8 Best Black Tea Brands in India in 2024 You Have Got to Try

Check out our take on the Best Black Tea Brands in India in 2024 and make the task of buying tea simple. We have prepared a carefully curated guide to getting your shopping done in minutes.

We bring to you the 8 best black tea brands in India in 2024! As selecting the perfect tea brand is a tough task at hand, with so much variety to choose from it becomes difficult to separate the best from the rest. With this guide you will surely be able to decide which tea brand suits you best!

Compiling the list is a tedious task and needs lots of reviewing and research. You have to critically think and analyze each product and ask yourself, which one has the best quality, which tea brand gives you the real worth of your money and which tea brand has the most benefits at an affordable price. No need to worry, we have done all the rough work for you.

Best Black Tea Brands in India

We are here to give you a handpicked curated list & guide about some of the favourite black tea brands of India. This article comprises details of the difference between black tea and normal tea, their benefits, the Top 8 brands and all the answers to all frequently asked questions. Each review has all the information you need to know about the products and also highlights of the product as well.

This guide will give you the perfect tour you need to know all about black tea. After going through it you will be well-armed with the knowledge you need to have to buy the black tea from the best brand.

What is the difference between Black Tea and Normal Tea?

The everyday cup of chai or normal tea and black tea are very different from each other. Here is a comparison table to understand the difference.

Normal Tea/ Chai / Milk TeaBlack tea
ProcessNormal tea is made by brewing tea leaves and adding milk and sugar to it.Made by brewing tea leaves in water and straining them. No sugar and milk.
Calories120 ml has 50-55 calories120 ml has 1-2 calories
Caffeine contentLow in caffeine contentHigh in caffeine content
ComponentsHas less antioxidantHas more antioxidants
ColourLight brownDark brown

How is Black Tea Beneficial?

There are many black tea benefits that you absolutely have to know! This might change your mind and make you buy black tea instantly!

  • Energetic morning: A cup of black tea is great to start your morning. It has high caffeine content which wakes you up and gives you energy.
  • Cardiovascular benefits: Black tea is great for the blood vessels in the body. It helps them function better, hence they help in heart diseases like coronary heart disease.
  • Antioxidants: The antioxidant content in black tea is high which clears the skin and prevents principles.
  • Better breathing: Bleach tea clears the airway which helps people breathe easier. Black tea is suggested by many doctors to asthma patients.
  • Better digestion: Black tea helps in digestive problems. If you are prone to an upset stomach then black is great for you.
  • Calm and Cool: Other than physiological benefits, black tea has a soothing effect on the mind which helps people focus. Many people feel rejuvenated after consuming black tea.

The Most Voted For Best Black Tea Brands in India in 2024

Are you on the lookout for the 8 best black tea brands in India in 2024? Then you would know that there are so many questions to answer and too many brands to choose from. The Indian market offers a variety of black tea brands and all of them compete from neck to neck. Of course, not all of them are as good as the best. So how do we make a choice? How do we decide which brand is the best?

Picking the right tea brand and the best one is a great task at hand. Wouldn’t it be extremely convenient and comfortable if someone handed the list of the best tea brands over to you? It is your lucky day because your wish just came true! Let us have a look at the Top black tea brands in India for 2024.

1. Octavius Classic Assam Black Tea

Octavius Classic Assam Black Tea bags

Octavius classic Assam tea is one of the best black tea in India in 2024. Every cup of the Octavius black tea rejuvenates the mind and body. This black tea will become perfect to start your day as it will energize your mood and body. The tea leaves in every tea back are hand plucked and tested by professionals.

Veteran tea taters carefully combine a strain of tea leaves which is put into each tea bag to give you a magnificent cup of authentic Assam black tea right in the comfort of your home. All our raw material and ingredients come from the finest and best tea plantations of Assam.

Every tea bag of the Octavius classic Assam black tea bag is much more than just tea, it is an elite drinking experience which enriches your taste buds with flavours and the aroma calms your mind. They are extremely well known for their packaging which is robust yet aesthetic.

We give 100 fresh and amazing teabags right at your doorstep. The Octavius Classic Assam Black Tea is one of the greatest black tea leaves online and you will not disappoint your selection.

  • Flavourful and aromatic Tea
  • Great Packaging
  • Handpicked by professional tea tasters

2. Dabur Vedic Suraksha Black Tea

Dabur Vedic Suraksha Black Tea

The Dabur Vedic Suraksha Black Tea stands as one of the top black tea brands in India in 2024. The promise of Dabur has always been to deliver goodness to every Indian Home. Dabur is a trusted name in the Indian household and that is reflective enough of the fact that Dabur is reliable and has been selling quality products since the 1890s.

