Top 10 & Best Mustard Oil Brands in India in 2024 that’s delectable

Check out the list of best mustard oil brands in India in 2024 that we have specifically collated for your kitchen. Now you can pick up the right one to cook a healthy meal for your near and dear ones.

This variety of oil extracted from mustard seeds with its distinct smell has been traditionally used in Indian kitchens to make some awesome dishes with great nutritional values. Besides some national brands, a lot of local brands of mustard oil have mushroomed, making it a difficult job for consumers to choose from.

Focus only on the top 10 mustard oil brands in India in 2024 to get the best of health and taste from cooking oil. Because of its nutritional values, more and more households are going for this amber coloured oil which was largely used by Eastern part of India in the past.

Best Mustard Oil Brands in India

Mostly produced from cold press extraction process, mustard oil can be the outcome of either black mustard seeds, or brown mustard seeds, or white mustard seeds. It is believed to have possess some miraculous properties, hence being used to treat cold, boost immunity, skin nourishment, and encourage hair growth.

Because of the growing popularity of this edible oil, it has been introduced into the market by several brands which might be a little confusing and misleading for a layman trying to lay his hands on this. Also, the parameters that define a brand best in its category is a bit ambiguous. That’s where we come handy.

Our in-depth market findings, expert feedback, consumer interviews and industry reports have resulted in shortlisting the best of mustard oil brands for you. Each and every products mentioned in the list here have been tested and evaluated by our expert team before making suggestions. We have evaluated them basis parameters like health benefits, contents, and other sensory elements. We have meticulously prepared the top brands that would aid in your purchase decision.

List of Best Mustard Oil Brands in India 2024 that you should be aware of :

Good food is the way to a man’s heart & the secret to cook some awesome dishes lie in the ingredients used. And in Indian kitchen, the cooking oil plays a vital role in a way how the dishes taste and smell. Mustard oil has traditionally being known to add flavour to whatever you cook, its strong aroma further increases the appetite. They are also full of nutritional values that is beneficial to our health.

As a result, pure mustard oil in India is something that any normal human being should include in their regular diet. And due to growing popularity, a lot of brands have emerged in the market, claiming to be the best. While some might sell it in pet bottles or in pouches. Whatever the package format may be, people end up picking up the wrong brand which results in health adversities. We are here to help you pick up the best brands of mustard oil through our intensive research process. Our collated list of mustard oil brands will guide you to procure the best. Browse through the list below…

1. Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil

Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil,

Adani Wilmar brings to us the best mustard oil brand in India in form of Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani, its flagship brand of edible oil that is authentic and flavourful. Adani Wilmar is a food processing company known to offer some of the best brands of oil, processed foods and ready to cook food items, since 1999. This mustard oil is traditionally extracted from the first press of the seeds that retain a strong aroma and high pungency.

Processed from the finest quality mustard seeds, Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani oil is 100% pure and is known to ward off indigestion. Rich in Omega 3 and 6, this edible oil acts as an immunity booster. Available in a 1 ltr pet bottle, these edible oils have a prolonged shelf life. High on Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) these pure form of mustard oil are naturally free from cholesterol and is loaded with Vitamins A, E and Beta Carotene.

These are 100% vegetarian product that’s FSSAI certified and adds that extra zing into your dishes. Pickles are known to remain ultra-fresh when prepared with Fortune Premium mustard oil. Available across all hypermarts, supermarkets and online stores, Fortune is a popular brand among all households that makes your dishes super tasty and aromatic.

2. Patanjali Fortified Mustard Oil

Patanjali Mustard Oil

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali brings to us the best mustard oil for cooking under the same brand name and is available in a 1 ltr pet bottle of dark amber coloured content. Home grown finest quality of mustard seeds are extracted in kohlus to produce purest form of oil that makes every dish delectable when cooked in it. All the natural properties are retained while carefully crushing the seeds at low temperature, along with antioxidants and other essential oils.

Fortified with vitamin A and D, Patanjali mustard oil is perfect for family’s health. Its pungent, strong smell is the sing of purity. With a shelf life of 12 months, this particular mustard oil is free from argemone oil, cholesterol and trans-fats. High on MUFA and PUFA, this particular oil is FSSAI certified and cooks healthy food that’s good for heart.

