How to Avail No Cost EMI on Shopping at Amazon India ?

Now, shopping at Amazon India will be more fun than it could ever be. You will be able to avail no cost EMI at Amazon India from different credit cards on the purchase of mobiles, television sets, laptops, electronics, cameras, TV’s, washing machines, Ac’s, furniture and so much more.

Amazon shopping website is a name that the entire world is familiar with. And, it has been popular in India for quite a long time now. From the availability of different products to the offers on purchase it has. Amazon India makes the entire process of shopping easier, more convenient and fun.

If you have been purchasing your products here on credit card, then there is good news. Amazon India has come up with no cost EMI option. Are you ready to avail the Amazon no cost EMI? Then, continue reading to learn all about it.

What do we mean by No Cost EMI on Amazon?

Amazon India has come up with ways that is providing EMI at no cost to it’s customers. This helps the customers to have a better shopping experience and that too at zero cost.

When a customer selects the no cost EMI option, he or she is allowed to make payment for the product purchased to the provider of the EMI with equal installments that has been divided by the number of months one chooses to pay back the EMI provider. In other words, you will not have to pay an additional amount for the product you purchased to Amazon India.

No cost EMI offers on Amazon – Things to know.

If you have understood the meaning of the offer that Amazon India is throwing your way, then it is time to understand some of the things that is associated with the No cost EMI Amazon.

  • One can avail the zero cost EMI on Amazon only if they make the purchase from any of the (mentioned) eleven cards. ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Citi Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, Yes Bank,Indusland, Kotak, HSBC, RBL, and Standard Chartered.
  • There is no down payment or processing fee charged on the purchase of the products.
  • Not all products qualify for the no cost EMI option on Amazon. It is available on electronics, TVs, mobiles, laptops, and so on. The list of products where you can avail the benefits of no cost EMI option is mentioned towards the end.
  • Not all sellers provide the no cost EMI option on Amazon.
  • Under no circumstance, can one use the No cost EMI option on Amazon with the digital wallet.
  • If you want to avail the No Cost EMI Offers on Amazon for exchanging a product and buying a new one, then you can do that too.
  • The amount of money that your bank charges you as an interest for EMI will be given away as discount by Amazon India.
  • No Cost EMI on Bajaj Finserv Card is available. But, only on selected products.

What is the difference between Standard EMI and No Cost EMI?

In order to understand the difference between Standard EMI and No Cost EMI, you have to understand what they are separately. Allow us to elaborate it to you properly.

Standard EMI

Standard EMIs on credit cards charge an amount of interest that is added to the amount payable for the product you purchased. There is also the factor of down payment involved in it.

No Cost EMI

On the other hand No Cost EMI charges monthly installment based on the total price of the product divided equally by the number of months of tenure. There is no additional interest or amount charged. If the bank charges an amount as interest, Amazon India will provide that as a discount. Processing fee or down payment expenses are zero.

Bajaj Finserv Card – No Cost EMI on Amazon

You can even purchase products using the Bajaj Finserv Card on Amazon. It is accepted as a mode of payment. One needs to have a Bajaj Finserv No Cost EMI Card that is provided by Bajaj Finance Limited. Only a list of selected products have the option of Bajaj Finserv Card with no cost EMI.

Some points to keep in mind

  • To avail the benefits of Bajaj Finserv Card you have to use the card and not shop via other debit or credit card.
  • Multiple items can’t be purchased with Bajaj Finserv Card for no cost EMI option. Only one eligible product can be purchased with it.
  • The customer using Bajaj Finserv Card pays no additional cost.

List of products that one can purchase on No Cost EMI option on Amazon

There are more than a few things that one can purchase with the no cost EMI option. Check the list of products to be sure what you can buy with this offer.

1. Mobiles.
2. Washing Machine.
3. Laptops.
4. Tablets.
5. Air Conditioners.
6. Televisions.
7. Cameras.
8. Beds.
9. Dining Sets.
10. Recliners.
11. Sofas.
12. TV Units.
13. Automotive.
14. Refrigerators.
15. Watch.
16. Home and Kitchen Appliances.
17. Microwave Oven.
18. Sports and Fitness Equipment.
19. Consoles
20. Chimney.
21. Audio.
22. Monitors and Desktops.
23. External Hard Drives.
24. Printers.
25. PC Accessories.

What are the steps you need to follow to avail No Cost EMI on Amazon India?

After explaining almost everything about the No Cost EMI option on Amazon India,we need to tell you how you can proceed forward to avail it. Follow the easy three step procedure to buy the product you want with No Cost EMI option.

Step One: After selecting a product (anyone from the list of products discussed above) you have to check for the eligibility of the product. Simply click on the option that says special offers. If your selected item is suitable for No Cost EMI, it will be written there.

Step Two: If your product is eligible for the no cost EMI option then you get the chance to select the EMI plan. It will mention the amount you have to pay on a monthly basis.

Step Three: Once you are doing making up your mind about the product you wish to purchase move to the buy now option. Multiple ways of payment will be available here. Click on the Credit Card option and then select the EMI option that suits your needs. It will be mentioned here as well that no cost will be charged on your EMI.

Following these easy steps will help you avail the great offer that Amazon India is throwing your way. Your bank will charge you with interest but Amazon India will provide that as an instant discount on your purchase. After placing your order on Amazon India you have to wait for a minimum of four and a maximum of seven days for the Bank to reverse your amount and convert it into EMI. There are a variety of Bank Offers on Amazon as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about No Cost EMI on Amazon India

These will help you clarify every doubt. If you still have some on your mind about No Cost EMI on Online Shopping.

Q: What are the modes of payment acceptable for availing the No Cost EMI?

A: You can avail the No Cost EMI only with your credit card from banks like Axis, ICICI, HDFC, SBI, RBL,HSBC, Yes Bank, Citi Bank, Indusland, Standard Chartered, Kotak and Bajaj Finserv EMI Card.

Q: Is there any processing fee or down payment applied on No Cost EMI option?

A: GST will be charged by your bank on the purchase of the product on EMI. Apart from that no processing fee or down payment is applicable.

Q: Does Amazon India provide the option of No Cost EMI on all products?

A: No, it provides this offer only on a selected range of products. Especially laptops, television, furniture, etc. Check the list of products above to know which items are suitable.

Q: Is No Cost EMI Option available with the exchange of products on Amazon?

A: Absolutely. You can exchange a product for a new one and no cost EMI will be charged on the reduced amount.

Q: What is the procedure that the bank follows to charge EMI on the product purchased on Amazon?

A: After placing your order you have to wait for three to five days for your bank to process the EMI. After this is done you will pay EMI on a monthly basis depending upon the plan you selected. You have to check the terms and conditions about this with your respective EMI provider.

If you are a shopaholic and enjoy the offers that online shopping has then you need to check out Amazon India. Apart from its great discounts and deals there is something new you can avail. It is none other than the No Cost EMI option. Purchase things you have always wanted without paying extra interest to the bank. So, hurry and start shopping.

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