Top 10 & Best Modular Switches in India in 2024

Find out the latest and the Best Modular Switches in India in 2024 for the decor of your perfect home. All of these are made with utmost priority to both safety and design!

We present you the list of Top 10 Best Modular Switches in India in 2024 along with their pros and cons because when it comes to safety for Home, your first and foremost preference should be electricity. It causes a lot of damage by electrical threats like short circuits, ground fault, etc. By keeping in mind the above factor, to avoid damage caused by electricity at home, your initial step should be to choose appropriate electrical switches and wires from a trusted brand.

In today’s era, switches have become a style statement for many houses. They looked vague in earlier years but now they have been transformed into stylish designs. The aesthetic look of switches improves the look of houses exponentially. There are a lot of switches available in India you can rely on but they differ in their sizes, designs, and operation. You can now buy long-lasting switches with trendy designs that can suit your choices.

Basically, every electrical switch is an electrical network breaker that means it disconnects the circuit essential for a bulb, PC, appliances, or any other electrical gadget to work. The procedure of circuit breaking includes minor electrical sparking. If a switch is old, broken, or used in the wrong way, the flash can trigger the huge fire flame. To prevent these fire flames, an urge for Modular switches arises.

Modular switches are more resistant and much more capable to hold the heat waves. As they are made of polycarbonates, they have a more extended life expectancy than plastic and porcelain switches. Modular switches come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can add to the style of your home, office, factories, etc.

The cost distinction between Modular switches and the old one is not much. Henceforth, even a middle-class person can afford the cost of Modular switches. Predominant quality of Modular switches is accessible to Pan India that is incorporating it into the villages and towns and also in cities.

Top 10 best modular switches in India in 2024 have appealing designs that are best to complement the house interior. Despite their stylish designs, modular switches are easy and safe to operate. Brands of modular switches provide the guarantee of shockproof switches. These switches are filled with attractive features like hidden screws, shuttered sockets, and many more. Besides that, modular switches are easy to assemble, install, and use.

The Only List of Best Modular Switches in India in 2024

Best Modular Switches in India

We have a list of top 10 modular switches brands in India that are proven to be reliable and trustworthy. These brands are gaining the trust of Indians who are looking to light up their houses and offices. Yes, due to a massive change in technology; these brands even have launched automatically controlled switches. Here is the list of top 10 modular switches brands in India in 2024.

1. Havells Modular Switches

Havells is the best brand of modular switches in India. It is very renowned for its electronic appliances like Cooler, Power Batteries, etc. If you are searching for switches with unique and sophisticated designs then Havells is not so far from you. The best part of Havells range of modular switches is that they are eco-friendly. Its switches are compatible with other appliances and gadgets. Another appealing compliment is that they have a metal covering to avoid electrical shocks.

These modular switches are a perfect amalgamation of design and technology. Its switches are white in color. They are made from retarded polycarbonate. They have brass terminals and arc shield.

2. Anchor Modular Switches

Anchor switches are one of the best modular switches in India. This brand is the most trustable and reliable because of its security and protection. These modular switches come in the category of ‘unquestionable requirement’ for everybody. Its modular switches come with an IP 20 protection with screws, shield protection, sockets, and 1000mAh USB charging port.

Its Modular switches are easy to install and maintain. It is a 6Amps 240 Volt switch. If there is a need to change the switch connection, you just have to pull the switch frame, take its screws out and there you have your switch.

3. Legrand Modular Switches

Legrand is one of the top modular switches company in India. Legrand has been delivering end-to-end solutions to doorsteps. It has a wide and exclusive range of modular switches. This brand has extraordinary designs with high quality. They make sure to provide you modular switches with modern artistic finishing according to your house interior designs.

They also have a range of dark switches that serve the purpose of an emergency at night. It also has brand series such as Mysius, Mylinic, and Arteor. It is little expensive than the other brands. Legrand switches are also made from retarded polycarbonate, like other brands’ modular switches. It has a 16A current.

