Trending 10 Best Dinner Set Brands in India 2024- Most Affordable

Have a peek at the Best Dinner Set Brands in India in 2024 which can be your next purchase as these brands do not disappoint.

We have come up with the top 10 & best dinner set brands in India in 2024, to fulfil the demand of people looking for the best dinner set out there. For people who like cooking, whether they be kitchen enthusiasts or not, one thing they are always after is the best kitchenware they can get their hands on.

Best Dinner Set Brands in India

Dinner sets are an important highlight of someone’s kitchenware; it’s only natural that you’d want to have the best there is. So, to satisfy that desire we’ll guide you on your hunt for the best dinner set money can buy.

There is no doubt that last year since people were confined to their homes, you must have seen a lot of posts of influencers showing off their marvellous collection of dresses, shoes, daily wear, and whatnot but one thing that was also very prominent was the display of their beautiful designer dinner sets.

From extravagant to contained, all types of designs were seen. There was just one thing left to do, go outside and buy something like that.

Since we are almost entering the second half of the year 2024, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. As that time of the year is the season of festivals, bringing in Diwali, Dussehra, New Year, etc. A time you should be ready to bring in all the energy, and enthusiasm and get yourselves the things you always wanted to get.

After all, how you present your home/food tends to matter a lot. Imagine going to an expensive hotel or a popular restaurant and being served on plain, simple-looking old plates. That would turn out to be a little disappointing, wouldn’t it?

Also, here’s a little psychological trick, if the food is served in a nice-looking dinner set, its appeal will make the food taste better.

To get your answer on the top 10 best dinner set brands in India in 2024, we urge you to read the whole article because we are going to guide you through the process of buying the best possible dinner set that matches your style.

1. Borosil

Borosil Dinner Set

Borosil is the best dinner set brand in India. Borosil is a name most people already know about and possibly have bought something from them. This company is one of the most trusted brands in India, this sure raises the bar of expectations people have from them, and be assured- they live up to those expectations.

A list of best dinner set brands in India is incomplete without Borosil. Established back in 1962, they have maintained the position that is to be expected from an experienced brand in the market. Bringing home crockery of Borosil will turn out to be an amazing decision when you’ll address the expressions of your family members; which will be of pure delight.

Fully handcrafted, not only are they very durable but also scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the cutlery leaving scratches on your precious dishes and ruining their design. Borosil has taken care of that for you. Each of their dinner sets is marvellous and a piece of beauty that is ready to spread love, happiness, and joy at your dinner table.

If you are the type of person that worries about the dishes while dishwashing, then you don’t have to anymore because Borosil makes their dinner sets completely dishwasher safe and are ideal for daily use.

One thing that is sure to make you happy is that these dinner sets are available in a variety of ranges, coming in packages of 19pcs, 33pcs, 65pcs, and more. With bold and elegant choices their variety is unfathomable and if you’re a person who is conscious of environmental friendliness, then this company is the optimal choice because Borosil’s entire range is made by using 100% vegetarian products.

For starters, they are made from bone ash-free materials, and their products are thermal resistant too, so no more burning fingers just by holding your plates.

The prices of Borosil dinnerware vary from Rs.1,072 to Rs. 5,300.

2. Cello

Cello Dinner Set

Cello is one of the best dinner set brands in the world which doesn’t need any sort of introduction. We are sure that you must have heard or seen their products in the market quite often. They have a variety of products covering everyone’s interest and targeting almost all sorts of age groups, gender, etc.

In our opinion, they are best known for their pens category and you must have used them in your life as a kid and even as an adult, after all, they do make some really efficient pens. But that’s not really why we are here.

Cello is also known widely for its products in the household category ranging from bottles, and lunch boxes to kitchen utensils; such as microwaves and inductions. It is a well-known Indian household brand.

It is safe to say that Cello is one of the leading brands in this market of household products. If you were to look back on May 6th, 1986, you would not have believed that a company with only 60 members will become this behemoth in the coming next 36 years.

