Best Inverter & Inverter Batteries for Home Use in India 2024

Are you planning to buy the Best Inverter and inverter batteries for home use in 2024? If your answer is yes, then this article is going to help aid you in gaining knowledge about how to select the best inverters based on the types of battery and sizes available in the market.

No one can imagine their like without any electricity. In fact, most of our daily activities like washing clothes, cooking or watching TV are based on this. Thus the role of inverter comes into play as we cannot imagine our life in the absence of electric power. An inverter stores the electric power and supply when it is not available. It converts the Direct current (DC) into an Alternating Current (AC).

The battery inside the inverter supplies power to it and in return inverter supplies power to the electrical appliances in case of load shedding. For proper storage, inverters need powerful batteries. Always choose a battery according to the capacity of the inverter. In the case of long hours of a power cut, low-cost batteries will not be able to provide extended support.

Best Inverter & Inverter Batteries for Home Use in India

There are an innumerable companies with fake promises and hidden facts about their models of inverters that will confuse you to choose the perfect model for your house. In this comprehensive writing, we have tried to ease the load of these herculean tasks of selecting the best inverter for home use in India in 2024.

After thorough research, we have compiled a list of the best inverters for Home in 2024 and their batteries based on their performance, types, and prices. It will assist you to determine the ideal inverter that will match all the requirements for your home.

What is the working Mechanism of an Inverter?

Depending on the load of the output socket, the inverters supply an uninterrupted power of 220 V or 110 V alternating current when the main source of power is not working. There is two working mechanism of an inverter. They are:

When the main electric supply is present

When the main supply is present, the main sensor of the house senses the relay and sends the power to the battery charging department. The sensor will activate the relay that will directly pass the electric supply to the socket of the output. The line voltage will carry out the load. The battery then converts the AC voltage to a DC one and recharges itself. When the battery becomes full, the charging stops.

When the main electric supply is not present

When the mains supply is not available, an oscillator circuit sends a 50 HZ MOS signal. The signal is then amplified to the output section via the driver section. Transistors of MOSFETs connected with the main winding of the transformer are used for this function. The switching devices start turning on and off at 50 HZ after receiving the signal. This creates a current of 110V or 220V AC inside the transformer. The produced voltage is then supplied to the output socket through a changeover relay.

What are the Different Types of Inverters

Generally, there are three types of best inverters in India available in the market depending upon their outputs. They are:

1. Inverter with Sine Wave

This type of inverter works more like a generator in a locality. The major advantage of this type of inverter is that almost all of the electric appliances sold in the market can run on this machine. It is a bit expensive than the other types of inverters.

2. Inverter with Modified Sine Wave

The waveform of this type of inverter is mostly like a square wave. It works efficiently in most of the devices but is less competent in some. Power motors like pumps, refrigerators, fans, etc draw huge power (almost 20%) due to their low efficiency. This is due to the reason that most of the frequencies are as high as 60 Hz that cannot be used by the motor. Some of the disadvantages of this type of devices are:

  • Lights may flicker
  • Creates a buzzing noise while operating
  • Appliances with a digital clock or timers will function slowly

3. Square Wave

Nowadays square wave inverters are rarely found in the market. It is the cheapest one among the three and is compatible only with some machines.

Full Buying Guide for the Best Inverters for your Home

Selecting one suitable inverter among thousands of models is a tough job. But you can surely pick up the best piece if you can keep the following aspects in mind.

1. Types of Battery

Based on the principle like maintenance, safety, lifespan, efficiency, and price, there are two types of battery. They are Tubular and Flat Plate Battery. Just know your home necessities and but the most suitable one for you.

2. The capacity of an Inverter

It is calculated as Total load to support divided by the power and is measured in Volt Ampere or VA. The general load factor of houses is 0.8. Just remember to pick an inverter that has a high VA than the required load factor.

3. Capacity or Size of the Battery

There is a formula to calculate the required capacity of a battery for the inverter you need for your home. The method is:

  • Total Load X Hours of Back up/ Voltage of the battery
  • The batteries in India usually have a voltage of 12V.