3. Organic India Organic Mustard Oil

Organic India Organic Mustard Oil

Organic India which is known for their genuine organic products also is the best mustard oil brands in India in 2024. Their certified organic kachi ghani mustard oil promotes healthy conscious living. The natural benefits of superior quality mustard seeds are sealed in a glass bottle to keep the freshness intact. Organic India is known to support the livelihood and well-being of farmers and the tribal, and as a result source the finest mustard seeds directly from them.

Available in pack of 750 ml glass bottle, this oil is recommended for skin care regime. This edible oil contains MUFA and PUFA naturally, along with Omega 3 & 6, and hence good for healthy heart. There’s no added preservatives or colours. Organic India Mustard oil is argemone oil free and is certified by USDA Organic certification.

This 100% natural mustard oil has great health benefits. FSSAI certified and acts a great appetizer with antibacterial properties. Helps in getting relief from cold, cough and arthritic pain. Enhances hair growth and good for skin health. Overall a great product from Lucknow.

4. Natureland Organics Kachhi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil

Natureland Organics Kachhi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil

Another best mustard oil brand in India for cooking comes from the stable of Naturland Organics, based out of Rajasthan. This particular organic food brand is known to follow the concept of “farm to fork” and was started in 2002. In last two decades Natureland Organics have been providing high quality products at pocket friendly prices.

Packed with all goodness, Natureland Organics kachi ghani pure mustard oil comes in an attractive bottle. The fresh and 100% natural oil is a daily cooking essential and helps to lead a healthy and energetic life. With balanced nutrition profile and high smoking point, this particular cooking oil has loads of health benefits. Apart from adding great taste to your food, it is used to treat cracked heels and brittle nails. It also gives relief from cough and cold, aids in proper blood circulation and hair growth.

Fine quality native mustard seeds are used to extract pure oil from wooden expellers with no antifoaming agent. This cold pressed organic oil doesn’t contain any chemicals or added preservatives. Genetically modified mustard seeds are strictly prohibited in the process of oil extraction.

5. Pure & Sure Organic Mustard Oil

Pure & Sure Organic Mustard Oil

Phalada Agro’s “Pure & Sure” is one of the top 10 mustard oil brands in India that provides organic oil with complete goodness sealed in the bottle. At the core of Pure & Sure’s brand promise lies the no-compromise with quality attitude, as a result all their products passes through stringent quality checks of international standards. The processing unit is FSSC-22000 and BRC certified.

Pure & Sure mustard oil is produced from the finest quality of seeds sourced from certified farms across the country. These cold pressed oil is free from chemicals and other preservatives and retain the best of taste of the foods cooked. They are loaded with health benefits and are cholesterol free and has no sodium content.

The distinct pungent smell and deep amber coloured cooking oil is flavourful. It is also used for oil massage, maintains healthy hair growth and skin care, and is good for heart.

6. 24 Mantra Organic Pressed Mustard Oil

24 Mantra Organic Pressed Mustard Oil

Undisputedly 24 Mantra belongs to the list of best mustard oil brands in India 2024 and that’s definitely for their supreme quality that’s being certified as per Indian, European and American organic standards. Since inception in 2004, Sresta Bioproducts, the owner of 24 Mantra brand, is promoting organic living. While they want every Indian to consume chemical free natural food products, they also want the farmers to have a sustainable living.

Packed with the goodness of native mustard seeds and its distinct pungent smell, 24 Mantra Organic Mustard Oil comes in a 1 ltr bottle. This double filtered, unrefined, expeller pressed, amber coloured oil is not only flavourful but adds awesome taste to your cooked dishes.

The mustard seeds are grown naturally without any chemicals or pesticides. They are grown without any synthetic GMOs. This unadulterated oil is free from trans fats and cholesterol. Acts as a good source of antioxidants and keeps healthy heart and skin.

7. Himalayan Brand Yellow Mustard Oil

Himalayan Brand Yellow Mustard Oil

The best yellow mustard oil is offered by Himalayan brand, the flagship brand of Bharat Agro Oil Pvt Ltd from Ghaziabad that is known to manufacture quality oil since last 48 years. Himalayan yellow mustard oil promised good health in its every drop. Supreme quality mustard seeds are procured from all over the country before being cold pressed and processed. Well-equipped labs maintains quality standards of these edible oils.

