Best Castor Oils in India in 2024 for Healthy Hair & Skin Care

Best castor oils in India in 2024 on your mind? This article covers the top-selling castor oils in India you can use for your hair and skin. Click here for more info.

Here are the top 10 and best castor oils in India in 2024 to cure your frizzy and damaged hair. Whether you want to make hair masks or need virgin castor oil for your skin, these oils are perfect!

There are plenty of benefits that make castor oil an essential in every Indian household. Not only is the oil good for your hair, but it also can be used to reduce dark spots on the face and other parts of the body.

However, merely searching for the “best castor oils in India” won’t help you choose a good oil since there are numerous options on the market. Therefore, I did extensive research and shortlisted some oils you can use.

Read the reviews, and choose a castor oil that helps you meet your hair and skin goals.

Best Castor Oils in India in 2024 for Healthy Hair & Skin Care

Types of Castor Oil: Different Types and Their Benefits

While each type of castor oil can be used for several purposes, choosing the right type will help you reap more benefits. Below listed are the common types of castor oils available in the Indian market.

(i) Organic Cold-pressed/ Yellow Castor Oil

Yellow castor oil is the most popular option and is available in the purest form. Extracted from castor seeds without heating, this oil is ideal for applying to hair and skin. The consistency is thin, and mixing it into hair masks is also easy.

(ii) Jamaican Castor Oil

Also known as black castor oil, it is prepared by crushing roasted castor seeds. The roasting of beans makes the Jamaican oil a bit stronger since the beans emit all essential oils, which are then extracted using different techniques.

You can use this oil on hair, but it is not that good for your skin because of its black and ashy colour.

(iii) Hydrogenated Castor Oil

The hydrogenated castor oil is the thickest of all and has a wax-like consistency. These oils are not ideal for use on the hair but can be mixed into some hair masks.

Pure castor oil is more viscous, and it takes time to get absorbed into the skin and scalp. This article contains all types of castor oils with different consistencies, so you can choose one for your needs.

Benefits of Castor Oil: Better Hair, Gorgeous Skin, and More

Present in most of the ayurvedic as well as modern remedies, castor oil offers numerous benefits. Apart from giving your hair its shine back, the oil rejuvenates the skin and helps lock in the moisture. Here are some benefits why you should use the best castor oil in India.

Helps Restore the Hair Health

Split ends, dryness, and fizziness, there are a lot of things that affect hair health. Fortunately, castor oil is here to your rescue. The oil has proven itself as one of the best remedies for hair health.

From split ends to dryness, the natural oil helps repair most types of hair damage from the root.

A Natural Moisturizer

Heat, dirt, and other elements can make your skin lose its natural moisture quickly, and castor oil can serve you as an amazing remedy. The oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acid and ricinoleic acid, which helps the skin retain its natural moisture.

Moreover, the oil contains humectants, which are beneficial for the outer layer of the skin. A lot of moisturizing products, such as creams, have castor oil as one of their ingredients.

A Fantastic Laxative

One of the best uses of castor oil is as a natural laxative. The oil, when applied to the skin, improves the movement and flexibility of the muscles. Furthermore, studies claim that pure castor oil helps in improving the quality of muscle, thus, reducing muscle injuries.

Helps Promote Wound Healing

Applying castor oil on wounds directly or in other forms can help heal them quickly. The ricinoleic acid present in the oil has anti-inflammatory properties and supports healing. Some studies have also found that topical application of castor oil keeps the wound moisturized, so it heals quickly.

A Powerful Solution to Cleaning and Storing Dentures

A plethora of bacteria, including Candida fungi, grow on dentures, and this is a major cause of concern for the overall health. Castor oil serves as an amazing solution to keeping your teeth healthy.

Additionally, soaking toothbrushes and other dental instruments in a solvent containing castor oil helps protect them from bacteria.

Top 10 & Best Castor Oils in India in 2024: For Thicker Hair and Glowing Skin

The top 10 castor oils in India are reviewed below. So just go through the reviews, and choose an amazing oil to reap all the amazing benefits.

Castor oil is very versatile and is more than just to be applied on your hair. By reading these reviews, you can quickly choose a fantastic castor oil that’s all-natural and is suitable for your skin type. Also, make sure to check the highlights listed under every review to know more about the product.

