Top 10 and Best Chinos Brands in India in 2024

Here, we have curated a list of the best Chinos brands in India in 2024. So, if you are wondering which brand to go for, check our guide below and make your decision.

The below-mentioned top 10 best Chinos brands in India in 2024 will help you find the best among the rest, in a way that things fit into your budget. To know more about each of these top 10 Chinos brands in India, take a look at the reviews and decide for yourself which one meets your requirements.

Besides, all of these brands are well verified and tested by our fashion experts, so you need not worry about the quality or comfort of the end product. Chinos prove to be best alternative when it comes to formals and replacing those traditional, typical trousers that are worn in offices. After all, we all want to look stylish, feel comfortable, and yet be dressed as per the suitable occasion and place.

Best Chinos Brands in India

However, what makes them in our best Chinos brands in India list is the availability, fabric used, prices, and not to forget, customer reviews. Don’t lose your chance to know the brands for Chinos in India. But before we dive into the list, lets first understand what Chinos are.

What are Chinos?

Chinos are tapered, lightweight, so that they narrow as they go lower on the leg. They can either be cuffed or uncuffed. So, if you are looking at a smart-casual trouser, Chinos could be a great choice. Falling between the ease of denims and formalness of suit trousers, a few Chinos are a must for any wardrobe.

Going as per its military heritage, Chinos are known for its iconic khakhi and pastel shades. However, with greater acceptance and fondness for the clothing style, it is now commonly found in different cuts, colors, and styles. From navy blue to beige and black to light pink, discover Chinos in almost every shade of the rainbow.

So, now that we are clear about what Chinos are, let’s find out the different kind of brands available in the market.

Presenting a Comprehensive List of Best Chinos Brands in India in 2024

Without proper information, it is difficult to shortlist on the best Chinos brands in India. Thus, dive into our specially curated list and get your doubts cleared. Pick one accordingly for yourself after reviewing the brands we have shortlisted. Stay tuned.

1. Check out Blackberrys Chinos

Blackberrys Chinos

When we speak of the best Chinos brands in India, Blackberrys tops the list. This popular brand for men’s formals is available at both, the stores as well as online shopping sites. They make good quality pants, especially Chinos, that come with immense comfort and in different fabrics like linen, cotton, etc. Besides, Blackberrys is one of the most premium men’s wear brands with a journey that spans over 25 years.

The rich stretchable fabric of their Chinos extends a great fit, coupled with the variety of shades available in this category. Featuring trendy trims and button closure, the pockets on the front of Blackberry’s Chinos give them a casual yet stylish look. The added advantage is that Blackberrys is originally an Indian brand and provides a collection like no other.

2. Shop from U.S. Polo Assn.

U.S. Polo Assn Chinos

If you are on a hunt for the best Chino brands in India, there’s no way you can forget U.S. Polo Assn. This is one brand that houses an exclusive collection of men’s clothing, including Chinos. If you happen to try the Chinos of U.S. Polo Assn., we bet you’ll never look back on anything else as it takes care of both the quality as well as comfort.

Besides, this brand is among the very few that keeps a broad range of trendy colors in Chinos. Plus, the Chinos of U.S. Polo do not even cost much, as the range starts from Rs. 999 all the way up till Rs. 1500. So, if you are a fashion enthusiast, then you must give this brand a try. Surf through different online stores or visit a physical one and grab some discounts, if any!

3. Give a try to Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Chinos

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the best Chinos brand in India 2024 with an outstanding collection. The brand has mastered forming an expertise in designing and fabric. So, if you are looking to purchase Chinos that not only look good but also fit well and are comfortable, then go ahead with Tommy Hilfiger.

This brand’s bottom wear collection is suitable to everyone and anyone who juggle a professional and social life. Plus, Tommy Hilfiger offers an effortlessly smart look, in case of Chinos, which can be matched with either a t-shirt or shirt of the same brand. This brand represents nothing but excellence and top-class quality.

4. Consider making a purchase from Levis

Levis Chinos

In the list of the best Chinos for men, Levis cannot be forgotten. In fact, it is that one brand that has managed to sustain and top the charts throughout these years. In reality, Levis needs no introduction. The ones who have invested in Levis’ Chinos have stayed its loyal fans forever.

Though, now, there are very many brands giving a stiff competition to Levis in the market, but the comfort, quality, and pricing that the latter offers is not comparable to the rest at all. Not just Chinos, their denims are also highly sought-after. Once you get comfortable to the fit of Levis, there’s no looking back, for sure!

5. Get home Henry and Smith

Your search for the best Chinos pants in India can be ended as there’s Henry and Smith to your rescue. This is one of the fastest growing brands when it comes to the men’s fashion industry. Besides, the Chinos as well as denims of Henry and Smith are not just high in quality but also extremely well fitting.

