Best Foot & Calf Massager Machines in India in 2024 you Must Check Out

Get your hands on the Best Foot & Calf Massagers in India in 2024, now! Relieve yourself from the soreness and fatigue in your feet by experiencing the magic of these exceptional foot massagers.

Are you looking for some of the best Foot & Calf Massagers in India in 2024 which will help you relax? Well, you have landed on the right page! We will guide you to the epitome of pleasure that will play a vital role in getting rid of the frequent pain you might experience in your calves or feet.

Best Foot & Calf Massager Machines in India

With everyone progressing towards a busy life and always having a need to stay active on their toes, you can assume to feel some sort of discomfort in your calves and feet. This at times just results in frustration and not wanting to move much, as anything you do leads to pain. In such cases, you can be seen longing for a nice intense foot massage which will just ease the soreness. However, with the busy schedule, you have planned you just don’t seem to get enough time to get a massage.

Now you can just sit at home with a hot pack on your legs and crib. Or you can buy one of the best foot massager machines in India which will relieve you of your suffering! All you will have to do after a long day of work is gently place your legs in between the massager and feel the machine do its magic. Just thinking about it might give you a sense of pleasure and calm. So why wait when you can easily get your hands on some of the best massagers.

Why use a foot massager machine?

You may have this doubt in your mind as to why you should spend a decent amount of money on an item that will be of use only occasionally?

That is not entirely true, it depends on you as a person. The main use of a foot massager machine is to make you feel relaxed and help get rid of that soreness present in your calves and feet. Yes, I mean both, almost all the machines mentioned in the list down below massage the whole section of your legs beneath the knees.

Sore calves and feet are no good and something you should try to get rid of fast. The use of some of the best calf massager in India will surely ease the distress. While, if you have a massager with you at home, you won’t need to hesitate much about pain, you will just have to rest your legs on the machine and watch the massager do its magic. These massagers will enhance the blood circulation within your legs and make you feel relaxed.

To buy a prominent foot massager shouldn’t be considered a waste of money but rather an investment for self-care. If you’re someone who actively goes to the gym, having one of these machines will work like a miracle for you. After those hard leg days that give excruciating pain in your legs, resting your legs on one of these machines will prove to be so soothing you won’t be able to get off it!

The Ultimate List of Best Foot and Calf Massagers in India 2024

Now that you may be considering buying a foot massager, you may be confused as to where you should start. Don’t worry as we have you covered. Finding the perfect machine which will pummel all your soreness away might seem like a hard task, but after referring to this guide on some of the best foot massagers in India in 2024. You will be able to choose one without having to second-guess your choice.

So let’s get to it!

1. JSB HF51 Ultra Leg Foot and Calf Massager Machine

JSB HF51 Ultra Leg Foot and Calf Massager Machine

With a simple design and decent colour, the JSB HF51 is one of the best leg and foot massager in India in 2024. It comes with kneading pads and rollers situated at both the top of the machine and the bottom. This isn’t just a foot massager but rather also an ankle and calves massagers. All the spots which you wish to apply pressure to, just so that you can get a few seconds of relief will get a good kneading with this machine.

There are two gaps in the front to easily adjust your legs in them, they are covered in a black synthetic cloth to ensure comfort. As soon as you turn the machine on the rollers and kneading pads will start working on your calves, feet and ankles. To make sure the rest of the legs don’t feel left out the machine will start vibrating which, in turn, will help increase the blood flow and make you feel relaxed. Along with this, it will start to warm up at the bottom giving you a heightened sense of relaxation.

After sitting on this leg massager for 5-10 minutes, you will feel as if all the soreness has been sucked out of your legs and giving you an immense sense of pleasure. The JSB HF51 is great to use for those who wish to get rid of calf, ankle or leg pain, have diabetic feet, varicose vein or even arthritis.

