10 Safest & Best Iron Supplements in India 2024

With these Best Iron Supplements in India in 2024, you can now stop worrying about problems related to iron deficiencies. Your daily dose of iron can now be taken without fear and with the utmost convenience of home delivery!

With the growing number of people looking for the Best Iron Supplements in India in 2024, we’re excited to do these reviews for you. Iron, as you must know, is a mineral that can naturally be found in many foods, and therefore, to balance your iron level, you can now select from some of the best iron supplements in India in 2024.

Iron can also be added to your food products or included in your regular diet plan. Iron is considered an essential component of hemoglobin, and it increases protein in red blood cells, which will help circulate oxygen to tissues via your lungs. Components of iron also support muscle metabolism and maintain a healthy connection between tissues. The necessity of iron is very much required because it keeps most of the body’s organs and increases the functionality of the organs.

Medically iron supplements or iron pills have been used for long years to treat iron deficiency in one’s body. Also, during pregnancy, iron supplements are used to get the required amount of iron during birth. So, iron supplements should be taken regularly, but before deciding to take it for a long time, try to consult a doctor. The level of iron should be balanced, which helps to keep working many important organs of our body.

So, before buying or consuming any kind of iron supplements, try to check the price and gather the required details which should be known to you. You should also follow the questions and answer that customers commonly ask to get more details about a particular iron supplement.

Here are the Top Benefits of Iron Supplements you should know about!

People before consuming any kind of supplements think about its effects and side effects on our body. Here we have provided some points about the Benefits of Iron Supplements like:

  • Iron Treats Anemia: The essential health benefit of iron is that it has the capability of treating anemia, which is considered to be a common deficiency in the world. When hemoglobin range is low, it results in anemia. Some of the most common symptoms of anemia include dizziness, breathlessness, fatigue, increased heart rate, and sickness and weakness.
  • Hemoglobin Booster: The function of iron or iron supplements is to create hemoglobin, which is a protein for red blood cells. The primary purpose of hemoglobin is to provide oxygen in the blood. Extra hemoglobin is required because blood losses are frequent in human life due to injuries. Women are more prone to anemia because they lose a considerable amount of blood every month during their menstrual cycle.
  • Reduction of Fatigue: Iron helps to maintain fatigue, which can harm both men and women equally. A lower level of iron can affect the energy level of anybody who is not anemic. Foods rich in iron content and iron supplements will increase the level of iron and decrease the level of tiredness and exhaustion. Women, especially in their reproductive years, have a reduced level of energy.
  • Increases Muscle Endurance: Iron helps to provide the required amount of oxygen so that your muscle stays contracted and full of strength and energy. A lower level of iron increases muscle fatigue. Iron helps to reduce pain and helps to repair the affected tissues.
  • Boosts Immunity: Iron/iron supplements can make your immune system stronger. It increases hemoglobin, which helps to repair affected tissues and helps to provide oxygen to tissues. Hence, a high immune system can help to fight many infectious diseases.
  • Helps to Restore Sleep: Iron also helps to complete your sleep, required for the human body to function well. Adequate sleep can help organs function well and stay healthy.

When to Take Iron Tablets

At some point in time, you will require increasing your iron consumption, so we have provided some reasons to take iron supplements to strengthen your body parts and organs.

  • Iron deficiency leads to anemia: Anemia is caused due to less iron in your red blood cells. If you do not have the desired level of iron in your body, then the red blood cells will not transfer oxygen to other cells and tissues in your body. Anemia due to iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia, affecting many people around the world.
  • Pregnancy: Women who are not pregnant are advised to take 15-18 mg of iron regularly. But, women who are pregnant need to consumed more iron supplements. According to doctors, pregnant women should consume 27mg of iron per day. Always consult a doctor before having any kind of iron supplements at the pregnancy level.
  • Having an Infant: Before a baby is born, it gathers iron from the mother. When a baby is 6 months of age, you should give them foods rich in iron content. You should consult a child specialist before including any kind of iron supplement in your baby’s diet.
  • Menstruation: Menstruation destroys the iron stored in our bodies. Most women are affected due to anemia rather than men. According to research, the main risk factor for anemia is race or ethnicity.
  • Exercise: According to a survey, it is found that women who are into sports or exercise may have a high-risk factor regarding iron deficiency. Because women into sports require more oxygen than others, which leads to the well functioning of red blood cells, consult a doctor if you are suffering from any symptom of anemia.
  • Daily blood loss: If you face continuous and regular blood loss, you need to consume extra iron. Frequent blood donation can also be harmful because it can decrease the level of iron in your body.
  • Dialysis: Those you are going through kidney dialysis should consume extra iron. If your kidney does not perform well, it can lead to anemia. Consult your doctor on how to keep good blood level iron to fight with anemia.
  • Medications: Certain medications can absorb the level of iron in your body. While medicine if you notice that symptoms of anemia are coming up, immediately consult a doctor. Do not stop the medication that you are continuing because it can lead to other diseases.
  • ADHD: Also, researchers have found that iron deficiency is also caused due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Children are more prone to ADHD, which affects the level of iron.
  • ACE inhibitor: ACE inhibitor can prevent kidney disease. After ACE inhibitor, if you consume 200mg ferrous sulfate supplement regularly, you will have less cough. Researchers also found that the consumption of iron increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood. The help of nitric oxide can reduce ACE inhibitor-related coughs.