Fortified with Vitamin A & D, this yellow mustard oil is available in 1 ltr pet bottle and 5 ltr tin container. However, both the SKUs are packed with goodness of health and freshness with a shelf life of 9 months. FSSAI certified product and is 100% natural, having multiple health benefits. Being a good source of MUFA, it promotes heart health and maintains smooth blood circulation. It gives relief from cough and cold, heals cracked heels and brittle nails.

These yellow mustard oil are less pungent as compared to regular ones. They have distinctive light colour and is not so thick. This daily purpose cooking oil is well filtered and non-refined. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or preservatives.

8. Engine Brand Kachi Ghani Agmark Grade Mustard Oil

Engine Brand Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Hari Oil Mill’s Engine brand is not only a vintage brand but the best mustard oil company in India. This ISO9001-2008 certified Indian edible oil manufacturing firm is delivering quality products since 1959. Engine mustard oil is grade-1 Agmark oil and is a household name for cooking oil. Maintaining great quality standards Engine brand has been delivering consistently for last 62 years.

Handpicked mustard seeds are traditionally processed in a modern setup to keep intact all the natural properties along with high pungency. As a result, it adds perfect taste to Indian food. Available across tins, jars, pet bottles and pouch, Engine brand of kachi ghani mustard oil can be bought in 15 ltrs, 5 ltrs, 2 ltrs, 1 ltr, and 500 ml SKUs. These edible oils have great health benefits and acts as a digestive aid by neutralising toxins. It keeps pickles fresh. Rich in MUFA and PUFA, it contains zero trans fat, carbohydrate and cholesterol.

Being a popular old brand, they are available across urban and rural India across all store formats. It gives relief from congested nose and is a great massage oil.

9. True Oils Pure Cold Pressed Edible Mustard Oil

True Oils Natural and Pure Cold Pressed Edible Mustard Oil

Harsim Agro’s “True Oils” is considered one of the best mustard oil brands in India. This Mohali based brand is known for its premium pure cold pressed oils. The secret of the oil quality is that the extraction happens from seeds that aren’t pre-heated or roasted. Instead they are ground at room temperature by the help of traditional ghanis. As a result, these oils retains all the natural flavours, aroma, and nutritional values and vouch for a product that provides healthy lifestyle.

True Oils’ pure cold pressed edible mustard oil is extracted from black mustard seeds and is rich in MUFA & PUFA, and contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. This oil can be used for multipurpose like cooking, body massage and hair oil. With loads of health benefits, whichever way you use it, it’s going to provide benefits. It promotes healthy heart and minimizes cardio-vascular diseases. Helps in digestion, relives joint pains, and reduces risk of cancer. It also acts as a natural sun-screen.

The unique low absorb technology is amazing and consists of vitamin A and D2. The balanced nutrition profile makes it the best cooking oil out of the lot.

10. Sri Sri Tattva Premium Mustard Oil

Sri Sri Tattva Premium Mustard Oil

Sri Sri Tattva’s mustard oil is one of the best mustard oil in India. With an objective of promoting health and wellness to every household, Sri Sri Tattva takes utmost care in maintaining hygiene and safety standards in manufacturing its products. While entire India is turning their back towards the traditional and natural ways of benefitting from organic products, Sri Sri Tattva promotes purity through 100% natural products.

Available in SKUs of 15 ltr, 5 ltr, 1 ltr, 500 ml & 200 ml across tin, pet bottles, jars and pouch packs, Sri Sri Tattva Premium Kachi Ghani mustard oil retains all the freshness and goodness into its oil. This cold-pressed oil is extracted from the finest quality of mustard oil sourced from organically produced farms. Pickles stay best in this mustard oil and tastes awesome.

Sri Sri Tattva mustard oil has several health benefits besides being flavourful. The strong pungent smell adds extra zing to the dishes cooked. It enhances digestive system, keeps healthy heart and is used as massage oil.

Mustard oil is almost irreplaceable from Indian kitchen. They are not only essential in cooking several regional delicacies, their utilities are multifarious and extend beyond the confines of the kitchen. This reddish brown coloured, thick oil with its distinct pungent smell has been in use in North and East India traditionally since ancient times. It has some miraculous properties that is beneficial to our health. Listed below are some of the common proven benefits of mustard oil.