  • Kneading pads and rollers for massaging located at both the top and bottom, to ensure full leg coverage.
  • Performs reflexology massage which soothes the bottom of your feet.
  • Has an active heat function and vibration therapy setup, to massage the whole leg and leave no space.
  • There are 3 levels of intensity on which you can set the machine, which includes 3 modes of vibration and kneading.
  • The machine can be reclined up to 45 degrees and is suitable for individuals below the height of 5’6. Above this recommended height some part of the leg may go uncovered.
  • 15-minutes auto-off; if you leave it unattended for 15-minutes it will turn off by itself.
  • You can purchase this JSB HF51 leg massager online for a fair sum of about Rs.10,000.

2. Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager

Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager

If you are on the venture to get the best foot spa massager in India in 2024, then we just made the search a whole lot easier for you. The Lifelong LLM99 is an exceptional foot massager that comes with a nice metallic finish. The design is so subtle yet so intriguing that you won’t mind placing it in between your living rooms so that even the guests coming over might notice it. Its looks are not the only domain it excels in, but rather this foot massager has plenty of features which it provides at a quite reasonable rate.

With a washable fabric stretched out over the gap where you are supposed to place your feet, this foot massager offers a great level of comfort. It also offers adjustable seating by letting the massager be levelled according to the person using it. The massaging is performed by kneading disks which are present at both, top and bottom of the massager. The controls for this massager are displayed on an LED screen which is placed at the very top, bridging the gap between the two vacant spaces to place your legs.

The best part of using this leg massager is that it acts on both your legs and calves, helps in the increase of blood circulation, stimulates acupressure points, and has a heating function with mild heating (preferable for winters) which just tends to make the user is a whole lot more comfortable. All of this made possible by the 4 motors which work with great intensity within it.

  • Kneading disks located at both top and bottom of the massager to perform a fully automatic massage of the whole leg.
  • Stimulates acupressure points and is able to massage the full range of your foot.
  • Works with the collaboration of kneading disks, rollers (bottom) and an active heating function, in order to, grant the perfect experience. The massager also possesses a pleasurable vibration function.
  • There are 4 pre-decided modes displayed on the LED screen at the top, which when activated put all 4 motors to use.
  • This machine has adjustable levers situated at the bottom so that the massager can be used by almost anyone.
  • The Lifelong LLM99 can be found online at a varying rate of Rs.10,000-11,000.

3. AGARO Amaze Foot Massager

AGARO Amaze Foot Massager

One of the best foot massager machine which is readily available in the market is the Agaro Amaze, it comes intact with 3-speed settings. As the name suggests, this machine can actually amaze you with what all that it’s capable of. With kneading pads placed at crucial points of the massager and rollers present at the bottom to support the feet, one can expect to achieve the epitome of relief with the Agaro Amaze!

This massager focuses on the whole portion of your leg below your knee. This includes feet, ankles and calves, which all will be relaxed with the help of its advanced vibration technique. The kneading pads and rollers placed throughout the massager give your legs a sense of reimbursement of energy and helps in improving the blood circulation. Those rollers can work miracles under your feet, freeing your feet from the anguishing soreness and relaxing them completely.

This massager works on a vibration therapy model, which initiates the massage by vibrating the whole machine at once and hence getting hold of the leg. That’s not all, the Agaro Amaze comes intact with an active heating feature; to add a little gentle touch of warmth in your massage.

This leg massager can be tilted according to how the person is sitting and thus ensures complete comfort. This comfort is heightened with the reflexology massage offered by the machine. All these settings are controlled by the buttons located on thetop, which offer 3 levels of intensity or 3 modes. And just in case you forget to turn off the machine, its 15-minute auto-off will save the day and electricity!

  • The presence of rollers at the bottom to cover the feet and kneading pads placed throughout the sides, make sure that not a single spot is missed while massaging your legs.
  • With its intense vibration therapy, the machine tends to offer full leg and foot massage, along with a nice reflexology massage.
  • The mild heat function which works along with the vibration tends to sooth your legs and improves blood circulation.
  • Buttons to control the massager are located on the top at the joint of the leg spaces.
  • The machine has an ergonomic tilt; can be tilted/adjusted according to will.
  • Has a 15-minute auto-off feature to help save electricity.
  • The AGARO Amaze Foot Massager Can be purchased online for about Rs,9000.

