5 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2024 + Top Brands

Are you trying to find out the best Kitchen Chimneys in India in 2024? We have come up with this informative article where we have written about the best kitchen chimneys buying guide and user reviews for your better understanding.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Do you wish to have your kitchen fitted with the best kitchen chimney? Well, installing kitchen chimneys has been a common trend in most household nowadays. Indian cooking involves a lot of rich spices and masalas and the deep frying methods can result in smoke and fumes in the kitchen. This is why many homes come with a modular kitchen chimney that can help in cooking with a delighted heart by embracing a wonderful appliance.

Chimneys are mainly used for removing fumes, grease, steam, odor and other particles while cooking. It also provides proper ventilation in the kitchen and keeps the air fresh and odor free.

A branded chimney is not only going to make your kitchen look sophisticated but it will also help you to cook easily and quickly.

Chimneys can help you cook your meals at a faster pace while keeping your kitchen clean. It is one of the most demanded shopping items because of the specific advantages it offers to the owner.

Through this article, we will help you to choose the best kitchen chimneys in India and enjoy smoother shopping experience for your chimney at affordable prices from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other popular online shopping websites

Can I buy Kitchen Chimneys Online?

Of course. You can choose the right chimney for your kitchen from a wide selection at Amazon and Flipkart. Available in a variety of sizes and quality, you can buy chimneys according to your needs and choices.

You will get various options such as stainless steel bodies, multi-speed operation and oil collector chimneys that can take care of your kitchen hygiene safety and maintenance.

Different Types of Kitchen Chimneys :

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

There are various types of chimney available in the market, depending upon important factors such as- chimney types, brands, chimney sizes according to kitchen and many more.

Coming to the chimney types, it is totally up to you, which type of kitchen chimney you want to install in your kitchen. There are numerous types of kitchen chimneys, which are applicable for different kitchen needs. For instance, you get various options to choose from-

  • Auto Clean chimneys
  • Ductless chimneys
  • Straight Glass chimneys
  • Curved Glass chimneys
  • Angular chimneys
  • Box type chimneys

Now, let us discuss further about the chimney types:

1. Auto Clean chimneys:

Auto clean chimney comes with separate oil collectors, they help in removing all the oil particles present in your kitchen, and all the dust particles get stored in the collector. The chimneys are equipped with aluminum nonstick turbine blower and this is how the cooking fumes pass all through.

You also get easy removable and washable collector/bowls. You can clean the balls once in a month depending upon your usage. There is simply no extra effort required to clean the oil collectors. What you have to do is just press the ‘auto clean’ control button while cooking and you are good to go.

What benefits do you get from the auto clean chimneys?

  • Auto clean Chimney prevents oil & other grease particles and improves your kitchen’s overall performance.
  • No need to wash the filters frequently. The chimneys come with an auto clean system.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Saves your time in cleaning the filter

2. Ductless Chimneys:

Ductless Chimneys helps in filtering the smoke air and releasing back into your kitchen. The filters used in backless chimneys are made of carbon (charcoal) and they have lower suction power compared to other kitchen Chimneys.

Talking about its maintenance, you need to regularly wash the filters and replace the carbon filter regularly. Normally ductless Chimneys cannot work efficiently and they are unable to remove heat from your kitchen. Coming to its price in the market, the ductless chimneys are far more expensive than and the other ones.

3. Straight glass chimneys:

These chimneys are designed with stainless steel and glass. They are equipped with electronic push buttons, halogen bulbs, and aluminum filters. The chimneys run at 3-speed extraction and remove all the dust particles from your kitchen with ease. They are fabricated using the hydrate materials and other durable components so that it can serve you up to a longer period with its high performance.

4. Curved Glass chimneys:

Curved glass chimneys are designed with curved glass perfectly with stainless steel. It has inbuilt easy push button control and offers you a lifetime warranty on it. The size of curved glass chimneys are mainly within 600 mm. The chimney body is designed with black coated powder. They overall ensure that your kitchen remains odor free while you cook.

5. Angular Chimneys:

Kitchen chimneys also come with advanced angular suction technology, which not only performs at its best, but it is also good for your health, too. Unlike the other chimney designs, angular kitchen chimneys has intake vents sideways which works effectively in keeping the air clean.

