Best Herbal Teas in India in 2024 to Refresh Your Senses

Check out our list of the Best Herbal Teas in India in 2024 and choose the finest everyday beverage that gives you better health, stamina, and freshness with every sip.

Our list of the Top 10 Herbal Teas in India in 2024 brings you an inch closer to everything that you ever wanted to know about herbal teas. It introduces you to this popular beverage that is fast becoming popular in Indian households and is replacing the old traditional cup of black tea.

Best Herbal Teas in India

If you are a tea loyalist then you know what it means to kick start a day with a cup of freshly brewed tea and ponder over the plans for the day. But what if we tell you that your cup of tea can be a health drink sans the ill effects of caffeine. Yes, herbal teas are the growing trend among health lovers that is loaded with the goodness of natural herbs, roots, and spices that only add value to your health rather than negating your health quotient.

With a wide range of herbal teas available in the market today, we help you pick the best herbal tea that boosts your immunity, grows your stamina, and helps you bust stress the healthy way. In this review, we tell you about the pronounced benefits of herbal tea, what to look for in your herbal tea, and the best brands that offer the most supreme quality of herbal tea.

What makes Herbal Tea so Beneficial for our Health?

Despite the name, herbal tea is not a tea in the sense that it is not derived from tea leaves. It is a healthy beverage that can be consumed daily and substitute your regular tea. It is obtained from the extracts of flowers, roots, and herbs of natural plants.

Born in ancient Egypt and China, today it has traveled around the world influencing a large global population with its multitude of benefits and immense nutritional benefits. Herbal teas come in a variety of flavors depending upon the source from which they are extracted and they are caffeine-free making it a perfect health drink cum everyday beverage.

Here are some of the major benefits that herbal teas bring to our health…

  • Boosts Immunity: The tons of vitamins and antioxidants found in herbal teas boost the immune system and protect the body against various diseases and infections. It helps fight free radicals in the body that give rise to oxidative stress and several chronic diseases.
  • Improves Digestion: If you are struggling with problems of indigestion, bloating, vomiting and an upset stomach then try including herbal teas in your daily regime. The antioxidants in herbal teas help in the absorption of fats and stimulate quick digestion. Moreover, the presence of spearmint smoothens the digestive system, suppressing the appetite and aiding in weight loss.
  • Promotes Anti-Ageing: Herbal teas are highly effective in slowing down the aging process through their strong antioxidants. It controls free radical damage and maintains the age of the cells without deteriorating their quality. The result is smooth, flawless skin making you look younger.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Herbal teas are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that control inflammation-related health issues like arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, and hemorrhoids.
  • Helps in Boosting Metabolism: Rich in natural ingredients like husk, fennel, and fiber food like lemongrass, herbal teas aid in easy digestion and control the appetite. Burning fats rapidly in the body help to boost metabolism and aid in healthy weight loss.
  • Controls Nausea: Herbal teas work well to curb nausea and nausea-related symptoms like vomiting, headache, and general uneasiness. With its light flavors and pleasant fragrance, it provides instant relief in nausea.
  • Relieves Stress and Treats Insomnia: Herbal teas have a soothing effect on the brain and the nervous system. It de-stresses the mind and releases natural chemicals that tranquilize the mind and fight stress, anxiety, and depression.

List of Best Herbal Teas in India in 2024 that Bring Health to every Sip

Our review of the best herbal teas in India takes you through some of the finest brands in this segment and how each one stands out from the other. We share with you details about the ingredients, flavors, and benefits of each of these teas. We also talk about their nutritional value and how they can contribute to your daily diet as a health supplement.

1. Try the Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea

Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea

If you are looking for the best herbal tea for weight loss then the Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea just serves you right. With the goodness of green tea and tulsi, this herbal tea blend is ideal for weight reduction and helping you burn fat.

While green tea detoxifies your body cleansing toxins from within, the presence of tulsi accentuates the flavors and naturally helps to strengthen your immune system. It has high levels of antioxidants that promote healthy skin and impart a natural glow to your beauty. The green tea leaves improve liver enzyme levels keeping your liver healthy and promoting quick fat burning.

As a 100% vegan product, Organic India Tulsi green tea is one of the best options for weight management and for relieving stress and anxiety.

  • A perfect blend of green tea and tulsi
  • Loaded with the therapeutic values of tulsi
  • Enriched with natural antioxidants and vital nutrients
  • Boosts immunity and increases metabolism
  • Detoxifies and cleanses the body from within
  • Available as loose leaves in 100 gm tin

2. Pick Twinings Pure Camomile Tea as your daily beverage

Twinings Pure Camomile Tea

Find the perfect blend of taste, aroma, and natural flavors in the Twinings Pure Camomile tea that is enriched with the calming properties of chamomile flowers. With a mild flowery aroma and a light taste on your palette, this herbal tea is sure to win your heart and serve as the perfect stress buster.

The Twinings Pure Camomile tea is hand-picked from the finest tea gardens of the world and is infused with the goodness and aroma of chamomile flowers. With a subtle taste and an endearing aroma, herbal tea is a perfect everyday beverage. The authentic taste and aroma of the camomile flowers can be experienced with every sip. Its cooling effect instantly relaxes the mind and body refreshing you after a hectic day.