4. Back up Capacity

Back up hour means the total number of times the inverter will supply current without being recharged. Once charged, the best inverters in India supply sufficient energy to run in the long hours of power cuts without any disruption. If you live in an area with long load shedding hours, then you will need an inverter with a good back up power.

5. Consumption of Power

The power consumption of the inverters depends upon the total load of your place. The best way to calculate this consumption is to calculate the total number of appliances it will run.

6. Budget

Always fix your budget before entering the shop to buy your inverter. Otherwise, you will feel more confused while purchasing. Just know all your needs and acquire the inverter according to your home requirements.

7. Trusted Brand

Always choose an inverter manufactured by a trusted brand that will supply a long warranty, rapid customer service, and low maintenance cost.

8. Warranty

A long warranty period will help you to cover all your expenses from any damage or defect in the future. Thus you should look for an inverter with the highest warranty period.

9. After Sales Service

After-sales service is another important factor to consider while purchasing this device. After-sales service is a way of assurance from the company for the product to the customers to receive the anticipated services if any problem arises.

Unbeatable List of Best Inverters for Home Use in India in 2024

Based on the batter, backup power, price, performance and features, we have handpicked the following 6 best inverters for your home in 2024.

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter

Luminous bring India’s most cost-effective and intelligent Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter that is equipped with 32 bit DSP processor and other useful features for its users. This UPS has a display section that can show you the battery charging and power back-up time clearly in hours and minutes.

The back-up machine has multiple protection facilities like energy overload issues, short-circuit problems, deep discharge problems, and reverse polarity and many other factors through MCB. You can easily run 3 tube lights, 3 CFL lamps, an air cooler, a TV and 3 ceiling fans in your house. The Zelio+ 1100 model is designed with a 12V single battery that has a capacity of 900 VA which is 756 watts of power to support a wide battery range.

Zelio+ 1100 is the best inverter for home use in India in 2024 from Luminous and is safe for any sensitive home appliances with its Sinewave technology. It has two different modes of ECO & UPS. By keeping the voltage range under 180V to 260V, UPS mode always takes care of your sensitive appliances like a laptop, computer and more.

In ECO mode, it will be going to reduce the battery usage by extending the voltage range. The UPS is manufactured with an easy bypass switch which is going to protect you in any UPS fault.

This home UPS inverter has MCB protection from input mains for safety reasons. The low harmonic distortion of this power supplying device makes it a noiseless inverter for a noise-friendly environment in your home. Its pure sine wave output makes it an energy efficient one that can save your electricity bills. The price of this home UPS inverter is nearly about 5,000 INR without battery. It has 2 years of warranty along with 10 days of the replacement facility.

  • Multi-protection intelligent home UPS inverter
  • 32 bit DSP processor for better performance
  • Designed with pure Sinewave technology
  • Power and battery back-up display facility
  • Single 12 V battery and 900 VA capacities
  • Suitable UPS for sensitive appliances
  • Input mains protection from MCB
  • Wide battery range support
  • Noiseless operation
  • 2 years of warranty on the product
  • 10-day replacement facility
  • A cost-effective product

2. Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

If you are looking for an elegant and ergonomically designed inverter, then Microtek brings you its wide range model of Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter. This long-lasting and durable power supplying machine has many useful features for its users like- it is designed with Intelli Battery Gravity Management (IBGM) technology and in-built bypass switch for protection from UPS failure.

The HYBRID technology UPS is the perfect one for many factors like noiseless operation, extra load capacity, quick charring facility, longer backup facility and longer life of the battery. This 382x339x192 ((L x W x H) dimensioned UPS inverter model comes with the best battery and voltage range selection switch.

The IPS technology of all Microtek UPS models makes it an energy-efficient inverter for the users. You can select the battery charging current with standard (in 10 Amps) and fast charging (in 14 Amps) option as per your requirement.

