Top 10 & Best Door Locks Brands in India in 2024 for Safe Homes

Scan through the list of best door locks brands in India in 2024 that would guarantee safety and security to your home in your absence.

Only when you decide to buy from the best door locks brand in India, you get complete assurance of safety and can have peace of mind. Without worrying much, you can rely on these reputed door locks that are hard to break-in. To protect your home and have the utmost in-home security, choosing the best of brands in the segment is a must.

Best Door Locks Brands in India

Door locks even play a vital role in keeping businesses safe. High security door lock system in organisational setup is the only choice to keep a tight security on industrial goods and supplies. By opting the right brand of these locks, businesses can avoid costs associated with theft and burglary, which can be financially crippling. Modern day technologies have made door locks more secure through customisation and key-control mechanism. Even user re-keyable locks nowadays allow easy way to reset securely without undergoing the hassle of replacements, in case keys are lost, stolen or misplaced.

Man builds his dream home, only to keep it safe and secure. And a home without a best performing door lock is just of no use. Similarly, at business, small or big, every businessman would want his machineries, raw materials and finished goods to remain in secure condition, and the best way to assure the same is keep it under proper door locks.

Ultimate List of Best Door Locks Brands in India for Complete Protection :

Get goodnight’s sleep on installing one from top 10 door locks brands in India in 2024. Door locks are a must and a highly essential safety feature required to safeguard your properties from unscrupulous activities. Without any locking system, the entire home is vulnerable of getting robbed or damaged, resulting into huge financial loss. Hence, it is important to have a reputed door lock for your entrance & exit points so as to avoid any breach of security of your premises.

In a crowded market with so many existing brands of door locks, it becomes difficult to choose the best. Without much of technical knowledge and brand exposure consumers tend to pick up the wrong brand which normally results in negative experiences. We are here to help you pick up the best brands of door locks through our intensive research process and expert feedback, thereby making the job of burglars a bit difficult. Our collated list of brands below will guide you to procure the best, without any doubt.

1. Godrej Spacetek Pro Digital Door Lock

Godrej Spacetek Pro Digital Door Lock

Undoubtedly the best door locks for home in India comes from Godrej, one of the most trusted brands in locking system that has been around since decades. Spacetek Pro Digital door lock from Godrej Locking Solutions & Systems is the ultimate in digital smart lock system that’s not only safe and secure but its ultra-modern look will leave you in awe. Packed with reputation and trust of the brand Godrej, this biometric digital lock can enhance your lifestyle quotient at home.

This particular door lock is loaded with dynamic functions, including a super-sensitive touch that offers a comprehensive home safety system. With its futuristic design, Spacetek can win any homeowner’s heart with ease.

On registering fingerprint, the lock sensor can recognise it at any angle. The auto locking feature eliminates the hassle of manual door locking. In emergency, the lock can be opened by EXS mechanical key. It comes with anti-hack and anti-prank alarm to alert the owners. In order to keep secrecy, random can be added before or after the password in front of strangers, in order to deceive them.

Godrej is a heritage brand when it comes to door locks and keeps up with its reputation through this designer smart door lock, which is definitely owner’s pride.

2. Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock

Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock

Valencia has fast emerged as one of the best door locks brand in India with some incomparable features and stunning looks. The smart features of this lock avoids any kind of trespassing at ease. Being a part of Swedish conglomerate, Assa Abloy AB, it provides world class locks to Indian consumers incorporating the latest innovation in the segment. Offering best of class service is another feature which has gained popularity among the buyers.

Made of alloy with glass finish, Valencia Hola Smart door lock provides finger print access, which is the most convenient way to get in with precise and rapid one-touch identification. RFID card also opens the lock making it much easier for users. It comes with alarm feature that beeps when wrong password is entered or the battery is low. This smart lock facilitates external power supply through USB in case of emergency. It comes with a 2 years warranty and is the best one could ask for in door locks.

3. Dorset Mortise DG 101 Smart Lock

Dorset Mortise DG 101

Since inception in 1995, Dorset is manufacturing some of the best door locks in India. With an aim to provide home and office owners with high quality security hardware solutions which would not only bring peace-of-mind but also a touch of class to their home & establishments, Dorset creates innovative products using latest world class technology. This Indian brand now has a global outreach to South-East Asia, the Middle-East, and African market offering a diverse range of products in home security and automation.

