10 Most Comfortable & Best Office Chair Brands in India 2024

Adhere to the ultimate list of the Best Office Chair Brands in India in 2024 and let’s make that process of choosing and buying an office chair worthwhile!

We would like to introduce you to the Top 10 & Best Office Chair Brands India in 2024 and we assure you we have chosen the best ten for you. We understand how important it is for you to have a comfortable chair in the office for you to hate the nine-five routine less and make your working space more comfortable.

An uncomfortable chair is not only a curse but tends to be extremely harmful for your back, given the amount of time you’d be spending in that chair. A hard seating space or uncomfortable backspace can cause a huge amount of disturbance in your working speed.

Best Office Chair Brands in India

It is only natural for you to look for the best office chair brands in India and we have listed them out for you. These chairs are the best in the market with a reputed brand value that makes your life easier in the office. Not only that, but these chairs are budget-friendly, well-suited for sitting long hours and are bound to provide you with comfort.

Let us tell you through this list we assure you’ll find the best office chair brand in India but to be sure of it yourself make sure to go through the entire list. Make a checklist and make sure that particular brand checks important things on your list.

We are trying to make this list of ours as diverse as possible, to include different styles to include aesthetic-looking chairs too but please make sure you choose what suits you the best. A lot of times if you push your budget a little, you’d end up with a product that would make your life much easier.

Hence, we emphasize making a calculated decision in the end. What you also need to keep in mind is that you’re going to use this chair day in and day out. The durability needs to be very strong, and if you’re making this investment for an entire office space then your selected chair should suit everyone. And, not just adhere to one person’s checklist.

Yes, making a bulk choice is difficult, but with the correct help and research, we are sure you’d make this decision pretty quick. Not only that, the decision of which chair to purchase should at the end of the day come from a place of comfort and feasibility, and through this list we wish to provide you with both of them.

This list can be the starting point and we believe there will be a lot more things you look out for offline or online.

Explore the Top 10 & Best Office Chair Brands India in 2024

This list inherently is a culmination of the Top 10 Office Chair Brands India in 2024, we assure you we have done our research and these are the best brands in the market. You can of course look out for further features, but the brands are really at the top than for the year. And, one of these shall definitely cater to your needs. Let’s dive into the list.

1. Green Soul Executive Office Ergonomic Chair

Green Soul Executive Office Ergonomic Chair

Green Soul undoubtedly is one of the best ergonomic chair brands in India. The Green Soul Office Chair has top-quality and a pleasant seat. It is comfortable as it comes with a design that supports your back and the super thick foam makes sure the time you spend on the chair is great even if it is in hours.

The chair comes with extra padding and most conveniently a back armrest which ensures full-comfort while sitting down for longer durations. The look that the Green Soul chair radiates is professional, the leather used is PU which is supported with very fine stitching, and it has a dual-colour look.

Let’s point out some highlights of this green soul office chair;

  • The shape of the chair is unique; it is ergonomically shaped which is done solely to match the human spine. If you struggle with posture aches then this chair in the office can be your best friend.
  • The chair in itself has a very stable metal base that allows it to take up weight close to 110kg. The wheels used are also made in such a way that it makes moving around the office super smooth.
  • It also has a number of colours that give you a number of options, beyond that the chair also isn’t in the highest budget range so it would go easy on your pocket. Nevertheless, we do believe this chair would be a wonderful addition to your office given how comfortable and aesthetically pleasing it is.

We assure you the Green Soul Chair is designed in such a way that it focuses on the most important joints of your body and gives it ultimate support. The chair also comes with a three-year warranty that makes your process of lodging a complaint and getting fixed very convenient.

2. INNOWIN Jazz Ergonomic Chair for Office

 INNOWIN Jazz Ergonomic Chair for Office

The INNOWIN Jazz Ergonomic Chair is one of the best office chairs for back pain. If you’re someone who is tall and are very uncomfortable in short office chairs that are provided then the Jazz Ergonomic Chair is for you. The best part is that it is made in India. So, you also end up supporting a great deal of the in-country business.

The chair comes with a three-year warranty which is always a plus point. The chair has fantastic lumbar support which will make sure your back is always supported well. It comes with breathable mesh that is used in the chair for better ventilation.

The mesh is made in such a way that it comes with a number of adaptations that make sure you have a firm grip over the chair and also are provided by a proper structure from the chair. The chair is highly durable, and stable alongside ensuring it is able to withstand up to 120kgs of weight.

