Best Groundnut Oils in India in 2024 {Top Brands}

Here are the Best Groundnut Oils in India in 2024 which are rich in nutrients and don’t get absorbed by the food particles, for your convenience. You will find all the ingredients, benefits, and uses here.

We are going to discuss about the Best Groundnut Oil Brands in India in 2024. If you want to know how to enhance your food taste then keep reading. Groundnut oils are generally extracted from peanuts and groundnuts. High-quality peanuts and groundnuts are sourced from all over the country, and then they are pressed using the traditional technique of cold pressing.

Best Groundnut Oils in India

No chemicals are used up until this point. The nuts are ground and pressed with a heavyweight to extract the essential oils out of the seeds. The nutty flavor of this pure groundnut oil is near-perfect not only for your taste buds but also for your health. The oil is mild, making it easier for you to consume it.

These are mostly cooking oils. When food is cooked with the best groundnut oil brands in India, you can sense it even from a distance. The aroma coming out of the food is fantastic. These oils are free of trans fat, cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, harmful chemicals, free radicals, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

All-natural ingredients are used from growing the seeds by pressing them in the company to extract oil. When we talk about India’s best groundnut oil, we should also make sure the smoking point is higher. Indians love deep-fried food. With more top smoking points, deep frying can be done quickly and efficiently.

Amazon is filled with options when you look for the best groundnut oil in India. Anyone can get confused. So we have tried and tested maximum products available online. We have cross-checked the ingredients, groundnut oil benefits, and best groundnut oil for cooking online. After proper analysis of the ingredients of several products we have come up with the best groundnut oil brands in India. Here we have given a comparison of different cooking oils.

Miraculous Benefits of Groundnut Oil You Can Enjoy

Though we use various kinds of oils but the benefits of groundnut oil is more than any other oil. In general, most of India’s households have been using refined oils and mustard oil as their main ingredient. Here we have all the groundnut oil benefits that you need to know.

  • Comes with unsaturated fats: Unsaturated fats are healthier than trans fat or saturated fat. Trans fat directly affects the heart of a human. It is, therefore, deadly if you consume this daily. But with unsaturated fat, your body will get the necessary fat without harming your heart and overall health.
  • Anti Cancer oil: These oils are filled with some exotic ingredients. Phytosterol is one such excellent ingredient that saves a human body from prostate, colon, and breast cancer. These plant-based ingredients stop the carcinogenic cell growth in a human body, keeping the person away from the deadly disease.
  • Boosts wrinkle-free skin: Groundnut oils are rich in Vitamin E. This is an essential ingredient that ensures younger skin. This essential vitamin protects the delicate skin from free radicals and delays the signs of aging. Regular use of this oil will keep the skin wrinkle-free.
  • Blood pressure reduces: These oils have an ingredient named Resveratrol. This ensures that the stress doesn’t bother the cardiovascular system of your body.
  • Cholesterol free: More cholesterol intake in your body can cause plaque build-up in the arteries. This is very harmful to a person. It can lead to heart disease. But groundnut oils are devoid of cholesterol. This oil will keep your heart healthy.
  • Deals with dry skin: Apart from using as cooking oil, groundnut oil benefits can also be seen while applying on skin. The skin absorbs the oil quickly. You can get a radiant and younger skin with regular usage of this particular product.

The Big List of Best Groundnut Oils in India in 2024

For your convenience, we have prepared a list of Best Groundnut Oils in India in 2024. We know there are lots of options available online. Getting confused among them is a possible thing. Hence, this will help you choose the right product.

1. Puvi Cold Pressed Groundnut / Peanut Oil

Puvi Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Puvi cold-pressed groundnut oil is one of the Best Groundnut Oil Brands in India in 2024. If you are planning cholesterol-free cooking, this should be your first choice.

Puvi cold-pressed oil is perfect for deep frying. It has a high smoke point. So, on your gym cheat days, you can have deep-fried food without any guilt. Cold-pressed peanuts are used here. This ensures that a lot of oil gets extracted from the peanuts. This oil is rich in HDL count. So, this is good for your heart. This oil is filled with antioxidants. These antioxidants are pretty helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol from your body. Your overall health will be well taken care of.

If you consume refined oil regularly then you should replace your current oil with this one. The peanuts used here are of optimum quality. The groundnuts will save your skin from premature aging. Your skin will look radiant and wrinkle-free. This also includes Resveratrols and Phytosterols. These two agents are incredibly beneficial for your body. You can quickly go for sauteing with this oil as well. The product is prepared with unusual and well-balanced ingredients. You can easily use it even if you are trying to shed some extra pounds. The product is readily available on amazon.