Access mode includes fingerprint identification, password, RFID, mechanical key and upto 5 guest’s access. Some of its smart features that sets it apart from other brand are anti-theft password, intrusion detection system, drained battery quick fix, single / dual access authentication and others. It is further powered by low battery alarm, fire detection alarm, and intrusion alarm. The company offers 1 year warranty on this black coloured sleek door lock. Having a great sales network, Dorset brand is widely available across the country with great after sales service, that’s prompt and fast.

4. Yale YDM 4109 Smart Door Lock

Yale YDM 4109A+ Smart Door Lock

Yale is the provider of best door locks brands in India 2024, protecting homes and providing peace of mind. It all started in 1840, in small shop in US when Linus Yale created the first lock innovation. Today the brand exists in 120 markets globally and symbolises trust, knowledge and heritage, who are into the profession of making durable, reliable and quality products in access solutions. As a part of ASSA ABLOY Group, Yale manufactures some of the magnificent smart door locks that stands out in the market because of its stylish look and sturdy performances.

Yale’s ‘A’ series of smart door lock is on high demand because of its extreme safety features that stands out in the market. YDM 4109A+ is a Bluetooth enabled digital door lock that’s the latest upgrade of Yale franchise.

Operated by “Yale Access App”, you can gain access and control your door lock through your smartphone application and provides real-time status monitoring of your home. It has a user friendly interface that can personalise lock settings through RFID card, user passcodes, physical card keys & Bluetooth keys. Always get notified whenever the door gets unlocked, so that you can monitor every move.

It is made of strong body with hardened SS 304 bolts. This Yale lock comes with strong Alkaline AA batteries that is capable of conducting an average of 3500 open & close operations of the lock. Wireless integration of this lock with video door phone makes it an attractive feature among modern day lifestyle.

5. Denler Smart Door Lock

Denler Smart DL02

Denler is a Pune based home automation firm that produces best smart door locks in India. Known for its cost effectiveness with high-tech product features & time bound delivery of the complete range, Denler has gained popularity in a span of 16 years, since its inception in 2006. The smart doorlocks manufactured by Denler are sleek, stylish with high grade of performance. Denler Smart DL02 comes with intelligent digital door lock, fingerprint recognition with Wi-Fi remote unlock app, RFID card, PIN, manual key access for minimum 30 mm doors.

Denler provides free installation across major metro cities, and prompt after sales service. Once can remotely access the log information of the smart-lock from anywhere, and get notifications for unlock. You can track who accesses your door round-the-clock and is capable of running on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band-width. You can also get alert notifications whenever the door is unlocked via any means. Pin code and RFID card access to upto 100 users can be generated. The lock comes with 2 mechanical key overrides. It consists of strong lock-body with super hardened SS-304 bolts.

6. Milano Digital Biometric Door Lock

Milano Digital Biometric Door Lock

Another brand that makes it to the list of top 10 door lock brands in India is Milano. With a wide range of locking system, Milano fulfils individual needs with high degree of flexibility and security. Milano provides convenience of digital door locking system and ease of traditional locks under one roof. When security, efficiency and quality are in the centre of decision making process, then Milano locking systems has no competition. Milano is a part of Danube Group that has wide presence in MENA region.

Adhering to the European minimalist style, Milano digital biometric door locks combine a modern elegant look with intelligent functionality to safeguard modern lifestyle. It is a one handed operation door lock without any hassle and is super convenient. It has high voltage prevention system with high temperature alarming function. It also has volume control and mute options.

It consists of emergency battery that’s TYPE-C and 9V battery Encryption system for anti-hacking. And is available with mechanical key override. It would need a door thickness of 40-75 mm for installation. It comes with intelligent digital door lock, fingerprint recognition with RFID card, PIN, manual key access. The sleek silver look is classy and modern.

7. Syrotech Fingerprint Biometric Door lock

Syrotech Fingerprint Biometric Door lock

Syrotech manufactures some of the best main door locks in India with advanced features and modern design. This NOIDA based firm is a leading technological enterprise providing world class Optical Fibre Networks and security solutions. All Syrotech products are carefully calibrated to provide maximum reliability, performance, and affordability at the same time. SY-F30 is a sleek biometric device which bears a cool design, and provides the users with ultimate level of security for their living spaces and offices.