Our List of 10 Best Iron Supplements in India in 2024

Today we will be discussing the Top 10 Best Iron Supplements in India in 2024 as we all know that various companies are selling different iron supplements with varying compositions. You don’t need to worry. Just scroll down and select the company you are searching for.

1. Now Foods Iron Tablets

Now Foods Iron Tablets

Our list starts with the Best Iron Capsules in India, which is manufactured by Now Foods. It is a gentle and non-constipating capsule, and the doses are 1 capsule regularly when you have your meal. But there is some safety information regarding those suffering from iron deficiency should consult a doctor been taking any iron supplement.

  • The product of Now Food is a Dietary Iron Supplement. The company processes its products by maintaining the utmost safety and quality of iron supplements.
  • The company also keeps track of the ingredients used while manufacturing the supplements and the manufacturers abiding by the medical body’s rules and regulations.
  • The company also tests the products and ensures that the customers are getting a useful supplement they can use in the long run.
  • Because the company knows that dietary supplements are essential in our day to life, and it helps maintain a proper level of vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, and other essential nutrients are balanced.
  • Excessive consumption of iron supplements can lead to dangerous diseases, especially among children under 6 years of age.

2. Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron with Vitamin C

Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron with Vitamin C Tablets

The next product and the Best Iron Supplements are manufactured and marketed by Novus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd, and it is entirely vegetarian.

Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron capsule gives you more energy, less fatigue, and you will feel rejuvenated all the time. The capsule after consuming reacts fast, and you will get the result pretty quickly. It is very gentle in your stomach, and you will not feel any kind of constipation or Nausea.

Carbamide Forte Iron tablets are easy to consume and no aftertaste. Medicated people, pregnant women, should talk to a doctor before taking any dietary iron supplement. You are suggested one capsule daily with any kind of meal.

  • Carbamide Forte Chelated Iron with Vitamin C tablets which works as a purifier and purifies the blood.
  • Fatigue-related issues can be easily solved by taking the Carbamide Forte Iron capsule.
  • Consuming this Iron with Vitamin C tablets can make your energy level boosted to a high standard.
  • The Carbamide Forte Iron tablet’s primary function to maintain blood health and supports the reproductive system.
  • The tablet didn’t harm your stomach; it is non-constipating in nature, and not at all difficult for absorption.

So, the supplement of this company is quite stable and helps the proper functioning of our body organs.

3. Inlife Iron Folic Acid Supplement

The 3rd product in our list is the Best Iron Supplement for Women and produced by InLife. This iron supplement creates average blood cell production, and the product also helps lower the level of iron deficiency. The capsule primarily supports women’s nutritional health. The pill is very much helpful for pregnant women to recover and maintain the iron level. Take 1 tablet regularly after the meal and try to talk with a doctor for its further uses.

  • Anemic patients and pregnant women very much require iron + Folic Acid tablets because it is the best way to provide the needed nourishment.
  • Iron is essential but Folic Acid, which is considered a Vitamin B-complex that supports the blood and nucleic acid. So, tablets with iron and folic acid are prescribed or advised to women because it helps build cells and tissues during the main stages of life like childhood, teenage, and pregnancy.
  • The capsules provide your life with excellent fitness and free from tiredness. Tablets with iron and folic acid are mostly recommended for growing teens and pregnant women because they are on the verge of iron deficiency.