1. Rey Naturals Castor Oil : Best Overall

Rey Naturals Castor Oil

Looking for the best castor oil in India in 2024? There is no better choice than Rey Naturals Castor Oil. Extracted from 100% natural castor seeds, the oil is free from chemicals and harmful additives, making it safe for the skin.

Even the botanical actives remain unaffected due to the cold-press technique. The oil serves you with a range of benefits, including better hair health and growth. Also, you can apply it directly on the skin since it’s perfect for topical growth.

Suitable for all hair types, the oil comes with an applicator that supplies it directly to your scalp. Lastly, it does not contain any scent, so get ready to enjoy the natural aroma of pure castor oil.

  • Nourishes the skin and replenishes the smoothness of the scalp.
  • Increases blood circulation and helps reduce visible scars.
  • Rich in antioxidants and proteins like Vitamin E.
  • Free from harmful additives and chemicals
  • Easily absorbs into the skin
  • Non-GMO
  • Easy to apply
  • It drips due to low viscosity

2. UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed Castor Oil : Best Versatile Castor Oil

UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Wondering which is the best castor oil brand for hair growth? UrbanBotanics stands at the top position among some other brands. The oil is entirely free from hexane, chemicals, and additives, so apply it to your hair and skin without any worries.

Made using the cold-press technique, the oil retains all its natural properties. It acts as an amazing moisturizer and can be directly applied to wounds. What’s more? The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in thickening the eyebrows.

Overall, UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed Castor Oil is very versatile and can be used for all body parts. Make sure not to add to edibles, as the manufacturer strongly recommends external use only.

  • 100% pure, unrefined, and natural
  • Works on all types of skins, including dry, oily, and normal
  • Aids in strengthening hair and promoting healthy skin
  • It can be used as an eyebrow serum
  • Enhances the natural color of hair
  • Helps moisturize the scalp and skin
  • No applicator is provided

3. WOW Skin Science 100% Pure Castor Oil

WOW Skin Science 100% Pure Castor Oil

Need an oil from the best castor oil brand for skin? Consider WOW Skin Science 100% Pure Castor Oil. Formulated, especially to be applied to the hair, the natural oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

Moreover, it does not contain anything harmful such as additives or preservatives, making it a safe choice. WOW, Skin Science claims that they have extracted this oil using cold press techniques only. Also, only natural castor seeds were used, and that’s why this oil has proven results.

Apart from strengthening the hair, the oil works on your skin, as well as eyebrows. Some users even use it as a makeup remover and to moisturize their skin.

In a nutshell, the WOW Skin Science 100% Pure Castor Oil is a bang for the buck if you need a purely natural castor oil. The applicator prevents it from spilling, and you can directly apply it to your scalp.

  • Gives your hair and skin a natural shine and luster.
  • Pure, cold-pressed and hexane-free
  • It is a versatile oil and can be used on any body part
  • The applicator makes it easy to apply
  • Extracted from hand-picked castor seeds
  • It can be used as a carrier oil
  • It makes your nails stronger
  • A bit pricey than other oils

4. Satthwa Castor Oil – Cold Pressed

Satthwa Castor Oil

Looking for the best quality castor oil in India? This castor oil by Satthwa has been a natural alternative for various minute inconveniences in the body especially skin and hair. This castor oil provides a vast range of benefits when used in the right quantity, may it be internal or external.

By using Satthwa castor oil in moderation you can get rid of damaged hair like split-ends, whilst also increasing the volume of your hair. Chapped lips and cracked heels can be repaired and become smooth by using this oil. If you have trouble growing/maintaining eyebrows, eyelashes or even your nails, then on proper application you can get rid of these problems.

The Satthwa castor oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6, 9, antioxidants and ricinoleic acid which is crucial for strong hair and smooth skin

  • This applicator is a natural oil that moisturizes the skin and hair.
  • Effective remedy in treating hair loss and other hair related issues.
  • Easy to Apply
  • No applicator is provided

5. WishCare Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil

WishCare Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Want the best castor oil for hair growth and thickness? Here is a virgin-grade castor oil that can be directly applied to the scalp and skin. The oil belongs to WishCare, which is a popular brand, and people in India love it for its purity and consistency.