1 – Aids blood circulation –

An intense body massage with mustard oil can help improve smooth circulation of blood and relax the muscles. It activates sweat glands as a result helps in expelling toxins from body.

2 – Good for skin health –

Vitamin E is essential nutrient for our skin, which is present in mustard oil in abundance. It acts as a sunscreen when applied on our skin and helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With other ingredients mixed in the oil, it helps in tan removal and getting rid of dark spots. Often babies are massaged with mustard oil for better skin.

3 – Shields against infection –

With some amazing properties like anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, mustard oil creates wonders in treating infections. It fights against external as well as internal infections like digestive tract infection.

4 – Heals cracked heels and brittle nails –

Mustard oil helps in curing cracked heels. A mixture of hot oil and wax when applied on the cracked areas creates magic. This home remedy has helped many. It also has the power to lubricate the nail bed and hence very effective in treating brittle nails.

5 – Maintains healthy heart –

Inclusion of mustard oil in daily diet improves heart health, as per study conducted by “the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”. Loaded with MUFA, it lowers the bad cholesterol and keeps a check on the blood fat levels.

6 – Treats cough and cold –

Mustard oil is being traditionally used to treat cough and cold. The heating property of this oil helps in clearing nasal congestion. So, next time you have a stuffy nose, treat it with drops of mustard oil. Even rubbing the oil on chest before going to bed gives magical result.

7 – Promotes hair growth –

People often looks out for the best mustard oil brand in India for hair because it promotes hair growth and keeps it healthy and glowing. The beta-carotene content of mustard oil helps in health hair growth when applied on scalps. Its anti-bacterial properties help prevent scalp infection. Thus it prevents hair fall too.

FAQS : Let us address your Queries

Even though we have categorized the list of the best brands of mustard oil in India featuring the vital aspects that would eventually aid you to get the right brand of this cooking oil to help you lead a healthy lifestyle through some amazing health benefits, you might still have some common queries regarding it. The following most commonly asked questions that we have addressed for you will probably clarify all the doubts.

Which mustard oil is pure in India?

Adani Wilmar’s Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani mustard oil is known to produce pure oil which is largely used for cooking and is the most preferred brand in Indian households. It processes the finest quality mustard seeds to extract authentic and flavourful edible oil that’s loved by kitchens of this country.

Which is the best mustard oil in India?

Undoubtedly 24 Mantra Organic Pressed mustard oil is best in India. This brand from Sresta Bioproducts promotes organic living and offers double filtered, unrefined, expeller pressed flavourful cooking oil that is 100% natural.

Which is the best Kachi Ghani oil?

Engine brand is the best kachi ghani oil that is being used in Indian household since generations. This vintage brand from Hari Oil Mills has the largest distribution network, as a result it’s widely available across the country. Handpicked mustard seeds are traditionally processed in a modern setup to keep intact all the natural properties along with high pungency.

Which mustard oil is best for cooking?

Fortune brand of mustard oil is best for cooking. It is one of the trusted brands in edible oil space and comes from Adani Wilmar. Being the purest form of mustard oil, it retains all its natural properties which adds flavour and aroma to the dishes cooked in mustard oil.

Which mustard oil is best, yellow or black?

Yellow mustard oil is better in all aspects. Traditionally yellow mustard seeds goes in formation of the oil. It also tastes better and has better aroma than the ones extracted from black seeds.

Which branded mustard oil is good for skin?

Organic India Organic Mustard Oil is great for skin care regime. It provides amazing result when massaged with this 100% natural oil. Rich in Vitamin E, it helps in wrinkle reduction and acts as a sunscreen.

Best Mustard Oil Brands in India in 2024 that’s must-have in the kitchen

With such amazing health benefits mustard oils are now a must-haves in Indian kitchen and more and more households are adopting to branded mustard oil for cooking. Top 10 mustard oil Company in India are listed above for reference. These aromatic, deep amber coloured, thick oil can create magic in kitchen. It is simply delectable to make pickles and other dishes in pure organic mustard oil, which also promotes healthy lifestyle.

Our list of kachi ghani mustard oil brands will only help you further to pick up the best brands from market place and lead a healthy lifestyle. Be it tin, jar, pet bottles of pouches, go for branded mustard oil and enjoy a healthy meal with your family.

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