10 Best Hair Crimpers in India in 2024 For Hair Styling

Have a look at the best hair crimpers in India in 2024. This article will give you a fair idea of the process of buying the best hair crimper. We have created this list carefully to make sure you buy the best.

Best Hair Crimpers in India

In this article, we have brought you a list of best Hair Crimping Machines in India in 2024. Crimped hairstyles were such a trend in the 90s and 80s. So, the last time you probably crimped your hair was a decade ago. But this style of zig zagged crinkle hair is making its way back into the fashion industry.

Crimped hairstyle advanced down the runways and has been gaining moderate yet consistent popularity from that point forward. You may have seen so many models and actresses rocking this style again like a boss.

If you are someone who follows trends very closely, you might be familiar with the fact that every style is bound to make its way back to the top fashion trends. These beachy waves look so chic and elegant

The secret to these wonderful and aesthetic beach locks is a magical heating device known as a hair crimper.

What is a hair crimper used for?

Hair crimpers are the hair styling tool that you can use to create subtle beach waves. They can be used to add volume to your hair. It has zig zag heating plates coated with metal or ceramic.

You place your hair between those heated plates like a clamp and keep it for 4 to 5 seconds. It is very easy to use. It is a perfect device to fit in our busy lifestyles as it makes hair styling extremely easy.

This device can also be used to add volume and texture to your hair. It turns your straight hair into subtle ways in no time. For someone who has flat hair this is a magical product.

It is such a great investment. So, to make your search easy we have compiled a list of Top 10 hair crimpers in India

Buyer’s Guide to Select the Best Hair Crimper

Looking for a perfect hair styling product can be a bit hectic. You need to make sure of so many things. With a huge variety available in the market, the job becomes much more difficult. To make it easy for you, we have listed below some important boxes to check while buying you perfect hairstyling too. Keep them in mind while buying to ensure the best investment.

(i) Look for the plates for minimum damage

Choose a tourmaline-plated ceramic crimper to avoid damage to your hair proteins and scalp. Metal crimpers, ceramic and tourmaline are the preferred ones. If one is made from all materials with alterable plates, this should be the ideal choice. However, Ceramics are the most favoured because they reduce frizz and have a low thermal effect on hair.

(ii) Size according to your requirement

It is very important to review the crimping iron size while selecting hair crimpers. Crimping takes a lot of time, so selecting the right size becomes very crucial so that it is comfortable to hold and style. Mini crimpers are always a safer option than heavy crimpers that make you struggle.

To help you choose better we have mentioned below a few to the size and styles of the crimpers.

Standard irons with tourmaline and ceramic layer resist hair loss and patterns with perfect waves are the ones with crimping. You will make various crimps to add more texture to your hair.

Mini crimpers have a strong grip, easy to handle. It helps achieve a narrow, wavy appearance and adds hair length. These crimping machines are suitable for travellers. They get quickly heated and instantly styled within a few minutes.

Broad crimpers have a greater appetite for fast crimping on the market. Large squatting irons have various styles and settings. These hair stylers are not too costly, but they are different and better than most crimpers.

(iii) Temperature control and auto shut off:

This Is a very important feature to look for while selecting hair crimpers. This is important to minimize hair loss and protect your hair from overheating.

The machine senses the excess increase in temperature and it shuts off on its own to protect your hair from frying. The crimper that comes with the temperature control, it is like a cherry on top. This is an incredible feature to control the heat you are using on your hair. This is ideal to protect your hair from excessive heat damage

(iv) Heat setting:

Your crimping iron should reach a minimum of 400°F in order to produce a high-definition zig-zag impact, while some will reach up to 450°F. Look for an option that can be set to a lower temp if you want a more subtle look.

Top 10 Best Hair Crimpers in India in 2024 With the Best Reviews!

To help you choose better and invest your hard-earned money in the right place, we have made a list of 10 Best Hair Crimpers in India in 2024. We have made this list after a lot of research and reading tons of customer reviews and feedback. You can trust this list blindly.

1. ROZIA HR746 Hair Crimper

ROZIA Hair Crimper ( HR746 )

ROZIA HR746 Hair crimper is the best hair crimper for short hair. It is ideal to add volume and shine to your hair. It has a 2-inch-wide ceramic plate which makes crimping and styling super easy. Due to this excellent ceramic coating, heat is distributed very easily and evenly. It has a gentle rotating cord with a rotation of 360 degrees and a lead indicator on and off button.

ROZIA Hair crimper is Suitable for global voltage, where you can comfortably style your hair in any part of the world without any stress.

