Top 10 Best Loafers Brands in India 2024 That Are Trending

Scroll through the Best Loafers Brands in India in 2024 which the public is going crazy for. Each of these brands offer high-quality loafers at reasonable prices.

Finding the Top 10 & Best Loafers Brands in India 2024 is a tough task at hand, with so many lucrative options to choose from it becomes almost impossible to differentiate which brand is better from the rest.

Best Loafers Brands in India

A list of top 10 loafer brands is difficult to combine but at the same time, it can be quite a life saver if you are able to find one. If you love shopping, a list with all the details ranging from a ranked list of brands, which brand is known for what, and what is the reputation of the brand or what is the budget this brand is suitable for, is exactly the kind of list that will help you get the best loafers in the market according to you needs.

You keep asking yourself, who has the best quality, who is the cheapest and who is keeping up with the fashion world? There are so many questions to answer and too many brands to choose from. The Indian market offers plenty of great brands for men, all of them competing from neck to neck. Of course, it becomes hard to decide who to choose.

Loafers are one of the most comfortable yet fashionable footwear available in the market for men. They are quite versatile and you can style them for almost all occasions be it a formal office party or a casual date. Choosing the right loafer and the best one is a great task at hand. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could give you a list of the best loafer brands in India?

Catalogue of The Top 10 Best Loafers Brands in India 2024- Affordable Range

Given below is the list of Top 10 Best Loafers Brands in India in 2024 based on quality, quantity, price, reviews and popularity. It becomes so confusing to choose from competing brands, especially when there is an abundance of them. To make the process simpler for you, we have narrowed the search down to the best so you can choose the most suitable brand according to your requirement, budget and style.

1. Bata

Bata Loafers

Bata is known as the best loafers company in India. It is a household name that many generations have trusted. Why? Because Bata is perfect for the Indian population. Bata is one of the oldest footwear brands in India, but that does not mean it has become old fashioned. The new motto of Bata is “surprisingly Bata” and rightly so, Bata has renewed its image from an old school brand to a brand who follows the trends and even makes them.

Bata has a humongous collection ranging from formal wear, party wear, casual wear, home wear and even adventure wear. The quality and comfort of Bata cannot be found elsewhere and it takes into account the needs of everyone.

You will find loafers for everyone at Bata from comfortable loafers which are quite affordable to stylish loafers which are a little expensive and the perfect party wear. One of the biggest reasons why Bata wins the race of the top 10 Loafer brands in India is that Bata is reliable. The quality and durability of Bata is a popular name nationwide and it has become a trusted Indian household name for shoe wear. You can count on Bata because they are robust and are made to last.

Bata loafers can range from Rs.999- Rs.2200 mostly which makes them affordable. The durability of the loafers makes these loafers real value for money. There are endless designs and colours to choose from. You can shop Bata shoes from multiple e-shopping platforms and also buy from in-store. If you catch Bata loafers on sale, then you are in luck.

Bata is popular for their comfortable shoe soles and their fit, which will never give you rough feet or a shoe bite. All in all, Bata rightly deserves the top rank in our list because of its comfort, reliability, price, popularity and of course style.

2. Mochi

Mochi Loafers

Mochi is said to manufacture the best loafers shoes in India as it is a timeless brand which never fails to impress its audience. Mochi is one of the best quality manufacturers for loafers in India for men. Mochi manufactures loafers for the elite man and hence their price range is a little higher.

The designs made by Mochi are decorated often with minute and intricate details which gives them an edge above the average everyday loafers. Mochi is known for its gorgeous designs which are comfortable and evergreen.

Mochi is the preferred choice for office going men who like to always stay formal and sleek in their style. Wearing Mochi loafers is often considered as a style statement. One look at Mochi shoes and the overall look speaks for its standards.

The designs by Mochi never get boring and every season they revamp their entire range only to get better and more fashionable. Mochi as a brand specializes in footwear but at the same time it also manufactures other items like bags, belts and wallets. It is quite a popular brand especially when it comes to men’s products.

If you are looking for gifting items, we suggest you go with Mochi loafers because they are definitely one of the Best Loafers Brands in India. The price of Mochi Loafers is a little higher and they range from Rs1500-Rs4000 but they are definitely worth the money. Mochi is an overall great footwear brand that definitely justifies the 2nd rank in the list of the Top 10 Loafer brands in India.

From the manufacturing to the designing Mochi uses top quality materials and processes to ensure that the final product delivered to the end consumer has refined quality. This is the main reason why it is still such a popular brand despite having higher prices than its competitors; the quality of the product justifies the price of the product.

3. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper Loafers

Lee Cooper is one of the Best Loafers Brands in India because the brand has time and time again delivered quality products and prioritizes consumer service and satisfaction. Lee Cooper aims to redefine the Indian fashion style holistically by bringing in western elements to it.

Lee Cooper is an old staple brand which traces its origin back to Britain. Lee Cooper arrived in India in the starting of the 21st century and since then their popularity and sales chart has only gone up.

One of the reasons Lee Cooper has become extensively popular is because of their great marketing strategy which sells on the love that the Indian market has for the western culture.

The tagline of Lee Cooper captures this essence perfectly, it says “the fabric of London” and the classic Anglo influence can be seen in all their products and branding styles. Lee Cooper is an internationally known and appreciated brand which maintains high rank in product quality throughout the globe.

If you are someone who likes a young casual style, then Lee cooper is the go-to brand for you. Lee Cooper has a lighter and get-go style, perfect for the 18-30 age group. If you are looking for slightly formal loafers, then try looking at other brands.

The price range is quite wide from loafers between price points of Rs.2000-3000. The brand is affordable and the durability makes them a great buy as well. Lee cooper is a brand for a younger population hence they make sure they are durable and made for rough and regular use.

Lee Cooper is a great brand holistically because their price, quality and designs are top notch and hence we can without a doubt say that Lee Cooper makes one of the best loafers for men in India.

4. Woodland

Woodland Loafers

There are a number of reasons why we say that Woodland is one of the top 10 loafer brands in India so let us walk you through that. Woodland is owned by one of the companies that pioneer in business to consumer products known as the Aero group.

Woodland has been popular in the shoe industry since the early 1950’s and it decided to enter India’s shoe industry in about 1992. The Origin of the company is found in the Old French dominated region of Canada known as Quebec, but still Woodland makes sure that their products are made for Indian men and suit the Indian lifestyle and environment.

The Aero group is known for making great quality products and being one of the most successful players in the fashion industry. Woodland shoes have been quarter as one of the most incredible quality leather shoes that are available in India.

Shoes inspired by classical old designs that forever remain evergreen and cannot disappoint the consumer. Luxury brands and the products that you will find in the Woodland loafer catalogue will range around from rupees 2000-10000 which can seem like steep pricing but at the same time we assure you that the quality is like none other. Woodland makes both casual and formal loafers.

Woodland also is the parent company of its popular loafer label known as Woods. Woods has become exceedingly popular in the loafer department and is one of the most prominent labels that is owned by Woodland. You can easily find Woodland shoes on sale on different fashion websites and Woodland stores are also quite ubiquitously distributed in India.

If you are someone who has a knack for collecting classically designed shoes and finds pleasure in owning luxury items then we definitely suggested to explain explore the Woodland catalogue of loafers and we can assure you that you will definitely find something you like because, Woodland is one of the best loafers brand in India.

5. Red Tape

Red tape is another one of the best loafers brands in India 2024 because it’s affordable and at the same time offers great quality. Looking at affordable brands which have great designs when it comes to loafers we suggest that you explore the brand Red tape.

Red Tape is one of the most popular loafer brands on Amazon and Myntra and you can find some great reviews about the quality and design on multiple fashion websites. Red tape was founded in the mid-80s and since then they have maintained a great level when it comes to their manufacturing standards.

Red tape makes sure that it brings international fashion sense to India’s customers. Red Tape is an international brand and it’s one of the top selling shoe brands in the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany and parts of Asia and Africa.

The utmost important factor that Red tape incorporates in its shoes as well as other products is comfort. Red tape is renowned as a consumer centric brand because it notes on the feedback and reviews that the audience has and incorporates it in their renewed products.

Red Tape has classic and evergreen designs which are both suitable for casual wear as well as casual formal wear. Price point of most of the products ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000 which is quite an affordable price range for the majority of India’s population.

The brand is only rising up in popularity and sales because the standard of their quality keeps improving year by year and every new collection we see is more in sync with international fashion, as well as, it maintains its reputation in providing comfortable shoes and we can without a doubt say that Red Tape will become one of the most popular brands in India in the upcoming years.

6. Bacca Bucci

If you are looking for the best loafers under 1000 rupees then we suggest you go with Bacca Bucci because it offers some amazing loafers under 1000 Rs. This is one of the most student friendly brands when it comes to loafers.

