Amazon Super Value Day Sale Offers: 1st – 7th November 2024

If you have no idea about the big Amazon Super Value Day Sale Offers from 1st November 2024 to 7th November 2024, you don’t know how much money you have been wasting on online shopping!

Amazon super value day sale 2024 offers are something that a lot of people wait for. Yes – most of the people who love and use Amazon for their shopping desires and addiction prefer shopping for pantry products and monthly groceries at lowest prices during the Amazon super value day sale period, which is in the first week of every month, i.e. from 1st to 7th.

If you want to save money, you have to mark these Amazon Super value day sale dates on your diary so that you get what you want from Amazon. Nothing can be better than saving money on shopping.

Presenting the List of Amazon Super Value Day Sale Offers & Deals 2024:

Amazon Super Value Day Sale 2024

Forget about all the other e-stores you have ever been using, if you want to ensure that you pay less and buy more and more stuff, all you have to do is hop on to Amazon when the Super Value Day Offers are ON! Once you do that, you can check the super value day store with all the products you want to purchase.

If you don’t have a list already, trust us when we say that you wouldn’t even need one because with so many discounts, all the products are on priority list!

1. Get up to 10% Instant Cashback with your SBI Credit Cards:

Amazon Super Value Day Sale

When was the last time you shopped with all your heart on Amazon? It is time for you to use your SBI credit card to buy groceries and pantry items and get 10% discount on the purchase of any amount from INR 5000 or more. You get a maximum of INR 250 as an instant discount.

On a minimum purchase of INR 2000, you get a 10% discount, which is INR 100 as instant. This offer is valid from the 1st of November 2024 to the 3rd of November 2024.

2. You have a Discount Offer for ICICI Bank Customers:

You already know how hard ICICI words to maintain its reputation in the market. It is not that it is a new bank and thus it needs to do so; it is just that it has been in the market for so many years that now it wishes to sustain its image, along with its customers. Thus, it keeps coming up with some sort of offers by tying up with some of the best names. Amazon super value day ICICI offer is all about the same.

Yes, the awesome Amazon super value day offer can give you all the things you have ever been looking for from Amazon and your ICICI debit or credit card.

In order to make the payment, you can use net-banking feature as well. When your transaction amount is minimum Rs 2000, you get a cashback of 5% on the total value.

When your transaction amount is above INR 2000, you get a 5% cashback on the total value. The maximum cashback you get is of INR 250. Please note that this ICICI Bank offer on Amazon is valid from 4th November to 7th of November 2024 and the cashback is received as Amazon Pay Balance.

3. You have a Cashback Offer with Amazon Pay Balance too: (Inactive)

A lot of people use Amazon Pay Balance to purchase things from this e-commerce site. If you are using the same to make the purchase at Amazon super value day store you get 5% cashback on the total value anywhere between INR 1500 to INR 3999. If your transaction amount is above INR 4000, you get 10% OFF on the total value. The maximum amount that you receive as cashback is INR 600.

The awesome news is that this Amazon Pay balance offer is available on almost all the products displayed in the super value day store of Amazon. You just have to check the amount you need to pay for the product and you get the mentioned discount from 1st to 7th of June .

4. For the Foodies, you have up to 30% Discount on Food and Beverages:

This is perhaps one of the best Amazon super value day offers because if you are into food and beverages more than anything else, you can now get 30% discount on the same, when you use Amazon website or app.

Lipton, Cadbury, Horlicks, etc. are a few names that are all set to surprise you with the discounted rates at which they are being sold. If you want to save money, simply buy stuff from Amazon so that you not only save on traveling from your home to the mall or shop, but also on the products.

5. You Get up to 40% Discount on Cooking Essentials:

There are a few things that you always need in the kitchen. However, some of the kitchenware items are the most expensive things ever. Therefore, you either have to wait for your salary date or for someone else to gift it to you.

Thanks to Amazon, you won’t have to think even once before picking up any cooking essential for your kitchen. You get what you want, this time! This means you enjoy up to 40% discount on cooking essentials! You just need to see what all things you wish to buy from this website and simply pick them up!

6. There’s up to 25% OFF on Household Supplies:

There are hundreds of things that are included in this list. Trash bags, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, etc. are a few things that you need in your house all the time. That’s why, Surf Excel, Harpic, VIM, Lizol, etc. have come up with awesome offers on Amazon.

If you need stuff for your daily life, you have got to jump on to Amazon the next time you want to buy them and fill the stock for a long period of time. Even on sanitary napkins, you get up to 30% off, which you don’t enjoy in land based stores.

7. There is up to 40% OFF on Baby Products:

Whether you have a baby or not, if you want baby products like Johnson’s Baby Oil, Baby Powder (since several adults also use these products to keep their skin safe), or Baby Soaps, this super value day on Amazon period is meant for you. Nothing can be better than having such products at home because you get up to 40% OFF on them.

