Top 12 Best Mixer Grinders in India in 2024 with Price

Here we have a list of the 12 best mixer grinders in India in 2024 and this article covers everything right from reviews and prices to the ultimate guide for buying the best mixer grinder that will make your life in the kitchen a lot more enjoyable.

Best Mixer Grinders in India

We know that finding the best mixer grinder in India that fulfills your needs and doesn’t break your wallet can be tough, so by the end of this article, we aim at providing you with all the knowledge that you need to buy the most suitable mixer grinder for your kitchen in 2024.

The current mixer grinder market is filled with numerous options and selecting the perfect pick can be a very daunting task. Our guide aims at simplifying the entire mixer grinder buying procedure by providing technical information on the parts and functionalities of the product that you must check before purchasing a mixer grinder.

We follow up the mixer grinder buying guide with information about the top brands and later we also answer some frequently asked questions. So, prepare yourself to gain complete knowledge about mixer grinders and bring home your perfect home appliance.

What exactly is a Mixer Grinder?

Mixer Grinders

Mixer Grinder is an electric device that is used for mixing and grinding ingredients. It’s invention emerged from the ancient method of crushing grains under a stone. This modern device is like a portable mini mill. It can crush and mix some of the hardest food ingredients required in the kitchen.

Today’s mixer grinders provide quality performance while being extremely user-friendly. Every single kitchen must have a mixer grinder as life in the kitchen becomes so much easier when you don’t need to waste time in manually mixing and grinding ingredients to make your favorite dish.

Magnificent Mixer Grinder Buying Guide :

Due to the abundance of different types of mixer grinders from different brands, it becomes very important to be able to choose the correct product. Our highly informative mixer grinder buying guide will tell you everything you need before buying a mixer grinder. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the depths of our magnificent mixer grinder buying guide.

a) Always check the wattage first

The wattage of the mixer grinder basically decides how powerful the device is. Greater the wattage, the better is the strength of the product. For general cooking, anywhere from 500W to 800W is suitable but if you need it to be stronger than the usual kitchen mixer and grinder then definitely look for devices with higher wattage.

b) Speed matters a lot

Speed is almost as important as the wattage of the mixer grinder. Speed is denoted in rotations per minute (RPM). For general looking purposes, the speed should more than 18000 RPM and can go as high as 23000 RPM. Lower or higher RPM can cause the ingredients to be poorly mixed and ground. Also, don’t forget the speed settings that are being provided along with the quality of the speed control knob.

c) The quality and type of blades

Blades are the part of the mixer and grinder that is doing all the mixing and grinding with the help of the other components. Without having blades of reliable quality, buying a mixer grinder makes no sense. The blades should be preferably made from high-quality stainless steel. Grade 302 to 304 seems like the ideal choice for the quality of stainless steel used to make the blades.

d) Size and number of Jars

Usually, mixer grinders come with individual jars for grinding wet and dry items. A bigger jar that has very tight fitting will be used for grinding ingredients that are wet or have a lot of moisture while the smaller jar will provide grinding o grains or any other dry ingredient. The jar size also matters a lot, if you have a joint family then a higher number of jars with comparatively bigger size will you allow you to be more productive in the kitchen. The usual set up with two jars is enough for a small or nuclear family.

e) Warranty

In times of despair, warranties are the life saviors of any and every electronic product. It is very important to check out the details of the warranty offered by the brand. Usually, brands offer a warranty of 2 to 5 years. Make sure you read and inquire about the details of the type of warranty offered as some brands provide warranty only for the motor of the mixer grinder while the body remains warranty free.

f) Price

Last but not least, your budget changes everything. Decide how much you would like to spend on a home appliance that you will be using every day in your kitchen, as kitchens simply can’t operate effectively without a mixer grinder. If you are buying using an e-commerce website then enter your budget in the search filters to figure out the available option and also read continue reading this article till the end to check out the best mixer grinders in India, in every budget.

Here are the Top 12 Mixer Grinders in India in 2024

Finally, the time has arrived when we reveal our top 12 picks for the best mixer grinders in India in 2024. All of these mixer grinders have established a place in the market and in the hearts of the families that bought these products.

1. Lifelong Power Pro 500 – Watt Mixer Grinder

Lifelong Power Pro 500  Watt Mixer Grinder

Lifelong Power Pro is one of the best mixer grinders in India in the 500W range and it is also extremely budget friendly. This device is a boon for people who don’t want to spend much but want to reap the benefits of having a reliable mixer grinder which provides amazing value for money.