6. Box Type Chimneys:

Box type chimneys add an extra style statement to your kitchen. With the high suction power, these chimneys assure that no dusty particles or smoke enters into your kitchen. They produce less noise while you cook and works with 20% better in grease reduction from your kitchen. Box type chimneys can be a perfect match if you have a small kitchen space at your home.

Kitchen chimneys are also categorized according to the burner sizes. The chimney prices may vary depending upon the number of burners present in the chimney, i.e.-:

  • 2-burner stove
  • 2-4 burner stove
  • 3-5 burner stove
  • 4-6 burner stove

Talking about the chimney shapes, they are as follows:

  • Box-type
  • Straight-line
  • Curved Glass
  • Pyramid
  • Angular

You can also choose a chimney according to your cooking style. Whether you are a standard chef, or you use very low amount of oil in your foods, there are numerous chimneys available in the market that suit all your purpose.

Lastly, your kitchen size matters a lot while choosing out the perfect chimney. No matter whether you have a small, normal or large kitchen at your home, you can choose from a variety of chimneys according to your kitchen size.

Here are the Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India in 2024:

Kitchen Chimneys

A high-class chimney in your kitchen holds the power to eliminate all the smells and fumes of cooking and when it comes to your own kitchen, you always want to choose the best chimney that can give you a feel of being alive in your kitchen. However, not everyone has sufficient knowledge of many brands those who just aggressively promote their products with lucrative discount offers. In such cases, you will need to do a fair bit of research while buying a chimney.

There are various types of branded chimneys according to different budgets, looks, and specifications. After going through almost every branded chimney, here we have listed the best kitchen chimneys in India in 2024 that you need to know before you settle down your mind buying one for you. Let’s have a look:

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney:

You can consider this Elica chimney as one of the most convenient and efficient electric chimneys for your kitchen. The main attraction of this chimney is it comes with a filter less features and runs within a maximum airflow of 1200 M3 per hour.

The best part is this Elica chimney offers advanced auto clean system so that you do not need to be bothered much about cleaning. Coming to its price, will cost you around INR 13,000 on Amazon.

Elica 60 CM Filterless Auto Clean Chimney highlights:

  • This filter-less chimney runs with powerful suction capacity.
  • This chimney has the advancement of inbuilt motion sensor facility that allows you to operate it by just waving your hand.
  • Warranty: You get a 1-year warranty on the product from the date of purchase and 5 years on the motor.
  • Control Type: The chimney has both (Touch + Motion Sensor Control)
  • Type: Made with Curved Glass and you can use it mounting on the wall.

Now, let us discuss in detail about the Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney specifications:

  • ADVANCED FILTERLESS TECHNOLOGY: This well-designed kitchen chimney has been highly advanced with the latest cutting-edge manufacturing processes. The chimney gives you the guaranteed of powerful performance with its incredible suction limit, it extracts out the unnecessary smoke from your kitchen and makes it smoke-free all the time. This helps you cook hassle-free simply in a non-smoky kitchen environment.
  • HIGH RANGE OF AIR FLOW: This chimney has a powerful suction capacity, which is of 1200 cubic meters per hour. This helps in keeping your kitchen clean and pollution free. In addition, this chimney produces less noise and you can use it on low maintenance for years without any issue.
  • INSTALLATION KIT: This auto clean kitchen chimney comes with an inbuilt store of necessary accessories. As the ducting pipe is essentially required during the installation of auto clean chimney, you get a 6-inch wide ducting pipe in the installation kit. The kit contains:
  1. A 10 ft. aluminum Duct Pipe
  2. One Chimney Cover
  3. 2 clamps
  4. Aluminum Tape (1 Unit)
  • DUAL LED LAMPS: Do you know that this kitchen chimney also offers two high efficient LED lamps? These energy efficient lamps make your cooking easier. Now even if load shedding occurs, you will not face any issues with lights, again.
  • TOUCH CONTROL FACILITY: Enhance your kitchen’s overall look with the innovative Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney. It is designed with advanced touch control for accessing all its features for cleaning it in a hassle-free way.
  • OIL COLLECTOR: At last, this chimney has separate oil collectors for your easy cleaning of the chimney. The oil collector helps in collecting the oil, smoke and dust conveniently. The chimney is made up of stainless steel and the rust-free design ensures you a fully durable and worry-free cleaning. Isn’t it a cool chimney, overall?