Extracted using cold press techniques, the oil retains all its natural components, such as vitamins and minerals. The brand claims that they source the castor seeds directly from the artisanal farmers in India, therefore, you can expect amazing quality.

The applicator with multiple tips helps apply the oil directly to the scalp and eyebrows. Apart from the hair, you can also apply it to the skin to enjoy several benefits. As the oil has a thin consistency, rub it quickly for maximum benefit.

  • Extracted using organically grown seeds in India.
  • It can be used as a carrier oil.
  • Free from chemicals, additives, and preservatives.
  • The oil has an amazing natural aroma
  • Quicker results, thanks to its formulation
  • Rich in Ricinoleic Acid and Oleic Acid
  • The applicator prevents wastage
  • A little greasy

6. Mamaearth 100% Pure Castor Oil

Mamaearth 100% Pure Castor Oil

Folks looking for dermatologically-tested castor oil should choose Mamaearth 100% Pure Castor Oil. Mamaearth has emerged as an amazing brand with a wide range of oils on offer, and their castor oil being the popular choice.

Cold-pressed and extracted from natural castor seeds, the oil is filled with bioactive and is free from silicone and parabens. Furthermore, it has a bit of viscous consistency, therefore, applying it to your hair, nails, and skin is easy.

The oil offers you multiple benefits, including replenishing the moisture in the skin and giving your hair a new shine. It even contains antioxidants for glowing and younger-looking skin.

Mamaearth offers this oil in a sturdy bottle, and you can carry your favorite castor oil wherever you go.

  • Higher content of antioxidants and bioactive.
  • Dermatologically tested on all skin types.
  • 100% natural, pure, and cold-pressed
  • The oil has a soothing aroma
  • Extracted from natural castor seeds
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Quantity is less as compared to other oils in the same price bracket

7. Holy Natural Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Holy Natural Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Here for the best Jamaican Black Castor Oil? Look no more since Holy Natural Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil has all the benefits you expect. Made using the cold-press technique, the oil is extracted from slowly-heated castor seeds.

The ashy color and improved consistency make it suitable for all skin types, and even the elderly can apply it to their hair and nails. Holy natural has got it certified by a range of organizations, including Kosher, USDA, GMP, and more, to prove that this product is 100% safe to use.

If you are looking for a remedy to finish split ends and get healthy hair, there is no better choice than this Jamaican castor oil. Due to the low viscosity, you can even mix it with hair masks and apply it for better results.

  • Certified for safety
  • It has an aroma of roasted castor seeds
  • Synthetic colour free and doesn’t contain parabens
  • It doesn’t leave an ashy residue on the skin
  • Gives your hair their shine back
  • Helps lock moisture in the skin
  • Washing it off your hair takes time

8. Phalada pure & sure Castor Oil

Phalada pure & sure Castor Oil

Searching for the best organic castor oil in india? Your search ends here at Phalada pure & sure Castor oil. Pure yellow castor oil looks exactly what you see in the bottle. The brand offers the best value for money, and you get around 500ml of oil for a reasonable price. The oil looks very pure but is filtered to remove any impurities.

Furthermore, it comes with 100 percent organic certification, and that gives you extra assurance. When applied to the hair, the oil gives you all the benefits of good castor oil. You can even apply it to the nails and skin to nourish and moisturize them.

Cultivated with controlled organic farming practices, the oil is free from any harmful additives, and you can even use it every day. The best benefit of Phalada pure & sure Castor Oil is that it relieves muscle pain and makes your muscles more flexible.

  • Only made from seeds cultivated using green farming activities
  • Refined and free from any impurities
  • 100 percent cold-pressed and extracted without heat
  • The thin consistency makes it easier to apply
  • Certified organic
  • Affordable
  • The bottle could be more sturdy

9. Natural Herbal Castor Oil

Natural Herbal Castor Oil

Another affordable organic castor oil is here, and it belongs to a popular brand Khadi. Entirely made from Indian castor seeds, this oil is extremely effective in preventing hair loss and other hair problems.