Stainless steel is the most used element in the making of jars and blades of mixer grinders as it improves the life of the product. Lifelong has packed this device with three sturdy stainless steel jars that are to be used for dry and wet grinding as and when required. Even the blades of the device are made of stainless steel.

Cooking requires different ingredients to be ground at different levels. So, this device comes with three-speed operation settings which allows you to choose the speed in which you want to grind your ingredients. The stainless steel jars come with an anti-slip vacuum which avoids spilling of material from the jars.

Life long has added easy grip handles to this budget beast which makes it really easy to use and the overload protection prevents the motor from being damaged in case of overfilling the jars or overusing the device.

  • Wattage – 500W
  • 3 Jars
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Anti-spill plastic lids
  • Price range: Around INR 1100

2. Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex 500 is a very sturdy and one of the best mixer grinders in 2024 that can fulfill all your kitchen requirements for mixing and grinding. Bajaj is a reliable brand that has established itself in various industries This mixer grinder is a clear depiction of quality in a budget device.

Bajaj has packed this device with three stainless steel jars that are designed to last for a long time which in fact increases the value for money offered by Bajaj. The vacuum feet of this device provides greater stability and easier operation than many of its counterparts.

The first two jars are for dry and wet grinding while the third jar is a liquidizing jar which enables you to extract juice from your grounded ingredients. Nothing is better than having a fresh glass of juice after a tiresome day.

The LED indicator on the product lights up when the product is being used. The mixer grinder also comes with multifunctional stainless steel blades that provide versatile grinding textures for the ingredients you want to grind.

  • Wattage – 500W
  • 3 Jars
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 3-speed setting
  • Price range: Around INR 2100

3. Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft is a phenomenal device that you can use for blending, mincing, grating, and all types of grinding. This device is packed with a powerful motor so be aware that the noise levels will reach around 80Db.

You might experience some burning smell when you start using this device. The burning smell is because of the motor varnish heating up. Try not to inhale that smell and don’t worry as this will happen only the first time you use the device.

The jars that come along with Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 are made of great quality and are really thick which makes them long-lasting. These jars also come with flow breaker which allows for a better grinding experience.

Orient has provided overload protection for the motor in this device which really keeps the mixer grinder safe from overloading and overuse. Note that the blades in this device are made from nickel.

  • Wattage – 500W
  • 3 Jars
  • Nickel blades
  • 3-speed setting
  • Price range: Around INR 3200

4. Prestige Iris 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige Iris 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige Iris is not just a mixer grinder, it is a mixer, grinder and also a juicer. Who wouldn’t love to have a mixer grinder that is also a juicer? This multi-purpose device comes with a powerful 750W motor. The 750W motor is capable of handling any task that is given to it.

This power packed product comes with 3 three jars. The first two are to be used for mixing and grinding while the third jar is a juice jar. This juice jar can add a pinch of healthiness to your life by allowing you to make juices effortlessly.

The three-speed control results in the desired intensity of grinding for each ingredient. Also, the three multipurpose blades cut and grind through ingredients with ease.

If you have children around your kitchen or if teenagers are using your mixer then this is the best device for you. This a highly safe device to use because it comes with a safety lock system that allows the device to start functioning only if it has been correctly locked.

  • Wattage – 750W
  • Mixer, grinder and a juicer
  • 3 Jars + 1 juicer jar
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Price range: Around INR 3000

5. Philips HL7756/00 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

 Philips HL7756/00 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Philips HL7756/00 mixer grinder comes with a powerful 750-watt turbo motor. The turbo motor makes the device extremely powerful and it grinds through almost any and every kitchen ingredient.

If the ventilation system of a mixer grinder is not great then the duration for which you can use it without causing damage also reduces. Philips has provided a solution for this problem, the high-tech air ventilation system used in this product allows it to be used for a longer duration of time.

The coupler in this product is made of very durable and strong plastic material. This causes the jars and the body of the mixer grinder to be in tight contact with one another. The grinding offered by this product is of top-notch quality.

Philips has made sure that the Jars are made from stainless steel of superior quality while also making them leakproof to avoid spilling.

  • Wattage – 750W
  • 3 Jars
  • Smooth grinding blades
  • High-quality coupler
  • Price range: Around INR 3700

6. Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj GX-1 1500 is a very elegant device, both in design and functioning. Bajaj has really worked hard on making the design look different from other mixer grinders.