4. Healthvit Iron Ferrous Fumarate

Healthvit Iron Ferrous Fumarate

So, the next product is produced and marketed by West Coast Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. and is also the Best Iron in India as we all know that iron is required in our daily life for women’s health and at the pregnancy stage. Iron plays a vital role in oxygen transportation within our bodies. Iron also supports the brain and muscle for robust functionality. Excellent and proper iron supplementation can help prevent iron deficiency—one capsule daily or doctor advice.

  • Iron always plays the most crucial role in our body and helps transport oxygen to the blood cells for the smooth functioning of our body parts.
  • Proper iron supplements can help you eliminate diseases caused by iron deficiency, and the most induced condition is anemia.
  • Anemia is caused due to iron deficiency, and it obstructs the flow of oxygen to the red blood cells, which can create the malfunctioning of your body parts.

Hence, you can try Healthvit tablet, which can be a good supplement for iron, and the ingredients are quite safe.

5. Nature Made Iron Supplement

Nature Made markets the next Best Iron Supplement in India. It is also considered a Dietary Supplement. Nature Made Iron Supplement is a completely vegetarian product and FSSAI was approved with a valid license number. It is not for pregnant women. Suppose you are under any kind of medication or have allergy stop intaking the capsule and consult a doctor immediately.

The company does not guarantee any person who is consuming the capsule will get effective results. The result depends on various health factors. Always read every detail provided by the company to use the product safely. Consult a doctor for the usage of the product.

  • Iron is the most essential and required nutrients when women are in their reproductive stage, and at this stage, iron deficiency is the main problem.
  • Formation of new red blood cells is vital in one’s body; hence iron can create the right amount of red blood cells.
  • Iron keeps your overall health performance in good condition, and for this reason,, iron supplements are required by our bodies at certain stages of life.
  • This particular company’s product is verified and supported by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

6. Healthkart Iron + Folic Acid with Zinc

The next product is one of the best Iron and Zinc Tablet and is manufactured by Bacfo Pharmaceutical (India) Ltd.

  • The capsules increase the hemoglobin level in our body with an increase in Red Blood Cell count. It is suitable for every patient and comes with immunity-boosting Vitamin C and scientifically proven and formulated.
  • Consult your doctor before using this product and also know about the daily doses.
  • This tablet contains Iron added with folic acid and zinc mixed so that it is safe and comes with certain advantages that will benefit our health.
  • Due to tozinc’se addition with iron,, it creates the ultimate solution to increase your hemoglobin level with is not possible if you take only iron supplements.
  • Hence, a dietary health supplement must include iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin B12, which can help your body fight against anemia by increasing the level of hemoglobin and creating red blood cells in your body.

Hence, the company takes care of the quality of the product and is trusted by many customers.

7. Nature’s Bounty Iron supplement

Nature’s Bounty Iron Supplement is the Best Iron Supplement for Anemia. The tablets contain the required amount of iron that your body needs for functioning regularly. Also, the pills are an energy booster and improve women’s health. It is Not for pregnant women and allergy patients. Consult a doctor for continuation and doses required for consumption.

  • The company Nature’s Bounty primarily takes care of the Vitamins and Minerals that everybody needs regularly.
  • The products they made are wholly made using natural ingredients, and no flavors or preservatives are used, especially Sodium-free.
  • But customers have to keep in mind that the product Nature’s Bounty is dealing with cannot be used as medicine to treat, cure, diagnose, or fight any kind of disease.
  • The company’s primary concern is to Immune the System and to provide support to the Circulatory System.

Nature’s Bounty is entirely natural and is safe for consumption and maintaining good health.

8. Cipla Fericip-Xt Iron + Vitamin C + folic Acid

Produced by Cadila Healthcare Ltd. and the product is known as the Best Iron and Folic Acid Tablets. This is the 100% vegetarian product, which will make you feel energized and eliminate fatigue from your body.

  • Creates protein for red blood cells and boosts the immunity power of your body.
  • Easy to consume and no problem of constipation will be seen, and you will get quick results after taking the tablets.
  • For further description, usage, and doses, talk to a doctor and get prescribed.
  • The tablet contains Ferrous Ascorbate (Iron) and comes with Folic Acid (Vitamin B9).
  • Folic acid is beneficial and required for our body’s functions like nucleotide biosynthesis and remethylation of homocysteine.
  • Folic Acid is required at stages when there is a rapid growth of cells and division of cells.
  • The Fericip XT iron tablets are required to treat anemia, lower iron level, chronic blood loss, and nutritional anemia caused during pregnancy and lactation.

