8 Best Mayonnaise in India in 2024 To Add to Your Meals

Check out this list of the best mayonnaise in India in 2024 and decide for yourself which mayonnaise brand provides the most savoury and creamy mayo.

Want to know the best mayonnaise brands in India in 2024 well, you’re in for a treat! We have got you covered with our personally sorted list. But before we start let us give you a brief as to what exactly is Mayonnaise.

What is Mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise, or as we like to say it, Mayo is one of the best sauces that can be used to take your food to the next level. Even a little bit of mayonnaise can bring a whole palette of taste to your food. What might feel like a tasteless dish can instantly become flavourful when mayo is added to it.

It is one of the most consumed processed foods in India. When mayonnaise is added to your food it changes to a rollercoaster ride of tastes and you cannot stop eating.

For those who don’t know what mayonnaise tastes like, it has a custardy-creamy texture with a balance of salt and tart, offering the perfect flavour.

The basic ingredient which makes it taste like “out of the box” sauce is the “mustard’. It is a little sweet and partly acidic on tasting which goes well with bread, chicken, and most of the time sandwiches are the favourable food where mayonnaise is the majorly used, especially in India.

History of Mayonnaise

In the Soviet Era, when there was a shortage of food people started adding mayonnaise to all kinds of food to make it feel more filling and satisfying. For some countries, ketchup is one creamy-flavoured product that is always dripped on all kinds of food, on the other hand, some prefer mayonnaise. Since that time, Russia has always been a big fan of mayonnaise, adding mayo to every food possible.

Some people like mayonnaise out of the limits, which is seen by their way of eating the food but some might not like it as well. It depends from person to person and their differentiated choices. Let’s know about the Indians and their ways of eating mayonnaise with various foods, and the brands or companies they prefer for consuming mayonnaise.

In India, the use of mayonnaise started with colonial rule. Mayonnaise was a common addition to breakfast tables of the elite British back in the 1900’s. At the earlier stage, mayonnaise was only seen in five-star hotels or rich vegetarian households who were fond of eating it in such a way.

After independence, in 1990, a global fast-food company arrived in India, they offered a burger that had many saucy flavours in it that made it special.

Then and there mayonnaise found its way to the Indian households but a tremendous task felt undone, that is, mayonnaise was out of egg yolk and most of the Indians who were vegetarian were deprived of its taste. So, the task was to create vegetarian mayonnaise for the public which can easily be used by every restaurant or chef to bring a better dreamy taste to the food.

In the following decades many companies realized that an eggless version of mayonnaise would reap them a huge profit. Eggless mayo was introduced in the Indian market and till date remains one of the best-selling food products from many groceries and super stores.

Catalogue of the Top 8 Best Mayonnaise in India in 2024

Now that you have got a gist of what is mayo let us give you an insight on the best mayonnaise in India. There are practically many brands that sell mayonnaise but these 8 mentioned below have been ranked as the best!

1. Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise

Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise

Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise is the best mayonnaise brand in India in 2024. Del Monte as a brand is one of the most established brands and is known for the quality of its products.

Del Monte is a mega-corporation that dates back to the year 1886. A brand of this stature is trustable in terms of its business structure and ethics. The company has expanded its product range over the years and has kept its customers intact with their work.

Mayonnaise is one such dish that needs the inclusion of eggs to make it taste finger-licking good. To even imagine an eggless mayonnaise is strange. However, Del Monte has come up with eggless mayonnaise to serve their non-egg-consuming customers. It is a good step in the right direction opening up newer avenues of sales and new customers.

Del Monte Mayonnaise has Soybean oil which has active amounts of biological fats that are the Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, however, it can be harmful if consumed in excess quantities.

This mayonnaise comes in 8 variants with attractive packaging. These variants tap into the Indian flavour palette like tandoori mayonnaise or cheesy garlic mayonnaise.

Such eggless mayonnaise can be incorporated in various dishes and everyone can enjoy them without omitting the mayonnaise. It tastes as good as regular mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is also one of the spreads or dips which are liked by the children. If you don’t want your child to consume eggs, this mayonnaise can remain your child’s favourite.

The price ranges between ₹168-178/- for a 900g pack. It is easily available on all the online platforms like Amazon Pantry, Big Basket, Grofers etc. It will also be available in your local grocery stores. It comes in easy to use, hassle-free packaging.

You will not regret your decision of purchasing a bottle of the Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise. Enjoy it in your evening snack over a grilled toast with a dollop of this Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise!

