Best Geyser Brands in India 2024: Top 10 Water Heater Brands

Our list of the best geyser brands in India in 2024 will give you an in-depth knowledge of the features and techniques you will have from these leading brands. It will help you to choose an appropriate brand to meet all your demand and requirement.

This list of the top 10 best geyser brands in India in 2024 comes with various brands’ deciding factors. Nowadays, water heaters have become an essential appliance in the modern household.

Whether you are taking morning showers or washing utensils in the kitchen, geysers need to play an essential role. These are the appliance that can make you feel comfortable even in the chilled or freezing temperature.

List of Best Geyser Brands in India to meet your freezing demand :

Best Geyser Brands in India

We have accumulated the best water heaters brands in India in 2024 after doing good market research. Durability, quality, energy consumption, and after-sale service are the points that we have considered as the primary brand deciding factor. Please check the list to find out the brand with the technologies and features to meet your need.

1. AO Smith

AO Smith Geyser

AO Smith is possibly the best geyser brands in India available online that you can consider purchasing. It is the brand that has come with an efficient solution to meet your water heating requirement.

Besides, it is one of the top-ranked international manufacturing brands with several lucrative products in the Indian market. Integrity, innovative technologies and excellent customer service have made it the most trusted and recognized Indian brand.

AO Smith is the pioneer to introduce glass-lining technology in heating systems. It comes with a wide range of options to serve both residential and commercial, ranging from horizontal to vertical.

Moreover, India’s best geyser brand comes with at least a 5-years warranty to serve their valuable customers. Most of these heating devices come in a bigger size to store a good quantity of water.

Even AO Smith uses Blue Diamond glass coating technology to resist corrosion. This feature helps to enhance the durability of the water geyser. Digital display and remote control are two other important feature that you can have from this brand.

The digital display will show you the temperature that you set with the wireless remote as per your preference. If you live in high-rise apartments, you can also choose the AO Smith brand.

Most of the geysers from AO Smith are durable and have Blue Diamond technology to make them withstand high water pressure than the other brands. A safety valve is also present to protect these units from any damages.

2. Havells

Havells Geyser

Havells comes next in the list of the best geyser brand in India in 2024. Besides these water heating appliances, Havells has multiple other home appliances, including- TV, washing machines, and AC.

When it comes to water heaters, Havells comes with a wide variety of options. Havells water geyser comes with various innovative technologies to be compatible with the age of the digital revolution.

With the technological advancement, some of the Havells water geysers comes with aesthetic LED lights that can change the colour with the temperature. Therefore, Havells comes with these unique and feather-touch controlling features.

Moreover, it is the best geyser brand in India, with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to monitor the device without entering your bathroom. Then, some advanced models come with Penta shield technology to safeguard the components from electrocution.

Most importantly, you will notice some of the advanced Havells water geysers withstand high water pressure and corrosion to enhance the units’ lifespan.

Havells also has introduced whirl flow technology that can help you to save energy up to 20%. Overheating is another essential feature that can resist the unit from any mishap.

3. Bajaj

Bajaj Geyser

Bajaj is another best water heater brand in India. It comes with a wide range of geyser options, ranging from simple immersion to mammoth storage capacity geyser.

Some of the water heaters from Bajaj are available in an aesthetic design to suit your bathroom interior. The Flora series units have a neon indicator to notify the water heating status.

The manufacturers of Bajaj attach an adjustable thermostat that allows you to monitor the water temperature as per your preference. Bajaj also offers a wireless remote control to set the water temperature as per your requirement.

The calendar Digi series from Bajaj comes with a digital display to show you the exact water temperature. On the other hand, the Bajaj Majesty water heater comes with all the necessary wall mounting to make the installation simple.

Moreover, Bajaj water heaters come with thermostatic plastic to resist rusting and thermostatic issues. Moreover, some advanced models have poly-urethane foam to keep the water warm for a prolonged period.

4. Racold

Racold Geyser

The list of the best geyser brand in India will be incomplete without enlisting Racold. For the last 17years, this brand is efficiently serving all the valuable customers.

Racold water geysers come in various sizes and can heat the water very fast. You can find most of the water heating appliances from Racold in such a beautiful design that it has received the award thrice for the look.

Omnis, one of the Racold electric geyser, comes with advanced Wi-Fi technology that allows you to monitor the unit even without entering the bathroom quickly.

You can also install the Racold app on your smartphone to make your bathing shower systematically. Moreover, Racold is the pioneer to set Ecosense technology to these water heating appliances.

Besides, the manufacturers inject in this brand devices Poly-urethane foam to help the machine to keep the water warm for a prolonged period. High-grade polymer coating not only resists corrosion but also enhances the lifespan of those devices.

5. Crompton

Crompton Geyser

Next comes Crompton in the list of the best geyser brand in India in 2024. It is possibly the oldest brand on this list serving the consumers with both quality and performance.

The Instant water heaters from Crompton can heat the water very fast and offer a reasonable warranty period. Some of the newer Instant heaters from Crompton are available in aesthetic and stylish to upgrade your bathroom interior.

The manufacturers use high-quality stainless steel and copper heating element to make the appliances sturdy and durable. Moreover, this brand water geyser is suitable for high-rise apartments also as it can withstand up to 6.5 bar water pressure.

