5 Best Lawn Mowers in India in 2024 (Grass Cutting Machine)

Check out the list of best lawn mowers in India in 2024 that’s collated to help you choose the finest brand with amazing gardening results.

Your garden will look prim and proper with these top 5 & best lawn mowers in India in 2024. This mechanical motorized masterpiece can give a beautiful shape to your back yard or front yard. The grass cutting machine plays a vital role in keeping the garden tidy, trims the grass neatly, without much of human effort for an otherwise laborious task.

The first lawn mower was invented by Edwin Beard Budding in 1830, in Gloucestershire, England. Further improvements and innovations were added to it & thus we have the modern lawn mowers which are swift, powerful and agile. Today Lawn mowers are used widely for chopping, trimming or mowing grass-patches, green-fields, lawns and luscious gardens to ensure that the grass is evenly groomed and grows healthily.

Lawn mowers are either used for residential or commercial purposes. They are either operated manually or through electric motors powered by gasoline or electricity. Lawn mowers have been of great help in keeping the garden clean & green without much of a hassle.

Top 5 best Lawn Mowers in India that’s been Gardener’s best choice

Best Lawn Mowers in India

A gardener would always want his lawn to look refreshing and gorgeous, and as a result he would take all the efforts to maintain it. Just like watering, pruning, and other activities, he would like to mow the lawn periodically to keep it in shape; which is why he would need the best of the machine available in the market. Our review of the best lawn mower brands in the market takes you through some of the finest brands in this segment and how each one stands out from the other.

In a cluttered market with so many existing brands, it becomes difficult to get the best. Without much of technical knowledge and brand exposure people tend to pick up the wrong brand which results in negative experiences. We are here to help you pick up the best brands of lawn mower through our intensive research process. Our collated list of brands will guide you to procure the best. Take a look below…

1. BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

The best lawn mowers in India in 2024 comes from Black+Decker, the American manufacturer of power tools, accessories and gardening equipment, among other home improvement products. Operational since 1910, they are numero uno in the field of lawn mowers and has a wide range of products to offer its global customers. Aesthetically designed with latest technologies, the lawn mowers from Black+Decker are in high demand, with great after sales services and wide distribution network.

The Red and Black, BEMW451BH-B1 model from Black+Decker a corded electric mower that is operated manually, and has a total product weight of around 9 Kgs. Available across 1200, 1400 and 1600 watts, take your pick accordingly, and have an effective day out at gardening.

This comes with a 14” winged blade for better collection and improved cutting, along with a 45L capacity grassbox. The comfortable grip bike handle is ergonomically designed for easy steering. There’s one year’s warranty by the manufacturer from the date of purchase, and is ideal for small to mid-sized gardens.

The high performance motor delivers powerful and efficient cutting action with high rotational speed. Further, its durable structure with sturdy wheels offer stable movement across any terrain. Get ready for heavy duty grass cutting with this mechanical masterpiece from Black+Decker.

2. Makita Electric Lawn Mower

Makita Electric Lawn Mower

Another brand that comfortably makes it to the best lawn mowers in India list is Makita. This Japanese company with a global presence is a leader in the power tool industry and was incorporated in 1915.

Makita’s constant strive for technology and product innovations are worth mentioning. They are recognised as the reliable supplier of a comprehensive range of tools for creating comfortable homes and living environments worldwide. With wide dealer network, transparent warranty policies and factory service centres, it makes way for a customer centric brand.

Makita India was incorporated in 2008 and offers a wide range of electric lawn mower. Its ELM3720 model comes with 3 cutting heights ranging from 20 to 55 mm to manicure the lawn as per your choice. It runs on electricity and is operated manually, the plastic body makes it a light weight product of just 11.6 Kgs and comes with 40L capacity grassbox. It can mow upto an area of 500 sq mts and is easily mobile on 4 sturdy wheels.

This Makita lawn mower has 6 months warranty and comes with grass level indicator. The handle height too can be adjusted at three levels for better operation. 1400 Watt powerful engine with amazing blades does the grass trimming a hassle free job.

