10 Best Jojoba Oils for Face and Hair in India 2024

You can now get your hands on the Best Jojoba Oil for face and hair in India in 2023 by referring to our list that includes all the best brands in Jojoba Oil available in India to improve the quality of your skin and hair.

If you are looking for the top 10 Best Jojoba Oils in India in 2024, then we have prepared a list from which customers can choose according to their personal preferences and needs. No matter what the choice is though, customers can be assured that this list has products that have been approved and ranked by many professionals and other users.

With the benefits and advantages that jojoba oil offer, it is always advised to people, especially the ones with skin and hair problems, to use the oil that is manufactured by the best and most reputable brands in order to enjoy the perks that come with every drop of pure and authentic jojoba oil.

Best Jojoba Oils for Face and Hair in India

While a variety of companies and brands produce the jojoba oil for its use on the face and hair, we make sure that the process of selecting amongst the various brands becomes easier by providing customers with a summarised list that includes the best ones in the market of 2024.

What is Jojoba Oil?

Derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant, the jojoba oil offers many advantages when used wherein applying it on body parts such as the skin and hair helps in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, sunburn, chapped skin, etc.

The “perennial plant” that the oil is derived from can be easily found in North America where it is known to survive not only in harsh and hot climates but is also responsible for the production of a nut that is home to several healing properties.

This nut is the element of the plant that is transformed into an oil which is generally used as a carrier oil that can be mixed with the essential oils to create a powerful mixture in the form of massage oils, facial moisturizers, bath oils, etc. with numerous health benefits.

Although technically Jojoba being not oil and basically just a type of wax with many effective moisturizing properties, jojoba oil has the reputation of being highly beneficial for the skin and hair cells wherein it can be absorbed easily without clogging any pores.

What to look for when buying jojoba oil?

When making the purchase of jojoba oil, it is essential for customers to keep certain things in mind so that they make the purchase that will benefit them the most. Some of the most important factors that a customer must refer to when buying jojoba oil are as follows:

1 – The jojoba oil label

It is important for customers to know that a USDA Organic Certified product is one of the most reliable and authentic purchases out in the market and hence, this is the label that customers should look for on the bottle or sample of jojoba oil that they wish to purchase. Looking for this label is the best way to ensure that the item one is buying is free of pesticides or heavy metal contaminants.

And so when buying something like the jojoba oil which the users would use on sensitive parts of their body like the skin and hair, it is highly essential to make sure that no side effects are caused due to the possibility of the presence of any contaminants in the oil.

2 – Purchasing jojoba oil only in a glass bottle

Amber glass bottles are the best option for preserving plant-based oils and hence, this is what customers should be looking for when making the purchase. With the shade of amber acting as a mode of protection for the oil from rancidity, the glass bottle ensures that the integrity of the oil is preserved since glass is a material that will not deteriorate and contaminate the oil when in contact with it.

3 – Colour of the jojoba oil

Another thing that customers must keep their eyes on is the colour of the jojoba oil since the best samples are always richly golden yellow in colour along with being unclear and murky. The absence of clarity ensures that the oil has not been refined and ripped off of its vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids like other refined and clear oils are.

The Top 10 & Best Jojoba Oils in India in 2024 For Amazing Results!

Here is a list of some of the best Jojoba Oils in India in 2024 that have been specifically picked out for interested customers so that the process of selecting the perfect oil brand becomes a lot easier.

With every brand of oil on the list being certified and approved by a reputable and authentic organization, customers can now decide with one of the brands with the least amount of stress regarding the quality and standard of the product.

With the prices, reviews, features, pros and cons, popularity, and every other aspect of every product extensively comprehended using profound research, customers can peacefully skim through the brands and make a choice depending on their personal preferences and needs.

Hence, the top ten and best jojoba oils in India in 2024 are:

1. UrbanBotanics® Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

UrbanBotanics® Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil for Skin & Hair

First, in the list of Best Jojoba Oil in India 2024, the UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed jojoba oil is available to customers in a quantity of 200 ml which is packed in a glass bottle.

This product ensures its customers that there are no additional components present in this packaged item and it is completely natural. No dilution of any sort or presence of materials like chemical, additives, alcohol, etc. can be observed in this oil.

The oil, if used regularly, can give rise to several health benefits on parts of the body such as the skin, scalp, beard, hair, etc. Suitable for all skin types and colour, this oil is extremely gentle in nature along with being light-weighted and unrefined.

