10 Flavourful Best Hing Brands in India 2024 (Asafoetida)

Catalouge through the best hing brands in india in 2024 which suit your cooking style the most. Each brand offers optimum quality hing.

Looking for the best hing brands in India in 2024 which can spice up your life and add flavour to your food? Well, we have the perfect list ready for you. Each of these brands offer the most premium quality hing thus giving you complete satisfaction.

The asafoetida plant is recognized for its pungent odor. It originates from Iran and Afghanistan. In India, it is known as Hing or Heeng. The flavor of hing can be overwhelming for individuals who aren’t used to the powerful scent.

Best Hing Brands in India

In the market, hing is available in two forms: pure block-like complex, and compounded, generally powder. Hing that has been exacerbated is hing blended with wheat to diminish pungency and make it more consumer-friendly.

Hing is a very popular spice in Indian cuisine, used for everything from medicinal purposes to tadkas on dals. Both ways are very versatile and effective. Hence we have a list of ten best hing brands in India picked from across the country and we are here to make an evaluative article about them, their flavor, and pungency.

You should go through the article as we have identified the ten best performing hing brands in India and are then making this list for you. You can choose any of one of these and they will satiate your taste tests.

These are wonderful additions to your kitchen and they will add a lot of flavor to the curries you make in a small amount of time. Each one of these hings will add flavor and will be loaded with potency for your needs to be fulfilled.

Each brand has its additions to the table which is why they make it to the list of best hing brand in India and you should sit back and see which is that one addition you want. Because trust us a Hing bottle in your kitchen will do wonders for your cooking process.

What are the different types of Hing (asafoetida) available?

Moving on, as you go on to the process of shortlisting which brand do you want to choose as your kitchen buddy there are a few things about hing itself that you should know.

First of all, there are two types of hing:

  • Hing Kabuli Sufaid (Milky white asafoetida) – This variety of Hing is water-soluble and is pale in colour.
  • Hing Lal (Red asafoetida) – This variety is oil soluble and is red in color.

You can choose whichever ones that suit your needs and recipes and they shall be used. More likely that the oil-soluble version is asked for, however, grab your hands on whatever you think will make you food taste wonderful.

What are the different uses of hing?

There are plenty of uses of hing from medicinal to taste-making it is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Some of the basic reasons people tend to use hing are:

  • It is largely used to add a strong taste to vegetarian food that is made without onion or garlic which usually act as tastemakers to your dish.
  • It is also used in pickles, and fish dishes in the south of India.
  • It is used for its medicinal purposes which tend to treat asthma, constipation, migraines, toothaches.

All in all this spice has a diverse range of usage and no wonder hence has been used in India for ages. With all of this in-store, it only makes it a very useful spice.

As we begin this list of Top 10 hing brands in India we need you to know that thorough research has gone into creating this list and we are featuring only the best hing brands in India. The shortlisting has been done meticulously and this list shall be a fulfilling one.

1. Catch Compounded Hing

Catch Compounded Hing

Hing produced by Catch can be looked out for to provide one of the best pure hing in India. Catch is a very common household masala name in India and we do tend to have several spices from this brand in our kitchen.

It has a wholesome flavor which will make you realize that it is made of authentic and pure hing and trust us when we say that the shelf life of this spice is excellent as you can use it up to 1 year. Not only that, the quality of this hing is phenomenal along with the taste and its customer reviews both stand testimony to this fact.

Let us learn about a few “highlights” of catch Hing

  • It has all of its natural flavors intact, because of how well it is ground and the temperature it is made at.
  • It is packed hygienically and, it is sourced from the places where Hing is of the best quality like Punjab, Kashmir making sure no fillers are used for the same.

2. Everest Compounded Yellow Hing

Everest Compounded Yellow Hing

Everest Hing is one of the most high-quality and best hing powder in India. As it possesses a flavor that will be an amazing addition to your food. Everest makes the most smooth textured Hing powders in the market. It is available in a compounded form that makes your cooking easier.

