Top 8 Most Popular & Best Laptop Brands in India in 2024

Check out the Best laptop brands in India in 2024 which have flooded the markets. These include some of the most prized brands like Apple, HP and Dell.

If you’re keen on finding out the Best laptop brand in India in 2024, then we have just the list for you. We understand the confusion you might be facing when it comes to trying to choose a new laptop. It isn’t exactly an easy task, as these devices tend to cost a good amount and are something you might need on a daily basis. In such cases, it is almost crucial that you select a laptop which is compatible with your work and suits you well.

Popular and Best Laptop Brands in India

You wouldn’t want to work with a laptop that doesn’t meet your requirements or one which is out of your budget. This is why it is necessary that you focus on the type of specifications you are looking for. To help ease your search, try to decide which brand of laptop you would like to purchase. Why so?

Well, because of the fact that certain brands are focused on producing a certain type of laptops. Some may specialize in the manufacturing of gaming laptops while some may prefer the production of business-oriented laptops. Different brands have different takes on what they would like to bring to the table.

So to help you in your search for laptops we have created a list of the best laptop brand in India 2024. Check out all of them to see which type of brand suits you the most.

The Comprehensive list of Best Laptop Brands in India 2024 :

You may be wondering as to on what basis we have ranked these best laptop brands. The answer is quite simple, each of these brands has been ranked according to their demand, customer feedback, specification and what type of laptops do they mainly produce. So, let’s have a look at the top laptop brands in India in 2024!

1. Apple

Apple Laptop

Apple has worked its way up the market ever since the day it began. This multi-billion dollar company which is considered to be a tech giant has crafted its way into the consumer goods domain. With a motto of constant innovation and development, Apple is the most successful brand when it comes to phones, tablets, laptop and other gadgets.

With their laptops possessing sleek designs and being lightweight, they have dominated the business class. As an Apple laptop has a classy design and Apple users are all about class. You will not see an Apple user switching over to another brand.

The laptops produced by Apple are good for those who work on the go or prefer flexibility. The unique design of Mac laptops makes it one of the best laptop brand in India. All most all these laptops have the latest specs, are compatible with most of the things in the market and have long battery life.

However, Apple laptops only use MAC OS (Operating System), thus to run a windows application or tool might end up being a challenging task. The laptops produced by this brand are suitable for designers, people working in accounting, business and any other domain except the technical domain like engineers.

If you are going to be coding most of the time and will be using software- Eclipse, NetBeans, Turbo C etc. Apple laptops are not for you as they won’t be able to support your demands. Mac’s are bound to be swift and have a clean UI making them an optimal choice for the majority of customers.

  • Swift and snappy working, hence you will face no lag
  • Lightweight and sleek design. So, you can fit your laptop in small spaces.
  • Apple store, Apple benefits
  • Mac OS which is extremely fast
  • Not a suitable laptop for engineers, coders and people in the technical domain
  • A bit expensive in comparison to other laptops with similar features.

2. HP

Hp Laptop

Hewlett-Packard Development Company is the full form or the originating brand for HP. This USA based company was founded in 1939 has since then been developing its products to match the requirements of the users. Being a multinational information technology company HP is spread in markets worldwide.

India being a country that has a majority of people employed in the technological and IT domain, requires laptops which are great for coding and executing technical commands. For such reasons the laptops produced by HP deem to be a good fit for the demand portrayed by the country. As Best HP laptops can easily support programming softwares like netbeans, turbo C, eclipse and much more.

Moreover, the laptops produced by HP work on Windows OS and can also be modified to work for open source networks like Lunix and Unix. With such high diversity and adaptability, this brand is considered to be a decent choice for Indian users. It also functions pretty well for users who are into designing, content creating or for general college students. HP is one of the best selling laptop brand in India!

The laptops produced by HP are available in a variety of ranges; HP pavilion, Envy, Spectre, EliteBook, ProBook, Omen, Stream and Chromebook. Each of these ranges/series is manufactured for a different purpose and are suitable for different class of people. Like the Hp Spectre range includes highly optimized, compact, durable, fast and equipped with the latest specs laptops.