Even people with the most sensitive type of skin can be recommended to use this product. Known to generally heal facial trauma such as acne, pimples, blemishes, etc. the Urban Botanics Cold Pressed Jojoba oil can also be used for ear stretching, makeup remover, massage oil, etc.

The UrbanBotanics brand is an Indian brand that has reached the list of best Jojoba Oil brand in India through the approval and praise it has received from ayurvedic experts.

  • This oil can be quickly absorbed through the pores of the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types and works wonders on the hair and skin
  • Approved and certified by many reputable companies

2. Aromatique Jojoba Carrier Oil

Aromatique Jojoba Carrier Oil for Face, Skin and Hair

The Aromatique Jojoba Carrier Oil is the best jojoba oil for hair in 2024. Packed in a glass bottle of 30 ml, the Aromatique Jojoba Carrier Oil is a hundred percent natural product that can be used on one’s face, skin and hair for many health benefits. It is a cold-pressed oil used for the purpose of improving the texture of one’s skin and also to increase hair growth.

A therapeutic oil, the Aromatique oil works directly on the hair cells and helps remove the split ends through natural methods. The user’s hair results in being silky and soft after using the oil.

  • 100% natural therapeutic oil
  • Works on all kinds of skin, ranging from dry to oily
  • Helps in the growth of hair

3. Anveya Jojoba Oil

Anveya Jojoba Oil - Cold Pressed and organic oil

Anveya is the best organic jojoba oil available in the markets. The oil is an organic and cold-pressed oil that is designed for people to use/apply on their face, hair and parts of their skin. This product is known to be chemical-free and is sold in a glass bottle of 100 ml. Suitable for all skin types and tones, this oil has innumerous health benefits that customers should be aware of when making the choice of choosing a brand of jojoba oil.

One of the best products for skin and hair care, the Anveya Jojoba Oil is rich in many vitamins like vitamins B, C, and E. They are a great agent of hair growth and also prevent the formation of wrinkles on the user’s face. The oil can also be used as a moisturizer and natural make-up remover.

With just the use of 3-5 drops, sometimes used alongside conditioners and other creams, the oil will perform many miracles on one’s skin and hair. Given its amazing reputation, the Anveya Jojoba Oil is considered one of the best Jojoba Oil in India.

  • Completely natural and certified
  • Cold-pressed oil and excellent for skin and hair
  • Available at inexpensive prices

4. All Naturals Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

All Naturals Jojoba Oil

The All Naturals Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil is considered to be the best jojoba oil on Amazon which is available to its customers in a glass bottle of 30 millimetres. Giving off a scent of lavender and tea tree, the jojoba oil is a chemical-free product that works wonders on oily skin, which could be filled with acne/pimples.

The health benefits of the All Naturals Cold Pressed Jojoba oil include providing the hair and skin with multiple vitamins and minerals.

The All Naturals Jojoba Oil is also easily absorbable since this oil mimics the skin sebum in composition and hence, is able to pass through even the deepest layers of the skin and acts as a great product for customers with oily skin and scalp. Additional use of this product includes its use as a lip balm.

The method through which this oil is extracted is known as cold pressing (hence, the name) and the part of the plant used for this purpose is the raw jojoba kernels. The origin of this oil is stated to be Rajasthan.

Available to customers at a reasonable price of Rs 300, the All Naturals Jojoba Oil is carefully packaged in a glass bottle in its purest and undiluted form. The oil, apart from being used on the hair and scalp, can also be utilised as a natural makeup remover, hair vitalizer, nail extension, etc.

Adding all these factors together makes the All Natural Cold Pressed Jojoba oil one of the best Jojoba Oil in India in 2024.

  • Cold Pressed oil that is 100% natural and undiluted
  • Suitable for oily skin and scalp
  • Helps in revitalizing skin that has suffered through acne

5. Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil

Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil

The Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil is considered the best jojoba oil for the skin in 2024. It is a product sold to people in a packaged bottle of 120ml. Suitable for people with sensitive and dry skin, this product is a hundred percent natural in composition and offers its users many health benefits including soft skin, rejuvenated scalp, soft lips, smooth skin, shiny strands, and moisturized cuticles.

This product is also known to be able to uniformly balance its user’s oil production in the skin through natural methods and hence, is suitable for people with almost all skin types.

