8 Top Quality Best Mattress in India 2024 + Top Brands

Try this totally unbiased list to find that best mattress in India in 2024 you’ve been looking for so long now. We understand that you don’t buy mattresses often and honest reviews are so hard to come by these days.

Are you still searching for the top quality and best mattress in India in 2024? We bet you’ve been at it for quite a long time now and you can’t really find a precise, to the point answer now, can you? Don’t you worry; we’ve got you covered like always!

In this article, we’ll talk all about what you need to know before buying your next mattress! The types of mattresses that you can buy, the best mattresses in India that you can choose from, the top brands, the factors you need to consider before you buy, answers to a few questions you might have and at last, an additional product you need to consider purchasing along with your mattress; this article has it all!

Let’s Get Started…

Best Mattress in India with Reviews

Have you ever noticed that when you get into a hotel bed, you enter a different world altogether? A serene sense of relaxation and comfort sends you into vacation mode and you feel like just lying there for the rest of your life. Now, why does that happen? What’s different in a hotel room that you can’t seem to find at your home?

It’s the mattress! Hotels invest very well in their mattresses and more importantly, they choose their mattresses carefully. What most households fail to realize and what hotels understand very well is that a good and sound sleep at night is the most important factor in determining how relaxed your mood is for the whole of next day and that the mattress is the most essential element for achieving that.

A good mattress would not only help you get better sleep but it will also lead to enhanced mental health and stability of your mind. We’ve made the best online mattress buying guide you’ll find out there! So let’s dive right into understanding all about buying the best mattress online!

Types of Mattresses You’ll Come Across

Anything and everything works well only if it’s the right fit for you. Mattresses also come in several different variants that have different features. So the first step towards your next mattress purchase should be to apprehend what exactly you need from your mattress and then decide which type of mattress will serve your needs better. Here are the different types of mattresses that you can choose from:

1. Coir Mattresses

Coir Mattresses

Coir mattresses are among the more dense and firm mattresses available in the market, given the nature of the number of coconut coir fiber layers that are treated with latex solutions and merged. Essentially, you get the advantages of both the coir fiber and the latex, which makes your mattress breathable and moisture absorbent as well as tough and well-cooled.

This mattress is particularly a good option for people with back problems since it is resilient enough to support spine alignment, unlike the more springy mattresses that are very bouncy.

2. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

A fun fact about memory foam mattresses that might interest you is that it was originally invented by NASA in the 1960s to enhance their aircraft cushions and that it was only available at a commercial rate from 1991.

The key feature of this mattress is the “sinking in” sensation that it gives when you lie on top of it. This happens because the foam will take your body shape when you sleep on it and it will bounce back when you get up. This is ideal if you are a side sleeper or if you happen to have a pain condition that requires softness.

3. Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are an incredibly versatile range of mattresses with variants available from extra-soft to extra firm, depending upon the kind of foam used in making it.

Many people believe that soft mattresses can cause back problems because they don’t provide enough support. Foam mattresses are the perfect example to debunk this myth because they are plushy as well as resilient enough to give ample support to your back regardless of your sleeping position.

4. Spring Mattress

Spring Mattress

The concept of spring mattress is that the whole mattress is laid with individual pocket springs that reduce motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. This is very helpful for the people whose partners move a lot while sleeping. The 3 zoned pocket spring variant in this category is the one you should really look out for. It provides greater body support along with undisturbed sleep.

5. Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic Mattress

As the name suggests, orthopedic mattresses are tailor-made mattresses for people with orthopedic problems. These mattresses are specifically designed to treat or support medical conditions like deformities of spine or joints and disorders that need a rigid sleeping surface.

Orthopedic mattresses can be customized to suit the patients’ requirements and offer targeted comfort. If you do have a medical condition like that of your own or you have someone in the family with such condition, you should consider this option and ask your doctor about it.