The intelligent control hybrid design of the product is based on DSC (Digital Signal Controller) that indicates faults and status at its display. This power bank device has smart overload and short-circuits sense for protection. It is an easy serviceable UPS inverter that has an auto-reset feature to help you to set the power usage quickly. There is a switch to select the float charging voltage and rapid charging option for your inverter.

This Microtek Ups 24Ã-7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter is equipped with a Microtek stabilizer that provides high-quality performance in electricity fluctuation. The approximate price of this Microtek inverter model is 4200 INR. It comes with 2 years of product warranty and this product is eligible for 10 days returnable policy in case of any mismatch or damage issue.

  • Hybrid technology inverter from Microtek
  • Noiseless performance with longer battery life and backup
  • Battery charging power selection option
  • Designed with IBGM technology for longer life of the battery
  • Bypass switch for protection from UPS failure
  • Ergonomic and elegant design
  • 12 VDC battery with 950 VA capacity and 760 Watts of output power
  • Microtek stabilizer included
  • Overload and short-circuit smart sense
  • Auto-reset and quick charging option infused

3. V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Sinewave UPS

V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Sinewave UPS

V-Guard introduces its latest technology Prime 1150 Digital Sinewave UPS that is especially planned for all sophisticated home appliances and electronic equipment. This model from V-Guard is made with DSC based blueprint to assure you about sinewave output and has a battery water topping reminder that can inform you about the water status of your battery. This intelligent UPS is compatible with Tubular, SMF, Flat Plate and local 80 to 230 AH batteries.

The power bank device is crafted with High-performance Selection Switch by which you can easily change the power output from the inverter. It will also work as longer backup support to run an appliance. You can run almost everything by this best inverter in India like LED TV, lights, fans, mixer grinders, and other home appliances. There is an extra switch also for the refrigerator. The advantages of Battery Gravity Builder are included in this model to make the battery life healthy and longer.

Although V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Sinewave UPS is a noiseless inverter, you can also mute the buzzer sound by using some applications. It has a large LED display icon on its front panel that can indicate all the vital reminders like battery usage, low back-up alerts, battery water level and more with audio. You can use any batteries of 80-230 Ah range for this inverter. It has a dual mode operational facility for computers and other home appliances.

You can buy this Digital Sinewave UPS at nearly 6000 INR to run your home appliances safely. There is 24 months warranty on the product from the manufacturer and this model from V-Guard is eligible for 10 days returnable policy.

  • High inrush load handling capacity
  • Water topping reminder for battery
  • Dual-mode option for different output
  • 32 bit DCS based sinewave output design
  • Battery gravity builder protection
  • Front switch usability
  • A power-efficient product
  • An audio and visual indicator
  • Mute buzzer option
  • High performance and back-up selection switch
  • A cost-friendly product to buy
  • 2 years for warranty

4. Luminous Zelio 1100i Smart Home UPS – with i-Control Feature

Luminous Zelio 1100i Smart Home UPS - with i-Control Feature

Luminous Zelio 1100i Smart Home UPS is the most intelligent UPS in India that can be controlled by a smartphone app. This smart technology machine comes with Bluetooth connectivity facilities. Now you can handle your UPS remotely by your mobile apps. This Zelio 1100i model is powered by a 32 bit DSP processor with intelligent back-up and charging capability.

The LCD in the front with a unique indication process can easily show you charging and back-up time, modes, mains On, the water level of the battery and system fault (if any). This model is specially crafted for sensitive appliances like the computer of your home that can run successfully without any worry of voltage fluctuation or power cut. You can also connect with the UPS via Wi-Fi connectivity from the Android & iOS smartphone applications.

For input main protection, this one of the best inverters in India have MCB infused along with bypass switch to protect the machine and other devices from UPS failure.

Through this iControl features, you can easily manage your smart UPS functions. The low harmonic distortion of the machine makes it a noiseless and hassle-free device for its users. It supports a wide range of batteries like Tubular & VRLA (SMF), Flat Plate, etc. with 900 VA of power capacity and output power of 756 Watts.