This is one of the most expensive range and is suitable for business class or users who like to work on the go. Other ranges like the Chromebook and ProBook are good for the general public, are moderately priced and have good reviews. So, you will have to check out which range suits best for you before you decide on buying an HP laptop.

HP laptops come inbuilt with a good amount of memory and the new releases have SSD intact in them. This, in turn, makes the laptop run fast and be efficient. In addition to that, the keyboard of HP laptops is considered to be one of the best as they are pretty smooth. The brand also manufactures external items which are compatible with HP laptops.

  • Adaptable and can be easily modified
  • Supports Windows OS and other open-source softwares
  • High resolution, High memory capacity and fast performance
  • Sleek and compact design along with being lightweight
  • At times tends to lag
  • Too many frequent updates which take a lot of time

3. Dell

Dell Laptop

The brand which has been consistent in marking its place on the top is Dell technologies. This American based company is a computer technology company which manufactures and distributes laptops and other gadgets all over the world. Dell is a multinational company known to make, develop, repair, sell and provide great customer support.

This is one of the best laptop brand in India which is a good fit for both the common man and high-profile people. Dell’s latest laptops are surprisingly thin and have a sleek design. This can be because of the increasing demand for lightweight and compact laptops.

India is a country with a vast workforce employed in the technical domain. Hence, brands like dell which produce laptops that are good for coding, designing and other technical aspects, turn out to be a good choice for the people here.

The laptops produced by Dell are known to be used by a majority of finance, auditing and IT firms and organizations. The reason for this is, these laptops can handle the heavy work along with being easily compatible with the softwares used by these firms.

A majority of Dell laptops come intact with SSD, high ram and good memory space, making them work perfectly fine even in harsh conditions. With a sturdy design being either all metallic or plastic, Dell laptops are durable and come with assuring warranties. With their repair centres spread all across India, individuals don’t face any difficulties in getting their laptop fixed in case it gets damaged.

Dell has released laptops for each range and requirements; Dell XPS, Dell Inspiron, Dell Alienware, Dell Latitude and much more. The Alienware series has been designed by Dell, especially for hardcore gamers. With an amazing design, graphic card, resolution and gaming advantages this range is one of the most highly-priced ranges of Dell. The other series like XPS and Latitude are considered to be the optimum choices for coding, business or even general use.

The best part about Dell is that all its laptops are capable of something or the other. Hence, you will never be disappointed with Dell. If you’re searching for some of the best laptops under Rs 50000 in India, then be sure to check out Dell’s Inspiron and Latitude series.

  • Compact, lightweight and sleek design
  • Comes equipped with the latest specs
  • Supports Windows OS, good for coding
  • Ultimate performance and good battery life
  • The cheaper laptops might hang a lot
  • Expensive parts if something gets damaged

4. Lenovo

Lenovo Laptop

This multinational technology company has originated from China as it was founded there in in the late 1980s. Lenovo is that brand which wasn’t widely known by many people up until late 2006. It stepped in the market with its production of ThinkPad laptops, which were produced by IBM up until 2005.

Ever since its emergence Lenovo has focused on becoming the leading laptop and technology selling brand. The laptops produced by Lenovo are sturdy, durable and have good battery life. Apart from that Lenovo laptops are priced at a reasonable rate, making their laptops some of the best laptops under Rs 30000.

Most of the laptops manufactured by Lenovo are a bit dark in colour or on the darker shade side. Lenovo laptops are mainly designed for the working class or people who are employed and work long hours on a single screen. The laptops produced by Lenovo have exceptional performance and are able to handle high load. The durable nature of these laptops can be seen by the material they are made from, which at cases, is hard plastic.

Lenovo laptops come under the category of budget laptops. As they provide high specifications, good resolution and ultimate performance for a reasonable price. The various ranges offered by Lenovo are- ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Yoga and Lenovo Legion. Just like Dell, Lenovo has also released its gaming series ‘Legion’ which is crafted for hardcore gamers. The high-level resolution, swift performance and compatibility make it a good choice.