2. Daana Single Origin Organic, Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil

Daana Single Origin Organic Groundnut Oil

Looking for something flavourful yet healthy? The Best Groundnut Oils in India in 2024 include Daana Single-Origin Organic Oil without a shadow of a doubt. The company uses the cold-pressed technique to make this oil and every ingredient is all but natural in this brand. The peanuts are pressed under high pressure and without mixing any toxic element or chemicals in it. This will ensure that every bit of oil gets extracted from the peanuts. The healthy oil can then be used to make some healthy yet delicious dishes. The aroma coming out of this oil is lovely. The nutty flavor will also attract the food lovers for sure.

Daana Ground Oil is the best groundnut oil brand in India, and it doesn’t have cholesterol in it and comes with zero trans fat guaranteed. Low carb oil is weight loss regime friendly. The oil is unrefined. Hence this is filled with nutrients. These groundnuts are farmed in rainfed grounds. The organic farming method ensures you get the best raw nuts without any toxic chemicals in them. This can be used in every type of cooking.

You can also use this Daana peanut oil as your salad dressing. This is very healthy, and the heart-friendly properties make it a perfect choice for fitness freaks. The shelf life of this vegetarian oil is around 210 days from the date of manufacturing.

3. AMRUTVA Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

AMRUTVA Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

The cold-pressed AMRUTVA Extra Virgin groundnut oil would be next among our best organic groundnut oils. Authentic cold-pressed technique is used here. The nutrients are successfully blocked in the oil to ensure that the consumer gets the best benefits out of the oil. No machinery is used to extract the oil out of the groundnuts here. Only cotton cloths are used. Hence the raw nutrients are locked in the oil and never leaves it. The oil is filled with essential minerals, proteins, vitamins, and of course, filled with lots of antioxidants that are pretty helpful for a healthy body and mind.

The Amrutva extra virgin oil adds a beautiful aroma in your food. While cooking the food, you can understand the amount of aroma coming out of the oil. It doesn’t have any preservatives in it. This makes sure that your body is consuming good things. This is unrefined and hence probably one of the best cold-pressed cooking oils available in India. It adds a distinct flavor to your food. You are going to get a fantastic taste out of it. The oil is available on amazon in different quantities. You can grab your bottle of a healthy life today!

4. Thanjai Natural Groundnut Oil

Thanjai Natural Groundnut Oil

Another product that deserves a spot on best groundnut oils in India is Thanjai Natural Groundnut oil. Thanjai natural groundnut oil can even be used as massage oil. It is produced in the Southern part of the country. This particular product can be used for whole-body massage, face massage, and cooking as well. This oil can be added to the pickles to enhance the taste of the pickle. Simultaneously, this particular oil’s antimicrobial property makes it a perfect choice for the pickles. It won’t let the pickle lose its taste.

Refined oils go through much chemical processing to give it a shinier look and a light-colored texture. Whereas, the groundnut oils are mostly untreated, left in the raw condition. This unfiltered and untreated property of this particular oil makes it a perfect choice for the health-conscious people. This will save a person from nervous system disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. These oils are free of cholesterol and include Vitamin E and lots of fatty acids. These ingredients will ensure that the person consuming the oil regularly has healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E rich oils also include antioxidants that save the person from several terminal diseases.

5. Dhara Groundnut Oil

 Dhara Groundnut Oil

Dhara Groundnut Oil, also known as the best-filtered groundnut oil, comes from one of the most trusted and a hundred percent Indian brand. This is a subsidiary of the popular Mother Dairy. The brand value of Mother Dairy assures the best quality cooking oil this time for their esteemed users. Once you cook your food in this groundnut oil, the nutty flavor will hit your tastebuds, and you are going to love this oil for sure.

The oil is pesticide and chemical-free. No chemical or harmful additives are added during the farming of these groundnuts. Simultaneously, no chemical is used during the process of making oil out of the groundnuts. The low absorb technology makes it a perfect cooking oil. You can cook with it without any doubt. The oil is processed and packed hygienically, ensuring the best for the users. This is rich in several nutrients and Vitamin A and D. This provides a healthy immune system that can fight any kind of diseases and keep you fit.

6. Gramiyum Cold Pressed / Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

Gramiyum Cold Pressed & Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

Gramiyum Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is one of the best low cholesterol oils with some very desirable characteristics. It is not only good for cooking but can be used for skin treatment as well. There’s a traditional process of producing oil in Tamil Nadu, Marachekku. This oil sometimes is wood pressed for some fantastic benefits.