Now, let us go through a quick overview of FAQ about Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filter less Auto Clean Chimney:

Q1: What is going to the installation charge for this chimney? Who will come to install the product?
Ans: The installation charge is going to cost you around INR 600. The technician himself will come for the installation.

Q2: What is the standard height for the chimney from the hob?
Ans: 28 inches.

Q3: Does this chimney come with a carbon filter, which needs replacement every year? if yes, what is going to be the cost of replacement?
Ans: No, this Chimney is not carbon filtered. It is a new model auto clean chimney and totally filter less.

Q4: Do I need to clean the chimney frequently?
Ans: No, you do not need to clean the chimney as it totally filters less. If you wish, you can clean the inside portion once in a month.

2. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney:

Next, we are going to introduce the Faber Hood Crest HC SC auto clean chimney that comes with oil collector facility. This durable chimney has the suction power of 1200 m3/hr. The best part of this chimney is, you can operate it even without touching as it comes with a unique gesture control feature.

Faber chimneys are ultra-durable, lightweight products and are probably best in the market as they run on the latest technology.

Need to know about the warranty of this chimney? Well, you get 5 years warranty on the chimney motor and a 1-year comprehensive warranty. This chimney will cost you around INR 14000 on Amazon. This Faber chimney is loaded with high-end features and this makes the chimney one of the best kitchen chimneys in India.

Let us check out what Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney offers:

  • Chimney size: This chimney is sized at 60 centimeters and a good fit for your kitchen.
  • Suction Power: This chimney runs at a speed of 1200 m3 per hour.
  • The chimney offers 3 Speed motion with touch control & Gesture control
  • Warranty: 5 years on chimney motor and a complete 1-year on the chimney itself.
  • Type: You can use this as a wall-mounted chimney on your kitchen

Discover how this Faber chimney matches your personal style and choice:

  • AUTO CLEAN FACILITY: This Faber chimney makes your kitchen totally oil and smoke-free and allows you to cook in a smoke-free environment. With just one touch, the chimney can remove all the oil and dust particles from your kitchen. It also prevents oil and grease particles, which affect the suction power of chimney. Most importantly, the auto clean feature of this chimney saves your time and you don’t need to worry about cleaning the chimney frequently. The chimney does the cleaning job itself.
  • LESSER NOISE: This chimney has lesser noise compared to other chimneys and it allows you to cook in a calm environment in your kitchen. As the chimney runs silently, you can focus on your cooking without any disturbance.
  • POWERFUL MONITOR: Faber chimneys are manufactured with a powerful motor, which ensures efficient suction capacity. This also ensures the chimney’s a lesser noise and long durability.
  • SMOOTH TOUCH CONTROL: The chimney has advanced smooth touch control, and you can operate it with just one touch so that you can effortlessly use this chimney.
  • OIL COLLECTOR: The chimney has oil collector cups that collect oils and other dust particles and keep it clean all day long.
  • SMOOTH GESTURE: With the advanced gesture control facility, you can control the chimney without direct physical contact. Isn’t it cool?

Have multiple queries about Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney? We have this informative FAQ section for your better understanding of this chimney:

Q1: What is the installation process for this chimney?
Ans: You will need to contact the customer care and they will register your data and give the total info about the chimney.

Q2: Is this a ductless chimney?
Ans: No, it is not.

Q3: What are the things included in the box?
Ans: Chimney, Warranty Card and a User manual

Q4: Could you tell me about the height of this chimney?
Ans: It is 700 MM.

3. Hindware 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

Hindware 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney:

The Hindware chimney is a pure innovation of futuristic design and it comes with innovative technology and makes your kitchen healthy and smoke-free. Besides this, it is loaded with supreme features and it’s solid performance impresses its users every time.

Overall, Hindware chimneys have the capability to add an extra layer of beauty in your kitchen. This chimney will cost you around INR 9000 on Amazon.