  • Authentic hand-picked twinings tea
  • Loaded with the goodness of natural chamomile flowers
  • Sweet flowery taste and subtle aroma
  • Naturally sugar-free and caffeine-free
  • One pack contains 25 tea bags
  • Moderately priced

3. Choose health with Goodwyn Chamomile Herbal Tea

Goodwyn Chamomile Herbal Stress Relief Tea

Fight insomnia with the best herbal tea for sleep offered by Goodwyn Teas- the Goodwyn Chamomile Herbal Tea. Loaded with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of chamomile, the Goodwyn Chamomile Herbal Tea is the perfect solution for insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

The Goodwyn Chamomile Herbal Tea serves as your perfect daily beverage that helps to relieve stomach cramps, treats insomnia, and acts as antidepressant fighting stress and anxiety. Processed and packed from the choicest tea leaves hand-picked from the finest tea gardens, the herbal tea is rich in antioxidants that enhance your health and wellness. This pure and natural herbal tea is sugar-free and caffeine-free and easy to make and consume.

  • Chamomile infused tea rich in antioxidants
  • Relieves insomnia and sleeplessness
  • Eases headaches and depression
  • Sugar-free and caffeine-free with natural flavors
  • Contains 20 enveloped tea bags in one pack
  • Ready to drink herbal tea with a quick three-minute simmer in hot water

4. Try the Trusted Red Label Natural Care Tea

Red Label Natural Care Tea

One of the leading contenders on our list of the Best Herbal Teas in India in 2024 is the Red Label Natural Care Tea. With a perfect blend of five ayurvedic herbs, this herbal tea is clinically proven to improve immunity and give you a soothing experience with every sip.

Red Label Natural Care Herbal Tea contains ginger that helps the body to fight cold and cough. The presence of tulsi strengthens immunity and imparts a great flavor to the tea. Ashwagandha helps to cope with stress while mulethi with its sweet aroma helps to soothe a sore throat. Finally, the addition of cardamom aids digestion and makes the tea flavorful. These 5 natural ingredients make each cup of your herbal tea filled with natural goodness that enhances health and general wellness.

  • 100% natural product made of 5 ayurvedic herbs
  • Natural ingredients strengthen immunity
  • Fights everyday cold aids digestion, and relieves sore throat
  • Purely vegetarian product
  • Available as loose leaves and comes in airtight packaging
  • Available in packs of 100g, 250g,500g, and 1 kg

5. Bring home Blue Tea Herbal Tea for daily goodness

Get the best of farm-fresh herbal tea with the Blue Tea Herbal Tea that comes in three distinct flavors-Natural Egyptian Hibiscus, sun-dried rose, and chamomile flower tea. Each of the variants is loaded with natural antioxidants and vital nutrients that protect and defend the body against external infections and germs.

Each of the flavors of Blue Tea herbal tea comes in a tin or bottle that keeps intact the natural flavors and freshness of the herbs. The sun-dried hibiscus flower tea is handpicked from the farms of West Africa and is loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants. It is rich in vitamin C and is caffeine-free that helps to refresh and relax your senses.

The rose-infused herbal tea is one of the best natural remedies to combat the painful periods during menstruation and regulate the hormones in the body. Rich in vitamin C it helps to improve the mood and induce stress-free sleep. The chamomile herbal tea from Blue Tea improves sleep, fights insomnia, reduces anxiety, and improves immunity.

  • Pure natural herbal tea available in hibiscus, rose, and chamomile flavors
  • Perfect everyday drink to soothe the muscles and calm down anxiety
  • Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and phytonutrients
  • Strengthens immunity and relaxes the mind
  • Balances hormones and eases menstrual cramps
  • Available in air-tight packaging to restore freshness and natural flavors

6. Taste the flavors of Vahdam Herbal Tea

VAHDAM Organic Herbal Tea

Enjoy a cup of health, wellness, and natural flavors with the Vahdam Herbal Tea that comes in distinct flavors like- Turmeric Ashwagandha, High Mountain Oolong Tea, Turmeric, and Vedic Kadha Herbal Tea. The turmeric ashwagandha flavored tea is a magical blend of natural turmeric, ashwagandha, black pepper, and lemongrass each of which contribute to healing the body, and rejuvenating and energizing the senses. While turmeric supports immunity, ashwagandha relieves stress and anxiety. Black pepper aids digestion and lemongrass relieve the pain of the joints and muscles.

Each of the flavors of herbal tea is available in pyramid-shaped tea bags that do not tear up in the brew and offer you the ultimate taste and quality with every drink. All you need to do is infuse 1 tea bag in 200 ml of hot water and stir for 3-5 minutes to prepare a cup of tasteful herbal tea.

Turmeric that forms the key ingredient of the Vahdam Herbal teas is rich in natural curcumin that has anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with natural antioxidants. It helps to protect and strengthen the immune system, relieves stress, and improves the concentration of the mind.