2. Dr.Oetker Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise

 Dr.Oetker Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise

Dr.Oetker makes one of the best mayonnaise in India in 2024, their veg mayonnaise is one of the and market-leading vegetarian (eggless) mayonnaise in India in 2024. Dr Oetker’s mayonnaise is described as the creamiest mayo of all time and it is the first brand to introduce different sizes of packages that have proved to fulfil the varied needs of people.

It is a German conglomerate that was established in 1891 and later in 2007 it came into existence in India as well. Originally, they acquired a local brand, named as FunFoods and continued to extend their product reach.

The brand has been winning for its accomplishments which are observed in the market. They always have successive goals to bring various products which can unite people and offer them a home life feeling at their heart.

Dr Oetker has managed to become an expert in making great quality mayo which makes their product loveable. The veg mayo is loved by Indian households and makes for a great addition during evening snack time.

Dr.Oetker mayonnaise carries a rich savoury flavour with a zingy effect and little mustard for completion. It has proved to be 100% Trans fat-free. It makes a simple meal turn into an exciting food to eat which can be easily enjoyed.

The R&D Team of Dr Oetker Fun Foods has created the mayonnaise by keeping the vegetarian society of India in mind which contains all the basic ingredients just not the egg in it, which is pretty much evident from the colour of the mayonnaise.

The Dr.Oetker mayonnaise is offered in 8 various flavours which are all creamy, delightful and classy according to the Indian palette that has maintained the perfect consistency throughout the time. It can be used for every dish you wish to eat.

The price ranges between ₹79-99 for a 250g pack. It is easily available on all the online platforms like Amazon Pantry, Big Basket, Grofers etc. It will also be available in your local grocery stores which sounds hassle-free and quick utilisation of your favourite sauce.

As the tagline says “Quality is the best recipe”, the brand has lived up to the dignity of their own words in a good manner. It is safe to say that your family and loved ones can consume the Dr.Oetker mayo.

You or anyone would never feel like “oh god, a bad decision” while tasting the mayonnaise because the taste is suitable to everyone and the feedback does act as a testimony to their great taste.
It is the most common brand of mayonnaise that is used in Indian households on a usual basis. It is a worthy mention in the list of best mayonnaise in India in 2024.

3. WinGreens Farms- Premium Veg Mayonnaise

WinGreens Farms- Premium Veg Mayonnaise

The Wingreens farms Premium veg mayonnaise is considered to be the best veg mayonnaise in India which has its tips and tricks of creating an outstanding recipe. The Wingreens farms veg mayonnaise has proven that alternatives of egg can also taste delicious

Wingreens Farms Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2011, which is created as a farm-to-table company which means bringing farm products or naturally grown ingredients to build new recipes and the customers get to eat healthy plus nutritious food all the time.

Wingreens farms provide a wide range of exclusively organic products but the goal behind starting the company was not to deliberately provide organic products, instead the company focused on constructing sustainable agriculture.

Since the past, the company has been thriving to create as many opportunities as possible for the farmers and their families, where they can get employed and live an easy life.

One ingredient that makes the difference in its mayonnaise is “sunflower oil”. A normal person who might have heard a lot about mayonnaise generally assumes that either soybean oil is being used or vegetable oil and the use of sunflower oil can be pretty shocking to them.

Wingreens farms Premium mayonnaise is super creamy, full of flavours that work as a “kick” for you every time you eat. Not to mention, it is an alternative for egg mayonnaise but it’s not at all tasteless as it has all the power of savouriness to delight your mood. It is a guaranteed fat-free mayo that brings only fun with itself and no worries. Relax back, and enjoy your meal.

The packaging of the product is unique and easy-to-use that can be effortlessly stored and utilised. It comes in a tube that allows you to squeeze and drizzle it all over your food or maybe just a little on the plate.

You can try different flavours of Wingreens Farms Mayonnaise and pair them with some of India’s favorite snacks like fries, burgers, chips, etc., and all the mayonnaise variants are directly available on the official site of Wingreens Farms as well as e-commerce sites such as amazon pantry, big basket and others.

The price for each tube ranges from Rs-100-Rs.150. You can often find them in combos at much more reasonable prices. They come in very handy and easy to use bottles. The taste is great and suitable to the Indian population. We definitely urge you to try this mayo.