Moreover, it has a shelf life of eighteen months and that naturally makes it a very reliable spice on your kitchen shelf. Given its quality and flavor, it will not last on that shelf for that long though.

Let’s lookout for some highlights of everest brand ;

  • Fabulous quality and aroma, making it a wonderful condiment to your dal and other curries.
  • With a texture that makes it easily soluble in water for medicinal consumption, and alongside for preparation of dishes.

3. Patanjali Bandhani Hing

Patanjali Bandhani Hing

The Patanjali Hing is one of the best hing in India, be it because of how hygienically it is processed, or how it has a strong aroma and is such a great flavor enhancer.

The Patanjali hing is not only a good tastemaker but also an amazing medicinal spice that is good to have in the house. Also, you can trust the brand completely given how well known it is and how almost every household has a Patanjali product.

The Patanjali Hing is a great mixture of taste and health and is widely used in different dishes to add flavor. It has its unique taste which is a plus always and the ingredients used are medicated.

To look at some highlights of patanjali brand hing

  • It is processed in a secure and safe environment while using fresh materials and packaging material.
  • It has a lot of medicinal benefits like lowering blood pressure, prevention of constipation and nerve disorders.

All in all, this hing is a great buy and if you’re bringing it home it is only a good addition to your food cycle.

4. Tassyam Organics Hing

Tassyam Organics Hing

Although a new name Tassyam’s is one of the best hing brand in India in 2024 with absolutely no artificial flavors or colors it has an impeccable taste which will make its presence felt in whichever dish you make.

The hing is extracted straight from the source and is put to test multiple times for it to retain its freshness and flavor. The aroma of the Hing is not extreme and alongside it is not absent. It is a perfect blend for your traditional recipes which need a modern touch.

Moreover, the savory taste is something you’d crave more and more of as you consume it. It is filled with the beneficial effects of Hing and that makes it a very great buy.

Looking at some “highlights” of this brand Hing

  • It is prepared in trusted hands and a minimum of two weeks is taken to produce a batch of Hing.
  • Each batch of Hing is tasted and then further on put through many tests several times to serve their customer base the best Hing available.
  • It is packed in the most hygienic setting and it has excellent packaging and production.

5. Pushp Brand Hing

The Pushp brand at this point is producing one of the best hing in India 2024, it is completely natural with no added preservatives or colors. It is completely fresh and as always with the medicinal purposes of Hing it is also very healthy.

It is best used in the smallest quantities, and we can vouch for it that even in the smallest quantity it is the best taste enhancer. It is filled with all the medicinal goodness of hing and we can assure you that this is completely natural and good for your health.

Here are some highlights of this hing brand;

  • It is known that Hing is the best if the aroma of the same is at its highest, and as you open the Pushp Hing, we are sure you’ll smell the pungency and testify to the fact that it is one of the best in the market.
  • It is one of the best hand-pounded hing with the most spellbound taste that your entire house will enjoy as they taste the dish you add this to.
  • It is made with the blend of the finest chilies, hence adding the correct amount of spice to your food.
  • Lastly it is quite effective in maintaining and rather increasing the metabolism of your body which is a great plus always.

6. MDH Hing

MDH Hing

We all know MDH as the most trusted brand in the Indian market, be it because of how well known they are due to their advertisements or because of their quality. MDH has become a truly reliable brand with the best Asafoetida in India. It has been in the market for the longest time and knows the Indian customer base well.

Be it, what every household is looking for or what is a level of spice tolerance we as Indians have, MDH has a very fair idea about it and that makes them one of the most experienced in the market.

It is compounded Hing and makes it easier for you to handle the same in the kitchen, more so it has no preservatives included in the same, which is the best if you have been looking to shift to natural eating.

Let’s learn about some highlights of MDH hing;

  • It is made of excellent quality ingredients, which ensures that you have only the best Hing on your kitchen shelf.
  • It gives you the most authentic flavor of Hing which a lot of times brands miss out on because of the number of preservatives used in it. It has a very rich aroma and taste which would make your dish a lot more flavourful.