The Dabur Suraksha Black tea is the best black tea you need before going to bed, especially in winters. Dabur is famous for integrating ayurvedic benefits into their products to make them not just better tasty but also extremely healthy. The Dabur Black Tea comes with the goodness for five herbs Tulsi, Daalchini, Shunthi, Black Pepper and Kishmish.

Tulsi is a medicinal herb, highly regarded in ayurvedic medicine because it is enriched with antioxidants which clears the body of waste and removes toxins. It is one of the best filtration herbs. It is also known for its relaxing properties and helps in relieving stress.

Daalchini is regarded as a home remedy for all problems related to your gut and stomach like improper digestion and acidity.

Daalchini is also great for those who are trying to lose weight because it increases your metabolic rate which helps in burning fat faster.

Kishmish also has health benefits like getting rid of lethargy, tiredness and fatigue. It is also advised to patients suffering from heart diseases.

The combination of black pepper and shunthi (dry ginger) is great to combat infections because both have anti-inflammatory properties. They are great to fight diseases like flu, congestion and the common cold because black pepper clears the airway and boosts immunity and ginger is good for respiration. The Dabur Vedic Suraksha Black Tea gives one of the best black tea leaves online for these reasons.

  • The goodness of 5 ayurvedic.
  • The quality of Dabur Brand
  • Great tea bags at a great price

3. Twinings Assam Premium Black Tea

Twinings Assam Premium Black Tea

Twinings is regarded as the best black tea brand in India as it is known for its quality. The range of tea by twining is the perfect mix of herbs, spices and tea leaves. The aroma and taste will leave your senses spellbound. The journey of Twinings started in London by Thomas Twining. It was even given a Royal Warrant to make tea for every British Monarch.

Twinings aims at creating a better life and not only through their exceptional tea but through taking initiative. If you want to buy tea and contribute to society, Twining contributes a part of their profit by giving it to people who need better living in villages. Twinings even provides training to farmers who are in need and require help in increasing their production.

Twinings tea promises a wholesome beverage, which takes care of your every sense, from your smell to taste to your eyes. The Black tea is handpicked from the infamous tea gardens of Assam. The Assam black tea is renowned for its balance of flavour.

The Assam black tea is also famous for the fact that it retains the maximum taste and smells even after long transportations. The moment you brew the tea, the smell will take you right back to the highlands of Assam.

  • Does not lose quality during transportations
  • Can be prepared by following simple steps
  • The perfect balance of flavour and aroma

4. Chaiology Darjeeling Black Tea

CHAIOLOGY Darjeeling Black Tea

Chaiology is considered to be one of the Best black tea brands in India because it has an eye for detail Chaiology dives deep into the art of tea making and aims at giving the consumers an end product with fantastic quality.

Chailogy aims to reach perfection for every single tea bag it produces. It focuses on the consistency of every process involved in the production from getting the raw material to the final blends.

The Chaiology Darjeeling Black tea will clear your airway, which is great for the common winter cold and also really beneficial if you are suffering from winter chills. The Chaiology Darjeeling Black tea has health benefits like lowering blood pressure, due to its calming properties, helping in digestive problems and it is also a great remedy for headaches. The Chaiology black tea has all the black tea benefits.

The Chaiology Darjeeling Black tea is very simple to brew, it has only 2 easy steps. Step 1, is to boil a cup of water and let it simmer. Step 2, pour the water onto the tea, in a cup. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and then enjoy your exquisite cup of Darjeeling black tea. If you want to add extra flour add your favourite spice to the tea, our recommendation is half a teaspoon of daalchini.

  • Easy to brew
  • Many Health benefits
  • Consumer-focused brand

5. Teamonk Orange Hozo Pekoe Black Tea

Teamonk Orange Hozo Pekoe Black Tea

The Teamonk offers the best organic black tea in India, known as the Orange Hozo Pekoe Black Tea. Hozo translates as hidden treasure and that is where the raw material of the tea is sourced from, the hidden treasure of Nilgiris Hills.

Teamonk focuses on maintaining the purity of the product and bringing nature to us and on the same lines, tea monk gives us the Hozo Pekoe Black tea which is free of any added aromas, additional synthetic flavours, artificial substances and additional oils. The tea is 100% organic and pure.

The tea itself is very unique because it is a whole leaf tea which means the least amounts of processing as well. Watching tea leaves unfold in warm water is a magical experience itself which teamonk brings to us.

This tea is an energizer pack, which means the caffeine in the tea is the right amount to give you a kickstart on your day or take away the fatigue.

The taste is earthy and natural, the aroma reminds you of a cold winter morning dew. Teamonk ranks as one of the Best black tea brands in India because the tea range it provides is all-natural, ethically sourced and great quality.