9. Nutrilite Cherry Iron Tablets

Nutrilite Cherry Iron Tablets

The Nutrilite Cherry Iron supplement is marketed by a renowned company Amway and is also considered the Best Iron Supplement Online. The products of Amway Company are all naturally made and resources used are collected from nature. But still, the usage, doses, and essential details are best known to a doctor, and you should consult a doctor before start consumption.

  • As we all know that iron is the essential nutrient required by our body. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the diet we use to follow lacks iron in it.
  • Lack of iron in your body means a lack of oxygen in your body. But we all know that oxygen plays a very significant role in our collection.
  • So, if you lack the level of oxygen required by our body, then it is difficult for you to perform your day to day work.

So, Amway came up with a beneficial and natural iron supplement that can fulfill your body’s iron requirement. And Amway is a renowned and trusted brand as well.

10. Himalayan Organics Organic iron Supplement

Himalayan Organics Organic Iron Supplement

Our last product in this list is manufactured by Organic Dehydrated Foods and is the Best Iron Supplement in India. Vegetarian product. The product is enriched with the required minerals needed by our body for a smooth flow of oxygen. Himalayan organics help you feel energized and also boosts your immunity. Also, iron helps to maintain the required level of protein in your blood. You usually can take 2 tablets in one go, but it is still preferred to seek advice from a doctor.

  • Essentials Minerals Required for Overall Health: It includes oxygen transportation in our body, increasing hemoglobin level, and red blood cells.
  • More Energized: With the help of the Himalayan Organics Organic Iron you will feel double energized and also increase your immunity power.
  • Other Factors Iron keeps you Healthy: If the iron level is right, you will feel your muscles are full o strength, and it can also increase your concentration and memory power.
  • Himalayan Organics Organic Iron Supplement is a certified product and a trusted brand because it uses natural fruits and vegetables to produce the supplement.


Now in this section, we will answer some of the commonly asked questions by customers before buying or consuming iron supplements. Keeping in mind the customer’s needs, these questions and answers can help you in many ways and clear your doubt regarding any iron supplement product

Which is the Most Productive Iron Supplement?

The most effective iron supplement is Ferrous Salt because it is considered to be the best iron absorbed supplement and is also considered as the standard iron supplement or salts rather than any other iron salts.

Which is the Most Absorbable Form of Iron?

Absorbable iron consists of two types: Heme and Non-Heme iron. Heme iron is taken from hemoglobin from animal food resources and non-heme iron I derived from plant resources.

How to Increase Iron in the Body?

Steps to increase iron content in your body:

1. Eat more lean red meat.
2. Increase the consumption of chicken and fish.
3. Eat Vitamin C rich foods.
4. Try to avoid drinking coffee, tea, and milk.
5. Consume more non-heme iron foods.

How to take Iron Supplements For Best Absorption?

Water is considered the best absorption method for iron supplements, and you should consume iron supplements in an empty stomach. Orange juice can also be used in place of water. To maintain the right iron absorption level, avoid including tea.

When Should I Take Iron Morning or Night?

Always try to take any kind of supplement before you go to bed because it is considered the best time when your stomach stays empty.

How long does it take for Iron to work?

Many people with a healthy immune system will see the results of the iron supplements within a week. Still, sometimes the results can be noticed after four weeks because the medicine will react adequately and then provide you the results.

Is it OK to take an Iron Supplement every day?

Iron consumption is likely unsafe when taken in high doses from the mouth. If you have less iron deficiency, do not consume more than 45mg of iron per day. Side effects can be caused by taking high doses like nausea and vomiting.

What are the side effects of taking Iron tablets?

Some of the main side effects of iron supplements are stomach ache, nausea, and diarrhea.

Author’s Take on Best Iron Supplements in India 2024

So, to sum up, we have provided Top 10 Best Iron Supplements in India 2024. Now, you can go through some of the necessary details and consult a doctor for further usage. Remember, iron is an essential component of our bodies. We have provided you some of the brands whose products are naturally made and have little or no side effects.

Do not worry if you are facing iron deficiency and have anemia just talk to a doctor, start taking iron supplements and get the result within a week. Also, pregnant women should have food rich in iron or any dietary supplements to fulfill iron requirements. Not only metal, zinc, folic acid, Vitamin C, and other essential elements should also be maintained equally with iron. So, stop thinking and start taking iron supplements to keep your body.

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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