Another bonus feature of the Desert Essence Organic Jojoba oil is that it is a USDA certified product and does not leave any trace of greasiness like other oil products, which upon usage on skin or hair makes the portion greasy.

This jojoba oil is simply responsible for hydrating and nourishing the skin, hair and scalp. It is also available to the customers in many other quantities like 4 fl oz and 6 fl oz.

The Desert Essence Jojoba Oil is also rich in vitamin E which is an essential component required for the process of keeping one’s skin healthy and lively. It is a gentle product that does not cause any harsh adverse effects on the skin or hair and is an excellent product to use for people who wish to treat their skin and scalp with multiple issues and abnormalities.

  • Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin
  • 100% natural and pure product
  • Rich in Vitamin E which helps in cleansing and hydrating the skin

6. Radha Beauty Cold Pressed Unrefined Jojoba Oil

Radha Beauty Cold Pressed Unrefined Jojoba Oil

The Radha Beauty Cold-Pressed Unrefined Jojoba Oil is one of the best Jojoba oil for oily skin. It is an organic product available to customers in a packaged glass bottle of a quantity of 4 oz.

With its close resemblance to our body’s natural skin sebum, the oil does an excellent job in revitalising the skin and scalp with its natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. A great option for the skin and hair, the product is also responsible for balancing the oil production in our skin while simultaneously moisturizing the deeper layers within.

Certified by OneCert, the Radha Beauty Jojoba Oil is suitable for all skin and hair types while being generally used to soften the hair and skin cells. Some of the compounds present in the product may include nutritions like the long-chain essential fatty acids and fatty alcohols.

The Radha Beauty Jojoba Oil can be used to either perform deep-conditioning on your hair or tame the persistent frizz, hence, giving rise to smooth, soft, and healthy hair. The product can either be applied independently or be combined with other essential oils for more health benefits.

Customers must ensure that they make use of the product within 12 months of opening the bottle and must only use the authentic version of this product which would be visible to customers in a bright cobalt blue bottle with its certifications mentioned on the label.

  • 100% natural and pure jojoba oil
  • Can be used for hydrating skin, balancing oil production, reducing pore size, and to improve the health of brittle hair and nails
  • An excellent option for people with oily skin and hair

7. WishCare® Pure Cold Pressed Natural Jojoba Oil

WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Natural Unrefined Jojoba Oil

The WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Natural Jojoba Oil is considered to be the best jojoba oil for face. This is another amazing brand of jojoba oil that is available to people in a packaged glass bottle of 100 ml.

The WishCare 100% Pure Jojoba Oil can act as a wonderful moisturizer for skin, nails, and hair. The product is fragrance-free and the optimal choice for customers who wish to apply a neutral serum on their skin. With no additional additives present in the composition, the oil is only home to the essential elements that the purest forms of jojoba oil has.

Because of its purity and natural composition, the product offers many health benefits to its users which includes intensive hair and skincare, lips and face care, stretch marks, beard growth and itch, acne removal, moisturizer, etc. With the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, the oil proves to be a great match for those with dry, normal or oily skin.

The reason behind these abilities lies in the fact that the product is rich in vitamins E and B5 and fatty acids which will lead to smoothening and softening effects on the skin, hair and nails. People with sunburns and damaged skin due to extreme exposure to the sun can also treat themselves with this product since it is anti-inflammatory in nature and is rich in antioxidants.

The manner in which this oil is processed ensures that all the waxy esters and waxy residue is left out of the product and only the nutritional components remain in the composition. Hence, this product is flawless as a carrier oil when mixed with essential oils and can be beneficially used on arms, hands, cuticles, face, hair, etc.

  • 100% natural and pure product
  • Easy to use since it is available in a flip top bottle along with a free comb applicator
  • Suitable for all skin and hair types

8. Sheer Veda Jojoba oil

Sheer Veda Jojoba oil for Hair Skin and Body

The Sheer Veda Jojoba Oil is another one of the best Jojoba Oil in India, a pure and organic product that is available to customers in a packaged bottle of 15 ml.

People with a sensitive skin type are highly advised to use this product since it is a gentle and soft product and will not cause any harsh side effects to people whose skin is quick to react to any foreign material.

The Sheer Veda Jojoba Oil can be used for the care of your body, face, hair, and foot. In the body and face, the oil is capable of working on chapped and dry lips, making them smooth and healthy. The oil can also be effective against other facial deformities like wrinkles and pimples. Since the oil is best suited for people with dry skin, massaging your skin and body with this product will leave a glowing and healthy effect on the body and face.

