about getting stuck with them at all!

Since you paid so much less than a premium phone for your handset, you can think about putting money into a new one this early! Also, these mid-range phones are valued at good prices at amazon mobile exchange offers. So you will get a hefty discount on your next one too!

The best Amazon mobile offers available in this category are:

  • Honor 20 – Rs. 22,999 onwards
  • Poco F1 – Rs. 14,999
  • iPhone 6S – Rs. 23,999 onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy a50s – Rs. 19,999

Amazon Fab Phone Fest Hot Deals on Premium Smartphones

Amazon deals on Premium Smartphones

Amazon has given special care to their marketing tactics to make the Amazon Fab Phone Fest an even bigger success this time round. They know that it is not the discounts on lower range smartphones that will gather the attention of the buyers. It is the discounts on the premier selection of smartphones that will capture the headlines and really convince the potential buyers to at least come and have a look on the web site at least once!

And thanks to this strategy, you get to reap the benefits of HUGE discounts on the premium smartphones that might not have been in your buying range earlier, but will be now!

Once you visit the Amazon app you will notice that Apple is giving unreal discounts on almost all the premium range category of smartphones including iPhones, Oneplus’s, and Samsung S Series. Now, these might still be a little out of your budget but you will have to go much less farther than your budget to get your dream phone, than you would have before this amazing sale.

These premium smartphones are the best you can get your hands on! With cameras ranging up to 48 MPs you can really capture your moments life-like! Your memories stay with you exactly as you had experienced them first hand! The camera technology in the upper range phones have really upgraded in 2024 with the 3 lens concept introduced in the industry. Also, the chipsets in these phones are the fastest available in the world at this time.

The Snapdragon 855+ is a beast and is used in smartphones like Oneplus 8T and Oneplus 8. The premium range smartphones also consider your storage needs seriously and generally have above 64 GB capacity. Also their LED displays rank among the best in the market!

Some of the best Amazon smartphone offers available in this range are:

  • OnePlus 7 Pro – Rs. 39,999 onwards
  • OnePlus 7T – Rs. 34,999 onwards
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – Rs. 1,09,000 onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 – Rs. 61,900 onwards

Wait! Discounts on Accessories too?

Amazon Offers on Mobile Accessories

Well, there a hundred different things you do with your phone daily. These tasks may include calling someone, video conferencing, capturing photos and videos, recording audio, listening to music and even charging your phone daily! Now ask yourselves this. Are more than half of these tasks even possible without accessories? And wouldn’t the rest of the tasks be made easy if you could have accessories for them?

Mobile accessories industry has blossomed as a side effect of the outrageous development of the smartphone industry. The more the technologies get developed and upgraded in phones, the more is the need for newer accessories.

The more frequently you change your device, the more frequently you will have to change the accessories to support the newer device! And with the rising demand in this particular industry, the prices of products have gone through the roof! Also, with newer trends like the removal of the headphone jack, the usage of accessories such as Bluetooth earphones have become more or less necessary, the prices of which are also very high!

So what to do?! Well, Amazon has answered your woes. Within its Amazon Fab Phones Fest, it has also added a section of mobile accessories on discounts that will amaze you beyond your satisfaction.

You can find Bluetooth earphones there, starting at an unrealistic price of just Rs. 200! You can find regular use items like mobile phone cables and chargers with wide variety available for each and every model.

With the offers that Amazon is providing to its costumers right now, we would, in our most frank advice, would tell you to actually stock up the most frequently bought things light cables etc. that break easily! Yes it’s that big of a sale!

Here are some of the eye-gauging offers:

  • Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones – Rs. 999
  • Real me Power Bank – Rs. 999 onwards

Enjoy Additional Benefits During this Amazon Fab Phones Sale 2024!

Amazon fab phones fest bank offers march 2021

Amazon knows better than to put all its eggs in one basket! The executives at Amazon know that in this era of online markets and deep discounts on almost everything, offering only discounts does not ensure there place at the top of every other online marketplace there is! That is why they also focus on customer convenience with equal importance.

It provides you with combined deals, added benefits and added discounts for your further satisfaction after already buying at such cheap prices! Such benefits just hit the sweet spot when purchasing something online don’t they? When you are buying a 40,000 rupees smartphone at mere 32000 and then additional cards discounts make that an even 30? Its somehow even more satisfactory than the initial discount itself!

Here are some of the benefits you get from shopping from Amazon Fab Phones Fest:

1. No Cost EMI

The most difficult part of buying a phone, (until you’re super rich that is!), is probably gathering and spending such a huge chunk of cash at once! You will often find yourself in a bind before buying an expensive phone when you will look at the full bundle of notes that you’re giving up for “just a phone”. And thus exist the No Cost EMI plans! You don’t have to pay all at once, says Amazon. It says that you can just enter your credit card info and buy any smartphone with only having to pay a fraction of the cost in one month, for each month till the period of maturity of the EMI.

No cost EMIs mean that Amazon does not take interest from you and charge you extra because you are taking this service and paying them later. You will be paying exactly as much as a regular costumer would buy.

2. Exchange Offer

The most frequently used deal on the app is the exchange offer! You can swap your phone while purchasing a new one, in return for a hefty and sizeable discount on the new purchase! Plus you don’t have to worry about selling your old phone afterwards! Amazon just does it all for you! You can simply tell the app what kind of phone you have and what condition it is in, and the app tells you instantly the value of your old phone which you can get a discount for!

3. Total Damage Protection

The most grim experience of owning a smartphone is probably when one day it slips from your hand onto the ground and its screen cracks! Everyone knows that displays of current smartphones are very expensive and are replaced at a hefty cost! But Amazon gives you the option to opt out of that future stress. You can opt for Total Damage Protection by paying a little extra, depending on what kind of smartphone you’re buying, and be protected from any expenses in the future on repairs of broken parts like the screen.

You can understand this as insurance for the damages incurred to your phone! This might just be the most amazing thing that the online market places have festered to rake in costumers!

4. Bank Offers

In addition to heavy discounts already in place for almost all the smartphones available out there, Amazon goes one step further to give you a value for your money by tying up with several banks like Citi, HDFC etc. for them to give you discounts on making payment from their credit and debit cards! This proves to be like a dessert topping on your 3 coursed meal!

The Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale is offering an instant discount on Axis bank debit & credit card EMI transaction and 10% extra cashback on purchase made using HDFC bank debit card. When you see that cart price drop even further after entering your card, it is utterly satisfying. Isn’t it?!

Final Verdict on Amazon Fab Phone Fest Sale Offers 2024

We understand that with technology developing every day, newer devices are being launched ever more frequently. And since these technologies are new and don’t seem to come cheap, the handsets with the latest technology are typically becoming more and more higher priced than ever. But we know that you yearn for whatever new stuff comes to market and want to have it in your hand as soon as possible. We understand that it’ll make you look insanely cool in your social circle if tomorrow you show up with the latest smartphone in the market! But we also know that you maybe can’t afford to spend so much money on a phone right now!

So we say to you….when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

When prices are going insanely high every day and when your desire of owning the latest phone is not going away, you should buy it at a time when it is available at a big discount! That is the best situation you’re going to get. Just take that leap and go for it! We promise you that the Amazon Fab Phones Fest Sale in 2024 will keep your pockets very well in tact even after buying your dream smartphone!

Shubham Aggarwal is a British Council certified writer and a commerce graduate from the prestiged University of Delhi. Writing is more of a passion than hobby for him and he has been writing professionally for about 4 years. Impeccable research skills, facts and a little bit of humour is his recipe for a perfect blog!

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