4. JSB HF60 Shiatsu Leg Foot Massager Machine

JSB HF60 Shiatsu Leg Foot Massager Machine

If you’re looking for a leg massager which is grand and has a great number of features, well then the JSB HF60 is just the massager for you. It is one of the best leg and foot massager India, which is available at such a decent price. If you were to take a look at this massager you would be startled a bit as to why it is so big and tall in comparison to other leg massagers. Well, the explanation is simple, the HF60 is all-in-one leg massager. The machine targets the feet, ankles, calves, knees and even thighs (after adjustment) to provide you with immense pleasure and relieve you of your soreness.

This leg massager is divided into two parts, the bottom part being bigger and fixed while the upper part is smaller and can be moved (rotated). If you were to adjust this leg massager properly you easily get your things & knees massaged, a feature which is not possessed by many such massaging machines. The machine comes intact with a removable cloth cover in the leg spaces, which increases comfort and keeps the massager clean.

The machine supports a gentle vibration function which works on your whole leg at once, while the contoured airbag compression massage technique is applied throughout your legs. With the presence of active rollers at the bottom to help soothe your feet, while its mild heat function does the magic, you are bound to feel the reflexology massage kicking in.

This leg massager guarantees enhanced blood circulation throughout the body with the help of its embedded kneading pads and compressed air pressure massage therapy. The buttons which activate the machine are situated on top for easy access.

  • Division of the massager into two parts; lower part fixed for proper massage of ankles, feet and calves, upper part adjustable and can be tilted to massage knees and thighs.
  • Has an active presence of kneading pads and rollers spread across the whole massager.
  • Presence of airbags which move to give you compressed air pressure massage.
  • This massager has an active vibration technique that gently vibrates the whole leg while the bottom of the massager supports a heating function to warm your feet.
  • This massager has 3 levels of intensity which can be set by the buttons present at the top.
  • It can bee purchased online for about Rs.28,000-Rs.30,000

5. HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager with Heat

HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager with Heat

This massager is a bit different than the leg soothing machines mentioned above. This is one of the best foot massagers available on the market which provides a more isolated massage rather than a compound one. This can be seen by the fact that this machine has small gaps, so you can only place one part of the leg at a time; feet, ankles, calves. The benefit of this design is that this massager is portable and lightweight, so you can just move it around the house without any hassle. Due to its unique design, you can even massage your arms if you were to lay down with your hands placed in the massager, this is a great plus point.

The HealthSense LM 310 comes intact with shiatsu massaging pads which deliver a nice and gentle squeezing massage, to squeeze out all that soreness. To top it all off, the massager has a kneading and roller function which will act on the centre of your feet, to give you a nice reflexology massage. Along with this, the machine focuses on your acupressure points due to its design. It provides an overall nice yet firm massage that will help increase the blood circulation within your legs, feet, calves and thighs.

You can control all the functions of this foot massager by the buttons and Touch-LED display present on top of the massager. You can control the heating feature of the machine with these buttons. If you don’t wish to move much while getting a massage, then just use the wireless remote that comes with it, to control the machine. To ensure cleanliness the covers for the leg spaces can be removed and washed.

  • Single body part at a time-based massager machine, which is small and portable.
  • Has kneading pads placed on the sides and active roller present at the bottom to soothe the bottom of your feet.
  • It has a pleasant heating function and a sturdy build to ensure durability.
  • Has a touch-LED panel on the top of the machine to control the functions of the machine. It comes along with a wireless remote which performs the same controls.
  • It has a 15-minute auto-off feature, in order to not waste electricity.
  • The HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager can be purchased online for about Rs.5,500-Rs.6,500.

6. Lifelong LLM72 Foot Massager

Lifelong LLM72 Foot Massager

Once you buy this foot massager you are bound to hope it lasts a lifetime given how satisfying the experience will be. The Lifelong LLM72 has been termed the best foot massager in India in 2024 by many buyers in the comment section and reviews provided by them. It is the best in its domain of portable and lightweight massagers, as it is small compared to conventional massagers.