  • Working Length of the Plates – 90 mm
  • Size – 90 X 20 mm
  • Maximum Temperature – 200⁰C
  • Heat-up Time – less than 90 seconds
  • Plates Width – 20 mm
  • Length of the fuse – 270 mm
  • Cord Length – 1.6 meters
  • Warranty – 2 years (24 months)
  • Effortful crimping: The ceramic crimping plate is super tough, and gives you an incredible texture and volume.
  • Appropriate voltage: This crimper has an AC 110V-220V universal voltage and makes it easy to carry while travelling.
  • Variable temperature up to 470 degree F. This easily heats the plates to be easy to style.
  • Ceramic plates: the crimper is filled with 2-inch ceramic plates. Deep waves are generated by the large waver plates. The ceramic coating allows the heat to be distributed evenly and consistently.
  • Simple to use: it is lightweight and easy to use. The circular body makes styling easy
  • Some customers complain that this product takes a little bit of time to show the results. You ought to be a bit patient while using it.

2. IKONIC Mini Crimper


The IKONIC Mini Crimper Hair Styler is considered the best crimping machine for hair. It is a lightweight hair tool that makes your hair shiny and gives it a defined texture. The product has ceramic infrared plates which get heated quickly. This leads to an even distribution of heat throughout the crimper.

The plates also have 4 ridges in them, to give you beautiful and perfect crimps. The IKONIC crimper is extremely lightweight and can be carried anywhere. It is compact, so you can do your hair styling anywhere you travel.

The IKONIC hair crimper has a power indicator light which means you can turn on or off the product at your convenience. The product comes with a tangle-free cord. It is slim and is safe to use.

  • Hair type- All
  • Size- Mini
  • Colour – Black
  • Power – Corded electric
  • Item weight – 500g
  • Temperature setting – 270 Kelvin(max)
  • Heater surface material – Ceramic
  • Crimper plate size – 2.8 x 1.8
  • Included a user manual and a warranty card
  • Cools in just 60 seconds for fast styling
  • User-friendly
  • Slim design
  • Travel friendly
  • The product is perfect for short hair and long hair. Its ceramic plates give the hair perfect styling.
  • Ideal for both traveling and home use. The product is portable and handy. It can be carried anywhere in a bag and does not require any extra luggage or installation.
  • Perfect look. The hair crimper gives hair a voluminous look.
  • Top-notch quality. The product is of premium quality with ridged ceramic plates.
  • Tangle-free cord. The product has a swivel tangle-free cord which makes it more comfortable to use.
  • The product becomes hot instantly. Sometimes, it becomes too hot and can’t be handled easily.

3. VEGA Classic VHCH-01 Hair Crimper

VEGA Classic VHCH-01 Hair Crimper

Vega delivers first-class products for Indian customers. It is the best hair crimper for volume. You will look perfect and good in your wallet without burning a hole with its inexpensive selection of beauty accessories.

Vega Classic Hair Crimper will make you look glamorous and stylish as it gives your hair immediate volume and beautiful texture. The crimper is equipped with wide ceramic covered sheets, with five ridges letting it cover a large hair segment in one go and perfect for all hair styles.

Vega Classic Hair Crimper Style almost immediately and the hair crimper is able to be used in no time at all. It comes with a simple locking mechanism that makes plate closing easy and comfortable.

  • Broad Ceramic Coated Crimper Plates
  • On and Off switch with Power indicator light
  • Max temperature: Up To 220 degree Celsius
  • Power Requirement: 220 – 240 Volts
  • Power Consumption: 60 Watts
  • Easy locking and securing system with a 360-degree swivel cord
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Quickly heated up: The crimper can be used in 60 seconds only.
  • Wide heating pads: Wide heating pads help crimping and make big hair parts in seconds.
  • Ceramic plates: Ceramic covered plates that allow even heat distribution and protect the hair from exposure to heat.
  • Simple locking mechanism: This hair crimper has an easy locking system to secure the plates together. It aids in the convenience of use
  • Electricity consumption: 100-240V, 50/60Hz.
  • The maximum 220 degrees temperature: The crimper heats up to 200 degrees, which is a decent style for most kinds of hair.
  • Light of the power indicator: When the device is turned on, the power indicator lights will light up.
  • Hair crimper: excellent crimper which gives a voluminous, trendy and richly textured look to your hair.
  • The Ceramic coating of the device sometimes tends to fade off with time

4. Remington S3580 Ceramic Hair Crimper

Remington S3580 Ceramic Hair Crimper

The Remington S3580 Ceramic Hair Crimper is among the best hair crimping machines online.

