How to Avail Debit Card EMI Offers on Amazon in 2024

Get Amazon Debit card EMI offers and enjoy online shopping. Buying a costly product is no more a headache. HDFC, ICICI and Axis bank customers can use their debit card to buy Amazon products in installments. Know the detailed EMI scheme and pay for your order easily.

The ecommerce platforms are trying to compete with each other by attracting customers in various ways. Usually, the special deals and discounts are the common attractions at these online shopping platforms. However, now, some major platforms, including Amazon, have started Equated Monthly Installment scheme for their customers. Amazon has aimed at easing the shopping process for the customers.

Amazon team has realized that most of the modern electronics are high-priced products. That is why this platform has offered Debit Card EMI on various mobiles, cameras, laptops, TV, refrigerator and different other things. While you find it tough to pay the full amount at a time, you may choose easy installment options.

What is Debit Card EMI on Amazon?

Amazon has made a partnership with the ICICI, Axis and HDFC banks in India to make the EMI scheme available to the debit card owners. With the use of debit cards of these three banks, you will be able to get the advantage from Amazon EMI offer.

However, to avail this service, your Amazon deal should have an offer of more than Rs 10,000. This option has really reduced the stress of paying a vast amount for your purchase.

You will get a chance of choosing the tenure for your payment. For instance, you may select a 6-month EMI, a 9-month or a 12-month scheme.

The new Debit card offer for the customers is also beneficial for both Amazon and the banks. They are successful in presenting their customers with various financing models for a very high-value deal. At present, several Axis, HDFC and ICICI customers have got approval for enjoying their Amazon Debit card EMI offers.

However, Amazon India has not made EMI process intricate for the customers. As one of the shoppers, you have to know the products eligible for this EMI offer. You have to add the chosen products to your Amazon shopping cart, and then save your debit card details on your payout page.

Although the introduction of debit card EMI is really good news to Amazon India shoppers, there is an issue of eligibility. Without checking the eligibility, you must not think of paying through EMI scheme. The process for checking it out is different for every bank. We have now presented you a clear guide on the steps.

Finding the eligibility to use ICICI/Axis debit card EMI scheme

You will get SMS confirmation and an email from your bank. However, while you have not got any message or email, you may contact your bank branch.

Finding the eligibility to use HDFC debit card EMI scheme

Now, for the HDFC debit card holders, there is another process. You have use the registered mobile number for sending SMS to 56767. You should type DCEMI (space) last four digits of your card. Then, deliver this message to the number.

Thus, in an easy method, you will be able to know the eligibilities. However, there is no reason to get frustrated while the SMS shows that you aren’t entitled to get Debit Card EMI service.

When you have credit card, you may use it and continue your shopping at Amazon. For these credit card users also, there is No Cost EMI on Amazon. This is one of the good offers as you won’t have to spend an additional amount for paying through the EMI system. Enjoy the schemes investing an amount just for your essential products at Amazon.

Simple Steps to get Amazon Debit Card EMI Offers

To enjoy debit card EMI offer at Amazon, you have to go through some simple steps. Whether you are a new or regular shopping, you may easily understand the process.

  • At first, you have to open your product page, where you will find all the details, including the product details, price and availability of EMI scheme. You may also know the amount at which EMI scheme starts
  • Go to Option, and then click on it. This helps you to make out all the available EMI options.
  • Now, you have to check out the eligibility of your banks under these EMI options. You will find the name of various banks- ICICI, HDFC, AXIS, HSBC, Yes Bank, CitiBank, Standard Chartered bank and SBI. On that page, you will also find the information on the EMI scheme, annual interest and total cost.
  • After choosing the right option on EMI scheme and other details, you will get redirected to payment page. There you have to add the debit card of the chosen bank.
  • Choose the EMI tenure and then continue having your transaction at Amazon.

Thus, these are the right steps to purchase an Amazon product on monthly installment.

What to know before approaching for Amazon debit card EMI service

When you are going to use the debit card EMI at Amazon platform, you have to know the following relevant details.

1. Minimum transaction

The minimum transaction amount to have the debit card emi offer is different for every bank. While you have ICICI debit card, you have to buy products of INR 8000 or more.

However, when you hold an HDFC debit card, this minimum amount has to be INR 10000. Millions of Amazon customers accomplish a very high-value transaction, and we think that this EMI system will surely be advantageous to them.

2. Product eligibilities

All types of products are not included under EMI scheme. Thus, you have to make sure that you have chosen Amazon products from the eligible categories. While you have ordered any of those products and have fulfilled the minimum transaction requirement, you will easily get debit card EMI option.

When your Amazon order includes any pricey jewelry, digital products or gift card, you won’t be able to use the EMI scheme.

3. Amazon Pay and EMI-

You must not combine Amazon Pay account balance with EMI scheme. At the time of checkout, you should deselect the balance of Amazon Pay. Make full payment using your EMI option.