With the use of this massager, you can expect to feel relieved from soreness and fatigue in your feet, legs, calves, thighs and even arms. The kneading pads located on the side will apply good pressure and give you a pleasant shiatsu massage which will help increase the blood circulation within your legs. There are acupressure activators present on the ends of the machine for you to place your feet on them and get pressure applied on the vital points. Along with this the rollers present will massage the bottom of your feet with a nice reflexology technique.

To ensure a great deal of comfort the heating function of the machine makes the machine come up to 45degrees (recommended), hence making you feel warm and relaxed. The control buttons are present on the top with an LED-display so you can control the features of the massager with ease. And to ensure hygiene, the covers are removable and can be washed so you can get rid of any unwanted scent.

  • This machine is a single body part at a time massager, which is lightweight.
  • This massager has flexible rubber pads to provide a kneading massage located on the sides, along with persistent rollers present at the bottom, hence covering the whole leg.
  • It uses a gentle heating function to make the body part warm and help improve blood circulation.
  • To control this foot massager you can just use the buttons present at the top of the machine or use wireless remote that comes with it.
  • It has a 15-minute auto-off feature.
  • The Lifelong LLM72 massager can be bought online for Rs.5500-Rs.6500

7. Dr Physio (USA) Electric Powerful Shiatsu Foot Massager

Dr Physio (USA) Electric Powerful Shiatsu Foot Massager

Like the name suggests this foot massager is quite powerful and will pacify the pain away from your legs. Its Dr.Physio recommended, not exactly a real doctor but just a brand name. The shape of this foot massager is a bit different than the massagers mentioned above. This machine embeds your feet completely and gives it an all over massage. The only drawback is that this massager cannot act upon your calves or thighs.

With firm rubber kneading pads attached to the sides acting on your feet and ankles. The presence of through rollers at the bottom to roll out all the soreness from your feet and also massaging your acupressure points, this is one of the best foot massagers in the market. It is the best in the reference of it being completely lightweight (0.5kg), thus making it portable.

This massager is a must-have for those people who tend to stand around all day. To top it off, this machine comes intact with airbags which will compress-decompress and give you an intense massaging session. The active heating function contributes to warming the feet and increasing blood circulation within them.

And as Dr.Physio’s Electric foot massager comes with a remote to control the levels of intensity and heating, you won’t have to crouch down to change the settings. However, if you wish you can also change the levels of intensity from the buttons present at the top of the machine.

  • A lightweight and portable foot massager.
  • With the combination of rollers and kneading pads, it will massage your feet completely. However, it doesn’t act on your calves or thighs.
  • Powerful kneading pads provide a shiatsu massage, while the roller functions to activate a reflexology massage.
  • It has a mild heating function to warm the feet and removable cloth covers.
  • It can be controlled by both buttons on top of the machine along with a wireless remote.
  • Dr. Physio (USA) Electric Foot Massager can be bought online for a fair price of about Rs.3,500-Rs.4,000.

8. Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager

Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager

Lifelong is a renowned brand when it comes to foot massagers. It is because of its esteemed quality that two of its foot massagers have made it on our list. Unlike the previous machine of Lifelong mentioned above, the LLM81 does not massage your calves along with your feet. It has a concave design and is focused on pummeling the pain away from one part of your body at a time. Meaning you can place your calves or feet, not both together. The design, however, does not affect the intense massage guaranteed by Lifelong.

This machine comes covered with a detachable cloth, which can be washed and put back to maintain hygiene. This machine offers acupoint massage along with warming your feet with its mild heat function. The rollers situated at the bottom of the machine ease out the pain from the base of your feet, while the flexible kneading pads work their magic on the upper portion of your feet to give you an enjoyable experience.

This machine comes along with a wireless remote to control its functions. It has an LED-display screen located at the top of the machine with buttons if you wish to change the settings manually.

  • Concave design foot massager which is lightweight and portable.
  • Comes intact with kneading pads, fatigue-relieving rollers and supports acupressure points massage.
  • The heating feature of this machine gives it a mild warmness or heats it up to 45 degrees.
  • It has an LED-display screen near the control buttons and comes with wireless remote.
  • It has a 15-minute auto-off feature to save electricity.
  • Lifelong LLM81 foot massager is Available online for an affordable price of about Rs.5,500-Rs.6,500.