The Gramiyum groundnut oil manufacturers claim that there are no preservatives in it. This is a hundred percent organic in nature and no harmful additives, extra flavoring agents, or chemicals. The aroma and flavor coming out of this oil during cooking are fantastic. Your kids and other family members are going to love this for sure.

Besides all these positive characteristics, this is purely made in India. This traditional method of extracting oil can only be found in India. Hence, you can use this oil without any doubts. Six months shelf life is guaranteed with this product. The bottle mentions that no heat process is used while extracting the oil.

This brand is also nature friendly as they do not use plastics. The only metal bottle packaging is found, which is a very positive thing. These bottles filled with goodness are available on Amazon for your convenience.

7. Hathmic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Hathmic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

When discussing the best groundnut oil brands in India, Hathmic is definitely one that comes to mind. Its oils are made with the traditional cold-pressed techniques. The oil is extracted from the peanut seeds without applying any type of chemicals.

This Hathmic brand never adds additional coloring agents to their products. The product they are offering is genuine. You are going to get the best organic groundnut oil here. The oilseeds are pressed in a traditional wooden cold press here. So, there’s no modern machine behind this. The South Indian states have been using these seed oils for cooking their food for decades. Now the whole country is going gaga over these oils.

This oil adds an added nutty flavor to the food. Well, we all love nutty-flavored ice creams; don’t we? Now imagine how tasty the food will be when cooked in the same oil! The high smoking point makes it a perfect oil blend for deep-fries, pooris, and other Indian bread and stuff. Indian fried sweets can also be prepared with this particular oil. There’s no chemical, trans fat, and additives present in this oil. That successfully makes it the best groundnut oil brand in India.

8. 24 Mantra Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut/Peanut Oil

24 Mantra Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

The aroma and flavor is proof of why 24 Mantra Organic might just be the best groundnut oil in India. This particular brand is very strict about organic farming. They do not use any type of pesticides at any point of time in agriculture. Most of the brands promise organic farming, but they end up using toxic agents. But this brand assures a hundred percent natural way of farming their groundnuts for the oil. The peanuts are rich in antioxidants and proper nutrients. This brand is working towards a better future for our world and the coming generations.

The cold pressing method is used here. But they do not use any kind of chemical or extra machinery. Only the traditional ways are used to extract the essential oils from the groundnuts. All the nutrients are locked beautifully in the groundnuts making sure that the user gets the best culinary experience. The groundnuts are grown without any synthetic GMOs and any synthetic pesticides. This oil is not subjected to high temperatures while preparing it. This comes with zero trans fat and zeroes cholesterol guarantee. You can get a bottle of this beautiful oil from amazon.

9. Pure & Sure Organic Groundnut Oil

Pure & Sure Organic Ground Nut Oil

The most exceptional quality groundnuts are used to make the products of Pure and Sure, one of the best groundnut oil brands in India. Its Organic Groundnut Oil is one of the most high quality oils in India. Controlled organic farming is practiced in several organic farms. This oil is mostly prepared from the groundnuts sourced from those farms. These groundnuts do not have any additional agents, harmful additives, or preservatives at all. The traditional and original cold pressing method is used here. The groundnuts are pressed hard to get the oils extracted. The oilseeds are grown in rainfed lands without any harmful chemicals ever applied in them. No pesticides or insecticides are used in the case of this particular oil.

Imagine you are following a strict diet and want to lose some weight in the coming days. You must be consuming very little food, and oily food is strictly a no in your diet plan. Now, sometimes you need delicious meals to boost your mood. You cannot always gobble bland food without any complaint! This oil is perfect if you face the problem of consuming bland food due to your gym regime. You can now get this oil without any trans fat and any cholesterol to ensure you a delicious meal.

10. Anveshan Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

Anveshan is one of the best cold-pressed groundnut oil. Anveshan is a brand that ensures the healthy blend of nutrients and antioxidants in the cooking oil. This is probably the only cooking oil on this list that takes care of your skin directly. This unprocessed cooking oil is filled with Vitamin, E. This ensures that the consumer has a happy skin! The aroma and the deep yellow color is the distinctive feature of this particular cooking oil. This oil is prepared by wood pressing the groundnuts. So, all the necessary and essential nutrients of the peanuts are intact in the oil. No extra machinery and additives are used during this procedure.

This oil’s high smoke point makes it a perfect choice for the health-conscious people who also like deep-fried food. You can also add this oil to your salads. You can replace the refined oils with this healthy substitute. This boosts the excellent cholesterol and ensures a reliable immune system with shiny hair and beautiful skin. This oil is fully processed in India. This is readily available on Amazon, and you can grab a bottle of this brand sitting at your home!


With these best groundnut oil brands in India, you must have some questions hovering on your mind! Here we have some frequently asked questions for your convenience; this might quench your query!