Here is a quick go through of Hindware 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney highlights:

  • Size: This chimney is sized around 60 centimeters
  • Suction Capacity: This chimney has the suction power of 1100 m3 per hour.
  • Motor Power: Runs on 200 watt power
  • Control facility: You can operate this chimney with advanced push button control.
  • Warranty: Upon buying, Hindware chimneys ensure you 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor itself.
  • Type: This is a curved glass chimney and you can mount in on your kitchen wall.

Explore the wide offerings of this excellent kitchen chimney:

  • IDEAL SIZE: This amazing Hindware Blaze Black chimney not only makes your kitchen attractive, but its design also ensures great efficiency.
  • HIGHEST AIR FLOW: The chimney has a suction capacity of 1100 m³ per hour. The Hindware Sabina Black is a perfect combination of futuristic design and advanced technology, which helps you in maintaining a smoke-free, fresh and clean kitchen.
  • ADVANCED BAFFLE FILTERS: There is a stainless steel baffle filter, which works efficiently. It also allows the air to move freely in between the filters.
  • PUSH BUTTON: With the easy access of push button control, you can operate the chimney with just the click of a button.
  • ENERGY SUPER SAVINGS: The Hindware Sabina Black comes with two inbuilt 2 LED lamps so that you don’t need to worry for cooking without the presence of lights.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: This chimney runs on a powerful motor that has a high-class performance, and a high suction capacity that gives your chimney a longer operational life.
  • LOWER NOISE: The Hindware Sabina Black is a silent performer. Its low noise and high-end performance help you cook in a comfortable environment.

Worried about whether Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney is a good fit for your kitchen? Clear all your doubts with this quick FAQ part.

Q1: What does this chimney offer? Could you please list them up for my better understanding?
Ans: Sure. The specialty of Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney is as follows:

  1. Compact size (60 cm)
  2. Max air flow
  3. 2 LED lamps
  4. SS battle filter
  5. Push button control
  6. Matte Black Finish
  7. Low noise

Q2: Do I need to pay for installation? And can I install this chimney from any outside carpenter?
Ans: No, The installation charge is not free. It will cost you around 500 rs. And coming to your question, you can install this chimney from any outside carpenter.

Q3: What is the diameter of the pipe in inches?
Ans: It is 6 inches.

Q4: Will this chimney be sufficient for 115-sqft kitchen? Alternatively, I shall go for another chimney?
Ans: In such cases, you can select any other chimney.

4. Inalsa 60 cm 875 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

 Inalsa 60 cm 875 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney:

This is a powerful pyramid shaped kitchen chimney that will surely enhance your kitchen decor. You can easily fit this kitchen in your chimney as this has a very simple but elegant design.

Coming to its functionalities, this chimney is the ideal choice for your kitchen and with this chimney; you need not to worry about noise as it produces very less noise while you cook. Do you know that this chimney performs quietly and maintain a noise level only of 65 DBA.

Overall, this kitchen chimney can be a convenient solution for your kitchen overall. If we talk about the price, this kitchen chimney will cost you around INR 5000 on Amazon.

Technical specifications of Inalsa 60 cm 875 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney:

  • Airflow: 875 m3 per hour
  • Filters: The chimney comes with inbuilt SS baffle filters
  • Light: Offers 2 bright LED lights for better performance
  • Speed: Runs on 3 Speeds according to your needs
  • Control: You get the push-button control for easy operation.
  • Size: The chimney is sized at 60 centimeters.
  • Noise level: As previously mentioned, this chimney produces lesser noise i.e.- 65dBA

Inalsa 60 cm 875 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney at its great extent:

HIGHEST AIRFLOW: If we compare this kitchen chimney with the other branded
chimneys, you will notice that this chimney has the highest airflow capability in it. It has a suction capacity of 875 cubic meters per hour; this chimney will amaze you with its amazing performance every time you spend time in your kitchen. And, loaded with highly advanced features, this kitchen chimney lets you cook hassle free without worrying about smoke or dust.

SENSIBLE PUSH CONTROL PANEL: Inalsa Pyramid Chimney allows you to cook with ease of access to its push buttons. The easy push system allows you to easily access the device. Not only it performs well, but the push button control also offers both style and innovation.

EFFECTIVE BAFFLE FILTER: You get two detachable Baffle filters, which captures every single dust & smoke particle from your kitchen. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the filters with utmost perfection. The Baffle filters are easy to clean without having any professional help or knowledge. The filters work smoothly as long as the chimney stays active.