Lenovo is mainly famous for its ThinkPad series which include laptops which were crafted for workers and people who tend to have plenty of online work. The ThinkPad series is one of the best selling and best-rated series of Lenovo.

  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Adaptable and can easily be configured
  • ThinkPad series is one of the best laptops for the working class
  • Swift performance
  • Not preferable for high-profile jobs
  • Has lagging issues

5. Asus

Asus Laptop

Asus introduced itself in India as a phone brand which produced some of the most trending phones. It was later that it came to people’s knowledge that this Taiwan-based company had also established its presence in the laptop market.

When talking about Asus the thought that comes to many people’s minds is a cheap and lightweight laptop. Which is quite indeed a fact, these laptops may look bulky but if you were to hold them you could barely tell if you are holing a laptop of a book. This is due to the light materials used in making the laptop, which though make the laptop firm and durable but don’t add on much to the weight.

These budget-friendly laptops are considered to be an all-rounder. As they are reasonably priced, have the latest specs and provide users with exceptional performance. These laptops come equipped with the best components like an LCD screen, SSD, 1TB memory, quad-core processors and much more.

With a good battery life, Asus laptops are highly suitable for people who are on the go. Due to being extremely portable, you can just sit at a café or even on the stairs and work on some last-minute submissions. Asus is one of the best brand for laptop in India, that has flooded the markets.

With a series, of laptops which are crafted for business class people, general people and even gamers, Asus doesn’t seem to disappoint. The main series put forward by Asus Zenbook, Vivobook and ROG series. The Vivobook and Zenbook ranges are mainly for general people and people who have basic laptop needs; like to type, create presentations, entertainment and much more.

The ROG series or full form Republic of Gamers is the gaming laptop series of Asus. This brand has excelled it with the production of ROG laptops, which have impressive screens, gaming keywords, durability and ultimate graphics.Advantages

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for middle-class ranges
  • Windows OS and compatibility with other softwares
  • Not exactly a premium laptop
  • Have issues with its speed when there are various tasks running at once.

6. Toshiba

Toshiba Laptop

This Japanese multinational electrical and computer technology-based company was been founded in the 1870s. But it wasn’t until a few decades that Toshiba became famous for the manufacturing and production of laptops, phones and even tablets. In a recent survey, it was seen that Toshiba had been positioned on top, as fast-growing technology manufacture.

Toshiba is one of those laptop brands which possess both high-end laptops and basic laptops. It has manufactured laptops with the most durable designs, touch screens, high resolution and ultimate performance. And also produces laptops which are quite basic and preferable for students and normal people. With such nice specifications, Toshiba is considered as one of the best laptop brands in India.

This brand is known for its leading innovation and new models which tend to make the public go crazy for their laptops. The cutting-edge design and sleek alloy body make Toshiba laptops stand out from a group of ordinary laptops. With a smooth UI, fast processors, large memory size these laptops provide users with exceptional performance. The newer and higher range models come intact with SSD and high ram, thus making the laptop run fast.

With such admirable specifications, Toshiba laptops are suitable for coders, people in the IT industry, college students and much more. The high-end laptops produced by Toshiba are quite elegant and can be used by high-profile business officials.

The laptop series put forward by Toshiba are Satellite, Kiarabook, Portege, Tecra and more. These laptop series have different price ranges and different specifications. The Tecra series is the most expensive and exquisite laptop series of Toshiba.

  • High-quality laptops at a reasonable price
  • Amazing screens with vivid displays
  • A sleek and compact body design
  • Exceptional performance and speed
  • Not all its parts are readily available in India
  • If damaged will not be fixed easily

7. Acer

Acer laptop

Another Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics company which has been selling laptops and phones worldwide. Around 2016 Acer was at its prime in India, with massive sales of its amazing laptops. The laptops produced by Acer were termed as ‘affordable laptops’, due to them being priced at quite reasonable rates.