Delivering quality and satisfaction to its customers has always been the company’s primary motive and you can see the reflection of this thought in its products. At this time it is the pioneer of stylish and elegant designs in the kitchenware segment.

And since we were talking about dinner sets, we would be more than happy to tell you that Cello makes one of the finest dinner sets obtainable in the market. Cello offers you a wide variety of products, even in its dinner set classification that helps you to personalize your collection.

Their dinner sets are built using advanced technology and are also 100% vegetarian. Coming with the whole package they bring in thermal and scratch resistance with their products which are sure to interest you.

The prices of cello tableware range from Rs. 899 to Rs. 4,499.

3. La Opala

La Opala Dinner Set

La Opala is one of the most amazing luxury dinner set brands in India. La Opala is an Indian brand that has carved its name in people’s hearts in recent years. It’s an incarnation of luxurious and extravagant designs. People have bought from La Opala and have never looked back since.

This is due to the products they supply. Their products have set a standard for high-quality dinner sets, equipped with luxurious design choices and real thought behind the experience that the user is going to get. Their designs are one of the best in the industry and a standard that every company should strive to achieve.

Established in 1987 this brand has succeeded to make its name known among the public and be most people’s first choice. This company is currently a leading manufacturer and marketer in the tableware segment, which raises some interest in its products. So let’s talk about them.

La Opala is an Indian brand that specializes in opal glass technology, so much so that it’s the pioneer of opal glass technology in India. It is a company which is now known for its rich design and high-quality materials made with opal glass.

You shouldn’t be surprised when we tell you that they were the first exporters of opal glass tableware in India. Known for its rich artistry and elegant designs, its products stand out in front of any other that you might get your hands on.

If you are a person who is fascinated with Indian designs and like to have them integrated into most of the things you buy, then La Opala is the brand for you. Their creations having an Indian touch to them sure does them a lot of favour. Not only does that make their products look classy and beautiful but also brings them a very specific crowd that appreciates Indian art. All these factors put La Opala at #3 on our list of the best brands in dinner sets.

The prices of La Opala dinnerware start from Rs. 696 and go to Rs. 4,800.

4. Neelam

Neelam Dinner Set

Neelam is one of the best steel dinner set brands in India. It is a renowned brand amongst people who have an interest in kitchen utensils and dinner sets. This is one of the earliest Indian brands that kept its foot in the kitchenware market when there were very few brands selling kitchen supplies in India.

Established in the year 1972 this brand was founded in Mumbai, one of India’s busiest cities with an enormous number of productive people, which is today famous for being the home city of major Indian stars. And everyone’s favourite Bollywood.

Like most businesses, Neelam also aspired to be the best brand in the kitchenware segment. But unlike most of the other brands, Neelam had the brains for it. Within a short period, Neelam picked its pace of becoming the industry leader and the major supplier of kitchenware products. And with the progress seen, we can say that Neelam did achieve that goal.

Neelam gained its recognition after just three years, by providing products at an affordable rate. It started by manufacturing aluminium-based kitchenware which was common during those days. People appreciated the lightness of their products and how easy it was to differentiate their work from other companies in the market.

But soon all that was about to change. In the year 1980, Neelam had to switch from aluminium to stainless steel. The reason for that was the chemical reactions the aluminium-based utensils caused. It was revealed through tests that aluminium has a hazardous impact when cooking in it.

So putting it all together it was a smart decision by Neelam to quit using aluminium for good and switch to stainless steel for good. It was a new beginning for Neelam and a start of a new era.

One thing that you may find interesting is that Neelam was the first brand that introduced Dinner sets in India. Their dinner sets may not be the definition of design, but when it comes to quality their dinner sets do not fall short.

The prices of Neelam tableware cost somewhere between Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 14,440.

5. Bone China

Bone China Dinner Set

Bone China is the Best ceramic dinner set brand in India. Bone China is also known as “porcelain”, “china” or “English porcelain”. Made during the 1800s in Britain, containing bone ash, feldspar substance, and kaolin it is among the lightest tableware you can find on the market.

It gained fame as one of the most durable porcelain or china ceramics, with extremely high physicomechanical durability, scratch and chip resilience, as well as high levels of whiteness and translucency.