Questions you might be having about Inalsa 60 cm 875 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney:

Q1: Will the technician come and install this chimney?
Ans: Yes, the technician will be installing your chimney once you place the order.

Q2: How powerful is this chimney?
Ans: This chimney holds the suction capacity of 875 cubic meters per hour. It performs really well.

Q3: Does this chimney come with inbuilt filters? If yes, please highlight some of its features.
Ans: This chimney is specially designed with two detachable baffle filters which can capture every single dust and smoke particle from your kitchen. The filters are easy to clean and they are highly durable and last long as the life of the chimney.

Q4: What else does this chimney offer?
Ans: You get the push control panel. With the ease of access push buttons, you can easily operate this chimney. The push button control offers both style and innovation to your kitchen.

5. Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney

Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney:

At last, the Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney comes in our list of the best kitchen chimneys online. The chimney is preloaded with advanced auto clean technology, oil collector to allow you to cook in a totally hassle-free cleaning environment.

Like other kitchen chimneys, this one also has stainless steel baffle filters, which ensure the filter durability. Apart from this, there is a touch control panel, which adds beauty and elegance to your chimney.

This chimney will cost you around INR 9000 on Amazon. Indian kitchen households prefer this kitchen chimney and one can consider this chimney as one of the best chimneys for kitchen in India.

A structured list of Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney highlights:

  • Size: A perfect wall-mounted chimney sized at 60 centimeters.
  • Suction Capacity: Has a powerful suction capacity of 1200 m3 per hour
  • Easier Control : Advanced touch control panel so that you can easily use it
  • Product Warranty: Upon buying this chimney, you get a 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor.

Advanced features of this chimney:

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: This classy electric chimney from Eurodomo is the ideal chimney your kitchen as it has modern features in it and serves your kitchen at its best. This beautiful chimney helps you cook like a pro in a smoke-free cooking environment.
  • DURABLE BAFFLE FILTERS: Moreover, this kitchen chimney comes has highly durable stainless steel baffle filters that helps in removing oil, smoke and residue particles from your kitchen. However, you need to worry about cleaning the filters on regular basis, but cleaning those occasionally can help them run smoother for a longer period.
  • HIGH SUCTION POWER: The chimney has the power capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour and this powerful suction capacity allows you to cook without any smoke and dust particles in your kitchen.
  • TOUCH CONTROL: For clear digital display and easy operation, you get bright touch control system in this kitchen chimney.

Will you be overall satisfied with Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney? Let’s check it out:

Q1: Do I need to clean the oil collector manually?
Ans: You wish to clean the filters. However, it not at all necessary to do so.

Q2: Will this chimney suit to a 4-burner stove?
Ans: Absolutely, yes.

Q3: What is the length of the duct pipe supplied with the chimney?
Ans: The duct pipe supplied is approximately five feet long and if you need a bigger one, you can inform that to the installation crew.

Q4: Can I replace the ducting pipe with a thick PVC pipe.
Ans: Upon buying this chimney, you get a free ducting pipe. If you wish to add any additional items for the chimney, you will need to pay extra for that.

Things to consider before buying a chimney

Before you head over to any online store to buy your kitchen chimney, we would like you to check these items below and consider them before buying chimney online:

  • Chimney filters
  • Chimney suction
  • Chimney size
  • Cleaning and maintenance

The Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide for You:

Through this Kitchen Chimney buying guide, we are going to simplify your chimney buying process. This guide incorporates all the necessary aspects that you must bear in mind while finding out the best kitchen chimneys in India.

1. Kitchen Chimney Filters:

At first, you need to check out the kitchen chimney filters. Filters help in extracting all the dust particles from your kitchen. They are of three types i.e. – Carbon filter, Baffle filter, Mesh Filter. Let us now discuss in brief about the three types of chimney filters so that we can evaluate them better.