Three high-quality jars come along with this sleek device which is used for different purposes. Multiple jars allow you to pick the perfect jar to get your desired output after grinding. Bajaj GX-1 also comes with the added functionality of being able to make juices.

The buttons and knobs are very user-friendly because they are very easy to use. In fact, the entire device is designed to make your kitchen life a little less hectic. The hardened steel blades provide quality grinding while also being long-lasting.

Even this device comes with overload protection. The easy grip handles and stainless steel jars just add to the beauty of this product. The special feature offered in this product is the auto shut-off system which saves the mixer from being damaged.

  • Wattage – 500W
  • 3 Jars
  • Multi-functional blades
  • Motor overload protector
  • Price range: Around INR 1800

7. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC400 is a device cherished by its users because of the value it adds to their lives. The extra 50 Watts makes this device significantly more powerful than the 500W counterparts in the market.

Panasonic has always been delivering premium products to users at affordable prices. This magnificent mixer grinder is no exception to the quality offered by Panasonic.

This device has taken the jar-game to the next level. It is packed with 4 jars instead of the standard 3 jar package. The jars provided by Panasonic are called flow breaker jars which adds more sparkle to the already mind-blowing product.

This amazing product comes with a juicer and juice filter. It also comes with piano type plastic buttons and a magic seal protection shield that prevents the product from being damaged.

  • Wattage – 550W
  • 4 Jars
  • Samurai edge blades
  • 3-speed and pulse settings
  • Price range: Around INR 5900

8. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond mixer grinder is a fantastic device because it is one of those rare budget devices that provides quality at a very competitive price. The device is powered with a 750 Watt motor that leads to effective mixing and grinding.

The build quality of the product is quite impressive considering it is cheap and one of the best mixer grinder 750 watts devices. Three jars that come along with this device are very sturdy and are made from stainless steel.

You might experience some burning smell when you use this device for the first time which is completely normal. Try not to inhale the smell and this won’t happen after the first time.

This very powerful device has stainless steel blades which only adds to its performance. Preethi assures that all of its devices are made with precision and aims to provide quality and great performance to all its users.

  • Wattage – 750W
  • 3 Jars
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 3-speed setting
  • Price range: Around INR 3300

9. Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Philips HL 7720 mixer grinder is yet another powerful device with a 750W motor that will grind all your ingredients with complete ease. This device operates at 230V.

The air ventilation system in this device makes sure that the temperatures are low enough to allow you to use it for a long enough time. Make sure you don’t overuse any mixer grinder because the heat may

Philips has offered superior stainless steel jars along with this device. These jars are leak proof and they come with reverse quadra flow technology which makes sure that nothing remains stuck on the walls of the jar.

This device comes with auto cut off protection for preventing the motor of the mixer grinder from getting damaged. Cleaning this device is extremely easy as Philips has designed this product to be super easy to clean.

  • Wattage – 750W
  • 3 Jars
  • Click lock jar assembly
  • Large switch knob
  • Price range: Around INR 4500

10. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is one of the premium mixer grinders offered by the brand. This is one of the most premium mixer grinders produced by this Indian brand. The motor that comes along with this device is durable and extremely powerful.

This device is a mixer grinder and also a juicer which adds greatly to the usability and value for money in the premium device range. It comes with a centrifugal juicer which is easy to use and provides excellent juices.

The powerful motor comes along with MasterChef plus jars. The number of jars that come with this product is not 3, not 4 but 5 jars. Yes, you read it correctly. These 5 jars will increase productivity while improving the usability of the entire product.

This device will allow you to enjoy fresh juices at your will. The safety indicator turns on orange light to indicate overload. Overall, this is a device that will give you peak performance with a very premium feel.

  • Wattage – 750W
  • 5 Jars
  • Safety indicator
  • Mixer, grinder, and juicer
  • Price range: Around INR 6800

11. Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo MX-151 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

 Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo MX-151 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

The Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo MX-151 is yet another budget-friendly device. It comes with a powerful 500W motor that provides decent mixing and grinding functionality.

This device easily fulfills all your basic mixing and grinding needs with its sharp blades. The three jars that come with it will allow you to fine-tune your mixing and grinding requirements and get the desired texture.

The speed settings also play a very important role in grinding ingredients at different levels. The three-speed setting provided by Maharaja in this device allows you to choose the speed setting that you want.