As it is natural castor oil, therefore, you can apply it to skin, nails, and muscles. Khadi ensures that the oil is free from parabens, sulfate, and other chemicals, and it should be your choice if you prefer organic oils only.

The compact bottle is handy, and applying the oil is easy as a cakewalk. As per several users, this oil can help fight dandruff as well and acts as the best moisturizer in winter.

  • The thick consistency makes it versatile
  • 100% herbal and pure
  • Suitable for all hair and skin types
  • Unrefined to offer all benefits of castor oil
  • It maintains scalp health
  • The bottle is sturdy
  • A bit thin as compared to other oils

10. The Balance Mantra Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Want to grow your hair thick and healthy? The Balance Mantra Cold Pressed Castor Oil deserves your attention. This oil comes with plenty of applicators, and you can easily apply it to your eyebrows, bears, and face.

Inside the bottle, there is pure castor oil extracted using the cold press technique. Moreover, the oil is free from impurities but is not refined as well. The brand claims that it used hexane-free extraction processes, and the oil does not contain any additives as well.

Whether your hairs are shedding, tangling, or looking frizzy, this oil with antioxidants can help you repair them. You can use it for topical application on the skin and get the laxative benefits.

  • The oil applicator tools make application easier and spill-free
  • Does not contain hexane, parabens, and other chemicals
  • Unrefined castor oil made from natural seed
  • This is an excellent choice for curing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Softens and protects skin
  • Strengthens hair and repairs split ends
  • It may not be available in some locations

11. Dabur Erand Tail Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Dabur Erand Tail Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Dabur is here with edible castor oil that you can consume with milk. This is a pure and cold-pressed oil that is extracted from natural seeds. What makes the Dabur Erand Tail Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil a good pick is the purity and price point it is available at.

Furthermore, the mild purgative oil comes refined and doesn’t have any impurities. From adults to kids and the elderly, anyone can consume this oil to get all the benefits. Apart from oral consumption, this oil can be used for topical application. However, it is a bit thick.

The presence of antioxidants, Vitamins, and minerals make Dabur Erand Tail an amazing castor oil for oral consumption as well as a topical application.

  • Thick and viscous oil loaded with plenty of natural health benefits
  • Comes in a glass bottle for UV protection
  • Suitable for oral consumption
  • It mixes well with warm milk
  • Contains digestive enzymes to cure constipation
  • The dropper eliminates dripping
  • The glass bottle is fragile

Most-commonly Asked Questions on Best Castor Oils in India

Do you have some questions regarding the best castor oil in India? Here I have covered the most commonly asked questions that can resolve your queries. Furthermore, I have tried to answer every question in detail to give you the answer required to make a decision.

Which type of castor oil is best for hair growth?

Castor oil in its purest form is ideal for hair growth. You should choose yellow castor oil since it is rich in antioxidants and is free from any additives. The most recommended castor oil for hair growth is Rey Naturals Castor Oil.

What is the purest castor oil?

The purest castor oil is extracted using the cold press technique. You can identify this type of castor oil by its yellow colour.

Which castor oil is best for the face?

The best castor oil in India for the face is UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed Castor Oil. It contains Vitamin E and has moisturizing properties to make your skin look hydrated. Moreover, this oil is easy to apply.

Can I apply castor oil directly to my hair?

Yes, you can directly apply castor oil to your hair. Furthermore, you can also apply it by mixing in hair masks and other oils. Heating the castor oil also improves its strength and makes it better for your hair.

What can I mix with castor oil for hair?

There are plenty of things that you can mix with castor oil. These include yogurt and any other oil such as coconut oil. The castor oil will act as a carrier oil in this case. Here are some amazing castor oil hair masks you should try.

What are the disadvantages of castor oil?

There are no such disadvantages of using castor oil. The only thing you should know is that it can cause allergies if the oil doesn’t suit your skin. It would be great to get in touch with your dermatologist to know more about it.

Best Castor Oils in India to Help You Meet Your Hair and Skin Goals

Now that you know everything about the best castor oils in India, it is time to make a choice. Go for an oil that promotes healthy hair growth and is free from any additives and preservatives.

All the castor oils reviewed in this article belong to popular brands and are suitable for everyone. Also, consider the type of oil and its consistency to ensure you can use it for the purpose you want.

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