  • Carbon filter: This filter is mainly used in water purifiers, but on the other hand, you can fit these filters inside your kitchen chimneys too. They help in eliminating the bad smell out of the food. They are crafted with charcoal; and you can use them both in the duct and ductless kitchen chimneys. However, most importantly, you need to take care of the grease and other kinds of oily particles that are stuck within the carbon filters and the filters do the remaining task.
  • Baffle filter: Almost every kitchen chimneys comes with preloaded baffle filters. These filters are the enhanced versions of the aluminum cable mesh filters. If we compare this with the carbon filter, baffle filters are far easier to install in chimneys. Besides this, you need not worry about cleaning baffle filters frequently as they need not be cleaned before the time of 3 to 4 months from usage.
  • Mesh Filters: These filters are designed with multiple layers of stainless steel which helps in catching solid dust particles and remove all the smoke from your kitchen. Most importantly, these filters need a lot more maintenance than the other ones . One thing you can do is clean up the filters on a regular basis at home or else you can contact a committed chimney-cleaning assistant.

2. Chimney Suction power:

Next, you need to know about the suction power of chimney that you are buying. The suction power is one of the most important factors of kitchen chimneys. While buying, you need to choose the right one, which is powerful enough to remove grease, dirt from your kitchen.

3. Kitchen Chimney size:

While choosing your chimney, you also need to determine the size, which will fit easily into your kitchen. You can choose any kitchen chimney with a size of stove or hob but never choose a chimney which is smaller than the stove hob. Commonly, you can choose from these two size variants i.e. 60 and 90 cm.

Especially for the Indian kitchens, the 60 cm chimney is recommended. On the other hand, if you have a large cooking top, you can choose the 90 cm wide kitchen chimneys so that it fits well.

4. Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance:

The task of a kitchen chimney is to remove oil, grease and the other dust particles and it makes your kitchen totally smoke-free. In order to run your chimney smoothly for a prolonged period, it is your responsibility to take care of your chimneys frequently. Not only the outer part, but you also need to clean the filters, chimney hood and the cleaning bowl, too.

Along with regular usage, regular cleaning of your chimneys need to be done with proper attention. As a fruitful result, cleaning will enhance the overall productivity of your kitchen chimney.

The Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2024

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands

Interested in checking out the best kitchen chimney brands in India? Here is a quick detailed explanation for a better knowing about the best kitchen chimney brands and their offerings:

1. Hindware

Hindware has been of the best kitchen chimney brands in India until now. The brand offers highly advanced feature to their kitchen chimney owners. Every chimney is designed rust proof by Hindware. In addition, the chimneys come with attractive LED lights that add aesthetic value of the chimney.

2. Faber

Faber is a reputed brand known all over the world when it comes to kitchen appliances. Their kitchen chimneys offers 3-speed operation and push control buttons and this highlights ‘Faber’ amongst the best kitchen brands in India.

3. Elica

The highly knowledgably chimney designers at Elica, add every single important feature to their kitchen chimneys so that their owners get a convenient kitchen chimney user experience. Elica chimneys are made up of hi-tech technology and the glass and stainless steel body in the chimneys add an attractive look.

4. Glen

Glen is one of the highly demanded and the best kitchen chimney brands in India. The best thing about Glen kitchen chimneys is you can install additional filters if you want to. You can also for the ductless models, which are easy to install and use. Branded as one of the best kitchen chimney brands in India, Glen uses premium quality baffle filters and other necessary accessories in their kitchen chimneys.

5. Bosch

Bosch uses latest German technologies for manufacturing their kitchen chimneys. The chimneys have higher suction power, which ensures you pleasant air in your kitchen, and enjoy a smoke-free cooking environment. Bosch designs their chimneys with European style baffle filters. Overall, the chimneys are perfect enough to suit the needs of every Indian kitchen.

6. Prestige

‘Prestige’ is one of the most commonly heard and popular kitchen chimney brands in India. Prestige kitchen chimneys suit the requirement of a large Indian kitchen with powerful suction capacity and durable stainless steel filters. The chimneys also have digital displays for ease of operation.

How will you prepare your mindset before buying your chimney?

Finding out the best-selling kitchen chimney in India can be a bit tricky if you are not an expert in market research. Before buying kitchen chimneys, do make sure that the chimneys are being made out of premium materials. Do check each feature of the chimney for your better evaluation. The more you spend time evaluating your chimney, the more you gain information about it and become more confident in buying the best kitchen chimney present in the market.

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