Let’s tell you a few highlights of this INNOWIN chair;

  • If you like moving around the office in your chair, this chair would be your best friend, it has wheels that offer low friction and which ensure that you have maximum flexibility.
  • Beyond this the lumbar support in the chair is well adjustable and also is padded well for better support. Moreover, the chair has adjustable arms which is a plus given how diverse the height range is in every office.
  • Also the chair comes with a Nylon Base which ensures maximum stability of the chair, and also strengthens it, and makes the chair a tough one. The chair provides long-lasting comfort, given its lumbar support design.
  • The chair has some fine features like having a torsion knob, this knob ensures that you decide whether you want the chair to tilt soft or hard. Also, it comes with a hydraulic life which ensures that the height lift is very convenient for you.

3. Savya Home Office CHAIR

Savya Home Office CHAIR

The Savya Home Office Chair is one of our best additions to the best office chair brands in India list. The design that the Chair follows is timeless, and that’s what the brand claimed for ages. Savya as a brand claim that its products are made by people who have the knowledge and are empowered to do the best for you.

There are a number of things that this chair provides, most importantly it is the price range; it has two ranges. So, if one is pinching your pocket you can immediately shift to another and not compromise on your purchase.

Let’s point out a few highlights of this Savya Home Office chair;

  • The headrest of this chair can be rotated according to your wish, beyond which the height of the headrest is also adjustable which makes sure you can modify it to your comfort and you can mismatch it as much as you want to match your sweet spot. And all of this with a push of a button.
  • Next, we are sure this chair understands how busy one gets with work so adjusting your chair with twenty different handles is not your checklist, hence even to adjust the height of this chair you can just use one lever and it would be done.
  • The seat that you would be using is two inches thick, has a very high density, and good air circulation. Which ensures that you beat the long working hours with ease. The seat is super durable to regular wear & tear.

There are many highlights of this chair that you’d further find, but what we want you to know is that this is a whopping buy at this rate.

4. CELLBELL C104 Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

CELLBELL C104 Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The cell bell mid-back ergonomic chair, by its given name, is one of the best ergonomic chair brand in India. It has a nylon ergonomic back support and has the potential to solve all those back issues by taking care of it through long office hours.

The adjustments that you can make to the lumbar back support are genius and these make sure to make the long working hours much more bearable. Come what may, buying this chair will be a great purchase. More so it is made of material that keeps you from sweating on your chair’s backrest and makes sitting comfortably.

The metal base of the chair is something that gives it so much stability and makes sure you aren’t falling off the chair no matter what stunt you pull. The padded armrest is the best addition to this chair.

Further on let’s point out some highlights of this office chair brand for you;

  • This chair comes with a 360 Degree swirl, you also have a smart tilting mechanism where you can tilt the chair as much as you want to and then put a lock when you decide it is at the correct place where you want it to stop and stay.
  • The casters installed on the wheels of the chair make sure that you can swirl easily without leaving marks on the floor.
  • Moreover it has a weight capacity of 105kgs which is inclusive and durable.
  • They also have a doorstep service as a brand and a complete one-year warranty which is a plus always.

The price of this chair is also something that would definitely be in your budget and given all these benefits at this price we believe this is worth an investment.

5. Duratek Task M1 Fabric Office Executive Chair

 Duratek Task M1 Fabric Office Executive Chair

The Duratek Task M1 Executive Chair is one of our best additions to the best office chair brand in India list and as you read, you’ll understand why.

From an adjustable seat to one of the most reasonable prices in the market the chair is a dream come true. As you spend less but get all the benefits you have been looking for. They can settle anywhere, whether you’re working from the office or home. This chair will be your best friend.

Let us tell you some of the highlights of Duratek chair;

  • The Duratek Task M1 chair is quite lightweight, which ensures moving it around from one place to another is never an issue. This also means if you’re shifting from work from home to office this lightweight partner can always be with you.
  • This chair is meant for you to get to work, and hence rightly so it has an ergonomic design, with a very sturdy mesh back.
  • The armrest makes it effortless for you to take those mini work breaks and alongside that you can manage the height of the chair easily without causing any distress.
  • You can lock the chair at a particular tilt position to match your work dimension, and it obviously has a 360-degree swivel mechanism. These locking mechanisms make your life much easier, be it for your height or the tilt.

All in all, this chair is an investment you wouldn’t regret, not only because it has an exciting price but because of all the highlights it comes with and this chair is not just meant for office purposes it is also ideal for your conference rooms and the reception area.

Beyond all of this, the brand has amazing customer service that will sail you through any problems you may face later or any query smoothly.

6. Da URBAN Office Chair

Da URBAN Office Chair

If you’re looking for the best office chair for work from home then your search can end with this chair. The Da URBAN Office Chair is the chair you can rely upon without a doubt for an office-like feel in the home.