Via smartphones access it from anywhere with India’s #1 Security System by installing advanced fingerprint door lock system. Syrotech’s K7 is provided with unique push-pull biometric-fingerprint lock which is one of the ultimate secure devices that looks elegant and chic. Manufactured with highest quality materials, this state-of-the-art door lock is developed by a company that promotes keyless door lock. The firm also offers a wide range of technologically up-to-date features for providing utmost protection to living spaces as well as offices.

It has a user friendly interface that can personalise lock settings through RFID card, user passcodes, physical card keys & Bluetooth keys. Always receive notifications whenever the door gets unlocked, so that you can monitor every move.

8. Qubo Smart Door Lock Ultra

Qubo Smart Door Lock Ultra

This brand from Hero Group comfortably makes it to the best door locks brands in India. The group which is known to establish trust among Indian consumers through its brand lineage into automobiles, now brings in smart door locks to provide safety and security to Indian houses.

Qubo smart door lock with 5 way unlocking technology have created revolutionary in the lock segment and is compatible with wooden doors of 35 – 60 mm thickness. Qubo ensures tamper proof security for enhanced safety. It’s sturdy, strong and secure with stainless steel lock having 5 bolts and 2 layer authentication.

Qubo comes with a dimension admeasuring 39.5 X 25.5 X 14.5 cm (LXWXH), polished finish and black colour. The sleek model smartly manages the front door with QUOBO App on smartphones. Some of the smart features are – spy safe pin, voice guidance for convenient access, low battery indicator, USB emergency battery jumpstart, and easy setup using mobile app. Aerospace grade alloy copper body further ensures safety. This particular door lock comes with 2 years comprehensive warranty.

Qubo offers free home installation across 23 cities that takes a hassle free 2 hrs duration. Through this smart door lock that can be operated via fingerprint, or pincode, or RFID access card, or mechanical keys, or OTP access; Qubo is encouraging to go key-less.

9. LAVNA Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

LAVNA Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

LAVNA is a unit of Bhagwan Shri Locks Pvt Ltd that is transforming the home security solutions through their benchmark products and latest innovations. Their range of smart locks would give a perspective to modern day home security and enhance lifestyle.

With an aim to equip PAN India with keyless digital locks, LAVNA has come up with futuristic designs that integrates cutting edge technologies into their products. LAVNA is committed to protect your assets and create a luxurious impression of you and your house in front of others who enters through that attractive door of your house.

LAVNA RFID Fingerprint Door Lock with Remote is the perfect one that fits well to 10-12 mm of thickness of glass. Made of alloy steel, this black coloured lock has a polished finish and some of the ultra-secure features. It provides modern look to office doors as no wiring is required, neither cutting nor drilling is needed. It is simple and easy to install.

This high-tech digital door lock comes with advanced features and is a 4 in 1 smart locking system that can be accessed by fingerprint, RFID Card, PIN and remote.

This comes with 1 year warranty, and has emergency power supply with USB interface. It runs on 4 AA 1.5V battery (not included in the packet) and has 2 locking bolt that’s powerful for any glass door.

10. Ozone Morphy Door Lock

One of the best door locks company in India is Ozone overseas that has some of the most remarkable products in their electronic security segment. With a wide global footprint, reputation & amazing brand recognition, Ozone constantly strives to provide innovative solutions in electronic security domain for the communities of architects, builders, and home-owners. The brand offers a vast variety of digital-locks for doors and furniture. Their pad-locks are well known for its toughness, convenience and latest design which is hard to trespass.

The Morphy BT M OZ-FDL-02-BL-STD from Ozone is made of zinc alloy and ABS plastic material, and looks elegant in black. It comes with 2 years warranty loaded with unmatched features. There’s a smart freeze mode that send the lock into a freezing mode after 4 consecutive unsuccessful PIN attempts. The OzoLok mobile app makes it easy to operate the lock through your smart phone.

This particular lock is suitable for door thickness ranging from 35-75 mm and can be accessed through fingerprint, RFID card, emergency override key, and user PIN code. It even generates alarm on low battery notification. Its sleek design enhances the look of your front door.