3. Payable interests-

The interest amount to be paid will get added to the monthly installment that you have to pay at the right time for your purchase. The interest percentage is different for every bank, partnered with Amazon. Thus, you have to know the data for your chosen bank.

4. Additional fees-

You won’t have to worry on your additional fees for choosing the debit card EMI. For instance, there is no downpayment and processing charge for Amazon customers.

EMI repayment- What are the rules for the debit card holders?

The rules for debit card users are different from that of the credit card holders. On the account card, you won’t find the blockage of the full amount for your order. There is an option of pre-approved overdraft, and the bank activates it for the Amazon purchase. On the basis of chosen EMI tenure, you can find the deduction of your installment in different ways.

While you have placed your order on a date (from 1st to 19th) of any month, there’ll be the due for initial installment on 5th of next month. For rest of the dates, it’ll be on the subsequence of following month.

EMI scheme cancellation process-

You may have already purchased a product, choosing EMI option. However, now, you are trying to return back the order or cancel the order. In this case, Amazon team will surely refund that amount within a short time. It will also cancel the EMI scheme. Thus, there is no chance of losing money for the cancellation of order. For all other queries and confirmation, you must have a contact with the bank.

While you are using Bajaj Finserv card, the cancellation request will be forwarded to Finserv by Amazon team. Bajaj Finserv cancels the loan.

Different categories of products eligible for Debit card EMI on Amazon

We have now listed few products of different categories that are eligible for Debit card EMI on Amazon.

Mobile or Smartphone-

• Vivo V9
• OnePlus 6
• Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime
• Moto G6
• Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus
• Vivo V9


• Dell Vostro 3468
• Lenovo 80XV00YDIN
• Dell Latitude 3480
• Dell Vostro 3468
• Lenovo 80XV00LQIN
• Lenovo 80XG008MIN
• Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15ISK 80XH0
• RDP Thin Book
• Dell Inspiron 3542


• Whirlpool 190L Single Door Refrigerator
• LG 190L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
• Haier 320L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


• Sony 32 inches Bravia KLV-32R202F
• TCL 55 inches UHD LED Smart TV P2 L55P2US 4K
• Sanyo 49 inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV
• Onida Brilliant Series LEO32HA HD 32 inches


• YI 4K Video Camera
• Mijia Xiaomi 4K Sports Action Camera
• Drones Tech Lab Xiaomi Mi Drone
• Xiaomi Furper Mi 4K

There are several other products on which you may get EMI offer at Amazon.

In addition to the EMI scheme, there are other advantages that you can get by using the debit cards. For instance, you will get special summer sale offer if you own ICICI Bank debit card. You have a chance of getting 10 percent cashback by availing this offer.

The maximum amount that you may get as your cashback for every card is: Rs 1500 However, this type of offers remain valid for a limited time. Apart from EMI offers, you will also get 30 to 35 percent discount on different products.


Read the FAQs to solve all your queries, and to get better ideas on Debit card EMI on Amazon.

How should I pay for the ordered product through EMI scheme?

You will find the auto-enabled directions on the savings bank account. This will activate the debit of payment on a monthly basis. However, you have to check out the balance of your savings account for covering the EMI amount fully.
In some cases, the customers think of re-paying their fund early. To do it, they have to get in touch with their bank. The bank may charge an additional charge for pre-closing the deal.

How much amount should I pay for availing Debit EMI scheme?

You won’t have to pay additional fee to your Amazon seller to choose HDFC and ICICI Debit EMI system. The only charge that you have to pay is for your bank. Thus, it is essential to check out interest percentage and also the EMI amount. On your product page, you will find these details.

I have purchased more than one product? Can I cancel any of them?

You may do it easily. However, in that case, the bank makes adjustment of the amount to be refunded. Moreover, you will find a new price on the basis of re-calculation of EMI amount.

There is No Cost EMI offer for Amazon product? Can I have this offer by using by HDFC and ICICI debit cards?

At present, this No Cost EMI system is applicable for the credit card users. However, we think that Amazon will surely make this available for debit card users in future.

What will happen after returning or cancelling the product?

At first, you have to know whether your product is eligible to be returned. Usually, there is a rule of returning it within one month of your purchase. The bank will cancel the EMI payment. The cancellation charge is applicable in this case.

Presently, my savings account has INR 10000. I am going to purchase a product that costs INR 20000. I want to pay half of the amount from account, while the other half through my EMI. Is there any option for doing it?

You have to pay 20K fully, choosing your Debit EMI system. The bank has to deduct the amount monthly on the basis of the chosen EMI scheme.

Thus, the above information presents you with everything, related to Debit card EMI on Amazon. Use your debit cards and start shopping the pricey electronic products. The EMI offer is really helpful to most of the customers at Amazon.

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