Acer has always had a sense of excitement to it. Its laptops have a flat and efficient design, somewhat like HP laptops. Acer laptops have the best in class specifications equipped with them. These laptops are up-to-date with the designs trending in the market, like a 2-in-one laptop/tablet.

Acer has is a renowned brand in international markets. It, however, did not fully dominate or mark its presence in Indian markets with the same vigour. And, this can be observed by the fact that its laptops weren’t completely focused in one direction but rather portrayed a mixed quality. Other than that, as looks tend to matter a lot, the dull plastic design opted by Acer didn’t seem to be fit for Indian markets. This, in turn, caused a downfall in Acer laptop’s sales.

Acer is a brand which always moves forward and towards innovation. Due to which Acer has been able to produce a wide selection of laptops in varying ranges. These series are- Chromebook, Aspire, Ultrabook, Swift and even their gaming series Predator!

If you were to categorize it; the Aspire series is considered to be the best value-for-money Acer laptop series. However, when it comes to design the Acer swift series tends to prevail. And for gamers, the Predator series put forward by Acer is a true work of art. With a colourful keyboard, highly-efficient fans for proper cooling and unique design have made these laptops a treat for gamers.

  • Cost-effective and cheap
  • Durable and trust-worthy
  • The latest specs which are available in international markets
  • Compatible and supports windows OS
  • Design is a bit dull and plain
  • Tends to lag if there is too much going on at one time

8. Samsung

Samsung Laptop

When it comes to electronics and consumer goods, how can we not mention the South Korean tech giant, Samsung! Not many have heard or seen Samsung laptops up on display, but they do exist and are of great calibre. Samsung’s newly released laptops are extremely sleek and lightweight, thus giving competition to Apple.

Samsung however, in the beginning, did produce laptops which many individuals found to not suit their purpose. The designs at times were too bland; all silver including the keyboard or all grey. Samsung has surpassed those obstacles and has started producing some of the most eye-candy laptops.

The one thing which has always been guaranteed with Samsung products is performance. You will never feel that the gadget is under-performing or not up to the level. With constant updates and new designs being implemented by Samsung to stay ahead, they have produced some of the most best-selling laptops in India. Thus giving them a place in the list for the best laptop brands 2024 in India!

The Samsung laptop series similar to its wide phone series covers a huge range of laptops. These include laptops which are basic and preferable for children, laptops good for college students, high-end laptops which are best for business class or designers. The series of Samsung laptops are as follows: Samsung Chromebook series, Samsung Notebook series, Samsung Galaxy Book Series, Odyssey and much more.

The Odyssey series possesses high-quality laptops with a bulky build and ultimate performance, crafted for gamers. For college students and designers, the Notebook series is bound to do the trick. Samsung’s great customer satisfaction and presence of service centres around the country make this laptop a great fit for Indian markets.

  • Extremely sleek, precise and cutting-edge design
  • Fast and supports windows OS
  • Compact and good battery life
  • Affordable price range
  • Slow boot-up speed
  • The laptop tends to lag

Things to Consider while Choosing Best Laptops Brands

Now that you have got to know about the best laptop brands in India 2024 let us brief you one some of the factors you should be aware of while selecting a laptop brand. As buying a laptop isn’t exactly a very easy task, and once you do get into the process you should be aware of a few pointers which will make your chase a bit easy.

Consider the below-mentioned points as a few things you should look out for before you fall for just any laptop brand:

1. Use of laptop:

As different laptop brands focus on different audiences, you need to be sure what type of laptop you are looking for. Do you want a laptop for designing or business then you should opt for Apple. If you are going to code or are into the IT industry then you should try HP, DELL, Toshiba. If you’re into gaming then Alienware laptops and Predator laptops will be a good fit for you. So, firstly decide the purpose and then you will easily be able to select a brand.

2. Budget:

A major contributor to what laptop brand will be the best fit for you is your budget. If you have an average budget then try brands which offer affordable-range laptops. If you have a high budget then opt for brands which have class and make high-end laptops.