Their price range is very affordable and they maintain creative ability in the products because students require reliable products which won’t be prone to wear and tear with daily rough usage. If you are someone who supports the Make in India movement then this is the brand for you because this is a domestic brand that was started recently in 2013.

Bacca Bucci originates from India’s capital that is the region of New Delhi. Has achieved great success and is now expanding internationally only because of its creative designs as well as great quality products.

This brand is known for the craftsmanship and economically efficient manufacturing techniques that enables them to make affordable yet authentic products. The tagline and motto of the brand is stay humble and stay real which really captures the essence of the entire brand itself.

Another exciting and unique thing about the brand is their extremely user-friendly website which offers a blog page as well which helps you style their products and understand different aspects of their entire product range. This is an all-round brand which will definitely give some competition to big players in this field.

7. US Polo Assassin

US Polo Assassin Loafers

US Polo assassin is yet another brand which we without a doubt can say makes one of the best loafers in India. US Polo Assassin falls under the group of United States Polo association which is a Pioneer sports body originating in the US that specializes in the sport of Polo.

The brand is often seen as super classy because the entire brand focuses on the consumer feeling a rich experience when buying their products. The vision is simple whenever a consumer buys from a US Polo Assassin store feels like they’re involved in the sport of Polo.

When it comes to the loafer range you can find casual looking offers in this brand shine the most and that is also the sort of designs US Polo specializes in. All the designs are quite quirky and you can see some great next generation trends and designs when it comes to their latest loafer collection.

The price range of US Polo Assassin loafers is also quite wide and you can definitely find some options which are suitable to your price range. The shoes range from around 1300 to 5000 rupees. They keep revising their designs and collection every seasonal change and you can find new designs every few months available on the website.

If you are looking at owning a fashionable pair of loafers which are stylish and also come with a good brand name then definitely, we would say just you to buy from US Polo Assassin because it clearly makes for one of the best loafers brands in India.

8. Clarks

Clarks Loafers

Clarks is undoubtedly one of the best loafer brands in India. Everyone who wanted to be fashionable in the late 1990 obviously must have heard of Clarks. Recent years Clarks has seen a decline in sales and profit simply because there are other players in the market that however, does not take away from the fact that Clarks makes evergreen classical designs which have great quality.

Clarks makes nice loafers and they also have other products. Their entire product range really speaks about the quality of raw material and great manufacturing techniques they use.

The origin story of Clarks is quite inspiring and speaks with their ground-breaking hard work. Founders of Clarks were responsible for inventing slippers from sheep skin in the early 1800. Post that they kept on evolving and learning new ways of craftsmanship that made shoes more wearable, comfortable and consumable.

Is not only a great brand but a conscious one which focuses on maintaining sustainability in the products and using raw materials which are more eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment. They use innovative technology which makes shoes super comfortable and does not restrict the movement inside the shoe.

Clarks is a strong believer of ethical business and making sure that their consumer policy and their product policy both is conscious about the needs of that consumer and needs of the environment around them. Clarks does not believe in any cost cutting to compromise on quality and enhance the brand and has a steep pricing when it comes to the loafers.

You will find loafers between the range of Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 which is quite a high price. Given the quality of products or the quality of leather is amazing and sometimes even unmatchable.

9. United Colours by Benetton

United Colours of Benetton is definitely one of the best loafer brands in India. The Benetton group is one of the largest fashion groups in the world and currently they have around 4000 stores around the globe all making great profit and selling super fashionable products which are popular in each of those respective markets.

The Benetton group is a socially conscious brand which believes in ethical business and making sure that they are socially committed to the standards and aspirations that their brand has built in their audience.

The Benetton group was started in 1965 and they opened their store shortly after in the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Throughout the decades the group kept expanding their name, their vision and their sales and throughout this time they grew exponentially because they finalized some great collaborations with only work in their favour.

Of course, you can easily conclude from this that their rapid growth was because of that trade quality products and at the same time United Colours of Benetton specializes in being a trendsetter for the fashion market and brings out some great collections every season.

The brand uses 80% natural fibres and they are making their way towards making the entire product line made with sustainable cotton in the coming 3 to 5 years. They even try to make sure that their packaging and then manufacturing is environmentally conscious.

The price range of the United Colours of Benetton loafers is also not too high and quite affordable honestly. The products range from Rs1300 to Rs.2500. The loafer shoes are available in casual styles as well as formal styles and honestly all of the range is suitable to most events you would go

In the end, we absolutely approve of United Colours of Benetton as one of the best loafer brands in India because of their all-rounding success in quality style and awareness.