There are a number of benefits the Da Urban Office Chair comes with huge benefits. And all of these at an exciting price that will make sure that you enjoy every bit of using the chair without investing a lot of money. They also call this series of chairs “Boss Series” and we want you to feel like a boss through this chair.

Moving on let us point out some highlights of this chair;

  • This chair is meant for you to spend long office hours in it, and hence has the lumbar support made of bonded leather which ensures to make you feel comfortable all the time. This arrangement also ensures you sit with utmost comfort and in the centre of the seat cushion with a back that is relaxed. It almost feels like you’re on a sofa
  • The chair is extremely flexible; you can lean and find the exact angle that matches your comfort. Moving back and forth would never be an issue because of the tilt mechanism installed in the chair and moreover for how flexible the chair is.
  • The chair is made of extremely fine quality material which makes it look as if you’re sitting and using an extremely luxurious chair; the look and feel of it speaks for itself.
  • The chair has a tilt tension control knob which ensures that it is easy for you to rock back on the side that you turned the knob towards.

So, we do put our bets on the fact that this is one of the best work from office chairs out there in the market making it a soulful investment for you.

7. Timber Cheese Ergonomic Office Chair

Timber Cheese Ergonomic mesh Chair

The timber cheese office chair is undoubtedly one of the best office chair brands in India. Not only does it cut for you to make a stellar investment but after reading the specifications of this chair you will want to buy it right away!

That is because the less you invest the less it pinches your pockets and there on you can save more. Invest that money in something more expensive or needful. However, this chair is the best beginner’s investment without a doubt.

There are many benefits that the timber cheese office chair comes with and we shall list them for you with a very beautiful aesthetic. This chair shall swoon you with the benefits.

Let’s list the highlights of timber cheese chair for you here;

  • It has a maximum of 100kg carrying capacity which is huge on its own and that also ensures very fewer chances of dwindling if any stunts were to be pulled alongside the chair.
  • It has a beautifully contoured mesh back that makes the appearance of the chair very aesthetically pleasing and does not let it stand out of place in the office or your home.
  • It has a strong, durable, and comforting armrest that helps you relax throughout work.
  • The seating pads are 2 inches thick which provides you all-day comfort, and the umbrella-shaped base makes it easy for you to swindle around.

So, in the end, this seems to be a very good choice and something that will also last you long as a beginner’s purchase.

8. beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair

beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair

The beAAtho JS-29 Revolving Chair, is one of the best picks for the top 10 office chair brands in India. The quality of this revolving chair is at par excellence and hence almost takes away any kind of uneasiness while working.

It is a make in India product and hence you are helping by making an investment in a business in India. There are many highlights of this brand that we would want you to know and the list will tempt you to buy and we really believe it would be a great choice.

Let’s mention some highlights of this chair

  • It is made of premium quality material which ensures an extremely comfortable sitting experience for you always.
  • The frame structure that it is made upon is quite strong and is made of wood. Due to which it has strong armrests.
  • It for sure provides ample support to your back and shoulders as this design is ergonomic to support the human spine. The high-quality castor wheels which are supported with a strong metal base are used for better durability.

The brand in general emphasizes on the health and well-being of the people, hence we can assure you that by buying this chair you will get world-class seating. That is worked upon by known and progressive manufacturers. These chairs ensure that you have dynamic and smooth movement with the ultimate support.

If you’re someone who is trying to straighten their positions through long office hours, and you are sitting through them then this chair is for you. This chair is intuitive and aims at achieving the best posture for you.

Hence, an investment like this would be for a lifetime and would only make your life a lot easier in the office or home. The price range can be managed given the number of facilities you get with this chair.

9. JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair Cushion

JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair Cushion

The JD9 High Back Chair is considered as one of the best office chair in India. If added to your office it will only be a plus given the benefits it entails. Beyond it just being a completely beautiful addition to your office it also has maximum utility and you won’t regret buying this chair.

The JD9 chair is on the higher side of the price range however it also comes with USP’s as such that you wouldn’t mind paying the price. Not only that the chair is of high utility it is also something that can be used beyond just the office and hence the price range.

Let us point out some highlights of JD9 chair;

  • The chair comes with a multi-level headrest and an angle tilt mechanism that adjusts the headrest in the most optimum position for your head & shoulder. The lumbar support in the chair is adjustable and so is the seat height. Which inherently makes this chair comfortable and easy to modify.
  • The armrest can also be adjusted according to your elbows and forearms. The armrest ensures that your elbows are aligned in such a way that your wrists are aligned too and hence in the process avoid a lot of wrist and hand injuries that might happen.
  • The mesh material stretches well and it has thick wires that provide toughness to the seat. The soft cushion of the chair makes seating for long hours less painful. What is the plus of this cushion is that after long hours of seating it understands and provides rests to your hips and waist.