The anti-slip feet provide a sturdy grip while using the device. All in all, this device is a great option for people who are looking for cheaper products.

  • Wattage – 500W
  • 3 Jars
  • Sharp blades
  • 3+ pulse speed setting
  • Price range: Around INR 1600

12. Inalsa Jazz 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Inalsa Jazz 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Inalsa Jazz 550 Watt mixer grinder is the second cheapest mixer on our list. It has a more powerful motor than our cheapest pick. This 550W motor will not disappoint you and will provide enough power to mix and grind the ingredients of your choice.

Even this device comes with the standard package of three jars. These jars come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to use them as per your needs. The jars are sturdy and will be sustainable.

It is very compact in design and it gets all the basic mixing and grinding jobs done easily. The jar lids on this device are break-resistant.

  • Wattage – 550W
  • 3 Jars
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 3-speed setting
  • Price range: Around INR 1400

Brands in the Mixer Grinder Industry that Make all the Noise

In today’s economy, it is the Brand that makes all the difference. Brand loyalty has become a very major aspect of today’s modern consumers. So, let’s get to know about some of the best brands in the mixer grinder industry.

1. Prestige

Prestige is a famous manufacturer of the kitchen and makes some of the best mixer grinders for home use. Prestige is a brand from the TTK group and it is providing the best quality mixer grinder devices that are very competitive prices.

2. Philips

Who hasn’t heard of Philips? It is a top brand from the Netherlands which provides a wide array of products to its consumers. The mixers and grinders from Philips are no less, as they maintain the high standard of quality set by Philips and never cease to please the customers.

3. Bajaj

Bajaj caused all the rage in the two-wheeler and three-wheeler industry. This Indian company has very smoothly established itself in the domestic product market. Bajaj is a name that you can definitely count on for quality and performance.

4. Preethi

Preethi is yet another Indian brand that is booming in the mixer grinder industry. It is set to provide products in the budget segment allowing for very competitive prices and products that will provide you real value for money.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese company that has produced some of the best mixer grinder brand. Panasonic always aims to add the best features in its products. So, you can expect quality products along with some unique features that you might not find in other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all have lots of questions when we want to buy any new product. It is but obvious that everyone wants to be 100% sure about the investment that they are going to make. We have listed down some FAQs that will answer some of your most asked questions.

Which is the Best Mixer Grinder under INR 1500?

You should definitely check out the Lifelong power pro 500. It is an amazing pick that will cost you around INR 1150.

Which is the Best Mixer Grinder under INR 2000?

The Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder is a quality product from Bajaj which will provide you with some serious value for money. It is simply the best mixer grinder online or even offline under INR 2000.

Which is the Best Mixer Grinder under INR 2500?

Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft JMKK45B2 450-Watt Mixer Grinder is the best mixer grinder under 2500. It also comes with a juicer, so definitely give it a look.

Which is the Best Mixer Grinder under INR 3000?

Bajaj Classic 750W Mixer Grinder is the best mixer grinder under 3000. Bajaj ensures superior quality and performance.

Which is the Best Mixer Grinder under INR 4000?

Philips Hl1645 is a sturdy 750 Watt mixer grinder that aims at giving you both power and performance. You will not be disappointed.

Which is the Best Mixer Grinder under INR 5000?

Preethi Blue Leaf Expert MG 214 is the best mixer grinder India in the sub INR 5000 range. It is a very premium product from the Indian brand which is going to surprise you. Without a doubt, this device is one of the best picks under INR 5000.

Which is the best 750 watts mixer grinder in India?

Yet another product by Preethi, the Zodiac MG 218 750 Watts is one of the best 750-watt mixer grinders and also the best mixer grinder 2021. This product is extremely strong so make you use it safely.

Final words on the best mixer grinders in India 2024

If you have read the article properly then you know how to choose the best mixer grinder from the wide array of options available in the market. Warranty is something that we still need to discuss. Even the best brands can have manufacturing defects or some other problems where you would require to use your warranty to save yourself from spending unnecessary money. The warranty provided for the product needs to be discussed in complete detail. Make sure you ask the following points:

  • Type of warranty
  • Product parts covered in the warranty
  • Service centers in your area
  • Types of defects or damages covered
  • Quality of post-purchase service

Now, you are completely ready to buy the mixer grinder that will provide you with quality, performance and absolute value for money. Good luck to you on your journey to buying the best mixer grinder in your budget. Keep buying effectively and keep smiling. Cheers!

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