7. Ramdev Strong Hing

The Ramdev Strong Hing is one of the best asafoetida brand in India largely because of its brand name but do not worry it is a Hing Powder that is very reliable and adds a lot of flavor to your food and comes packed with plenty of medicinal benefits.

It comes with an amazing texture that adds to your dish. It goes amazingly well when cooked in ghee and a small amount added to any food/dish will give you both medicinal benefits and add uniqueness to your food.

Moving on to the highlights of Ramdev Hing;

  • The manufacturing process undertaken by this brand goes into this is sophisticated and it ensures that you are provided with the best Hing in the market.
  • The quality checks that Ramdev Hing goes through are extremely stringent making sure your purchase is of the best sourced Hing packed with the goodness of nature and all its medicinal goodness.

8. Holykitchen Hing

Holykitchen Hing

The Holykitchen Hing is essentially one of the best hing brands in India because of how it is natural with 85% pure hing in the ingredients combined with moisture and other organic content. This Hing is best used in small amounts, or when mixed with water.

With all its medicinal purposes it can cure respiratory diseases, helps a lot with digestion making it quite useful to be used in your daily dishes. And, the highly aromatic flavor is always there to ensure that if you’re not using garlic or onion it covers up for the same.

There are several highlights of this Hing listed down are the same ;

  • The quality of this hing is outstanding, and the smallest amount can make your dal or sambar taste impeccable. The smell of it without even opening the glass jar it packed in is testimony to the fact that the quality is great.
  • The taste of the hing is very unique and customers reviews vouch for the fact that it has kept the ancient culinary alive. Making it a very good buy for your kitchen, as it will only add to your culinary efforts.

9. SHIVOM BRAND Hathras Compound Hing

SHIVOM BRAND Hathras Compound Hing

Hathras Compound Hing is another one of the best hing in India. This splendid quality Hing has a shelf life of 540 days given its quality. It also undoubtedly possesses amazing aroma and taste.

Packed within the best facilities the Shivom Brand Hing is an exceptional addition to your kitchen as it is packed with nature’s goodness and impeccable quality. Moving on, this brand has been in the market for decades making it a well-experienced brand in the Indian market.

There are several highlights of the brand and we shall list the same for you;

  • It is manufactured with utmost precision and care which helps maintain the consistent quality and texture of the powder. There is a hundred percent clean packing and ensuring hygiene maintenance.
  • It is free from any preservatives, dust, and excess moisture which makes it just perfect to be stored for the longest period without any worries.
  • Made using advanced machinery which ensures that the customer base’s needs are well looked out for and also the quality is retained by running multiple tests which are stringent at maintaining the quality bar high.

10. Urban Platter Pure Afghan Hing

Urban Platter Pure Afghan Hing

The last on the list of best hing brands in India is the Urban Platter Pure Afghan Hing and it is a supreme quality for sure. From making the finest quality hing which is made of Asafoetida Resin that originates from the oldest source of hing that is Afghanistan.

Beyond the same, the Urban Platter Pure Afghan Hing is free from any kind of additives, fillers, or flavors which is as natural as Hing could get. It retains its moisture hence storing it in a dry place is way more advisable given any amount of excess moisture can be harmful.

It is very highly recommended for daily use because of its highly pungent flavor and its delightful taste. It is just a great addition to your platter always.

Looking at some highlights of this brand;

  • It is one of the purest forms of Hing that is available in the market because of which you need to add a lesser amount of this Hing in comparison to other brands to make sure that you have a flavourful dish.
  • It is packed very hygienically and delicately, to ensure that the hing is not exposed to any amount of excess moisture.

Tip: How do I know If the hing is original?

If you want to make a good addition to your spice collection then using a guide to buy any kind of spice is important. Hence, following a guide while you’re buying Hing is also imperative. Might sound a little out of place, but there exists one.

It is always a hit and try while we talk about edibles, most of the time you need to buy from a particular brand to understand whether or not you want to buy from it again. So, our first suggestion would be trying a particular brand out and then maybe moving on to the second one.