People applying the product to their hair will notice a difference in the quality of their hair since the product is also an excellent solution for frizzy and dry hair.

In the case of foot care, the oil works wonders against fungal and bacterial microbes while also protecting the cuticles around your toenails since the oil is rich in Vitamin E.

  • 100% natural and pure product
  • Best for sensitive and dry skin
  • Offers many health benefits for skin, body, hair, and foot because of the presence of Vitamin E in the product

9. Good Vibes Jojoba Skin Balancing Facial Oil

Good Vibes Jojoba Skin Balancing Facial Oil

The good vibes jojoba skin balancing facial oil comes out as the best jojoba oil for oily acne-prone skin. This is a brand of jojoba oil available in a packaged glass bottle of 10 ml that is suitable for all skin types.

A lightweight oil, this product does not leave any traces of oil or stickiness and greasiness after its application on the skin or scalp. It is also capable of deeply nourishing one’s skin and scalp.

Fighting against acne is another one of the benefits offered by Good Vibes Jojoba Skin Balancing Facial Oil which it does by battling the bacteria that causes acne and thus, reduces active acne.

Another excellent feature of this good vibes product is its ability to diminish scars and marks while also clearing the skin and giving it an even tone. The oil controls oil production which it does by getting rid of the excess oil produced by the pores on the skin and body.

You can use this product by first cleansing your face with a face wash and then applying the product gently on your face while massaging the skin with soft outward and upward strokes. Repeat this until the skin absorbs all the oil.

  • 100% natural and undiluted in nature
  • Works best against acne and scars
  • Suitable for all skin types

10. Rouh Essentials Jojoba Oil

Rouh Essentials Jojoba Oil,

The Rough Essentials Jojoba Oil is the best jojoba oil for beards. It is available in a glass bottle of 15 ml.

This brand of jojoba oil is excellent for moisturizing and revitalising the skin and treating hair against many problems like damage, breakage, and split ends. This product is pure and completely organic in nature with no additional additives or mixtures present.

The oil, when used on skin and scalp, can help in moisturizing it while treating it of dryness and oiliness. It also helps in hair growth which also is able to soften and strengthen the beard when used by men. Due to which the Rouh Essentials Jojoba oil is also considered the best jojoba oil for hair growth.

A hundred percent natural and pure composition, this Rouh Essentials jojoba oil product is, additionally, effective against fungal infections like acne and eczema and can give its users spotless skin if the oil is applied properly and regularly.

  • Cold pressed oil which is 100% natural
  • Best effective against oily skin and hair
  • Helps against acne and stimulates hair growth

How to use jojoba oil

When using jojoba oil, you must always look for a 100% natural form of the oil which is purest and undiluted in nature. This can be used as a moisturizer. You can also look for the ingredient of jojoba oil in lotions, creams, and serums. Some of the ways in which jojoba oil can be used are as following:

  • The product can be applied directly : You can slightly heat up the oil and apply it to the face and scalp. When used on the face, the oil can be applied before sleeping and left as it is overnight. If applying it to your hair, then the oil can be massaged onto the scalp and hair tips and then left untouched for 20 minutes, after which you can shampoo and condition the hair.
  • It can be added to products : Jojoba oil can also be used as a combination with other skin and hair products. 3 to 5 drops of the oil can be added to other facial creams or shampoos and conditioners before use.
  • Use products that contain jojoba oil : You can also choose to simply buy products that have jojoba oil as one of their main components like many shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers do.

What are the benefits of jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil is highly beneficial for skin and hair since it can offer your skin and hair with a large number of pearks. If you are looking to find a list of jojoba oil benefits just read ahead to what is listed below.

  • Excellent moisturizer
  • Softens rough cuticles
  • Revitalizes dry and chapped lips
  • Can treat sunburns
  • Is antibacterial in nature
  • Helps in making the skin glow
  • Can make fine lines and wrinkles disappear
  • Relieves eczema-prone skin
  • Non-Comedogenic substance
  • Can work as a natural make-up remover
  • Repairs hair and improves hair quality
  • Mends split ends
  • Improves hair growth

FAQs of Jojoba Oil

Some frequent questions asked by customers who are interested in buying jojoba oil are mentioned below along with their answers so that future customers who have similar doubts regarding the oil can clear it up by referring to these questions.