The Remington S3580 Hair Crimper is extremely lightweight and is portable and handy. It can be carried anywhere. You can keep it in a small purse. The product has a diode that readily gets heated up and provides instant heating of the crimper. It also has different temperature settings which range from 150° C to 220° C.

This Remington Crimper has wider plates which help in faster styling of the hair. If not in use, it will automatically shut down after 60 minutes. The product heats in 30 seconds and provides voluminous and textured hairs.

The Remington S3580 Ceramic Hair Crimper offers four times standard protection. It has a tourmaline ceramic coating which is smooth and anti-static too. The product also gives hair a beautiful lift. This hair crimper has a heat-resistant mat and a rotating cable for easy use. The product has a 7 days return policy if not satisfied by the customer.

  • Item weight – 430 grams
  • Colour- Black
  • Material – Plastic
  • Cable length- 1.8m
  • Temperature range – 150° C to 220° C
  • Instant heating
  • Automatic shutdown- In 1 hour
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Heater surface material- Ceramic
  • Item Dimensions- 30 x 4 x 4 Centimetres
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Portable: The product is very light in weight and is handy. It can easily be taken anywhere.
  • Easy styling: The product helps in the easy styling of hairs either of any type, short or long, and thin or thick.
  • Personal and professional use: The hair crimper can be used by either professional for their use or people for using it at home.
  • A long rotating cable gives the crimper a tangle-free and seamless styling.
  • Universal voltage: The product works on all voltage ranges.
  • Travel friendly: The hair crimper is fully travel-friendly and safe to use.
  • Expensive: The product is a bit expensive.

5. ROZIA HR740 Hair Crimper

ROZIA HR740 Hair Crimper

The ROZIA HR740 Hair crimper is the best hair crimper online. It is lightweight and handy. The hair crimper has a 2-inch crimper which gives you the perfect texture for your hair and a good volume to your hair. It also has a 360 degrees rotating tangle-free cord. The product heats instantly which gives a perfect volume to your hairs from the roots to end.

The ROZIA hair crimper has a wide waver plate with a deeper waver. The plate holds more hair at a time than the usual hair crimper. The hair can easily be used by anyone. The hair crimper is operated easily and as per your convenience. It has simple ON and OFF buttons for its working. The product also has an LED light indicator to know if it is on or off. The product is very compact.

  • Item Dimensions – 33.7 x 10.2 x 5.3 cm
  • Colour – Black
  • Item weighs – 500 grams
  • Maximum temperature settings- 470 C
  • Heater Surface Material – Ceramic
  • Power Source – Corded electric
  • Ceramic coated floating plates -90 x 20 mm
  • Cable length – 1.6 m
  • Affordable: The hair product is available at a reasonable price and is afforded easily by anyone.
  • Flexible style: The crimper gives a flexible style with its tangle-free cord.
  • Personal use: The product can be used by anyone even at their home.
  • Portable: The hair crimper is very handy and is taken a long while traveling also.
  • Temperature setting: The temperature of the product can be regulated easily as needed.
  • Best for Thin hair: The product is used for thin hair perfectly.
  • Salon-molding temperature: The molding temperature is up to 4700F.
  • Takes time for heating: The hair product takes time for heating fully. It is not used very fast.
  • Not much temperature setting: The hair crimper does not have much temperature regulation for different hair types.



The PROFESSIONAL FEEL Hair Crimper is among the best crimping machine in 2024. It is a hair straightener and also a crimper which gives your hair the best looks. It is a perfect styling combination that provides you with a gentle salon experience.

This hair crimper is extremely lightweight and compact so you can easily carry it anywhere while traveling and does not require any extra installation to work. The hair crimper gives you wavy hair with a shiny texture with quick results. It has titanium technology which gives it a stylish look with its sleek design.

The hair crimper has the property of even heating along with temperature settings. The tourmaline ceramic plates of the hair crimper offer a smooth texture to the hair. It also provides a long-lasting impact from its styling. The product has an element that gives it perfect heat retention.

This product is instantly heated up and can be used in minutes. The hair crimper is easy to hold. Its design makes it more compact. The product has long ceramic plates which help in beautiful styling and holds hair properly.

  • Colour- Black, Grey
  • Type – Wired
  • Operating Temperature – 240 W
  • Power Supply – 110V-240V
  • Maximum temperature setting – 2200C
  • Plate size- 120mm
  • Weight – 400 grams
  • Dimensions – 5cm X 8cm X 32cm
  • Power consumption – 45W
  • Power requirement – 50-60W
  • Cord – 2.5 m
  • Affordable: The product is very reasonable in price and can easily be purchased by anyone.
  • Durable: The hair crimper is fully durable and can be used for a longer time without any problems.
  • Personal use: It can be used at home easily with any support or installation required. You can use it without any guidance.
  • Portable and lightweight: The hair crimper is very handy and its weight is also not much. You can carry it anywhere you wish to take it.
  • No warranty: The product does come with any warranty.