Our Picks for the Best Mattress in India 2023

Now, we’ll discuss the most pertinent problem every new buyer has. Among a plethora of options available in a thriving market of mattresses, among hundreds of brands claiming their mattresses to be the best, which ones do you actually believe? Not every mattress of every company can be as good as they claim to be. So we are here today to list some of the tried and tested, genuine candidates for your next mattress purchase that won’t disappoint in the least!

1. WAKEFIT Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

WAKEFIT Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The result of years of research in orthopedics, taking hundreds of reviews from people who tried it and enhancement in each and every aspect quoted by people, the WAKEFIT Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress stands out among all the other similar mattress available in the market.

A perfect choice for people with back problems and joint pains, this WAKEFIT’s best Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress in India in 2024 gives you rigid support for your entire body while also retaining the comfort that you need for a good night’s sleep.

Normal memory foam mattresses are too plushy and tend to keep the user in the same sleeping position for up to 4 hours according to various researches that have been conducted. Being in the same position for so long can not only build too much pressure on the body part you’re lying on but it can also deprive the pressure that other body parts need to flex while you sleep.

This WAKEFIT Orthopedic Mattress rectifies that problem and gives extra support and density to the base of the mattress so that you don’t get entirely pushed in when you lie down. Thus it would focus more on getting you a healthy and relaxed sleep rather than more-than-enough comfortable.

It comes in two sizes so that you can choose whichever option suits you. It also comes with a removable and washable outer cover which will keep your mattress new and fresh for a long time!

  • Result of years of R&D
  • Gives the extra support that an orthopedic mattress would give you
  • Gives the same plushy sinking-in feeling that a memory foam mattress would give you
  • Focuses on healthy sleep more than comfortable sleep

2. SLEEPYCAT Plus Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

SLEEPYCAT Plus Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam

SLEEPY CAT focuses not only on providing their mattresses at a reasonable price but also on the quality of their product. Sheer quality is what makes this company stand out among the rest. Therefore, if you consider buying this best orthopedic gel memory foam mattress from Sleep Cat, you can take comfort in the fact that you won’t be disappointed in the least.

Sleepy Cat Plus is a 6-inch best quality orthopedic mattress in 2024 that has one inch of gel memory foam that is specially designed to even out your weight throughout the mattress so you don’t feel pressure on a single body part while sleeping. The rest is 5 inches of high-density base support foam that would provide the firm support your back needs to provide you a healthy sleep.

A breezy inner cover makes this Sleepy Car mattress properly ventilated and air-cooled. A removable outer cover gives you the flexibility to wash it as and when required. Now the unique thing about this product that really makes you want to buy it that it comes in a BOX! Yes, that’s right; this mattress is delivered in a box, straight from the factory. The benefit for you, you ask? This eliminates the added costs of logistics that any normal mattress might incur and cuts down the price significantly!

You will also be happy to know that this company gives back to society more than it asks from it! It donates its mattresses to homeless shelters which saves the shelters lakhs of rupees that they are then able to spend in the welfare of the people who don’t have homes. In addition, the homeless get comfortable, restful sleep which is very rare for them!

  • Has one inch of gel memory foam that evens out your weight through the mattress
  • High-density foam that provides strength, durability and structure
  • Removable and washable outer cover
  • Delivered in a box!
  • Gives back to society

3. DREAMZEE Ortho-Care Memory Foam Mattress

DREAMZEE Ortho-Care Memory Foam Mattress

The DREAMZEE Ortho-Care Mattress is one of the very few mattresses in the market that are reversible. It can be used from both sides and both the sides have different functions. One side is soft and the other side is categorized as medium firm. The user has the option to use the side of the mattress that best suits him! This Dual Comfort feature is particularly useful in the areas where weather is extreme. You can use the harder side for winters and softer, more breathable side in summers.