Because of its excellent sturdiness, it is made with thinner cross-sections than other porcelains. It’s vitrified like stoneware, but the mineral characteristics make it translucent. Formerly, bone china was exclusively made for English users but during the 20th century, it gained a worldwide reputation making it to Asia (Japan, Russia, and China).

Bone China has one of the best glazes and is considered the safest tableware since it includes no lead or cadmium. It is also excellent for individuals’ health because the bone ash component in its raw material contains nutrients that are excellent for health.

In the twenty-first century, “Islamic bone china” became accessible, which was made using only halal animal bone ash, kaolin, and increased fire temperatures. Vegans avoid using or buying bone china because of the usage of animal bones in the manufacturing process. Thus “Islamic Bone China” gained popularity from thereon.

Another popular variant of the Bone China tableware/dinnerware is “Ivory Bone China” or “Ivory China” where the mixture is coloured with ivory.

While bone china may appear fragile due to its weight and thickness, it is one of the most durable dinnerware on the market. Its aesthetic and longevity make it suitable for both daily use and special occasions. As a result, investing in it is desirable. All these factors rank Bone China at #5 on our list of the best dinner set brands in India.

Due to its popularity, there has been an increase in the number of producers/manufacturers of “bone china”. The main producer is China followed by Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Japan.

The prices of Bone China dinnerware set range from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 30000.

6. Clay Craft

Clay Craft Dinner Set

Clay Craft is #6 on the list of the best dinner set brands in India. This is another popular name in the industry of kitchenware. Buying the products of Clay Craft will enhance your dining and serving experience by making it efficient and appealing.

There’s no doubt that you are going to love the expressions of people eating at your dining table. Not only is it going to bring you a lot of appreciation but it is also going to enrich everyone’s eating experience. Clay Craft is known to propose a vast range of ceramic tableware that is applauded by the majority of people who have purchased from them.

Introducing their products with high whiteness, translucency, and strength they have managed to keep the competition at bay. Clay Craft makes sure that they use only high-quality natural clay porcelain which becomes one of the factors contributing to their product’s strength and durability, increasing the overall grade of their entire range.

Their natural clay porcelain is blasted at high temperatures which contributes to their high-temperature tolerance, making them microwavable. Their entire dinner set range is also dishwasher proof and oven safe even at very high temperatures; 232 Celsius.

Blasting their dinner sets at high temperatures not only makes them stronger and heat tolerant but also chip-resistant and durable. All that is ensured by a coating process that every clay craft product has to go through which helps them retain their colours and shine longer.

One more quality that makes Clay Craft an even more desirable brand for consumers is that their dinner sets are 100% lead and cadmium free.

One negative or say rather exhausting thing about having a good meal is the clean-up that comes after. And if the dinner set you are using is not non-stick then say goodbye to your late-night shows because it is going to take a while to clean up. So what’s the solution to that? Clay Craft’s non-stick, non-porous design helps you with that and allows an easy clean-up after a delightful meal. So you can spend the rest of your time with your family.

Clay Craft’s dinner set come in a range of Rs. 5,999 to Rs. 32,498.

7. EagleWare

Eagleware dinner set

Eagleware ranks at #7 on our list of the top 10 dinner set brands in the world. This company is another brand that specializes in dinner sets and has been winning people’s hearts for a significant amount of time.

This brand has made its name by providing customers with what they need, whilst paying attention to the smallest of details. It has been more than a decade since they have been the pioneer in delivering quality products to Indian customers and improving them from time to time.

People who use their products, when asked, count them as “one of the best purchases they have made so far”. Eagleware’s dinner sets are recommended by a lot of families, who are happy and satisfied with the decision of taking their dinner set home.

Their dinner sets are great for daily use and won’t degrade in quality with time. Eagleware dinner sets are made with a melamine-based substance which is used in making them durable and provides them with their long-lasting resistance.

It also enhances them to be scratch resistant and is very durable when it comes to quality. They are suitable for long microwave sessions and can resist all the pressure a dishwasher puts them through.