All in all, this chair is a fantastic buy, it has an energy-absorbing cushion that somewhat has memory foam and this is one of the best parts about this chair.

10. Amazon Brand Solimo Office Chair

Amazon Brand Solimo Office Chair

The Solimo Office Chair is our final and another one of our favourite additions to the best chair brands in India list. It comes with so many plus points that it is almost impossible to deny this buy.

We shall definitely lay out the USP of this chair to you but in the process of shortlisting we also want you to know how sustainable and durable this chair of Amazon is. It has passed a number of weight check tests and in general, has a good customer review.

With exceptional customer service, we believe this brand would be a great addition to your office space.

Further, let’s dig into some highlights of this chair;

  • In a sleek black colour the Solimo office chair is made of a very high-quality fabric that is abrasion resistant, which is also toxin free, chemical-free, and holds the colour for long.
  • The wheels of this chair have extra stability and have passed the durability test of doing 40,00 spins with 122 KGS on it which is a definite pass for a stable and durable chair.
  • The chair comes with 3D arm support and it has adjustable lumbar support for enhanced comfort and rest. The durability tests passed by this chair are many from stability testing to seat and backrest tests. It is the best.

Beyond all of this, the chair is extremely comfortable and a best buy if you have the budget and the intention to make a long-term investment. Given all of these benefits it also comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty which is something you can always look forward to in case of any problems.

Mostly the functional design of this chair is the steal deal and hence we are pursuing you to buy the same.

An Ultimate guide to purchase an office chair

A good office chair is elegant, comfy, and functional. When it comes to choosing the appropriate office chairs, the money you’re willing to spend, their style, the comfort it provides, and the area where it will be used are all important considerations. Aside from this, there are a few additional things to look for in an office chair to help you make an informed decision and they are;

a) A lumbar support

A good office chair would always have adjustable lumbar support for the individual to fit the seat till their lower back. This feature is important because back strain can be crippling and long hours of sitting without any proper support can be straining.

b) Adjustability

The height and armrest are almost adjustable in each chair, and to look for a chair where both of them are available is crucial. It is also important to make sure the height and armrest can be managed with a simple movement of a lever which is the easiest way out there.

c) Wheel Base

Almost all office chairs have wheels and a base to them, if not it is imperative that you get them made to cover for the office. To be able to rotate to desks and reach different places without much strain is very important in the office space.

d) Fabric

The fabric used should be of high quality and the texture should be breathable. The fabric should give maximum comfort and the stitching done should be very durable and hold up rough situations alongside not creating discomfort while sitting.

FAQS Based on The Best Office Chair Brands in India

There can be a number of questions that you might be asking yourself as you make this decision of investment, we are here to guide you through it and let us help you by answering a bunch of frequently asked questions.

What is the best brand for office chairs?

The best brand of office chairs is Green Soul Executive Office Ergonomic Chair. It however should most definitely be the one that suits your needs, goes ahead and checks things off the checklist you have made, and finally is something that fits your bill and you really want to invest in.

Which office chair is best for back India?

We really feel you should believe the customer reviews to make the decision which is the best chair for the back because only people who have similar problems can help you. So thoroughly go through the customer reviews and if you want a suggestion from us, it would be; INNOWIN Jazz Ergonomic Chair for Office.

Which is the best office chair for work from home?

Savya Home Office Chair is the best office chair to fulfill your work from home requirement. The office chair that’s the best for working from home again depends a lot upon what kind of comfort the office feels you are looking for in your chair. It might not even be a designated work from the chair that can fit your bill, so yes researching a bit would do the job for you.

Which chair is best for long sitting India?

The CELLBELL C104 Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair is the best for sitting long hours. Basically, a chair that supports your back and arms would be the best, and that is very subjective. We believe we should look at what each brand offers and then settle for the best, and of course, make an independent decision.

What is the most ergonomic office chair?

In our opinion Green Soul Executive Office Ergonomic Chair is the most ergonomic office chair. Almost all office chairs are ergonomic as they are designed to help you with your work conditions, however, then again it matters what kind of ergonomic office chair you are looking for. What are your feelings and look expectations etc, keeping these in mind decide your best and invest?

Buy one of the Best office chair brands in India Today!

We believe we have been of great help. We have done our research now it is your turn. What we believe is that you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions about the product before investing in it and that is only how you’ll make the best one.

Moreover, if you’re making a bulk purchase, it is very important that you talk to more people and understand how the chairs are and what is durability etc. Do make sure to make a checklist and finally make the purchase, we truly believe that is the best way to move forward.

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