Getting ahead of the competition, DREAMZEE has put a two-inch comfort layer on the top rather than the market standard one inch. This cradles the body into a luxurious mush of a surface. High-Resilience Foam used at the bottom provides a sturdy bottom giving the mattress more structure to withstand more weight. It supports your spine while you sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Not only the quality, but the company has also taken into consideration, the outer appearance of the mattress. The outer surface of the mattress has a high GSM knitted fabric with a hexagonal stitch pattern that classes up your bed.

This product comes with a 5-year manufacturing warranty, which is less than the market standard 10 year, but still enough for you to trust the quality and durability of this mattress.

  • Reversible Mattress that you can use from both sides
  • Two-inch comfort layer
  • High Resilience Foam used for the base
  • 5 Year manufacturer warranty
  • ISO certified for using Pure Foam

4. WAKEFIT Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard and Soft

WAKEFIT Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard and Soft

Don’t you get excited when you get two for the price of one? Well, this is the same case! This one of the best Wakefit mattress comes with both side usable surfaces that provide different kinds of comfort each. If you like your mattresses to be more rigid and supportive then you can use the grey side and if someday you want your mattress to be as comfortable and soft as it gets, you can use it from the white side. The grey side is medium firm and the white side is medium soft.

This dual side usable feature would also allow you to adjust your mattress according to the weather conditions. For instance, in winters, a harder and more firm mattress would do you more good than a softer, more plushy one.

Durability is also one of the key aspects that WAKEFIT considers while designing any of its mattresses. High-density foam gives the mattress strength and naturally, gives it a longer lifetime.

After all said and done, even if none of its features are to be considered, this product is still a no brainer simply because of its unbelievable price! For around 8000 bucks, you get not one but TWO types of mattresses that have the same durability and strength as the more expensive ones.

  • Dual side usable surfaces: One soft and one hard
  • Suitable for changing weather conditions
  • Durable and structured to enhance the life of the mattress
  • Reasonably priced

5. Livpure Smart Regal Latex Foam Mattress

Livpure Smart Regal Latex Foam Mattress

The Regal mattress by Livpure has one of the best quality latex mattresses in India in 2024. It is manufactured after years of research and development and packed with new technologies. The latex provides bouncy support similar to a spring mattress. It is inbuilt with 5 pressure relieving zones which provide customized pressure for each body part. this is very helpful after a long day of work. Speaking of long days at work, it also has Biocrystal infused in the foam which relieves stress and provides positive energy!

Livpure is one of the few companies in the market that believes in its products enough to give them out for 100-night trials! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within the time limit and your money will be refunded to you as it is! Not only that, this mattress comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty that shows how durable the company trusts their products to be!

Livpure has really pushed the benchmark on mattresses with their new launches and Regal is one of the best budget latex mattresses in India. Additionally, they are manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology which ensures highly breathable foams so you can sleep sweat-free. All this along with 100-night trials, easy EMI options, and Free Delivery makes it one of the most sought-after brands for mattresses.

Like many other best mattresses in the market, it also comes with a removable outer cover that you can wash and keep the mattress looking like new for a long time. Additionally, these covers are highly breathable which make them perfect for the Indian weather!

This company is one of the most transparent companies in the market which lets the customer know each and every detail about the manufacturing of their product. This is the reason why many people consider this brand to be trustworthy. Being open also means that they have to genuinely put quality materials in their mattresses and this is also exactly the reason why their mattresses are a tad bit expensive!

  • Comes with a 100 night trial period
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Okeo-Tex certified fabric
  • Manufactured with Dow ComfortScienceTM Technology
  • 3 SleepTech Pressure Zones

6. SLEEPYHEAD 3 Layered Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress

SLEEPYHEAD 3 Layered Medium Firm Memory Foam

This Sleepyhead 3 layered mattress combines all three features you most commonly look for in a mattress: orthopedic support for healthy sleep, pressure relieving memory foam for relaxed and comfortable sleep and lastly, that cocoon-like feeling you get only in hotel mattresses.