What’s even better is the fact that Henry and Smith’s Chino pants come in a wide range of colors and prints for young men. If you happen to check the reviews of customers who have invested in Henry and Smith’s Chinos, you’ll know what the hype is all about. So, visit any of the online stores and grab your Chinos right away!

6. Allen Solly could be your go-to brand

When there’s a mention of the best Chinos brand for men in India, Allen Solly ranks at the topmost position, thanks to its outstanding collection and focus on consistent quality. Allen Solly has gained immense reputation over the years for its expertise in producing quality fabrics and unique designs.

So, if you want to purchase some fashionable yet professional looking Chinos, then you must check out Allen Solly’s collection. In fact, the Chinos sold by Allen Solly prove to be great for Friday wear dressing in India. Not only that, they also feature some of the best apparel for corporate. The Chino collection of Allen Solly is extremely affordable, and thus, people tend to invest in this brand very often. Other than Chinos and other formal wear, they even possess great collection of accessories, ranging from belts to cufflinks and ties to wallets. What are you waiting for? Go, make your purchase right away!

7. No better brand than Jack and Jones

Jack & Jones chinos

Why hunt for the best Chinos brand in the world when there is Jack and Jones? This is one of the most popular brands when it comes to men’s global fashion. Aside of being the creators of one of the best Chinos brand for men, they also possess a huge collection for amazing footwear and accessories.

The Chinos of Jack and Jones are preferred by people, mostly the working class, since they stretchable, comfortable, and just right fit. These Chinos, that come in a range of shades and sizes, go perfectly with formals shirts as well as t-shirts.

8 Consider the collection of Indian Terrain

 Indian Terrain chinos

What comes to our mind if we think of some of the best Chinos for men? Something that can be worn anywhere, anytime, right? Just slipping into a comfortable and casual Chinos is what we always want so that we are good to go! It’s time, we move away from boring formal trousers and typical uncomfortable denims because Indian Terrain has given us the boon of a large collection of Chinos that can help you create looks that suit your personality effortlessly.

You have a chance to make your wardrobe more interesting by simply investing in a few Chinos by the Indian Terrain, which you can purchase either in one of the stores or online. Plus, if you keep an eye on their collection, you’ll notice that they constantly upgrade their collection of not just Chinos but also other branded clothing, footwear, and accessories.

9. Shop Arrow Sport’s Chinos

Arrow Sport’s Chinos

Your need for the best Chinos online is going to be fulfilled since there’s a brand like Arrow Sport near us. This is one of the most elegant and finest brands that we can ever have, especially when it comes to formal and semi-formal wear. They have a wide range of affordable men’s shirts, Chinos, and trousers.

You can have an Arrow Sport Chino for a price costing less than Rs. 1000 through online discounts. Whether you want to dress up for a meeting or presentation, dinner party or casual brunch outing, Arrow’s Chinos would suit all occasions. Go, make your purchase accordingly!

10 Go for Here & Now


If you are an avid online shopper, by now, you’d know that Here & Now has the best Chinos for men, particularly, the best Chinos for big thighs. Sounds good, right? Over the past few years, this brand has become nothing less than a trendsetter.

Here & Now has a collection of Chinos that parallels none – whether it be their quality of fabric, pricing, or the fit. Plus, what’s even more attractive to the youth about this brand is that Here & Now brings a range of shades and fresh patterns with itself for the buyers. And finding such a variety in the Indian market is not always possible. Thus, pick the best one for yourself from the best slot!

By now, you must have gotten an idea of which are the best Chinos brands in India, but if you still have some queries, refer to FAQ section below where we have tried addressing all the questions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check this part out so that all your uncertainties and apprehensions will vanish, in terms of purchasing Chinos.

Which brand has the best Chinos?

Jack and Jones, Allen Solly, and Blackberrys top the list of the best Chinos.

Are Chinos better than denims?

Yes, Chinos are way better than denims since they can be worn as a formal wear as well as casual wear. Plus, Chinos are more comfortable, flexible, and stylish.

What’s the difference between denims and Chinos?

The main difference is that denims are made of thicker threads providing a durable and rough look, while Chinos are lighter and made from finer threads.

Do Chinos fall under the category of formal wear or casual wear?

Chinos typically fall under the category of formal wear; however, it can be worn as a semi-formal attire as well as a causal one.

Can Chinos be paired up with formal footwear?

Yes, Chinos can be paired up formal footwear as well as other accessories.

Can Chinos be worn in office?

Yes, since Chinos are semi-formal, they can be worn in office.

Grab the Best Chinos Brand in India in 2024

Now that we have gone through a major compilation of some of the best Chino brands in India, its time to go shop and pick a few in real to experience how they feel and look. We are certain, you’ll be impressed by the outcome that these brands offer, let it be in terms of appearance or durability. So go, discover the versatility of Chinos and add an edge to your existing wardrobe.

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