10. Roadster

Roadster Loafers

Roadster is definitely one of the best and most upcoming and best loafer brands in India. Parent company for the roster label is Myntra and we all definitely know of the success of Myntra. An Indian made brand which is led by an Indian designer which makes sure that the brand is well aware of the names of the target audience that it’s making products for.

Roadster is a super student-friendly and cost-friendly brand which makes great young and cookie products that are very suitable for the young generation of India. Loafers that are even available under 1000 rupees and they still have great durability in their products.

You can find mostly casual wear loafers when it comes to the loafers brand and one great thing is, you can go on to their parent company, Myntra’s website and check out the fashion blogs to understand how you can tell different floors to get different looks.

When you go check out the reviews available under roadster products you only have praise to hear. Many people have become frequent buyers of Roadster products and the brand is seeing a higher consumer retention rate than most young brands in this category.

Roadster brand focuses on giving a holistic experience to all of its consumers and their motto is that “Roadster is a lifestyle”, which in essence means being on the move and constantly hustling. The products capture this essence, especially durable and comfortable, sleek shoes which are super suitable to everyone who is currently and constantly hustling.

In conclusion, if you are looking for cheap, fashionable loafers, roadster is the brand for you. You can explore through numerous designs and find a pair of shoes that fits all your requirements.

A beginner buying guide on how to shop for loafers:

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you go shopping especially when you are going shoe shopping. Your footwear will affect your productivity, mood and the overall look and hence you need to be super careful when buying loafers and set some ground rules. Here is a beginner’s guide all on you need to know before you go shopping for loafers.


Why do you need to go shopping for loafers? Is it for a specific occasion, are you casually going shopping? Is there a new collection you wish to check out? Have you run out of footwear? Are you looking for a gift? And many more reasons why you could be going loafer shopping. The important thing is to stick to your agenda and to not indulge in aimless wandering and shopping.


Define a budget range for yourself. Make sure you have a ballpark figure and not something like “below xyz”. It gives you some breathing space while shopping, because going with a rigid limit often makes you miss out on some great products.


We would always suggest in store shopping for two main reasons, firstly you get to see your product and try it, and secondly the user experience is exceptionally better when there is a staff person to help you out in giving suggestions and making sure you get the right shoe.


Make sure that the pair of loafers you are buying are versatile and suitable with multiple outfits and occasions. This is the best way to get the worth of your money. Take loafers of universal colours like a pastel colour, black colour or white colour which are suitable with most outfits, so that you can wear them on a regular basis.


The most important factor to consider when you’re going to shopping is to make sure the shoes are comfortable they do not bite you and the sole of the shoe is suitable to your feet if you have sensitive field then we suggest you by a soft parrot soul or you can even consider going for memory foam which is super gentle on the feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

To even help you out we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about loafers. All the questions have been answered to the best of our ability and we hope all of the answers help you get more clarity about what sort of loafers are most suitable for you.

Which material is best for loafers?

We suggest that you go with leather material because it’s the sturdiest material for loafers. Make sure to check the quality of leather because not all leather is genuine.

Are loafer formal shoes?

Loafers can be categorized under formal wear and casual wear depending on the design that you go for. Loafers are quite versatile and suitable for many sorts of occasions.

What do you wear loafers with?

There are many ways you can style loafers depending on the occasion you’re going for. They can be worn for formal occasions if worn with trousers. They are also suitable to wear with jeans and chinos if you are going for a more casual look.

Is it OK to wear socks with loafers?

This is a personal choice many people prefer to wear any footwear with socks and many people find socks to be an irritant. Can choose to wear ankle length socks if you have sweaty feet or you can choose to go with talcum powder and without any socks.

Are loafers good for walking?

If you buy loafers which are comfortable and from good company then yes loafers are very comfortable for walking and you can wear them on a daily basis for long hours just ensure that you take a comfortable pair of shoes and the soul quality of the shoe is good.

Ending remarks on Best Loafers Brands in India

Loafers are a great fashion item that have taken over sneakers and formal shoes collectively because they come by the look and comfort of both. For multiple occasions, they can save you a lot of money if you buy the right pair of loafers. They are wearable at formal and casual occasions, both.

All the information provided above is to help you understand the loafer market which loafer is the best for you and what are the things you need to keep in mind when going shopping full of loafers. All the information is well researched and we hope it helps you in finding the best pair of loafers for you, until then happy shopping.

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