Best Quality Cinnamon Powder in India 2024 (Dalchini)

Our prepared list of best cinnamon powder in India in 2024 will make every chefs and bakers take a note of its aroma, taste, quality, and texture. Browse through these awesome cinnamon powder brands and enjoy a spicy treat.

After rigorous research, we have come up with a list of the top 5 cinnamon powders in India which should make its way to your kitchen shelf. The distinct flavour and fragrance of cinnamon is not only a delight but its multiple health benefits just cannot be ignored. As a result, you should go for the best brand of cinnamon powder in the market.

Top 5 and Best Quality Cinnamon Powder in India

For a customer, every brand looks attractive thereby making it difficult to make a choice. It also gets confusing to shortlist the best cinnamon powder brand, as the parameters to consider is probably not known to all.

Our in-depth market research, expert feedback, consumer interviews and industry reports have resulted in shortlisting the best of cinnamon powder brands for you. Each and every product mentioned in the list here have been tested and evaluated by our expert team before making suggestions.

We have evaluated them basis parameters like health benefits, texture, aroma, and other sensory elements. We want you to enjoy every benefit of this awesome spice while we meticulously prepared the top brands that would add extra flavour to your dishes.

Everything that you would want to know about Cinnamon

cinnamon powder

Whether sprinkled on smoothies or lattes, or added to home-baked cookies and banana bread, or added while biryani preparation; cinnamon has the divine power to up the flavor quotient by multiple times as compared to any other available spices.

Fragrant, warm and strikingly spicy, cinnamon is a beloved ingredient used in kitchens around the world to flavour desserts, beverages and side dishes. Besides being revered for its sweet-spicy flavour and heady fragrance, cinnamon is full of nutrients and antioxidants that has a tremendous amount of medicinal applications.

Cinnamon is basically obtained from the inner bark of an evergreen tree in the Lauraceae family from the aromatic genus Cinnamomum. It is generally found in tropical and sub-tropical regions and is native to Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Malabar Coast of India, China and Myanmar.

Cinnamon is an antique spice and is known to be imported to ancient Egypt where it was used to preserve mummies. Even Romans burned it on their funeral pyres. During the middle ages in Europe, cinnamon was considered a status symbol ingredient which the elite enjoyed in their cuisines. Today cinnamon is a must in all that is sweet and savoury. These prized spices are now grown commercially and known as “quills” that are hand-rolled thin strips of barks which are sun dried.

Cinnamon variants you should know

Cinnamon typically are categorised on their country of origin and not to mention they taste differently based on their origin. Whatever might be their origin, they all are harvested in thin strips found under the bark of trees belonging to the same scientific family. They are basically of following types :

1 – Cinnamomum Cassia

This variant is most commonly found in our kitchen cabinet and is a red brown ground powder. However, before being ground they comes in bark form with dark colour and rough texture. Cassia has an intense flavour and is native to China and is mostly sold across the USA and Canadian market.

2- Cinnamomum Verum

This variant is also popularly known as true cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. This highly prized cinnamon is delicately flavoured as compared to cassia. Not only are these expensive but harder to spot at local grocery store.

The verum is harvested in form of sheets that are taken from the tree and are hand rolled into flat layers that are much thinner and finer in texture. Ceylon cinnamon has an extremely mild and delicate flavour and aroma.

3- Cinnamomum Burmannii

this variant originates from Indonesia and is often called as Padang cassia or Batavia cassia. It is cheaper variant and is sold either in bark form or powder.

Cinnamomum loureiroi – also known as Saigon cinnamon, these are native to Vietnam and is closely related to cassia in terms of taste and flavour. This variant contains the highest amount of coumarin of all the varieties of Cinnamomum species sold in the market.

How is Cinnamon Powder beneficial?

This age old spice has great nutritional values and is loaded with health benefits. While mostly we use it as a spice, the medicinal quality of cinnamon will surprise you. They are considered as a healing agent and is credited with its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the distinct health benefits of cinnamon powder are listed below:

1. Soothing medicinal properties

Cinnamon is known to be the key ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine as it is loaded with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that keeps the disease at bay and maintains a healthy body. Cinnamon’s distinct smell and flavour comes from the essential oils present in its bark, known as cinnamaldehyde. This cinnamaldehyde provides a soothing medicinal effect.

2 – Possess prebiotic properties

Cinnamon is considered to have prebiotic properties that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that maintains a healthy gut. Cinnamon can supress the growth of pathogenic bacteria and balances it with good bacteria. The manganese, calcium and fibre content of cinnamon is also helpful to the gut health.

3 – Contains anti-oxidants

A large content of polyphenol in cinnamon provides anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants help to stop damages caused by free radicals in our body. These damages are either prevented or reversed by anti-oxidants and cinnamon is one of the rare spice that anti-inflammatory effects.