4. Fybros Modular Switches

Fybros modular switches are one of the best modular switches in India. It is a brand also known for manufacturing smart electrical products like Wires & Cables, Switchgears, Electrical Switches & Accessories, and Lighting Systems.

The modular switches by Fybros are not just functional, but they are a style statement within themselves and compliments the interiors of every modern house and office.

What makes the Fybros modular switches stand apart in the competition is that they are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and are made of great quality polycarbonate (PC) material with safe metal coating to avoid any shocks.

The brand focuses deeply on its designs and produces switches of unvarying quality and provides attractive switch and plate color options to choose from.

5. Wipro Modular Switches

Wipro has the top modular switches in India 2024. Wipro has followed the phrase ‘Innovation is the key to success’ for its growth in the market. The best thing about this brand is that they make customized modular switches according to the taste and preferences of their customers. They use flame retardant plastic in their modular switches to avoid electrical shocks and to enable extra security. They are convenient and easy to install. Therefore, it reduces the cost of installation and saves time. Go for this brand and light your house and workplace with some aesthetic pieces.

6. Philips Modular Switches

Philips provides the best modular electrical switches. It is a well-known brand in India for its appliances such as Room heaters, Coolers, bulbs, and tube lights. Philips modular switches come with 10 years warranty. They are break-proof and long-lasting. Philips modular switches have dual shutter safety and are water-resistant. We assure you if you buy Philips modular switches that would be a smart choice.

7. GM Modular Modular Switches

GM Modular has the best modular switches for the house. This is the only brand that has wholly different varieties and designs of switches and other appliances and gadgets. GM Modular was the first company to launch new generation modular switches in India with a Wi-fi home automation system. They build designs that compliment your lifestyle. Nothing could be a better choice than choosing GM Modular Modular switches.

8. Simon Modular Switches

Simon has the best modular switches in India. It is one of the global reputed brands from Spain, specializes in manufacturing wiring accessories, electrical equipment, and gadgets. It enhances the lives of people globally by providing electric protection systems and electric vehicle charging systems. Their main aim is to build long-lasting relationships with its clients by proving them with modular switches according to their house interior design. Its modular switches come with an electric shock proofing layer to avoid electric shocks.

9. Schneider Modular Switches

Schneider is the best switch brand in India. It is exclusively known because its modular switches can be used for decorative purposes. Its switches come with appealing colors, beautiful designs, and shapes for the office and commercial use. They also offer high-quality switchboards with a shockproof metal layer on the top.

It is a standard-sized modular switch. It is a 6A one-way switch 2m. This brand makes sure that they deliver convenience, connectivity, safety, and control at your doorsteps. Just get this brand on board then.

10. Siemens Modular Switches

Siemens is a brand with one of the best electrical switches. It makes it switches and switchboards considering the safety of your family in mind. They are advanced in technology. They lead the market in the production of energy-saving electrical switches. These modular switches should be kept out of reach of children because its polycarbonate could cause harm to them. They are made out of plastic and are 9cm long with 7cm width.

11. Polycab Modular Switches

Polycab is one of the top 10 modular switches brands in India. This brand is renowned because of its fastest growth among all other brands. It has an aim to provide you modular switches with innovative techniques and that too with superior quality. They have an authentic range of modular switches varying in shapes, colors, and designs.

Author’s Take on this List of Best Modular Switches in India in 2024

So these are the top modular switches brands in India. Other than style and solidness, Modular switches offer unmistakable predominant quality. It is like a cup of tea to switch to modular switches from old switches in old houses or work stations and even if you are relocating into a new house, as they do not require changing the wiring.

We have provided you with the most reliable and detailed information about the best modular switches in India. So you don’t need to switch on any other website now to look for the best modular switches in India. Each brand has its own unique feature of modular switches. Whatever brand of switches you choose, make sure your safety is your priority.

Although no brand compromise with safety but make sure you are making a wise choice while purchasing modular switches from any of the brands mentioned above. Decorate your house and workplace with modular switches according to your lifestyle and spend your money worthwhile. So, Don’t Forget to opt for modular switches the next time you need new ones.

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