Egaleware feels proud to be among one of the handfuls of brands in India to have a market outside of India. They have based an entire commercial cookware line out in the USA and are manufacturing at a good pace with a good hold in the market.

It might not seem like much, but it is a big deal, since selling kitchenware with designs people are not familiar with is not an easy task. Especially in a country like the USA where there is immense competition.

Eagleware dinner set’s start from Rs. 1,199 and go up to Rs. 5,390.

8. Corelle

Corelle is the most expensive dinner set brand in India. We have talked about a lot of brands that are the best in India, and how some of them are trying their best outside of their homeland too and are doing good. But this next brand that we are going to talk about is not only doing ‘good’ but is one the most relevant competitors for the big names outside India. Corelle is one of the leading brands in the tableware segment in and outside India.

Learning from brands like Corningware, Visions, Baker’s Secret, etc. Corelle is making its products keeping in mind the needs of its customers and is catering to their ever-evolving needs. They are making their products with the use of the latest technology they can get their hands on, to deliver the best quality products that their customers demand.

This strategy of giving people what they want while keeping their quality in check seems to be doing wonders. As their customer base keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

With these factors in play, it is safe to say that their products are always the best in quality, and with the use of the latest technology, their products also keep evolving. Corelle is the ideal brand for the urban lifestyle with its aim to meet the requirements of the modern home, it offers a wide degree of dinner sets that are sure to meet the requirements of an urban woman.

Earlier when we talked about the latest technology, we weren’t kidding. Their dinner sets are made with the three-layered sandwich technique which makes them a dream come true.

Corelle has everything covered. It is the pinnacle of durability. From being scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, and stain-resistant to being freezer safe, oven safe, and lightweight. All this makes Corelle one of the best dinner set brands in India.

Corelle dinner set prices have a huge range they start from Rs. 3,699 and go to Rs. 13,499.

9. Signoraware

Signoraware Dinner Set

Signoraware is your go-to brand if you are looking for the best dinner set in India. It is a type of brand that if you explore its product range you will notice that it keeps on getting wider and wider.

Signoraware, it’s not just a kitchenware company but an overall household brand that covers a variety of products and niches. From selling bottles to kitchen tools to cleaning aid, it assists in almost everything.

The products and services that they offer are worth every rupee. And with the range of household products that they sell, you are sure to find something that caters to your other needs too besides a dinner set.

Coming back to the topic, Signoraware deserves to be in the top ten list of the best dinner sets in India in 2024. As this brand has been doing very well with its dinner set lineup. They provide you with the product you need with a top-notch quality that proves to be a value for your money. Such a purchase is sure to take your heart away, as well as others who are going to be sitting with you at your dinner table.

Signoraware’s range of dinner sets including round and square designer plates starts with the price of 1335rs. Which happens to be a 21-piece dinner set.

All of their products are made with top-of-the-line virgin plastic which gives them unnatural durability. Signoraware’s dinner sets range is scratch resistant and can withstand immense heat making them oven safe.

And because they are built keeping quality in mind you can throw them into the dishwasher too, without worrying about any wear, tear or chipping. Their diversity is not only limited to the number of pieces but they also excel in providing you with a wide combination of colours for you to choose from.

They also come in loads of different designs that are sure to interest you and you will want to explore. After all, who doesn’t like personalization and having choices.

Their prices of Signoraware’s dinner sets vary from Rs. 1,335 to Rs. 3,645.

10. Larah

Larah Dinner set

Larah is the best glass dinner set brand in India. The company is not much of a brand, but rather a sort of collection and a spinoff of the most renowned brand in India, Borosil.

Larah, designed and engineered by Borosil, presents a lot of promise ahead. This Larah collection of theirs is made with opal ware which makes this spin-off more desirable when it comes to dinner sets. This whole range of theirs is just intriguing as opal ware enhances the durability of the product.

People who have already bought something from Borosil know how dependable Borosil products are, so if this is one of their innovations then it is sure to impress you and you can be rest assured that the quality is going to be the best.