You can easily bring this Luminous Zelio 1100i smart house UPS at roughly around 6000 INR. It has 2 years of warranty including the Zelio 1100i application. There are 10 days returnable policy on this product so that you can buy it without any worry of defective or damaged product delivery.

  • Intelligent home UPS with smartphone app control
  • Sinewave inverter model
  • Single battery smart home UPS
  • Equipped with 32 bit DSP Processor
  • A safe product for all sensitive appliances
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity facility for remote app handling
  • LED display for battery charging and power back-up
  • Bypass switch for UPS failure
  • Low harmonic distortion for noiseless performance
  • 24 Months warranty on product and i-Control app

5. Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter

Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter

Luminous Zolt 1100 is the most popular sinewave UPS inverter for its high performance and exceptional grid quality power back-up support during the power-cut time. This home UPS machine is equipped with an LCD panel and safety indication alarm for secure handling. Its 32-bit DSP processor can optimize battery charging and back-up according to the load supply.

The Luminous Zolt 1100 has a strong metal body and faster-charging ability with 900 VA and 756 watts of power capacity. This Intelligent Home UPS designed with an intuitive LCD facility for not only charging and back-up time but also for eco-ups mode indication, main on indication, show battery water level and indicate system fault. It also has a safety alarm for the short-circuit issue. This 1100 volts inverter has an MVB facility to protect your appliances from inverter surges and faults.

For bypass operations of this model, it has a bypass switch that ensures about direct power supply procedure from main points to your other home appliances for the safety reason from any system failure. Luminous Zolt 1100’s dual operation mode with UPS and Eco ensure you to run sensitive appliances without the worry of any kind of damage due to overpowering supply. The ECO mode can help the inverter to reduce the battery usage that makes it durable.

This durable product from Luminous comes with 2 years product warranty and is also an eligible product for 110 days replacement policy in case of any damaged, defective or different item wrongly delivered. You can buy this Sinewave home UPS inverter at nearly around 4900 INR for a noiseless solution to your power-cut problem.

  • Pure Sinewave UPS inverter from Luminous
  • Voltages capacity- 110V-265V x 220V-230V
  • Faster charging facility with safety features
  • 900VA and 756 watts of power capacity
  • Able to optimize charging and back-up according to load condition
  • LCD for essential indication
  • Noiseless performance with the power-effective manner
  • Short circuit protection safety alarm
  • MCB facility to protect from the system fault
  • 2 years of warranty on the product

6. Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Microtek Ups Sebz is currently the best selling sinewave inverter for its various helpful features and technologies. This microcontroller based designed power back-up machine has a voltage range selection option with a switch to operate standard and narrow voltage range (100V~300V & 180V~260V). The model assures you about its noiseless, high quality, safe and energy-efficient performance with longer back-up time.

This popular pure sinewave inverter from Microtek is prepared with smart overload sense and a short circuit protection system to make it safe for its users. The output power of this product is 760 watts with 950 VA capacities. It needs 10 Amps ± 1 Amp charging current in standard mode. The display section on the front panel shows UPS on indication, mains On, battery charging level, low-battery indication, overload alert, and system fault indication.

This power bank device is designed with CCCV technology with an auto trickle mode option to make the product safer and a long-lasting one for its users. The battery state monitoring option is there to inform you about the battery water level and the perfect time to re-charge it. The multi-stage battery charger can charge the battery in a shorter time than any other brand.

The Ups Sebz series is known as the best selling inveter from Microtek and you need to pay nearly 4700 INR to buy this one. The product includes 2 years of comprehensive warranty and 10 days returnable facility to draw the attention of the buyers.