4. Veeba Eggless Mayonnaise

Veeba Eggless Mayonnaise

Veeba’s mayo has been rated one of the best eggless mayonnaises in India in 2024. Veeba has grown to become the largest seller of sauces in India in the last year. Their popularity has immensely grown due to the excellent taste of their products. Veeba values customer satisfaction and aims that their consumer’s lives taste better. Veeba only sells checked and certified food products of superb quality.

Veeba’s mayonnaise has become one of the best-selling mayonnaise due to its value for money. Veeba sells its mayonnaise in various packaging. The smallest one is an easy to carry pouch, you also get the same product in a container packaging option and a large super saver packet.

The smallest packaging is great to pack on trips, the container lasts upto a month when used daily and the super saver pack is great for long-term use. Their packaging is flawless, especially for the packets which come with an easy-to-spread bottle which has a small nozzle. This makes it very easy to pour the mayo however much required that too without spoiling those extra spoons.

Veeba’s mayo has an exceptional texture which is very smooth. The eggless mayo will not let you detect the absence of egg and the taste is the same as any other mayo. The mayo is a 100% certified vegetarian product.

Veeba’s mayo goes great in salad dressings, creamy pasta, sandwiches and of course just as a tasty dip. You often find great deals on the super saver pack especially when you buy from large superstores.

Due to Veeba’s wide distribution network the mayo is readily available. Many Indian households say that Veeba is a children’s favorite. We would absolety say that it’s the best eggless mayo available in India especially for the price it is offered at.

5. FunFoods Burger Mayonnaise

Funfoods Burger Veg Mayonnaise

Funfoods has to be in the list, after all it is considered amongst the best mayonnaise brands in India. Funfoods is a traditional Indian company that started out as a small business and then grew to be a huge manufacturer of various food products. Funfoods is a trusted Indian brand which is loved by households.

The burger mayo has a distinct taste. It has a tangy touch to it, just like the common burger mayo. The colour is also a shade of orange. If you are someone who likes a tangy taste in your wraps, burgers and sandwiches then the fun foods burger mayo is perfect for you.

The Funfoods burger mayo comes in an eggless 100% vegetarian variant and a variant which has added egg. The taste of both these is exactly the same, it only depends which one of them suits your lifestyle the most.

The texture of the Funfoods mayo is fine and very refined. Consumers say that as soon as you open the lid a beautiful smell captures your nose and the kitchen smells delicious too. The taste is strong as compared to a normal mayo.

The burger mayo is a great dip for nachos and chips. The funfoods mayo has great reviews and ratings on all e-commerce platforms which makes us confident in saying that the mayo is worth buying. The funfoods burger mayo has also been titled as the best mayonnaise for sandwiches in india.

The Funfoods burger mayo costs around Rs.50 for 250 grams which is a reasonable cost.The Funfoods mayo is a great addition to so many of your recipes and this is one buy that you will absolutely not regret.

6. Hellmann’s Vegan Mayonnaise

Hellmann's Eggless Mayonnaise

Hellmann promises to be the best mayonnaise in india. Hellmann as a brand has international recognition and is preferred by many top chefs.

Hellmann is an American brand with its origin in New York. Hellmann recently came to the Indian market and now falls under the premium food brands in India.

Hellmann has a squeaky-clean manufacturing process and it ensures that only top-quality ingredients are used in the making of their products. Hellman has received great ratings and refused even from food critics which is a statement about the quality of their products.

Amazon rates Hellman’s Vegan mayonnaise as Amazon’s choice product. The mayonnaise is vegan that means it not only has no egg but also no other animal related products. This also makes this mayonnaise a more environment friendly and healthier food choice.

The Hellmann vegan mayonnaise costs around Rs.165 for 800 grams which is quite reasonable according to our standards. Hellmann’s mayo is often called the perfect partner for french fries and we think so too. The product is not only supremely delicious but also has nutritional value.

Hellmann’s mayo has good polyunsaturated fats along with Omega-6 which also add to its health factor. Hellmann’s mayo many times has been called ‘the creamiest mayo’ in the Indian market.
Hellmann’s Mayo is something you definitely need in your kitchen. It makes preparing breakfast everyday super simple and yet very tasty.

It is a great addition to multiple recipes. All in all the Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo is value for money and flavourful which is all that we ask for in a good mayo.

7. Amazon Brand – Solimo Eggless Mayonnaise

Amazon Brand Solimo Mayonnaise

Solimo offers the best veg mayonnaise in India. Amazon brands have been recently gaining a lot of popularity due to amazon’s credibility, customer service and great quality of products.