3. Warranty & Guarantees:

Every brand has its own special warranties or guarantees which they to put forward for their customers. These warranties and deals may differ for a different range of laptops. As a buyer, you should first try to figure out which brand is offering the most feasible warranty or guarantee.

How to do that? First, check what range of laptops you are looking for, then what the price range they are available in is. Then scourge through different brands and check the after purchasing deals they are offering on these laptops. The warranty or guarantee which best suits you is the brand you should opt for.

4. After Sales Support:

Electronics and consumer goods are products which require active after sale support. As for many people who aren’t fully aware of their gadgets they might face numerous issues handling it. After sale support refers to the online and technical support provided by different brands. For beginners, it isn’t exactly a piece of cake to handle their laptops. If there is the availability of 24/7 online and technical support by brand, then opt for that brand. More the support easier will be your experience with the laptop.

5. Service Centres:

A vital factor you should take care of before selecting a laptop brand is, how many service centres are in your nearby locality. You can buy the best laptop but if something goes wrong and there is no service centre in your area, you will face problems. As local vendors which repair and fix laptops aren’t exactly trustworthy, they might just use a fake part while trying to fix your laptop. Service centres, guarantee authenticity and reliability.

If you are looking to buy a new laptop, but are unaware of the current ongoing prices for different laptops, no need to worry. We have you covered just check the laptops price list that we have drafted from these top brands! After getting a good look at them and comparing the prices purchase according to your budget!


Now, let us clear out some of your basic doubts. The following questions mentioned below are some frequently raised queries which new buyers tend to ask. Refer to them for some guidance.

Which is the best laptop brand in India?

This cannot be narrowed down to one specific brand, as each brand has its own speciality and offers different things. But, if were to mention the most selling and the laptop brand which buyers tend to favour a lot, we would say- Apple, DELL and HP are the best laptop brand in India.

Which laptop brand has the best build quality?

According to our research and customer reviews, Apple has the best sleek build quality. While, HP and DELL have the best build quality overall.

Is Lenovo better than HP?

In terms of cost, yes it is, as Lenovo laptops are priced at a comparatively lower rate than HP laptops. However, when it comes to being compact, portable, durable and having the best specs HP is considered better than Lenovo.

Which ones are better out of Dell and HP?

Both are equally great! However, in our opinion, the higher series and models of HP tend to beat DELL laptops in performance and portability.

Which is No 1 brand in laptops?

The No.1 laptop brand according to class and efficiency is Apple. For coders and employees of the technical domain, the No.1 laptop brand is HP.

Which company laptop is best for students?

HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer are the best laptop brands for students.

Which brand laptop lasts longest?

In terms of hardware and efficiency, HP and DELL have the best laptops which last the longest.

Do HP laptops last long?

Yes, HP laptops are durable and can work properly even after prolonged periods of time.

Do HP laptops break easily?

No, they do not. HP laptops can handle basic wear and tear.

Which laptop brands are the most reliable?

The most reliable laptop brands are Apple, HP, DELL and Toshiba.

Is Asus a good brand?

Yes, Asus is a trust-worthy band which has made its name in the market. It is a good brand for those people who are looking for affordable laptops with high specs.

Why are Asus laptops so cheap?

Asus is a Taiwanese brand which is still trying to dominate in the laptop market, due to which it offers lower prices to lure in customers. Other than that Asus laptops are mostly made out of plastic making them worth a little less.

Are Dell laptops better than Apple?

From the perspective of a coder or someone who has a lot of technical use of a laptop, DELL is definitely better than Apple

Why are Apple laptops so expensive?

Due to brand value, unique and sleek design, demand and many other such factors.

Feel free to explore these Best Laptop Brands in India !

The above-mentioned brands produce laptops that we think are the best for Indian buyers. Each of these brands has its own speciality and offers a different range of laptops. Different brands may suit a different person, that’s why it is advised that you explore various brands before sticking on to just one. The above mentioned 8 brands are the ones which have been dominating the Indian markets. So first, decide the type of laptop you need and then try to search for different brands for that type of laptop.

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