  • Sinewave inverter from Microtek Ups Sebz series
  • 760 watts output power with a capacity of 950VA
  • Equipped with overloaded sense and short circuit protection
  • Clear LED display indication for essential information
  • Designed with CCCV technology with an auto trickle mode
  • Multistage battery charger for a fast charging facility
  • Battery stage monitoring option available
  • Mains input voltage range selection switch
  • Voltage required is 10 – 14 VDC x 200 – 230V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz x 50 Hz
  • 2 years of product warranty

Various Types of Inverter Batteries

The best inverter batteries are all lead-acid ones that are rechargeable. Based on the lead acid properties, there are two types of batteries. They are:

1. Blooded or Wet cell lead-acid Batteries

This type of batteries needs more maintenance and is needed to be kept in upright position.

2. Gel or Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

They are more expensive than the wet ones and are completely maintenance free. Also known as VRLA (Valve Regulated Acid) Battery, they sometimes require some sort of cleaning.

Based on the plate technology, the inverter batteries are further divided into two types. They are Flat plate and Tubular Batteries.

Here are the Top 5 Best Inverter Batteries in India in 2024

We have separated the finest 5 inverter batteries in India in 2024 based on their total load capacity, back up hours, power consumption and price. They are:

1. LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

LUMINOUS Red Charge 18000 tabular battery is uniquely designed with alloy composition that can protect the lead part from corrosion. This grain structured void-free tabular battery is known as its high-class performance which stays long. It can charged-up in a shorter time compared with others. You can easily see the effect of this power-efficient product on your electricity bills. The strong designed body can stand long against the power cut issues.

This LUMINOUS void-free best inverter battery in India is made up of using HADI high-pressure casting machine by the manufacturer. The high purity grain structure model confirms its corrosion-resistant quality and longer life. It has puncture-resistant technology that minimizes the chances of an internal short circuit. The balanced design of the plate improves its ability to deep charge recovery and charge acceptance rate.

The model of LUMINOUS Red Charge 18000 is crafted with inter partition connection for the lowest internal resistance. The battery has a life of over 1250 cycles at 80% DOD (depth of discharge). The flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet is present in this battery for an extremely voltage fluctuation problem.

This tall tubular best inverter battery has a long backup (up to 12 hrs) and a fast-charging ability for high-class performance. It comes with 36 years of warranty on the product along with 18 months replacement warranty. This battery can resist voltage fluctuation problems to give you an uninterrupted power supply for long.

The price of this inverter battery is approximately 12000 INR to buy. You can be sure about the longevity and durability of this inverter battery from Luminous.

  • A void-free grain structure inverter battery
  • Manufactured with HADI technology
  • Corrosion-resistant product with spine alloy composition
  • Tubular plate construction for even distribution of active material
  • Puncture-resistant with DARAMIC-USA separator to reduce short circuit chances
  • Balanced plate design
  • Inter partition connection to enhance charge acceptance
  • High voltage protection
  • Long-life battery for better performance
  • Comes with 36 months of warranty on the product
  • 18 months of product replacement warranty

2. Exide 150Ah New Insta brite Inverter Ups Battery

Exide 150Ah New Insta brite Inverter Ups Battery

Exide introduces its latest 150Ah Instabrite Inverter UPS battery with valuable features and power that promises first-class performance and superior power backup at a pocket-friendly price. This is the chief quality flagship model from Exide with Instabrite battery that can hold deep discharge conditions in voltage shortage. This best inverter battery 2024 can finely perform with the minimum usage of fumes and gases with its instant switch over an option to perform better.

The lead-acid battery from Exide Instabrite series is an ideal option for non-stop power supply to your home. The IB1500 (150Ah) model is a recommended product for 1BHK & 2BHK flat. The battery model is specially designed with advanced hybrid technology and special paste formulation for high-temperature areas. This hybrid alloy system helps the battery to maintain low water loss and has a dual plate separation system to reduce the chances of early-failure.

This easy to maintain and handle the inverter battery of Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inverter Ups Battery has an electrolyte level indicator to inform you about the condition. You will get the battery delivered with the factory-charged condition to run. It has a top vented lid with an anti-splash facility that makes the battery an ideal product for frequent load shedding areas. All the batteries of this series are processed with comparatively thicker positive plates that enhance the longevity and utility of the product.