4 – Controls Blood Pressure

Studies show that cinnamon consumption also lowers blood pressure. Though there are limited cases, and hence a bit premature to declare direct impact on cinnamon’s effect on blood pressure.

5 – Lowers Blood Sugar

Cinnamon intake helps in controlling type 2 diabetes by improving glycaemic control. Daily consumption of 1-6 gm of cinnamon powder can curb blood sugar level by lowering resistance of insulin.

6 – Sooths digestive discomfort

Gastrointestinal problems are better taken care of by cinnamon consumption. In Ayurveda, it is commonly used to get rid of digestive discomforts by using cinnamon bark oil. The warmth of cinnamon is believed to increase blood flow, thereby improves blood oxygen levels to fight illness. Ground cinnamon is thus taken with hot tea to get rid of digestive disorders.

Besides all these, cinnamon is used to treat bug-bites. It also eases discomfort caused due to UTI (urinary tract infections) and also gives soothing effect to rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Various other disorders like dementia, high cholesterol also gets cured by cinnamon, but large scale studies are yet to be explored.

Top 5 Best Cinnamon Powders in India 2024 you should be aware of

For your convenience, we have listed down the best cinnamon powders in India, so that you have a hassle free purchase experience from the best brands. You can utilise your time in experimenting with new recipes at kitchen, while we do all the hard work of collating top cinnamon powder brands for you.

Our in-depth research powered by meticulous effort has resulted into this dynamic list of cinnamon brands. Several factors were considered while preparing this list so that it becomes robust and be of best use for shoppers looking to invest in the most aromatic and flavourful cinnamon. Have a look and go for the best one that suits your requirements.

1. Keya Cinnamon Powder

Keya Cinnamon Powder

Keya Foods offer the best quality cinnamon powder in India besides other authentic masalas. Keya’s expert chefs handpick each of the ingredients in right proportions before they are blended to perfection for best aroma and flavour. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the true taste of the dish is retained. This Mumbai based firm brings to its customer cinnamon powder with genuine source certification.

Keya Cinnamon powder retains authentic taste of Sri Lankan cinnamon and adds exquisite flavours to your dishes. These dalchini powders are available in an attractive transparent packaging.

  • Available in 50 gms pack
  • 100% vegetarian product
  • Preservative free
  • Does not contain any fillers, additives, anti-caking agents or MSGs
  • FSSAI certified
  • Fitted with sprinkler cap for ease of use
  • Best before 18 months of manufacturing date
  • Premium quality with Keya’s brand promise

2. Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Cinnamon Powder

Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Cinnamon Powder

Naturevibe Botanicals is known for their high quality and best cinnamon powder in India that’s organic and intends to offer a chemical free lifestyle. Customer’s well-being is their prime motive and to attain this objective, Naturvibe Botanicals manufacture and supply products that are extraordinary and exceptionally suited to increase people’s health quotient.

This Navi Mumbai based company produces authentic Ceylon cinnamon powder that is flavourful with its distinct smell that makes any preparation lively. Loaded with health benefits this natural cinnamon powder is available in charming packaging.

  • Available in 200 gms pack
  • 100% organic and vegetarian product
  • Keto friendly spice
  • Has a shelf life of 730 days
  • Loaded with great nutritional values
  • FSSAI certified
  • Superlative quality cinnamon finely ground to perfection

3. Urban Platter Cinnamon Powder

Urban Platter is undoubtedly one of the best cinnamon powder brands in India that unlocks opportunities for the customers to enjoy guilt free, specific diets with all natural and authentic ingredients and spices. This renowned brand is always upto offering something beyond ordinary and conventional.

Founded by Kenia brothers in 2015, this Mumbai based company is run by people passionate about foods and hence they understand the essence of it. Urban Platter’s premium quality dalchini has a strong nationwide distribution and is available in an attractive shaker jar.

  • Available across major retail outlets of the country
  • Available in 100 gms pack
  • Premium brad promise
  • 100% vegetarian product
  • Completely pure and contains no additives or fillers
  • Rich in fragrance and made out of full bodied cinnamon
  • FSSAI certified
  • Has great nutritional value
  • Organic and flavourful that ups the nutrient quotient of the dishes along with taste

4. Organic Tattva Cinnamon Powder

Organic Tattva Cinnamon Powder

With great brand presence and visibility, Organic Tattva produces best dalchini powder in India that’s aromatic and highly flavourful. Being the leading organic food brands in the country, Organic Tattva is here to help people live a better, healthier, and wholesome life through 100% natural product offering. The parent company, Mehrotra Impex ventured into the organic food business in 2012 through the branad Organic Tattva.