Which brand of jojoba oil is the best?

All the ten brands given in the list above can be considered as the best in the field and hence, have made their way into the Best Jojoba Oils in India in 2024. You can buy one of the above-mentioned brands by carefully reading the reviews and descriptions given above and then finding out the reasons for which you need to make the purchase. Depending on your needs and requirements, the most appropriate purchase will become clear.

Which Jojoba oil is good for skin?

From the detailed list of jojoba oils given above, the best jojoba oils for skin are Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil (Number 5) and UrbanBotanics®(Number 1) Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil. Even though all jojoba oil is highly beneficial for the skin, this brand is excellent for use on skin.

What should I look for when buying jojoba oil?

When you are buying a specific product of jojoba oil, you should always look for a company that sells jojoba oil in a packaged glass bottle. You should also look for some sort of certification on the label pasted on the bottle. A good quality of jojoba oil will also appear milky and unclear since the product contains all the essential elements and is not stripped away of its useful vitamins and minerals like other refined oil. Hence, looking for a brand of jojoba oil that is 100% natural, undiluted and pure is the main feature that customers must look for when buying jojoba oil.

What is jojoba oil best used for?

Jojoba oil is best used for treatment and revitalising of the scalp and skin. It can be used to treat any minor skin related issues like acne, pimples, dryness, oiliness, etc. and hair problems like frizziness, dryness, breakage, damage, split ends, etc.

What is the difference between golden jojoba oil and clear jojoba oil?

The basic difference between golden jojoba oil and clear jojoba oil is that the latter is refined and comedogenic while the former is cold pressed and unrefined which is usually considered better for skin and hair.

Is refined or unrefined jojoba oil better?

Unrefined jojoba oil is always better since it contains all the natural components and ingredients that make the jojoba oil so beneficial for your skin and hair. Refined jojoba oil is usually stripped off of all its vitamins and minerals.

Which oil is better: Argan or jojoba?

While both oils are excellent choices for skin and hair care, jojoba oil is the better option for people with sensitive skin. However rare and unusual, there are still chances for argan oil to not suit your skin the way you would want it to, this risk does not exist with jojoba oil since it is suitable for all skin and hair types.

Does jojoba oil brighten skin?

Since the jojoba oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and contains all the important vitamins and minerals like the Vitamin E, it is very much capable of healing scars and treating your skin of dryness, itchiness or oiliness. With all these issues handled, your skin is sure to appear a lot brighter and clearer, all thanks to jojoba oil!

Does jojoba oil clog pores?

Jojoba oil is known to be non-comedogenic which translates into a substance that does not clog pores.

Can I use jojoba oil as my moisturizer?

Yes, definitely. One of the best uses of jojoba oil is as a moisturizer for face and body.

Does jojoba oil grow hair?

Jojoba oil is used on the scalp and hair for the purpose of revitalizing the hair in order for it to grow better. Hence, jojoba oil can grow hair.

When should you apply jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil can be best applied after moistening your face with a face wash after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night. It can also be applied after taking a shower as a moisturizer. You can choose to apply jojoba oil at any other times depending on your convenience and requirements.

Can you leave jojoba oil on your face overnight?

Yes, of course. It is also best advised to apply jojoba oil after washing your face at night before sleeping and leave it on your face and scalp overnight.

How long does jojoba oil take to work?

If applied regularly, the jojoba oil is sure to show its magic soon. While it may vary from person to person, visible results can be observed as soon as a week.

Can jojoba oil go bad?

Jojoba oil can go bad but it has a relatively longer shelf life than the other types of oil since jojoba oil is essentially not an oil and is actually a type of liquid wax. It can be preserved and used for as long as 5 years.

To sum up the list of Best Jojoba Oil in India in 2024

With the countless health benefits and advantages offered by the jojoba oil, it is clear that using a good brand of jojoba oil can help you with all the skin and hair problems you may be facing, ranging from acne and pimple filled skin to frizzy, dry, and falling hair.

Hence, customers can face these problems easily with the help of any of the brands of jojoba oil mentioned in the list of best jojoba oil in India in 2024.

This list not only contains the best known and certified products but also enlists the best options available in jojoba oil for people seeking something to fix the many issues that your face and hair can come up with.

Many of the brands enlisted specialize in being the best jojoba oil for face or skin while others are the best brands in jojoba oil for hair and beard. Customers can choose any one of the above-mentioned products depending on their needs and wants.

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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