Things to consider while buying the best door locks for home safety

While the market place is crowded with options, when it comes to the safety and security of your house and protection of your valued assets, one shouldn’t compromise with the brand. As a result, buying door locks should be taken more seriously, considering few key aspects.

Digital door locks are a revolutionary device in home automation, and unlike old door locks, these smart locks are to be sorted based on some basic requirements which a buyer should be clear about. With progression of time, the burglars are also growing smarter & in order to remain ahead of them you should follow the buyer’s guide religiously, which is illustrated below.

a) Access type

Various types of electronic locks provide with different modes of access to its user. As a buyer, you need to decide which one or all of them you need and whether it is convenient or redundant. Most common key-less options that modern day smart locks provide are Bluetooth access, biometric / fingerprint access, RFID, PIN code etc. Over and above these access types, a physical key is always provided, so that you can get past the lock in case of any technical glitch.

b) Home ownership

The type of home your are staying in also matters. Based on whether its ownership or rental type, your decision to install door lock types may differ. Not that you won’t be wanting safety for your rental accommodation. But it might happen that the investment becomes worthless, if you have to change home after few years of stay.

c) Which door to secure

This is a parameter which would definitely make you think over the kind of door lock you would install. If its front door, then lot of thinking goes behind choosing a brand – looks, reliability, safety, left or right aligned lever, etc. For bedroom doors, it could be slightly different, not emphasising much on highest security but a minimal one with good look can go well. Sliding glass door are vulnerable ones and hence locks can be installed accordingly. If its garage door, then a sturdy, heavy lock can be an option.

d) Connectivity

Smart locks functions on the connectivity being provided to them. Hence, as a user, you have to make sure of it so that your smart locks will be able to communicate with your other smart home devices, as well as your phone. The options largely you need to weigh are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave. Accordingly the type of door lock preference will vary.

e) Budget –

Since, everything boils down to the amount of money you will be shelling out for a particular type of door lock. Budget plays a vital role in deciding a brand or type over others. Hence, according to your pocket, check out the optimum features offered by a brand which fits your objective.

f) Smart phone compatibility –

This is another important aspect because most smart home feature uses an app to provide access, monitor, and control their systems and products. Through app one can retrieve smart lock’s history, receive alerts, and more. So make sure your chosen smart locks are compatible with your mobile device, whether Android or iOS.

We will handle your queries

Although you will find the trending brands of best door locks in India in 2024 right here in this article, you might still have some queries on this technical product that’s important to the safety and security of your house and other property assets.

We are here to address your queries, so that you are clear on what you intend to purchase and aren’t rattled with technical jargons that are openly used by brands to sound unique and cool. Following are some of the commonly asked queries on door locks and we have tried our best to address it for you. Take a look.

Which company is best for door locks?

Undoubtedly Godrej is the best company when it comes to door locks. The company has a brand lineage of several decades and has been trusted by generations. Right from traditional locks to smart locks, Godrej have transformed themselves with time and have kept several homes and business safe and secure.

Which is better Europa or Godrej?

Godrej is better. It offers a wide range of door locks suitable for all requirements, taking into consideration several consumer factors like lifestyle, looks, budget etc.

Which Godrej door lock is best?

Among recent smart door locks, Godrej Spacetek Pro Digital Door Lock is the best. This particular door lock is loaded with dynamic functions, including a super-sensitive touch that offers a comprehensive home safety system. With its futuristic design, Spacetek can win any homeowner’s heart with ease.

What is the average price of Godrej door lock?

It is hard to give an average price figure for Godrej door lock, as there’s wide range of products in their stable. While some may be available in few hundreds of bucks, other high end locks could go upto thirty-forty thousands.

Best door locks brands in India assures peace of mind

A door lock not only protects your home and assets but also gives you peace of mind. Free from all tension, you can go key-less and yet monitor all activities of your door lock through smart phones as a real time status. In fact, door locks are heart and soul of your house. Breaking into the house causes a huge financial loss along with additional stress. And to get rid of such unscrupulous activities and stay protected, installing a reputed door lock is the best solution ever.

Our article attempts to guide you in buying the best possible door lock solutions available in the market, so that you are assured of your safety and security.

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