Its high-density HR foam is perfect for back support that you need while sleeping. It also makes the mattress durable enough to last longer than your expectations.

All said and done, this mattress does complete justice to the company’s ad campaign for this product which says that “Some mattresses are hard. Some are soft. Others are springy. Then there’s one that’s just right”. Other than being the perfect balance between plushy and firm, it also has the perfect amount of bounce which eliminates disturbances to your partner caused by your moving.

SLEEPYHEAD has outdone other companies in the market in the aspect of outer covers. They have made their cover from high-quality fabric that is really easy to wash and does not fade at all. So, you can keep your mattress dust free by washing it multiple times without worrying about its appearance being hindered.

The company has been involved in years of R&D and claims that the product they have finally built is suitable for as much as 90% of body types, which is really high in comparison with other mattresses out there. You can get your hands on this product for approximately Rs. 14000 if you buy it from Amazon.

  • 3 layered- Orthopedic Layer, Memory Foam Layer, Comfort Foam Layer
  • High-quality outer cover
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Manufactured in India
  • 100-night trial option

7. SPRINGTEK Ortho Pocket-Spring 6-inch Queen Size Mattress

SPRINGTEK Ortho Pocket-Spring 6-inch Queen Size

Pocket spring mattresses are not commonly preferred by people since most of them are either too bouncy or too hard on the back after the comfort layer on the top wears out with time. In a market where everybody seems to be shifting to memory foam mattresses, there is one pocket spring mattress, the sales of which have still not wavered.

A constantly good selling and trusted mattress, the SPRINGTEK Ortho Pocket Spring mattress is an almost one-of-its-kind mattress in the market that combines the bounciness of spring mattresses and the comfort of plushy foam mattresses in flawless fashion. It also provides the support and firmness of an orthopedic mattress that is suitable for you if you have any kind of joint or back problems.

It has foam encasements on edges so that the edges don’t sag even if you sit on them all day. They also provide extra comfort while you sleep. This mattress comes with a 6-year manufacturer warranty which you claim in the case of any manufacturing defect and your mattress will be replaced immediately.

  • One of the few good options to consider in the pocket spring category
  • Orthopedic support for back problems
  • Foam encasement on edges
  • 6 Year warranty from the manufacturer

8. GENERIC SHAGUN 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

GENERIC SHAGUN 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

Even in such a competitive market, when you will go to look for a good mattress, you will find that mattresses are way too expensive. No realistic option seems to be below Rs. 10,000 and for middle-income families that is a steep price to pay for a mattress. If you do fall into that category, then we have just the perfect option for you!

SHAGUN is one of India’s oldest and best mattress companies and it still provides good quality mattresses at really affordable prices. For just around 4000 bucks, you can get your hands on their Single Size Foam Mattress which has imported foam filling and is very comfortable to sleep on, in this price range. The foam used in this is high density which helps you get a healthy and a comfortable sleep that re-energizes you for the next day.

The top layer is lined with high-quality fabric that feels good to sleep on and gives you a luxurious, contempt feeling. This mattress is delivered directly from the factory to your door after you order it. It comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty which is almost unheard of for this price range! This only goes to show how much the company believes in the durability of this mattress.

  • A cheap and reasonable option
  • Long-lasting durability
  • High-density foam for extra firmness
  • Imported foam filling
Best Mattress Brands in India

Sometimes, even if you have never heard of a particular product, neither a good review nor a bad review, you seem to build a perception about that product when you come to know about its brand. The name of the manufacturer is a significant factor which you consider while buying anything, let alone something as expensive as mattresses. The reason, you ask? Companies genuinely do tend to develop quality products to establish them as brands and the companies that don’t, generally have a bad image in the market.

Therefore, today we will also note down the best mattresses brands in India in 2024, the products of which you can trust blindly!

1. Wakefit

Wakefit is an R&D-centric company that researches their products thoroughly before launching them to enhance them to their maximum potential. Comfortable mattresses become more comfortable, plushy mattresses become more plushy and orthopedic mattresses become more supportive.