3. Sharpex Push Manual Lawn Mower

Best manual lawn mower in India is manufactured by none other than an Indian entity called Sharpex Engineering, who are experts in forest and garden solutions with almost 40 yrs of experience in wood cutting machineries and accessories. For almost a decade, this Ahmedabad based firm has been catering to India’s forest and garden needs by making wide range of cutting-edge equipment and tools. Established in 1975, today it is known to be the largest manufacturer of Lawn Mowers in India and supplies more than 135 specialized products designed for efficiency and performance.

This is a classic push reel lawn mower that weighs around 13 Kgs with a metal body coloured yellow. It has quality blades with cutting path of 16”. These high quality blades all of heat-treated alloy steel that keeps the longevity of blade sharpness and hence the gardening job is done quicker and without any hassle. It is an easy to operate mower with grass catcher. It is handy and comfortable and reduces manual labour. The grass box is easily detachable and makes the cutting process free of any hassle. Perfect for any lawn size, this mower is easy to maintain.

The blades are abrasion resistant and strong enough to withstand heavy cutting job. Its comfortable grip handle makes it easy to manoeuvre. Further the sturdy wheels (8” front wheel & 2” rear wheel) make the mobility of the machine easier. It has a grassbox capacity of 27L, and the entire unit can be easily stored. With a wide distribution network, Simplex lawn mowers are easy to spot and procure.

4. Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower

Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower

Yet another Sharpex model is listed as the best electric lawn mower in India with cutting edge technology and superb performances. The portable design, nice red colour and flawless cutting and trimming performances makes it a great domestic device if you want to take care of your garden. Sharpex, in that way, keeps up with its reputation of providing the best electric lawn mowers in India. It comes with a 30 L capacity grassbox that is easily detachable and is powered by single phase 220 volt 1.6 HP electric motor that efficiently operates razor sharp 12” heat-treated alloy steel blades.

This particular model provides best domestic gardening solution and is compact with folding handles that is easy for storage. Made of durable material, it is easy to use and can manage any turf and make it look professional. The durable wheels further makes its mobility easy and hence gardening much easier. This unit comes with 15 m cable, 1 unit tool kit, and one T-shirt & cap.

Easy push operation can effortlessly manage lawn size upto 1000 sq ft. The best part of owning a Sharpex product is 100% after sales service guarantee, along with easy availability of spare parts, and off course zero maintenance.

5 Wolf-Garten Manual Reel Mower

Wolf-Garten Manual Reel Mower

This German brand is one of the best grass cutting machine in India with effective result yet simple functioning. Wolf-Garten is synonymous to fascination and fun of gardening in many European countries. Globally they have been making work in the garden easier through greatest innovations. It is known to create cost-effective products that is of best in class and customer friendly.

This Wolf-Garten manual reel mower has a simple appearance with sturdy foundation that is further complemented by four high-grade durable wheels attached with metal gear rim. It comes with detachable grassbox and the well-built comfortable handles that makes entire gardening exercise easier and enjoyable.

This lawn mower from Wolf-Garten provides amazing gardening solution along with awesome experiences. Strong and powerful spinning blade of this mower rotates like a helicopter and chops off the grass top with equal uniformity, and leaves with an outcome that looks professionally manicured green stretch. It weighs around 7 kg and ideal for domestic use. This red coloured machine comes with a 6 months warranty and is a must have for any gardening enthusiast.

Buyer’s Guide for procuring the best Lawn Mower

A neat and clean lush green patch surrounding your dream house is always so delightful, and such manicured stretch can only be an outcome of a best in class lawn mower. In fact a high-quality lawn mower that suits the grass type and lawn area is key. But purchasing this magnificent gardening tool can get little confusing as there are many varieties and the jargons can be damn ambiguous. Often the models can get a bit expensive, but the added extras are not easily identifiable.