If you have a baby, this offer is meant for you and your little one as you get to save huge to spend on other things for your darling! Let’s not forget mentioning brands like Pampers, Mamy Poko Pants, etc. to keep your baby clean and dry!

8. You also have up to 30% OFF on Skin Care and Makeup Products:

Who does not like taking care of the skin? Gone are the days when it was just the thing for women, now is the era where even men have started taking care of themselves the most. If you want to take care of your skin, this Super value day SALE period on Amazon is designed for you.

Makeup products from Lakme, Nivea, Color Bar, etc. are also being sold at a less price. The offers are so good that you don’t feel like stopping after buying just one thing; you feel like filling your entire virtual cart with all the things you wish to store in your cupboard.

9. For the Pet Lovers, Amazon has up to 25% Discount on Pet Supplies:

Pedigree? Whiskas? Drools? What brand do you prefer for your dogs and cats? A lot of people are very particular about the brands they use for their pets. They want to make sure that their pets get what they like and deserve. Thus, Amazon thought to bring something for all the pet lovers too.

During this Amazon super value day SALE period, you have up to 25% discount on various brands designed for pets. If you have never thought of adopting a pet because it’s “too expensive”, let that not be an excuse anymore!

10. Get up to 15% Discount on Health and Nutrition:

Ahoy there gym goers! Why are you spending so much of money on protein shakes and bars when Amazon has the right kind of offer and fantastic discount for you? That’s not all, there are other things that promise to keep you fit (like Olive Oil, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, etc.) and that all are also available at an affordable price now!

You can fill your kitchen with the healthiest stuff, along with your veins with the coolest nutritional products. You get up to 15% discount on all the health and nutrition products on this website.

11. Wait… there’s up to 20% Discount on Personal Care Products too:

There are a lot of personal care products available in the market; it is just that you need to be sure about the stuff you want for yourself. Shavers, Trimmers, Blow Dry and body grooming products can now be purchased at up to 20% off!

The most exciting thing about these products is that they are all branded and thus, there is no stress on your head about their quality. Philips, BrAun, Veet, Oral B, Scholl and NOVA are a few names we don’t want to miss mentioning here so that you know about the list of brands available at affordable prices.

Let’s Learn about Amazon Super Value Day:

Amazon Super Value Day Sale

Amazon is that one name in the field of e-stores that has always been improving every single day. It ensures to come up with offers and discounts that people can’t ignore. More and more traffic is being generated on this app and website because this e-commerce name has given a cut-through competition to almost all the names in the same field.

No matter what product you want for yourself, from cellphones to kitchen appliances, from garments to fashion accessories, from e-books to beer mugs – everything you need is right here. It is like having a market of everything right in front of your eyes! The pantry products as well as monthly groceries are the things you need to spend on the most, but not when you have these discounts going on.

During this Amazon Super Value sale period, the pantry products and monthly groceries are available at prices no one can ever imagine in their heads. You just need to come with the monthly groceries list in your hands.

In fact, as mentioned earlier, even if you have not prepared a certain list of products that you wish to purchase from Amazon during the SALE period, when you scroll through every single product, you surely wish to purchase something or the other since everything is available at discounted prices.

The best advice is to buy products in spare so that you can give them as gifts to people you love, when the occasions are right!

FAQs that Trouble the Minds (but we have all the answers to the questions):

From when does this amazon india super value day sale start?

Currently, the sale is going on from the 1st of November 2024. It is always there in the first week of every single month (1st to 7th).

Is the discount available on all the products on Amazon?

The discounts and offers are available on almost all the products you see on Amazon super value day store page and that’s the good news for the customers here.

Can I exchange the product if it is damaged and has been brought during the Amazon SALE period?

Yes – you can still have the product exchanged if you are not satisfied with the quality you have received.

What if I need to return a specific product I have purchased from the super value day store sale product?

Even if you wish to return a specific product, you can do so. You get the money refunded according to what you have paid and what has been charged as a cancellation or returning fee (depending upon the fault in the product).

What if I wish to gift something to someone through the website of Amazon? How do I do that?

You can always use a different SHIPPING ADDRESS than the BILLING ADDRESS. You get the shipping delivered to the person you want to gift the product to.

Is gift packing available for products?

Since there are several dealers under the name of Amazon, it all depends upon whether the dealer is ready to give gift wrapping of your choice or not. Mostly, gift wrapping is surely available.

When will I get the earned cashback?

In order to get the cashback credited into your account, you need to wait till the first shipment has been done; then you receive it in your Amazon Pay account.

Since all of your queries have been answered, you should now trust the name of Amazon more and get fill your cart with everything you want.

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