  • Pure natural herbal tea with the goodness of natural turmeric and ashwagandha
  • Available in pyramid shaped tea bags for easy infusion
  • Improves energy, relieves stress and anxiety
  • Pure detox tea and USDA Certified Organic product
  • Carbon neutral and plastic neutral brand
  • Available in a pack containing 15 tea bags

7. Pick the Indian Chai Organic Chamomile Tea for better nutrition

The Indian Chai - Organic Chamomile Tea

Your search for the best herbal tea for anxiety ends with the Indian Chai Organic Chamomile Tea that is infused with the goodness of natural chamomile that calms the mind and soothes the tense muscles. The herbal tea is infused with chamomile that contains Chamazulene a chemical compound that is rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

With a delicious pleasant flavor, the Chamomile herbal tea from Indian Chai is made using herbal flowers and herbal extracts. Naturally caffeine-free and with high nutritional value, the Chamomile herbal tea is the perfect beverage to de-stress while serving your body with the best nutrients. It is rich in Vitamin A, folate, and has decent traces of magnesium, calcium, fluoride, and potassium. Enriched with flavonoids and antioxidants, it strengthens immunity and delays signs of aging.

With a potent flowery flavor, chamomile herbal tea from Indian Chai has a bright golden appearance that is highly appealing to the senses and great in taste.

  • Rich chamomile herbal tea with natural flavors
  • Relieves anxiety, depression and soothes tired muscles
  • Improves sleep quality and fights insomnia
  • Boosts the defense system of the body and protects against illness
  • Organic and diabetic friendly as it is sugar-free
  • Available in a 50-gram pack that makes around 50 cups of herbal tea

8. Try the Detox Green Tea from Girnar Food & Beverages

Girnar Detox Green Tea

In our list of the best herbal teas in India in 2024, Detox Green Tea from Girnar Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is high on recommendations. A 100% vegetarian product this herbal tea is made of natural ingredients like green tea, black pepper, ginger, tulsi, clove, asafetida, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, rock salt, and citric acid.

The Detox Green Tea from Girnar stands true to its name as it is highly nutritious because of its herbal ingredients. It aids digestion and relieves bloating of the stomach. It also treats seasonal colds and coughs, relieving sore throat and protecting you against common infections.

  • 100% natural product and perfect beverage for vegetarians
  • Contains all-natural herbs and ingredients
  • Strengthens immunity and activates metabolism
  • Treats frequent bloating and stomach disorders
  • Sugar-free and caffeine-free product
  • 90-gram pack contains 36 foil wrapped tea bags

9. Choose Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea for everlasting goodness

Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea

Talking about the best herbal tea brand in India Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea can never go unnoticed. This tea is sure to enhance the taste of your tea time with a premium quality blend of mulethi and tulsi. Coming from the reputed brand Organic India, this herbal tea is pure and natural in every sense.

Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Herbal tea is a fine amalgamation of sweet mulethi and cool peppermint and further enhanced with the flavors of divine tulsi. This supreme combination of herbal tea strengthens your immune system, fights colds and coughs, and delays signs of aging. It acts as a great stress reliever, uplifting your mood after a long and hectic day. It contains three main variants of tulsi leaves viz, Rama Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, and Vana Tulsi. Available as ready-to-use tea bags, all you need to do is infuse 1 bag in 120 ml of hot water, stir it and enjoy your herbal tea.

  • Infused with the goodness of natural tulsi, peppermint, and mulethi
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients and is free from additives and artificial colorants
  • Strengthens the immune system and fights cold
  • Boosts stamina and increases metabolism
  • Relieves stress
  • Available in easy to use tea bags

10. Try the TGL Co. Happy Belly Herbal Tea Bags

TGL Co. Happy Belly Herbal Tea

Our review of the best herbal tea bags in India cannot be complete without a mention of the Happy Belly Herbal Tea Bags from TGL Co. Each of the herbal tea bags is infused with herbs like peppermint, fennel and chamomile, anise, fennel seeds, caraway seeds, mallow flowers, and calendula.

On brewing of the tea, the beverage has a fine golden appearance that helps in treating digestion, reduces bloating, stomach disorders, and provides relief from acidity and acid reflux.

These tea bags from TGL Co. are purely vegetarian and caffeine-free so that you get your dose of natural goodness without the addiction to caffeine. It helps you keep a happy and healthy belly with every cup of herbal tea that you include in your diet.

  • Natural herbal tea with ingredients that enhance flavor and aid digestion
  • All herbal ingredients promote digestion and control stomach disorders
  • Ideal beverage to combat acidity and gastritis
  • Beautiful golden appearance
  • Sweet-smelling aroma and refreshing fragrance
  • One pack contains 16 pyramid shaped tea bags

Takeaway on the Best Herbal Teas in India 2024

Herbal teas are indeed the new superfood in the beverage segment and their pronounced benefits cannot be undermined. Our comprehensive list of the best herbal teas in India in 2024 shares with you names of the most trusted brands that promise health and wellness with every sip.

Try including these herbal teas in your daily regime and see your health transform dramatically. As it aids digestion, herbal teas should be best consumed after breakfast and lunch to accelerate your digestion. Nonetheless, considering their nutritional content it is never a bad idea to enjoy a cup of herbal tea whenever your heart yearns for one.

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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