Wakefit is the best mattress brand in India in 2024 that you can rely on for actual research-developed products. Most companies just claim to do research whereas they actually don’t. Wakefit provides you with ultimate quality mattresses, listens to your feedback, enhances their products further, all the while giving you fantastic customer service!

2. Sleepwell

Sleepwell is the brainchild of Sheela Gautam who is the founder and owner of Sheela Foam Limited and is a billionaire businesswoman and a politician under the BJP umbrella. This company offers you a very wide spectrum of products ranging from the most comfortable and expensive ones to the less comfortable and most inexpensive ones.

You can surely trust the quality of this brand since this is a nationwide brand with hundreds of stores and authorized resellers all across India. When so many people are buying the same company’s products, you know you won’t be disappointed if you make your purchase from it too.

3. LivPure

Livpure is one of the most trusted and customer-centric brands in India. It has 1M+ Happy Customers and comes with 10+ years of research and development. Livpure is a brand that operates in a plethora of categories all aimed toward wellness- Water Purifiers, Mattresses Sleep Accessories, and Smart Home Solutions.

Livpure along with US-based company – Dow ComfortScience Technology, have manufactured the mattresses to ensure they are breathable and made from the best materials. The covers are also Oeko Tex certified. Livpure believes in customer satisfaction and ensures all its products are geared towards their wellness and comfort.

4. Wink and Nod

Wink and Nod is one of the best upcoming online mattress brands in India. They are known to never compromise on their quality even if it means to increase their prices a little bit. This is also evident from their price ranges since you will find their mattresses a tad bit expensive as compared to similar products in the market.

Wink and Nod is the front runner in the race to best mattress brand in 2024. They give a 100 day trial period to their customers to show their confidence in their product. If the costumers are not satisfied with the mattress, they have the option to simply return it! That shows the credibility of the brand, don’t you think?

5. Sleepy Cat

Sleepy Cat provides good quality orthopedic mattresses that focus on giving you a quiet, sound sleep even if you have severe joint pains and back pains. Their scientifically researched balance of firmness and softness succeeds in giving you the most relaxing and refreshing sleep.

Also, the unique thing about Sleepy Cat is that it is the first brand of mattress in India that delivers its mattresses in boxes! This cuts down their logistic costs by about 75% and naturally, that reduction is passed on to the consumer. This company also gives a 10-year warranty on all its products with a stellar customer support system.

Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide: What To Look For While Buying A Mattress

Mattress Buying Guide

There are various factors that you should consider while making your next mattress purchase. We have made a list for you to go through for the same. This is the best mattress buying guide you’ll find online!

1) Size:

The first thing you need to know before looking for options in the market is how big of a mattress do you need? How much space do you have in your bedroom and how big is your bed? Mattresses come in a single size, double size, queen size, and king size.

You can choose the single size if you have a child in your house or if you are a single person living in the apartment. Other sizes can be chosen if you have a partner and you have adequate space in that room. Mind you, these sizes are just standard sizes of the market. You can always opt for a custom made a mattress with your required dimensions. Of course, you’ll find that not all brands do that, but a few good ones will agree.

2) Thickness:

The thickness of your mattress determines the comfort, strength and more importantly the life of your mattress. Most of the good and expensive mattresses are thicker than 8 inches and constitute multiple layers.

An important thing to consider here is your weight. If you are heavy, a thicker mattress is not just luxury for you; it is a requirement because the heavier you will be, the more your mattresses’ depth needs to be.

3) Firmness:

Another important factor that you need to consider is the firmness of the mattress you’re buying. First, figure out how firm would you like it to be. Would you like your sleeping surface to be pillow soft or a little firm?