Here we aim to explain the various features of lawn mowers and showcase which typology is best for various sizes of garden, styles & power-requirements

a) Power Options

Mostly a high power motor forms the heart of a lawn mower which rotates the blade and thus the cutting & trimming function gets completed. Now to run this motor, there could be various power options. Source of this power forms a major factor in deciding the type of lawn mower one would like to own. Electric ones are corded one and runs on power supply, whereas cordless ones run on battery and gives you freedom from managing long stretches of power supply cords. There are also gasoline powered motors that runs on either petrol or diesel. Manual push lawn mowers however are devoid of any power supply, but needs a bit of push and effort to manicure the garden.

b) Size of the garden

Depending on the size of the garden, you can opt for a specific type of lawn mower. The bigger the size, the more horse powered motor is needed to run the grass cutting machine efficiently. For small sized lawns that are less than 100 sq mt, electric and cordless lawn mower can be engaged to do an effective job. Whereas gasoline powered lawn mowers are suggested for anything greater than 250 sq mt of area.

c) Grass Box

Grass box plays a vital role in collecting the grass clippings then and there instead of leaving it behind and cleaning it later. High capacity, detachable grass box is in high demand, as it helps in keeping the garden clean and tidy, also it can be detached and stored conveniently. Various capacity of grass boxes are available, depending on your requirement, get the one which suits your lawn.

d) Cutting Width & Height

A cutting width is referred by how wide a stripe the lawn mower can cut & trim. A larger cutting width basically means a reduction in the time you spend mowing the lawn and hence fast. Generally smaller lawns have 30 cm cutting width as compared to larger gardens with 40+ cm cutting width. Cutting height, on the contrary, means how long the grass should be when you are done with the entire cutting process. Most lawn mowers come with cutting heights that are easily adjustable – one has to simply adjust the blades up or down as per your gardening requirement.

e) Types of Lawn mowers

What style of lawn mower you prefer is the biggest factor behind what you end up buying. Cylindrical lawn mowers are fitted with blades that are cylindrical and rotates vertically at the front of the mower. These can be both power driven or manual.

Next is rotary lawn mowers, which is known to have a single blade that basically goes through horizontal rotations underneath the mower, just like the propellers of any aeroplane.

Then comes Hover lawn mowers that drifts just above the ground, thereby making it easier and effortless to push and master the process of mowing uneven surfaces. Then there’s robotic lawn mowers which are remote controlled and comes with latest technology of self-charging once all the charge is exhausted.

Shoot your queries to us

Even though you will find the trending brands of best lawn mower in India in 2024 right here in this article, you might still have some queries on this technical product that’s a onetime purchase. More so when the beauty of your lawn depends on this particular gardening tool.

We are here to address your queries, so that you are clear on what you intend to purchase and aren’t rattled with technical jargons that are open used by brands to sound unique and ultramodern. Following are some of the commonly asked queries on lawn mowers and we have tried our best to address it for you. Take a look.

What is the best Lawn Mower in India?

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mowers are the best performing ones. It’s an old brand of gardening equipment that’s globally trusted and relied. Available across 1200, 1400 and 1600 watts, take your pick accordingly, and have an effective day out at gardening. Heavy duty grass cutting can be made hassle free with this mechanical masterpiece from Black+Decker that is technologically advanced and aesthetically designed.

What size Lawn Mower should I buy?

This depends on several factors, but the key one is the size of your lawn that will be the functional ground of the grass cutting machine. Basis, the lawn size you can decide on the lawn mower size. However, for domestic gardens, small to medium sized lawn mowers will suffice.

Do Lawn Mowers need oil changes?

Since lawn mowers are operated by motors, it needs oil to be changed, just like automobile engines. Most lawn mower engines need their oil changed after every 20-50 hrs of operation. The operational manual provided along the product indicates how often to perform oil changes on the mower, which is relatively an easy process.

What oil do Lawn Mowers use?

10W30 is the most common motor oil grade used for lawn mowers. However, the manual will mention the exact grade of engine oil that needs to be changed for your lawn mower’s motor.

How long does a good Lawn Mower last?

This is very subjective to answer, however a good lawn mower can last upto 10 yrs depending on its run time, size of the lawn, grass type and maintenance it undergoes.

Best Lawn Mowers in India that’s any gardener’s delight

A lawn mower is any gardener’s best friend. It helps them to keep the lawn in best of its shape thereby creates a wow effect to all the visitors. As a result, a lawn mower becomes a useful gardening tool that is a must in any household. And since it’s not a rocket science to operate a mower, any layman can use it with a little or no help. However, its purchase could get a bit complicated because of few technical specifications.

Our article is simply an attempt to help you get past those ambiguity and procure the best of brands in lawn mower segment, so that you enjoy your gardening while the lawn mower swiftly does its job of cutting and trimming those extra grass lengths into uniformity.

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