The material used in Larah’s products is also called opal glass because of its opacity and as you might know that opal glass is extremely hygienic and safe to use.

Opal glass is a non-porous material that does not catch bacteria from leftover food. Larah dinnerware is microwave proof and can be used for heating without the worry of damage. Larah tableware is also known for being sturdy and has resistance to chipping making it ideal for daily usage.

Larah is upcoming as the next choice of India as all their dinnerware is made from opal, which provides health and longevity to the product. On top of that, opal ware is lighter and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans because, unlike Bone China, Larah isn’t made out of bone ash. This also doesn’t contain any sort of animal remains.

Larah by Borosil has plenty of options ranging for different consumers with different types of price points.

Cost of Larah dinner sets are within the bracket of Rs. 1,335 to Rs. 13,700.

How to select the best dinner set?- Buying Guide

Dinner Sets or Tableware are pieces that enhance both the dining experience as well as the ambience of the table. The selection of your dinner sets can make or break the look of your dining table.

The below buying guide is only a reference that helps in giving ideas and there is no right or wrong in buying/selecting the best dinner set.

Let us look at the buying guide for purchasing the best dinner set.

Step 1: Price

Having a price range in mind beforehand not only helps minimize the option to avoid but also helps get the best deal for your money.

The configuration of your dinner set will also be an implying factor impacting the price. A configuration is the size of the dinner set. There are plenty of configuration choices to choose from like the 32-piece dinner set, 18-piece dinner set, and much more. Depending on one’s needs, you can choose either of the configurations and mark a price range, and so forth.

Step 2: Style

Every person has their unique taste and style when it comes to decorating their kitchen or house in general. A dinner set that matches the style of the overall house would be recommended if one wants to keep it minimal but a dinner set that is contrasting in nature is also preferable if one wants to go for a bold look and feel.

One should also keep in mind the tone of one’s dinner set before buying as there are many options including formal, contemporary, ethnic, and much more. If the dinnerware being purchased is for daily purposes a contemporary style should fulfil all needs.

Step 3: Shape

Choose the tableware shape that best fits your personality. Square, elongated, and oblong plates have a more offbeat, modern design, whereas round patterns are more traditional. Shapes help amplify the table structure.

FAQs on the Best Dinner Set Brands in India

Which brand is best for a dinner set?

Borosil & Corelle are the best brands for dinner sets as they provide plenty of budget-friendly options with a variety of styles to choose from. Followed by other brands such as La Opala, Neelam, and Cello.

Which dinnerware material is most durable?

Bone China is one of the most durable dinnerware materials and it is also one of the strongest materials available. Bone China contains porcelain making it durable and strong.

Which dinnerware set material is best for health in India?

A healthy tableware set is made out of a material called Opal. This specific glass is non-porous meaning it does not absorb any food particles that might lead to the production of bacteria. We recommend Larah when it comes to health concerns.

Which type of dinner set is best for daily use?

A dinner set containing porcelain, steel, or made with Bone China is preferred when coming to daily usage as they are considerably cheaper and more elegant.

Which steel dinner set is best in India?

Neelam Steel Dinner Sets are currently the best in India followed by Corelle and Cello.

Which metal is good for a dinner set?

The best metal for a good dinner set is Stainless Steel as it is long-lasting and more importantly can be used for regular usage.

Ending Remarks on the Best Dinner Set Brands in India 2024

In this article, we talked about the top 10 dinner set brands in India in 2024. We hope that we were able to provide you with everything you needed to know before deciding on buying a dinner set. But when there are this many options, we understand that it can be pretty frustrating to land on one decision. But worry not, that’s not just you.

Among the brands that we talked about there must be some which you must’ve liked, some you must’ve loved and some not so much. We want you to know that all these brands mentioned here today, have perfected at least one thing. All you have to do is to go through each of these brands and list them according to your preferences.

Then weigh them in and you will have your dinner set in no time. It sure does sound like a hassle but isn’t. All it’ll take is 10 minutes of your time, and we think that it’s a fair trade. After all, one doesn’t buy dinner sets every other day. Happy Shopping!

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