This Noida based company deals with pure natural products with an effort towards making a sustainable agro-ecosystem. It’s fully organic cinnamon powder is a great source of health and nutrition that adds a sharp and aromatic flavour to all the savouries.

  • Available in 100 gms pack
  • Packed in plastic pouch pack
  • 100% vegetarian and healthy
  • Free of chemicals and pesticides
  • FSSAI certified
  • Gluten free product
  • Great nutritional value
  • Makes every dish aromatic and tasty

5. Sorich Organics Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Sorich Organics Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Sorich Organics has the best Ceylon cinnamon powder brand in India that is sourced from the trusted growers and is dried naturally before being ground. Cinnamon powder from Sorich organics retains the natural essence and is labelled as a superfood. The objective of Sorich is to provide natural products to consumers as it is from its original source without altering nutritional values due to excessive processing, which they have been doing diligently.

This Noida based company is into organic superfoods and spices, and produces best quality cinnamon powders that’s available across all leading retail outlets of the country.

  • Sourced directly from Sri Lanka
  • Allergen free and 100% pure organic
  • Pure vegetarian product
  • FSSAI certified
  • Shelf life of 12 months
  • High nutritional values
  • High on anti-oxidants
  • Powered by earthy spiciness and floral sweetness
  • Simple packaging to keep aroma intact
  • Premium brand promise

How to use Cinnamon Powder?

There are innumerable cinnamon powder benefits which when used properly gives us the desired result. Be it for cooking purpose or for health reasons, cinnamon powder’s usage should be known to get the best out of it. Consumption of cinnamon powder controls diabetes, checks weight and is also useful for skin and hair. Its anti-oxidant properties helps fight infections.

Much like sprinkling of salt, cinnamon powder can added to everyday meals. It gives a spicy earthy flavour, natural sweetness and warmth to the food. The following simple ways of adding cinnamon to your daily diet can help you lead a healthy life.

  • Start the day with cinnamon, lemon and honey
  • Drink cinnamon water during the daytime
  • Add a whole quill of cinnamon to your tea pot
  • Sprinkle cinnamon to smoothies
  • Sprinkle on warm porridge
  • Add it to home baked items such as cookies, banana breads etc
  • Add it to pumpkin soup
  • Mix it to your protein shake
  • Mix cinnamon powder to Greek yoghurt
  • Can be added to marinade meat for a Middle Eastern flavour

FAQS : Let us handle your Queries

Although we have collated a list of the best cinnamon powder in 2024 featuring the important aspects that would eventually help you to get the right brand of cinnamon powder to make your cooking more flavourful and delicious, you might still have some common questions regarding it. The following most commonly asked questions will address your queries for sure.

Which is the best cinnamon powder in India?

Keya Cinnamon powder is best in India. Keya Foods is a renowned brand known for their authentic masalas that retains original flavour and aroma. Keya Foods source natural cinnamons from Sri Lanka that’s organic and full of exquisite flavours.

What kind of cinnamon is healthiest?

Both cassia and Ceylon variant of cinnamon are healthy and delicious. But, if you intend to take it as a supplement or consume good amount of the spice, then cassia can pose a threat as compared to Ceylon cinnamon which is considered much safer.

Which brand of Ceylon cinnamon is the best?

Sorich Organics Ceylon cinnamon powder is the best. It is sourced from the trusted growers of Sri Lanka and is dried naturally before being ground. As a result, the spice is aromatic and flavourful with all its natural essence being intact.

Which type of cinnamon is best for diabetes?

Cinnamon cassia is believed to improve blood glucose and cholesterol levels in individuals having type 2 diabetes. Regular intake of this variant of cinnamon reduces the risk factor associated with diabetes.

How much cinnamon should I take for weight loss?

Adding cinnamon to your daily diet helps in losing weight by supressing appetite and regulating blood sugar level. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon with 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of green tea can do wonders in terms of weight loss regime.

Which country produces the best quality cinnamon?

Even though Sri Lanka produces the best quality cinnamon also known as Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesia is world’s leading producer accounting to 40% of global output. Ceylon cinnamon has a heritage value and is known to be the best quality with amazing aroma and supreme flavour.

How much cinnamon is safe per day?

1 teaspoon full of cinnamon powder per day is good for health and is safe. Anything beyond that might have adverse effects on health. It contains other plant compounds that might be disadvantageous to human body.

Best cinnamon powder will not only enrich taste but boost immunity

Cinnamon is a miracle spice with loads of health benefit besides being flavourful and aromatic. Not only it adds taste to your preparation, but also boosts your immunity and protects from some chronic illness.

Best cinnamon powder brands in India will only help you procure the most authentic and 100% organic cinnamon powder that will bring out the hidden ‘Master Chef’ in you and help you cook wonders in the kitchen.

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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