If you like those sink-in mattresses go for a good quality memory foam mattress and if you prefer balanced firmness and bounciness, go for orthopedic memory foam. There are options available in the market which are reversible. These are soft on one side and firm on the other so the owner can just flip the mattress to get a completely different kind of sleeping experience.

4) Durability:

According to certain researches, the average lifetime of a mattress is 7 years depending on how much and where it is used. The durability of a mattress depends on the materials used in making the mattress. For instance, if the foam used in the base of the mattress is of high density, it will last longer in comparison to one with low-density foam.

You need your mattress to be as durable as it can be but the price to pay for more durability is generally very high. So you need to figure out how much durability matters to you and how much are you willing to overpay for it!

A Few Common Questions You Might Have

Now, we know that after detailed explanation of each and everything, you might still have some questions in your mind that you probably would like to clarify beyond a shadow of doubt. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Almost every reader of ours contacts us with these few similar questions. So, to not have to reply to each and every mail seperately with the same answers, we decided to answer them here, within the article itself, so you can get your answers as soon as your questions arise. If you still have something troubling your mind, feel free to contact us anytime you want.

Which mattress is best in India?

Although we have prepared a list above, of all the best mattresses in India in 2024, in which all the mattresses are almost equally preferred by us, if you still want us to name one, we would our winner is the Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress! Wakefit is one of the best mattress brands in India.

Which type of mattress is best in India?

We feel that the orthopedic memory foam mattresses are the best category of mattresses suited for India. Since India experiences extreme temperatures, the firmness of the orthopedic mattress would save you from sinking into the mattress in summers and back pains in the winters.

Which type of mattress is best for back pain in India?

Without a doubt, the answer to this question is orthopedic mattresses. These mattresses not only give you the firmness you need for a healthy and refreshing sleep, but also, customised back support that is tailor made for your body shape.

Which is best mattress in India for back pain?

Orthopedic memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses for people with back pain in India. You get the softness you need for a comfortable sleep and the firmness and back support you need to relieve your pain!

Which is the best orthopedic mattresses in India?

If you’re looking for the best orthopedic mattress in India, the Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect option for you! The quality of Wakefit is trustable and verified. Also, their mattresses have received hundreds of good feedbacks from present customers.

Which is the best spring mattress in India?

The Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring mattress wins by a mile when it comes to the race of the best spring mattresses in India! Their specially designed springs won’t penetrate the foam layer of the mattress anytime soon and you can count on it to be as durable as you might want it to be!

Which is the best foam mattress in India?

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is the best memory foam mattress variant you’ll find in the market at this time! Wakefit’s quality and the orthopedic nature of this mattress really outdoes any of the other options in today’s market. It gives you a comfortable, sound and healthy sleep which is very rare to come by these days.

Have a Look at These Best Mattress Protectors in India in 2023

Have you ever by accident, gone on to spill a glass of juice or milk on your bed? Removing that stain is always brutal isn’t it? We’ll we have an simple and elegant solution for you! You can simply invest in these mattress protectors that will save your mattresses from such stains and many more such things which decrease the life of your mattress!

1. Trance Home Linen Trance 200 Gsm King Size Mattress Protectors

Straight from the houses of Trance Home Linen, this 200 GSM is one of the best partners for your mattress that you will find in the market! Its thickness and density will protect your mattress from the worst liquids that won’t be able to penetrate this cover.

Additionally, the feel of this protector is very smooth and rich. You will not only get a good sleep but you’ll also wake up in good mood! It will also protect your mattress from moisture saving it from the wear and tear of time.

2. Wakefit Water Proof Terry Cotton Single Mattress Protector

The unique thing about this Wakefit Protector is that it does not contain any kind of PVC, vinyl, pthalates! So you don’t have to worry about chemically treated materials touching your skin. The company Wakefit takes pride in making the product environment friendly and you will certainly feel good buying it too.

Other than that this protector is completely water proof. No liquid can pass through this cover and even if you spill a little water on it, don’t worry about the cover getting wet. You can just sweep the water off with your hand itself!