Moreover, the Exide 150Ah comes with 18 months warranty facility with 10 days returnable policy in case of any damaged or defective product wrongly delivered to you. It will cost you nearly 10000 INR to buy.

  • Manufactured with tubular technology
  • Easy to maintain and clean product
  • Leakage-free product
  • Electrolyte level indicator included
  • Ideal product for frequent power-cut areas
  • Deep cycle designing for better performance
  • Fast charging facility available
  • An easy to install product
  • Fumes & acid-free operation
  • 18 months free replacement warranty
  • Next 18 months prorata
  • A cost-friendly product to buy

3. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron is one of the best battery manufacturing companies that bring its Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery loaded with various useful features and facilities for its users. This is the perfect solution for a frequent power cut and low voltage or fluctuation areas for its premium performance and high capacity heat tolerance ability. This tall tubular battery has a fast-charging facility with a simple process. There is no need to maintain this battery like others to get the best performance out of it.

With its wide range of inverter batteries that suites different needs and applications of the users, Amaron makes it compatible with the other brands in the market. For an extra hassle-free experience, this company uses high heat resistant Calcium/ultra technology with modified hybrid alloy for the grids of the best battery for inverter to make it a maintenance-free product for its end users.

This advanced technology inverter home UPS system has a tall tubular type design that has less prone to water loss which can assure you about its long life. The design and compact size of this Amaron Tubular Battery in white and green color make you able to place it in a small space in your home inverter. It has a vibration-resistant exterior that helps it to perform longer.

The model for Amaron comes with 48 months (36 + 12) of warranty and that is one of the main reasons why this is currently the best battery selling company. The price of this battery is nearly about 13000 INR.

  • Designed with high heat tolerance capacity
  • Perfect battery for Indian weather condition
  • Advanced technology tall tubular battery
  • Comes with factory charged condition
  • A maintenance-free product to use
  • Manufactured with fast charging ability
  • Low water loss inverter battery
  • Modified with Hybrid alloy for grids
  • 36 months of warranty from Amaron
  • A budget-friendly product to buy

4. Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery

Luminous RC 15000Tubular 120AH Battery

Luminous RC 15000 is a 120 Ah capacity, 12V battery that has multiple advantages with updated technology for its users. The battery comes with 36 months of warranty that ensure the long-lasting facility of the product. This tubular technology battery has strong tubular plates that make it more powerful to supply energy seamlessly.

This powerful 120 AH battery comes with an unperturbed water level maintenance facility and MCB protection in case of system failure. This is the most ideal product for frequent load shading areas. The strong and hard plastic housing body confirms its high durability and longevity. This 120 AH battery has 12V of power capacity to perform continuously during power cut time.

This Luminous tall tubular best inverter battery for home use is equipped with 15 liters of Electrolyte volume capacity along with 6 water level mark indicators that can inform you about the present condition of the battery to make it charge. Its 12 Amps boost charging facility gets charged in a shorter time than other batteries in this series.

The battery comes with 3 years of comprehensive warranty on the product. The price of this tubular battery is nearly about 12,400 INR. This is the ideal product for house use.

  • Powerful tubular battery model from Luminous
  • A durable product with hard plastic body material
  • 120 Ah battery with 12V capacity
  • 36 months warranty on the product
  • Equipped with robust tubular plates
  • A suitable product for power-cut prone areas
  • A durable device with helpful features
  • Trickle mode charging option available
  • Designed with water indication level
  • Able to support up to 5 hours for 200-watt power usage

5. Luminous ILTT 26060 220Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous ILTT 26060 220Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous ILTT 26060 220Ah tubular battery model is one of the best inverter battery from this series. It is crafted with various and valuable features and technologies for expert performance. This 12V battery has 220 Ah capacities with 60 months of warranty on a product that shows its longevity and durability.

This next-generation tall tubular 220Ah battery has a better charge acceptance rate and fast charging ability for longer back-up capability. It has 30% more acid volume that any other ordinary battery model. Its high purity corrosion-safe spine alloy composition confirms its longer life.

The flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet makes it extra strong to perform better in power-cut prone areas in a seamless manner. This tubular battery from Luminous carefully crafted with puncture-resistant polyethylene separator that reduces the 80% chance of internal short circuit issue in long term first-class performance.

With water level indicators, this product is easy to maintain one for your house. The price for this Luminous ILTT 26060 220Ah tubular battery is near about 18200 INR. This best inverter battery in India comes with a factory charged-up and ready to usability. You can directly connect it with your inverter right after buying it and enjoy a comfortable installation on your own by following the instructions in the guide book.

  • 220Ah battery with Tall Tubular technology
  • 600 VA – 10 KVA inverter support facility
  • Battery with a 12-volt nominal voltage
  • 60 months warranty on the product
  • Fast charge acceptance facility
  • 30% more acid volume/Amp/hr
  • Designed with spine alloy composition
  • A corrosion-resistant inverter battery
  • Equipped with oxidation-resistant gauntlet for longer battery life
  • Plastic housing body for high durability
  • Ideal inverter battery for load shading prone areas
  • An easy to maintain product

Some Commonly Asked Questions

We have tried to answer below some of the most commonly asked questions including the answers that come across the minds of the users often.

Which battery is good for home inverter in India?

The answer to this question depends upon the type of appliances you use at home and the total load you will put on the inverter. Tubular batteries are the popular choice in India for the selection of batteries for the inverter at home.

What is an Inverter?

An inverter is an electrical device that converts DC into AC voltage to power electrical appliances even during continuous power-offs.

Which is the good inverter for a home?

Sinewave is the best inverter in India compared to a modified sinewave and square wave inverters. They are a bit costly but are the most efficient in the long run when compared to these two.

Which battery is best for the inverter?

Tubular batteries are the best ones while using in the inverter compared to the flat batteries.

Which inverter is best for a 200ah battery?

850 VA inverter is ideal for 200 ah battery. The battery of this much capacity can power the appliances of your home for at least 4 to 5 hours with an 850 VA inverter.

How much power does an inverter use?

Every 100 watts of an inverter of 12 V systems require 10 Amps DC power from its battery. For every 200 watts of an inverter of 24 volts also needs 10 Amps DC from the battery.

Which battery is better tubular or flat?

Tubular batteries come with longer battery life compared to flat ones. Tubular batteries shred fewer active materials, a high ability to create and accept more current. The flat batteries are more heat resistant. Thus, tubular batteries are one of the best inverter batteries in India.

How many hours does a 150ah battery last?

The needed time to release the battery from a full up charge position depends on the type of load it has. Generally, a battery can carry 15 A for 10 hours and 7.5 A for 20 hrs.

How long a 200ah battery does last?

200ah Battery can power up 200 A for 1 hour or 10 A for 20 hours.

Do inverters drain the battery?

Yes, inverters do drain away from the battery with use. But the time required to do so depend upon the condition and age of the battery and the demand for the power being placed upon it over the years.

How fast does the inverter drain the battery?

The drainage time of all the best inverter battery in India always depends on the load it is supplying. The more the load on the inverter, the faster will the battery lose its power.

How long will a battery last with an inverter?

The lasting time will depend on the type of appliance it is supporting.

What is the advantage of inverter generators?

The following are the perks of having an inverter generator based upon the conventionality and dependability.
1. They are portable
2. Have great fuel efficiency
3. They produce almost zero noise
4. Includes parallel capabilities

Final Words about the Best Inverters and Batteries for Home Use in India in 2024

In today’s era, we are all dependant on electricity. But the absence of it can cause a lot of stress on electricity dependant works. At this juncture, inverters make our life better. We hope that our article will help you to choose the best possible inverter according to your needs and budget.

We have tried to incorporate every single question and information about the best inverters and best inverter battery for home available in the Indian market. But if you need further more details, do connect us through your comments.

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