Which groundnut oil is best?

Dhara Groundnut Oil is the best groundnut oil in India in our opinion because it comes from one the most trusted brands, Mother Dairy. Rest assured, any brand from the above mentioned best groundnut oil brands in India is suitable for your use. Please check the ingredients before ordering. It mustn’t include any harmful additives. Apart from high smoke points and nutrients there are a number of benefits of groundnut oil. Until it is unnatural, it is right for you.

Which is the best brand of groundnut filtered oil?

There are a lot of famous brands out there that sell groundnut oils. Dhara is one of the most popular brands that offer filtered oil to its consumers. Dhara is a sister concern of the trendy Indian brand Mother Dairy. No pesticides or chemicals are added to it. It is a hundred percent pure organic oil. Rich in Vitamin A and D and prepared hygienically, this is one of India’s most popular and best cold-pressed groundnut oil.

Is groundnut oil good for health?

Groundnuts have lots of nutrients in them. Groundnuts are filled with essential nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and whatnot. Every ingredient is right for your health, skin, and hair. Most of these oils are cold-pressed. That means, no chemical is used in extracting the oils out of the groundnuts. This cold-pressed method ensures that all essential nutrients are sealed in the oil. So, these groundnut oils are excellent and necessary for your overall health.

Which groundnut oil is good for cooking?

If you are cooking a flavourful Chinese dish, cook it in groundnut oil and see the taste. All the oils mentioned above are perfect cooking oils. Most of these oils have high smoking points. That means you can quickly deep fry your patties in this oil, and the nutrient content of the oil will be intact and will be delivered to your food! You can also add these oils to your salad dressing to make it more delicious and tempting.

Which is better mustard oil or groundnut oil?

Both mustard oil and groundnut oil are healthy. But if you use mustard oil more than an adequate amount, it can be harmful. There’s an ingredient named erucic acid in mustard oil. You should never use this particular ingredient more than a fair amount. This may harm your health. On the other hand, cold-pressed groundnut oils do not have any type of toxic substances. You can easily use this oil in your daily cooking.

Which oil is better: sunflower or groundnut?

Sunflower oil is also healthy as it includes polyunsaturated fat, which is good for your heart. But groundnut oils are a bit ahead in the race of the best cooking oil in India with the sunflower oils. Groundnut oils include monounsaturated fat along with polyunsaturated fats. This ensures the overall good health of the consumer. If you consume the groundnut oil daily, you can expect a proper dosage of essential nutrients in your body. You can have healthy hair and skin.

Is groundnut oil better than olive oil?

Groundnut oils have higher smoking points compared to olive oil making it the best oil for cooking. That means you can deep fry your food quickly and efficiently with this groundnut oil. The oxidative stability of groundnut oil is higher than that of olive oil. If you can bag the best cold-pressed groundnut oil in your kitchen, you can have a healthy body for sure. So the race is easily won by groundnut oil.

Can we mix groundnut oil and sunflower oil?

Yes, we can easily mix the sunflower oil and the best-filtered groundnut oil. These two oils blend very quickly and efficiently. You can then cook your food with this blend. The SFA, PUFA, and MUFA counts are controlled in this blended oil. This is an additive benefit clubbed with groundnut oil benefits. This is amazing for your skin, hair, and overall health. You can cook with this oil blend and can pour this on your salad as well.

Can you use groundnut oil in a cake?

Groundnut oils are generally used for cooking savory items. But you can always use them in baking. The high smoking point of these oils will help you while baking the cake. The cake will be cooked properly and won’t get burnt. These oils have high unsaturated fat content. That means you can enjoy your cake without getting worried about the excess fat content of the oil. The cake will be healthy and tasty at the same time.

Author’s Take on Best Groundnut Oil in India

There are hundreds of products listed online in the category of best cooking oil for health but if you are looking for edible oils, your search should end here. We know online shopping can get very confusing. Brands stuff you with loads of features, and you end up buying crap. You are spending your hard-earned money on this. You must require something that offers you the best health boosters. Here is your chance of getting the essential nutrients locked in the oil itself. You will get the best organic groundnut oil with groundnut oil benefits in the products listed here.

We have tried and tested these oils. These are chemical-free and naturally produced. So, you can easily use them in your cooking. You can also use them if you are actively looking for a diet-friendly oil. We have the best low cholesterol oil for you in this list. You can check the ingredients and essentials of the oils mentioned here. All the product buying links are available under each product name. You can check it out, and if you like it, you can buy it from amazon. Get your hands on the pure groundnut oil for a healthy kick start to your fitness regime.

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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