All amazon brands are budget friendly and same goes for the Solimo eggless mayo. The product has great reviews and is steadily becoming more and more popular in the Indian market. The solimo eggless mayo costs about Rs.165 for 900 grams which is a lot lesser than the price most brands offer.

The taste of the mayo is not as creamy as compared to its more expensive counterparts but all the reviews do state it to be a good mayo for adding to recipes but not the best for stand-alone uses.

The texture is smooth and the after taste of the mayo is not bad. You need not worry about the ingredients because solimo promises to use certified and tested ingredients which are also 100% vegetarian. The Solimo mayo makes for a great addition to sandwiches and pasta.

The packaging is easy to store because it comes in a pouch with a nozzle. The nozzle provides an easy way to spread the mayo. If you are on a tight budget then we definitely recommend the Solimo eggless mayo. The feedback for the product has mostly been positive which makes it a safe and value for money buy.

8. American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise

American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise

The list for the best mayonnaise in India definitely has to include one of the market’s favorites, the American Garden U.S Mayonnaise. American garden is a huge manufacturer of foods and especially sauces and spreads.

As the name suggests, the brand American garden originates from the United States of America. Many who have tried their mayo say it captures the originality of the American mayo. They have a range of food products and all of them have flawless quality. The price is also pocket friendly.

The American Garden mayonnaise comes in many variants. The most popular is the eggless veg mayo and the garlic mayo. American garden also makes a gluten free mayo and an American garden Lite mayo both of which make for a much more health-conscious choice.

Talking about pricing, it is more expensive than most mayo brands and that is because of using handpicked quality products. The normal mayo costs, Rs.450 for approx 900 grams. All other variants are priced at a similar price if not more expensive.

American garden mayo is the top choice for salad dressings. It is a flavourful addition to the breakfast table. All the reviews on major e-grocery stores only sing of praises for the American Garden Mayo.

FAQS on the Best Mayonnaise in India

We have seen a lot of similar queries that many people ask about the brands that sell mayonnaise in India. To make the process of buying and selecting the right Mayonnaise, even easier, we have answered all the frequently asked questions.  

Which is the best mayonnaise in India?

The best mayonnaise in India is definitely the DelMonte eggless mayo. It is the bestselling mayo in the country and has the most affordable pricing. It is a value for money product with great taste.

Which mayonnaise is best?

As mentioned before DelMonte Eggless Mayo tops the list of the best mayonnaise because it is a premium quality product available at a very pocket friendly price. The product will definitely meet your expectations. Followed by WinGreens Mayo.

Which mayonnaise is best for weight loss?

We suggest the American Garden gluten free mayo or the American Garden Lite mayo which has been especially crafted for people who make health-conscious choices. Both the products have lesser calories which helps in weight loss. 

What is the lowest fat mayonnaise?

The mayonnaise with the lowest fat content would be the American Garden Lite mayo which has been made as a healthier alternative to the normal mayo. It is a great choice for those trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Does mayonnaise raise cholesterol?

Mayonnaise does have a lot of fats and it is recommended to eat it in controlled amounts. If eaten on an extremely regular basis, it does raise cholesterol. Eating mayonnaise in smaller portions can still be a much healthier choice.

Is mayonnaise good for skin?

Quite recently people have realised that Mayonnaise can be great for the skin if applied externally and for a limited amount of time. Mayo does have oils and egg in it which themselves have good nutritional value.  

Can we apply mayonnaise on the face?

Yes, mayonnaise is safe to apply on the face. In fact, people now put mayonnaise face masks regularly because it reportedly tightens the skin and also improves with it. It also provides hydration and glow to the skin due to the oil and egg present in the mayo.

Which is the world’s No.1 mayonnaise brand?

World’s number one mayonnaise brand is Hellmann. They have much larger sales on an international level and they also get great reviews post their sales. 

Ending remarks on the Best Mayonnaise in India in 2024

Mayo is a household favourite food item. It is a miracle food product which can act as a great tastemaker for recipes but also can alone be enough to fix a delicious snack for someone. 

The Indian market has many options and we understand researching food before buying it can be extremely important. To help you in the process we did a detailed review of each product. We hope that all the detailed reviews help you in understanding which is the perfect mayo brand for you. 

All the reviews have been written after extensive research and fact-checking to make sure that the right information reaches to the consumers. 

All the products stand out for some or the other reason and that is why they made it to the list. We suggest you go through all the reviews and then decide which one suits your needs the best way possible. 

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