7. Ikonic S9 Plus Hair Crimper

Ikonic S9 Plus Hair Crimper

The Ikonic S9 hair crimper is considered as the best hair crimper for long hair according to the customer reviews.The hair crimper is extremely lightweight and is very portable. The product has professional wider plates with many crimper functions. The heater provides instant heat to the product and makes it more readily to use.

It has adjustable temperature settings for different hair types. The product has tourmaline technology which makes it more effortless at each use.

The Ikonic S9 hair crimper has a long cord that is 3600 tangle-free. This particular hair crimper is made after many years of research. The plate gives the hair more shiny and textured hair with a smooth glossy finish. You will easily get rid of dull and frizzy hair.

This hair crimper heats quickly in about 10 seconds. It has a digital screen on which the heat levels appear and can be regulated easily.

The Ikonic S9 hair crimper automatically shuts off after not in use. The hair crimper has a floating plate, which means it gets easily molded itself to give your hair the required texture.

  • Hair Type – All
  • Colour – Black
  • Dimensions – 6 x 5 x 38 Centimetres
  • Power source – Corded electric
  • Item weight – 1kg 500g
  • Maximum temperature setting – 2300C
  • Cord length – 9m
  • Negative ion technology
  • Single voltage
  • Coating – Ceramic
  • Sleek design
  • Professional PTC heater
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Handle lock
  • It is the best hair grooming tool which is also very popular in India.
  • The heat recovery is rapid and instant with this hair product.
  • The product is used from roots to hair ends.
  • The negative ion technology gives the hair a frizz-free and static look.
  • The product comes with adjustable temperature settings so that you can adjust it accordingly.
  • The product has a sleek design and is user-friendly.
  • Expensive: The product is a bit expensive as compared to another hair crimper.

8. Abs Pro Professional Feel Hair Crimper

Abs Pro Professional Feel Hair Crimper

The Abs Pro Professional Feel Hair Crimper is listed among the best hair crimpers on amazon. It is a lightweight hair product and is handy. It can be carried anywhere while traveling. The product has ultra-fast heating technology which heats the product uniformly and evenly. It has variable temperature settings through which you can control the product accordingly.

The Abs Pro Professional hair crimper comes with a good heat-retention system. The product offers a retro-style technique and comes with tourmaline ceramic plates for better and smooth styling. The crimper has a tangle-free cord which makes it comfortable to use. The sleek and user-friendly design of the product gives it a salon standard. The cord gives you a seamless styling experience.

  • Power requirement – 40W
  • Coating – Ceramic
  • Cord length – 2.5m
  • Heat time – 10 seconds
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Cord length – 2.5m
  • Affordable: The hair crimper comes at a reasonable price and can be purchased by anyone easily.
  • Return policy: The product is returnable within 7 days of purchase.
  • Gives long-lasting style: The product penetrates all over your hair and gives it a lustful impact.
  • Long-life heat element: The product is made up of premium quality elements that have a long life and support better heat retention.
  • Perfect temperature setting: The product has multiple temperature settings so that you can regulate it as per your choice.
  • Heavy duty: The hair crimper does some perfect styling for smooth and textured hair.
  • Quick heating causes hair damage sometimes
  • The product is comparatively big in size.

9. Chaoba Hair Crimper

Chaoba Hair Crimper

The Chaoba Hair Crimper is listed among the best hair crimpers in India. This hair product is perfectly designed for smooth and textured hair styling. It is extremely lightweight and portable. Its negative-ion technology makes your hair damage-free and moisturized without any static electricity.

This Chaoba hair crimper is a combination of a hairdryer and a styling tool. The product has adjustable temperature settings so that you can adjust it accordingly. It also has tourmaline ceramic plates which help to make your hair smooth and shiny and frizz-free. It gives you tangle-free hair within minutes.