  • Unique whole long leaf tea
  • From the tea gardens of Nilgiri hills
  • Energizer tea to rejuvenate you

6. Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea

Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea

The Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea is named as one of the best black teas in India as it is said to have all the goodness of Darjeeling in a bag. As soon as you brew the tea, the fragrance of the tea plantations seeps in in your senses and encompasses you all around.

Darjeeling tea has proven to be one of the best sources of black tea, it is grown in almost perfect weather conditions which makes the quality of the tea great. Every sip of tea you take relaxes your muscles and releases tension from your body.

A cup of the Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea will leave you completely refreshed. The Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea is made from whole leaves which makes it closer to nature and closer to its original form. The taste is fruity and the smell is quite musky.

The ideal time for brewing is 3-6 minutes. If you want you can add honey to the which makes it even more flavourful. Goodricke Castleton Vintage Darjeeling Black Tea offers one of the best black tea bags for milk tea. If you add milk, the leaves bloom perfectly and the tea is even richer.

  • Great with additional milk
  • Darjeeling is the source of tea
  • Whole leaf tea

7. Typhoo Darjeeling Black Tea

The Typhoo Darjeeling black tea is critically acclaimed to be the best tea brand in India owing to the fact that their black tea is reasonably priced and offers the same quality as many other premium brands.

The Typhoo Darjeeling black tea comes in a set of 25 tea bags, all containing premium quality leaves from Darjeeling’s black tea plantations.

Typhoo sources its tea from the northeastern sides of the Himalayas which harbours some of the oldest and most authentic tea gardens. The Typhoo Black tea can be drunk just with plain water, but a few drops of lemon or a teaspoon of honey makes it even better. The tea once prepared has a rich golden brown colour which is pleasing to the eyes.

A cup of the Typhoo Darjeeling black tea is all you need on a stressful day to make you feel better. The teabags are made and packaged as such that the flavour, aroma, colour and freshness are locked inside the tea bad only to be embraced when you brew them in your home.

  • Reasonably priced with great quality
  • Sourced from old and authentic tea gardens
  • Secure packaging which locks flavours, freshness and aroma.

8. Kadamb Assam CTC Black Tea

Kadamb Assam CTC Black Tea

Kadamb is one of the strongest black tea brands in India. Kadmab makes tea which is an art itself. After years of practice of making tea, Kadamb has achieved a standard which sets the bar for many other brands.

The Kadam Assam CTC black tea is premium tea which is hand-plucked by tea experts in Assam. The tea comprises loose leaves which are great for brewing and preparing the beverage with milk. The tea comes in sealed packaging to maintain the freshness and fragrance of the tea.

Kadamb also focuses on responsible production practices which means that they conserve water in the production process, provide the plantations protection and take care of their employees. The tea which Kadamb offers is unblended which means it is a pure black tea from Assam without other types of tea. The tea is also from a single estate which means consistency and uniformity in taste.

The tea also has plenty of health benefits like protection from damage on a cellular level, reduced metabolic and digestive problems, better sleep, reduced anxiety and improvement in heart health. For all the above reasons we can fairly conclude that Kadamb has one of the best black teas in India.

  • Responsibly and ethically produced tea
  • Tea from a single estate which means purity and uniformity
  • A plethora of health benefits

FAQS on the Best Black Tea Brands

Now that you have got to know about the 8 best black tea brands it is only suitable that you read out some commonly asked questions by customers when they go to buy a packet of tea. These questions will remove any confusion and give you a clearer perspective.

Which is the best black tea brand in India?

The Indian market has many great brands, but so far Dabur, Teamonk and Twining are the top contenders for the best tea brand in India.

What happens if you drink black tea every day?

A cup of black tea every day is great for health as it boosts immunity, improves cardiovascular and digestive health and even helps with mental exhaustion.

Does Black Tea boost your immune system?

Yes, drinking black tea on a regular basis has shown to have a positive effect on the immunity system of the body.

Does black tea detox your body?

Black tea is enriched with antioxidants which clean and detox the body, to get rid of harmful toxins and waste.

Is black tea with milk good for you?

Black tea can be prepared with milk to add richness and flavour to the tea. Black tea with milk tastes good and has similar health benefits as black tea.

Is black tea better than coffee?

The preference depends from person to person, if you want a less caffeinated yet energizer drink, black tea is a great option.

How much black tea should you drink a day?

Consuming 1-2 cups of black tea is considered ideal. Preferably one before going to sleep and one after waking up.

Ending notes about the Best Black Tea Brand in India in 2024

The above-given list is of the best black tea brands in India in 2024. These brands and teas have been picked carefully so that they have the maximum capacity to fulfil consumer needs.

They are one of the best-rated black tea brands in the market on the basis of price, quality, benefits and feedback. Black tea is a great and healthy lifestyle choice and that reaps a lot of benefits like stronger immunity and better health. Consuming a cup of black tea once a day is one of the smartest and most informed choices a consumer can make.

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