3. Cloth Fusion Patron 2nd Gen Waterproof Cotton Mattress Protector

Cloth Fusion is one of the few brands in the market that provides a full substitute warranty on their products. This only goes to show the faith that they have in the quality of their protectors. Their protector protects your mattress from all kinds of allergens, dust mites and fluids.

It’s soft cotton surface is breathable and thereby lets you sleep comfortably and calmly. It’s 100% pure cotton efficiently absorbs moisture and saves your mattress from wearing down. You can also easily remover this cover and wash it in your machine in now time. This will keep your mattress looking like new for a long time.

4. Dream Care Terrycloth Waterproof Dustproof Mattress Protector for King Size Bed

This terrycloth mattress protector form Dream Care is completely odour resistant from the layer of hypoallergenics that is put on it. This saves you from the trouble of having to wash the protector again and again every few days. We recommend this protector for people who have skin allergies since this is the most skin friendly mattress on this list and would allow your skin to breathe.

It is also moisture absorbant so that you don’t ever have to worry about a damp mattress in the rainy season. The company promises you uninterrupted sleep through their noise cancelling mattress protector.

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Waterproof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

If you’re considering to buy a mattress protector, going for this Amazon Brand Terry Mattress Cover might be the safest option you’ll find. With elastic bands on the edges, this cover can be put on the mattresses in no time and more importantly, it does not move or come off when you sit or lie down on the mattress. This feature is perfect for you if you have children in your house who naturally have a knack for jumping up and down the bed all the time.

Their protectors are made of high-quality fabric which feels good when you lie down and put your face on it. Machine washable, this protector will also protect your mattress against all the fluid spills and dust setting.

Your Complete Mattress Protector Buying Guide

If you have never bought a mattress protector with your mattress before, chances are that you will be having trouble making a selection that will suit you and your needs best. Not to worry, we have your back. We’ve compiled a list of all the factors you need to consider while shortlisting your final purchase out of the hundreds of protectors available out there.

1) Dust and Waterproof:

The first and the most important factor you need to consider while buying a mattress protector is that whether it is dust and water proof or not. There are plenty of options available that are dust and waterproof, so you don’t need to buy protectors that are not. If your protector can’t resist water, whenever there is a spill, it’ll directly seep in to your mattress.

2) Comfort:

You should always consider the feel of the protector against your skin since this will be main factor in deciding how comfortable your sleep will be. The better you feel touching the cover, the better you’ll feel sleeping on it.

3) Moisture Absorbant:

If you’re mattress protector is not moisture absorbant, the mattress might get damp in humid weathers and it’ll wear down faster than its average lifetime. Additionally, a damp mattress might catch fungi which is never good for you or your family members.

4) Allergen Layer:

Some of the protectors available in the market today have a layer of hypoallergenics that prevent allergy prone people to catch skin allergies or dust allergies while sleeping. So we suggest that if you have a skin prone to allergies, you should consider buying a mattress protector with a hypoallergenic layer.

5) Durability:

Like purchasing any product, you should consider the durability of this product too. The mattress protector fabric should not be too stretchy or rough. Protectors with warranty are thus preferred.

Final Words on Best Mattresses in India in 2024

So finally, to sum it all up, we have discussed in this post the types of mattresses, the mattresses you should be buying in India in 2024, the factors that you should consider while buying your next mattress, and about the best mattress protectors available out there.

Now you know each and everything you need to know about purchasing your next mattress! You do not need to research everything separately. You know the types, you know the trusted brands, you know the best options available out there. But in case you still have some trouble and need some doubts clarified, you know where to find us! Happy sleeping!

Shubham Aggarwal is a British Council certified writer and a commerce graduate from the prestiged University of Delhi. Writing is more of a passion than hobby for him and he has been writing professionally for about 4 years. Impeccable research skills, facts and a little bit of humour is his recipe for a perfect blog!

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