  • Dimensions – 26 x 8.5 x5.5CM
  • Material: ABS+Heating Sheet Colour
  • Cord length – 1m
  • Coating- Titanium
  • Heating time – 50 seconds
  • Colour – Black
  • Warranty – 6 months replacement warranty
  • Max Temperature –250 degrees
  • Power Supply – 110V-240V
  • Watt – 1000 W power
  • Plate size – 120mm
  • Included components – User manual, Hair Dryer brush.
  • Handy and detachable: You can easily take this hair crimper along with you anywhere you wish to. Its compaction makes it handy and easy to go.
  • Unisex: This particular hair crimper is for both men and women. So anyone can use it comfortably.
  • Any style can be done: You can easily do any hairstyle you want.
  • Easy to hold – Due to its lightweight, you can easily hold it without getting tired.
  • Swivel-free cord: The hair crimper has a 360 degrees tangle-free cord which makes it flexible to use. This makes it hassle-free to use.
  • Uniform heating: The product has an even distribution of heat.
  • Professional standard: This product heats up very fast which makes it useful for professional purposes.
  • Premium quality material: It is made up of top-quality materials.
  • The product cannot be folded.
  • It makes a lot of noise while working

10. V&G 8212 Hair Crimper

V&G 8212 Hair Crimper

V&G Hair Crimper for Professional will be the next entry on the list of best hair crimpers in India. It is another commodity of mid to high quality. There is minimal feature but all the characteristics of V&G Hair Crimper are enough for professional usage. It means that you need an excellent product with minimal functionality; you should take this into account.

  • Hair Type: All
  • Size: Medium
  • Brand: V&G
  • Item Dimensions (length x width x height): 40 x 30 x 300 Millimeters
  • Item Weight: 250 Grams
  • Heat plate Surface Material: Ceramic
  • Easy to carry around while travelling
  • Simple to use and operate
  • It is very economical and fits right in your budget
  • It doesn’t have many fancy features
  • It has limited function

How to use a Hair Crimper

Hair crimpers are fairly easy to use. If used properly you can get amazing volume and texture with minimum hair damage. Make sure to follow these tips to maximize the benefit from your hair crimper:

  • Always use a hair crimper on clean and COMPLETELY dry hair: make sure that your hair is absolutely dry before styling. You can air dry it as well as blow dry
  • Use thermal resistant spray along with other styling products like volumizing spray
  • Allow the crimper to heat up to 180 to 200 degree Celsius
  • Crimp hair in sections: Style your hair in sections 5-7 seconds each, depending on your hair’s thickness. Take a part of the hair at the bottom and clamp the paddle with the other hand softly, starting from the tips. Try to get as close to your scalp as possible without burning it. Hold down and release pressures for 5-7 seconds. Use clips that clip your hair to get it out of the way you’re not actually dealing with.
  • Continue crimping down for a more natural and subtle look
  • Lastly to lock your beautiful hair style spray a generous amount to setting spray and enjoy the long-lasting beautiful hair style that is good to go for 8 to 10 hours

Some FAQS About Hair Crimpers

Buying any electrical appliance needs proper research and patience so that you get a product which is worth your money. To get knowledge here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair crimpers.

Which is the best hair crimper in India?

We have carefully created a list of top 10 best hair crimping machines in India. While creating this list we have kept in mind the product features and specification and customer reviews and feedback. You can select the one that fulfils your needs from the list above.

Which company crimper is best?

After a thorough research and going through a ton of customer reviews and feedback we have mentioned a few of the best hair crimper brands in India. Make sure to have a look and select the one most suited to you.

How long does hair crimping last?

Ideally, the crimped hair would last for about eight to ten hours. You should always use a setting spray after styling, this will make your hairstyle last much longer.

Can you brush crimped hair?

We would never suggest you to brush your hair after crimping as it would open your curls and your hair may look unmanageable and frizzy.

Are crimpers bad for your hair?

Crimping is not entirely damage-free like any hairstyle which requires heat. You can also always ensure that you protect your hair by spraying on your hair thermal protection before you get close to them with any heat. Also, we would like to suggest taking proper care of your hair after using heat on your hair.

Can I crimp my hair with a straightener?

Yes, you can absolutely crimp your hair with a hair straightener. You can achieve this look by making tiny braids and then using your flat iron over them. The result will closely mimic the classy beach wave.

The Final Verdict on the Best Hair Crimpers in India

Crimped hair is a style that is to make a solid comeback and is going to soon be all over in the trend books. These subtle beachy waves are simple to create with a hair crimper. With a lot of research, we have created this guide to help you buy the best hair crimper for beach waves. We have also mentioned how to achieve this style step by step.

Follow them to get long lasting and flawless beachy waves. The list of the top 10 hair crimpers that we have mentioned should be kept in mind to make a perfect choice. These hair crimpers are ideal to get a perfect 90s crimped hair look.

However, if you are not ready to invest in a hair crimper yet you can still achieve the same look using a flatiron hair straightener. You can buy one to the Best Hair Straighteners and still can enjoy that diva’s crimped hair style look

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