Let us guide you into buying the perfect foot massager, in case you are confused as to what type of massager will suit you the most.

Foot Massager Buying Guide

You have thoroughly read above about some of the most highly-rated foot massagers. But you are a bit confused as, which one to buy? Well, no need to be flustered as we have a solution for you! Just follow our guide and you will be able to buy the perfect foot massager for yourself in no time.

1. Purpose:

Define the purpose for which you require the foot massager. Will you use it frequently or occasionally?

If your job requires you to move a lot around the city, it is bound to cause soreness and cramps in your feet and calves. So a massager which massages your calves and feet is the best type of massager for you. If you drive long distances daily, you are bound to have sore feet from using the clutch too long; a foot massager which targets on the ankles and feet is the best type of massager for you.

2. Space:

How much space can you spare to store the massager? Do you have any space at all? Would you prefer a portable massager?

A very vital aspect is whether you have enough space to keep the machine properly. As in the case you don’t there is a high chance that the machine might get damages. Would you prefer a portable massager which you can take anywhere around the house? You would get to massage your feet while watching TV or while you’re sunbathing outside.

3. Budget:

The most important factor which you need to be clear about is how much are you willing to spend on the massager. Would you like to hold back and try a cheap option or would you like to buy a lavish foot massaging machine?

After you have considered the above-mentioned factors, then only should you sort out a suitable massaging machine. Try to select a few massagers for each criteria and then choose the one which satisfies all your demands.

What are the benefits of a foot massager?

Many people have asked this question and we tend to give them all one simple reply- ‘It will relieve you of fatigue, soreness and pain which is felt anywhere in your legs.’

What could be a bigger benefit than getting rid of pain and being completely relieved? These feet massaging machines will work miracles and pacify all your soreness and give you a sense of relaxation. After a busy day of work, who wouldn’t want to get their legs massaged while they watch TV. We certainly would!

These machines also tend to increase the blood circulation within your legs and make them feel more active. They can help people with arthritis, varicose veins, diabetic feet, ankle pain, knee pain and much more.


Mentioned below are some of the most common doubts or questions which are put forward by people. To save you from the hassle we have answered all of them for you.

Which foot massager is best?

We can’t exactly coin a single foot massager as the best, because there are many foot massager which are the best but for different reasons. Some give really intense massages, some massage the calves along with the feet, some just massage the feet and ankles, some are portable while some are not. So it all depends on what is your preference and what type of massage would you prefer.

However, if you were to ask, according to us the best foot massager is the ‘Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager’, as it gives an exceptional massaging experience.

Do foot massagers help circulation?

Yes, they do! All the above-mentioned foot massagers and foot massaging machines in general help in overall blood circulation. The kneading pads, rollers, acupressure tools, all help in the proper circulation of blood.

How long should you use a foot massager?

It is recommended that you do not use it for more than 10-15 minutes. As too much of anything is also bad.

Is Foot Massage healthy?

Yes, it is indeed healthy. The increased blood circulation and relief provided by the massager has a positive effect on both the mind and the body. Making it quite a healthy method.

Are foot massagers effective?

If your goal is to get rid of soreness, pain, or fatigue then yes foot massagers are effective. They won’t cause any permanent change but rather only provide you will pleasure for short durations

How often should you get a foot massage?

Once a day will make you sleep well at night. But, it is preferred if you get one every 2-3 days. Rest it is up to your discretion and how many times you would like to get one.

What should you not do after foot massage?

Try not to get dehydrated. Drink water and keep yourself hydrated, avoid caffeine and alcohol as they will reduce the effect of the massage.

Is too much foot massage harmful?

Too much of anything is harmful, whether it be termed healthy or not. Avoid too much foot massage, try to do it only frequently.

Get yourself the best foot massager now!

A foot massager isn’t just a luxury but rather a machine which will make your life quite easy. The main aim is to reduce soreness and fatigue, so you can feel relieved. This will help you sleep well while also making you feel active when you wake up to face the next day. The increased blood circulation within your legs will have a healthy impact on you and you won’t be able to stop using these feet massaging machines. So, don’t hesitate and go get yourself a perfect foot massager!

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