Of course, expensive brands are a little out of reach to buy for trial but they also come with certain guarantees that make sure you have the correct thing in hand,

Next, here are some steps you can follow to make sure that you have purchased from a brand that sells pure Hing and does not have foreign resin mixed in it;

  1. You can take a small piece of Hing in a tablespoon, make sure it is stainless steel because the following steps might burn your spoon if it is not.
  2. Next step is to burn the Hing you just took, the idea behind is that if you have pure hing it will burn like camphor, completely while igniting a bright flame.
  3. However if it is adulterated Hing it will not produce bright flame-like camphor and just ignite a small flame.

So, this is the way to check whether or not you have purchased adulterated or pure hing, make sure to follow the steps as mentioned and you shall have your answer for the same.

Next up is to check whether or not the hing you bought has soapstone or earthly matter infused in it. The process to check this out is somewhat simpler however again it would require you to purchase the product. But, let us tell you how to do the same, follow these steps;

  1. The first step is to get a little bit of Hing onto the spoon and then mix it with water and give it some time to settle.
  2. If your hing is pure there will be no residue at the bottom of the glass and it would be mixed completely giving you somewhat of a clear glass of water.
  3. Next, if you are to mix adulterated hing into water then there will be a residue of soapstone or earthy matter settling at the bottom of the glass, and not have the Hing mix fully.

So, these are a few ways to check whether or not you purchased good pure hing. Of course not all the brands offer pure hing but a lot of them do, and to check their consistency with their claim is a consumer right you possess.


There could be several questions regarding the best brand to buy from or quality of hing that you might have to buy this time and we would like to answer them. Though we might not be able to answer them all, here are a few that are important and we thought should be answered.

Which is the best hing brand in India?

The best Hing brand according to us, and customer reviews is Catch. This brand has been present in the Indian market for quite some time and how it understands what we look for in our spices. Another reason why Catch is the best brand is because of their pricing and the advertisements run by them throughout these years.

Which is the best hing powder in India?

In terms of the best Hing Powder we have a tie between MDH and Catch, they have the best Hing Powders in India, the authentic flavors presented by both of them is looked out for, and also the brand name they have created for themselves because of the quality and pricing of their products is why we believe these are the best.

Which hing is best for cooking?

One of the best hing powders for cooking is from Everest, it has a very unique test alongside having a very smooth texture, it is also full of flavors and has an amazing shelf life. The quality of the Everest Hing is well talked about and of course, it is packed with the natural goodness of Hings.

Which country hing is best?

Iran and Afghanistan have the best hing, and also is the main importer of hing for India. These are also the two places where Hing first as a spice originated and hence has the best quality there. There are parts of central Europe too that produce Hing but the best are these two countries.

How to choose between the Best Hing Brands in India

Well, you don’t have to choose, you can always have more than one hing on your kitchen shelf. Each brand has a different taste and texture to offer. However, go through our suggestions and our FAQ to decide for yourself which hing is the best for you.

Hing ideally is supposed to add the missing onion and garlic flavor to your dish. And in general almost all the brands mention the same. The list created by us includes some of the best hing in India as they tend to do justice to the taste they provide..

Depending on how you like the smell of Hing and how the texture should be you should make your choice. On the other hand, if you have never experienced what Hing smells and tastes like as a spice, there are several familiar names in the list that you can choose from.

What needs to be understood is that if you have never tasted or smelled Hing there is a high chance that you’d find the smell and taste of it very pungent and different respectively then. However, like all spices, this is an acquired taste and over time you’d like it with your dal, sambhar, or other curries that you add it to.

Hing essentially lends a very flavourful taste to even your most plain dish and also is very easily available in the market, it works the best with ghee and then oil. Though it has a very strong smell when raw, it turns out with a very beautiful aroma after it is cooked. Of course, the medicinal purpose of hing can never be forgotten.

It is the reason why it is so widely used in Indian households, from digestion to respiratory diseases a lot of purposes are fulfilled by this spice, thus the widespread use of it. 

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