On the other hand, Crompton has a Storage water geyser with 6litres to 25litres storage capacity. Most importantly, they come with nano-coating and ABS plastic to make them resist any corrosion and rust.

6. Venus

Venus Geyser

Both quality and performance have made it the best geyser company in India in 2024. For the last 5-decades, it is serving efficiently with innovative heating technology.

Venus Instant water geyser comes with a lower storage capacity that can heat the water very fast and comes with a decent warranty. This brand also comes with a colour changing LED display to notify the water heating status.

Moreover, the manufacturers use premium-quality stainless steel and high-grade ABS plastic to make these heating units strong and anti-corrosive. Porcelain enabled technology helps to increase the life span of this brand products.

On the other hand, Lyra Digital and Lyra Smart models have more innovative and intelligent technology and a good water storage capacity. A brilliant digital display and a wireless remote control come with these geysers to allow you to monitor various functionalities.

7. V-Guard

V Guard Geyser

V-Guard is another best geyser brand in India to combat the chilled winter. Since 1977, it is serving the customers with efficient performance, unique features, and durability.

It is the brand that comes with a decent warranty. These geysers are ideal for most high-rise apartments as they can withstand up to 8 kg/cm2. Most of these brand products have patented technology to make them corrosion resistant.

The overall protection of these appliances can safeguard the temperature, pressure, and components. The manufacturers use high-quality Polymer to make them water and rustproof.

You will find six various colour panels present at the Pebble series geyser. These colour panels have both metallic and non-metallic touch to enhance the ethnicity of the products.

8. Lifelong

Lifelong Geyser

Now comes Lifelong, another trusted and reputed brand available in India. Those who live in high-rises can opt for this brand product to withstand up to 8 bar pressure.

The brand design the appliances ergonomically to make the water warm very fast. An in-built thermostat and cut-out are some of the additive features that you can have from this brand.

Moreover, Lifelong uses neon indicators to notify the heating status. The manufacturers use thermoplastic material to make this brand product corrosion and rustproof.

Most of the products come with a safety valve to safeguard all the components. Besides, the Lifelong products are energy-efficient. Therefore, they can save your monthly electric expenditure.

9. Orient Electric

Orient Electric Geyser

Orient Electric water geyser comes with the latest technology to combat winter. It is a well-established brand that is serving customers for the last six decades. It comes with various prominent features to upgrade this heating unit.

Orient comes with various types of water geyser, Immersion, Instant, and Storage. Immersion heaters come in a compact size, and you can avail of them in an affordable price range.

The manufacturers attach neon lights along with a brass clip to ensure easy handling. Aquapro and Aqua Plus models from Orient Electric water geyser comes with water heating technology to make the water warm very fast.

You will find Aura Plus models with premium-quality ABS plastic and nickel-coating to resist leakage. Moreover, this brand is suitable for high-rise buildings that can withstand up to 8 bar water pressure.

On the other hand, the Storage water heater from Orient Electric comes with a large capacity and a decent customer warranty. Besides, Japanese anti-bacterial technology prevents breeding any bacteria inside the tank.

10. Candes

Candes Geyser

In the list of the best geyser brand in India, Candes comes last. Though last, it comes with all the latest technology and comes in an affordable price range. The manufacturers attach the excellent quality copper heating element to make the water heat very fast.

Most of the Candes products are durable. They come from high-quality plastic to enhance the lifespan of the products. Most importantly, Candes comes with a free installation kit to make your installation hassle-free and straightforward.

A thermal cut-out feature is present to safeguard the water tank to enhance the lifespan. Candes uses stainless steel to design the water heating appliances. You will find LED indicators to notify the heating status of the products.

A safety valve is present in most appliances to safeguard the users from any accidents.

These are some of the frequently asked questions and their answer to help you clear the doubts to select the best geyser brand. It will also help future customers to satisfy their queries.

Which brand is best for geyser?

Multiple brands come with different geysers with amazing features and technologies to help you meet all your requirement. We have done the thorough market research to find some of the best market-rated brands. Among them, you can consider AO smith, Bajaj, Havells to be the best option.

Which capacity geyser is best?

The water heater’s capacity should depend on the quantity of hot water that you need in a day. The families with 2-3 persons can install a 6–10-liter tank in their bathroom. If you want to use the hot water both in your bathroom and kitchen, a 10-15-liter tank will be perfect. On the other hand, larger families with 4-5 persons should install a geyser with more than 15-liter storage capacity.

Which type of geyser is best for a bathroom?

You should install a gas water heater than the electric ones because they come with fast heating technology. These gas water heaters must be instant. Therefore, for those who want to install an instant water heater, a gas geyser would be the best option.

Which company water heater is best in India?

AO Smith water geyser will be the best option available in India. This brand offers innovative technology to meet your heating demand at once. Moreover, you can get this brand product in a pocket-friendly range.

Final Words on the Best geyser brands in India in 2024

Various brands come with integrity and ethnicity to serve your heating demand. It is a difficult task to find one appropriate brand for you.

Therefore, we dig a big hole to find some of the best geyser brands in India to quench your thirst. Choose any one of the above brands to make your life comfortable and accessible even in the chilled winters.

If you have further doubts, do write us to get a quick solution.

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