Best Oil Filled Room Heaters in India in 2024 to Warm Up Your Winters

Enlisting the Best oil filled room heaters in India in 2024 we bring you a detailed review of the best brands ruling the market in this segment and also give you deep insights into the specifications and features to look out for when buying an oil-filled radiator for warming your house.

Best Oil Filled Room Heaters in India

When looking out for the best oil-filled room heater in India, you are spoilt for choice considering the multitude of products available in the market each with some outstanding features. So, how do you decide, which one to bring home and add a touch of warmth in this chilling winter? Well, with our comprehensive list of the best oil-filled heaters in India we unfold all the details about oil-filled heaters, how they are better than regular room heaters and what features make one an outstanding buy.

Check out our list of the Best oil filled room heaters in India in 2024 that shall help you grab a quality deal bringing you closer to your desired purchase. Read on to know how an oil filled room heater is more efficient in heating a large room and keeping it warm irrespective of how low the mercury falls. Learn about its working and how the top brands are flooding the market with smart models that have some unique features. All this and a lot more in our detailed review…

What is an Oil Filled Room Heater?

Going by the name one would think that oil-filled heaters are appliances that heat a room by burning oil. But contrary to this, oil-filled room heaters are common forms of convection heaters used in domestic heating. They are also known as oil heaters, oil filled radiator, or column heater. And, yes…oil-filled room heaters do not operate on the burning of oil. The power of electricity is used to warm the oil that acts as a carrier; the heat so released is delivered to the metal walls of the heater through the flow of heat. When the metal walls heat up they radiate the heat to the entire room functioning on the concept of conduction heating.

Oil-filled room heaters are the best bet to combat the chilling cold during winters, especially for large families or to warm up large spaces and rooms.

Many factors contribute to the growing popularity of oil-filled room heaters in India. Some of the major factors are…

  • Oil-filled room heaters do not dent your electricity bill and are a good option to save power. Since oil in the oil-filled room heaers is used as the main reservoir or buffer, even when the heater is switched off it keeps the room warm for some time.
  • Using room heaters with small babies is often perceived as risky. But oil filled room heaters do not deplete rooms of oxygen and neither reduce the humidity quotient; therefore they are a great choice to use when you have newborn or infants in the house. As the humidity is maintained in the room, complaints of suffocation, dry eye, or skin rashes are ruled out.
  • Oil-filled room heaters are most suitable for large rooms or long hours of usage like overnight heating.
  • They are less noisy or rather silent heaters. Their presence can be felt only in terms of the warmth radiated and not though any noise emitted from them.
  • As the surface of oil filled room heaters is heat resistant, they are child safe and do not bear the risk of accidental burns. They need not be placed very close to the bed. Keeping them in one corner of the room, you can comfortably warm up your space.

Get Warm with 6 Best Oil Filled Radiator Room Heaters in India in 2024

Check out the top 6 brands that have made it to our list of the Best Oil Filled Radiator Room heaters in India and what makes them stand out from the crowd. Take a close look at their functioning, power consumption, features, and above all…their heating capacity.

1. Havells OFR 9F PTC Oil Filled Room Heater

Havells OFR 9F PTC Oil Filled Room Heater

The Havells OFR 9F PTC Oil Filled Room Heater is a top-rated product that is high on our list of the best oil filled room heaters in India in 2024. With three different power setting options at 1500 watts, 2000 watts, and 2500 watts it uses different wattage giving you the freedom to save power as per your needs.

Further, to ensure comfortable warmth throughout your space, the oil-filled heater comes with an in-built thermostatic heat control feature that controls the heat emitted. The advanced overheat protection feature ensures that the heater is not overheating with prolonged use and saves the appliance from damage. The PTC oil heater is equipped with a fan that plays a vital role in dispersing heat uniformly throughout the room.

The castor wheels of the room heater are designed to impart greater portability to the appliance and help in easy movement across the room. The elegant design with a cord storage area and rear safety cover makes the oil filled room heater one of the best buys at an affordable price.

Besides its multiple functionalities, this modern oil filled room heater from Havells comes in an attractive design and an ultra-sleek size that fits well in every corner of the room with elegance, occupying minimum space. With its cool hue and design, it gels well with modern home decors and adds sophistication while imparting warmth and adding to the comfort of your space and is high on our recommendation as to the best Havells oil heater in India.

2. Morphy Richards OFR 09 Oil Filled Radiator

Morphy Richards OFR 09 Oil Filled Radiator

The Morphy Richards OFR 09 Oil Filled Radiator is one of the best oil heaters available online. It provides good coziness to make every corner of your room warm. It offers the option to choose electric loads thus allowing you to balance your power savings. With an alternate power source, you can select the higher voltage of the two isolated sources and in case of failure or fault, it automatically switches the load, thus ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

As it includes 9 thin fins, it promptly heats the room and enhances the temperature within a few minutes. The ultra-thin fins are designed very thin to help dissipate heat to every corner of the room. The safety feature of the oil-filled heater is inbuilt with safety measures to avoid electric mishaps. The auto-cut off feature also prevents the overheating of the device while in use. The thermostat heat control allows you to set the temperature and alter the heat control feature. The humidifier maintains the moisture in the room without depriving the requisite oxygen content. The alternating load transfer helps to maintain an uninterrupted supply of power.

The smooth castor wheels with mounting plate help in mobility allowing you to place the heater at your desired location. Operating on 2000 watts, the Morphy Richard oil filled heater comes with a 2-year warranty and assures quality with the highest performance.

3. Bajaj Majesty Rh 13f Plus Oil Filled Room Heater

Bajaj Majesty Rh 13f Plus Oil Filled Room Heater

The Bajaj Majesty Rh 13f Plus oil filled room heater is an ideal choice if you are looking to warm winters ahead. It functions on a 1000Watt consumption and is equipped with alternating heat settings to change the temperature of the room as per your requirements.

The elegantly designed oil filled room heater projects a safety tilt and an auto-thermal cut off system to prevent overheating. The noiseless room heater is an elegant choice to warm your room and keep it heated during winters.

As one of the best Bajaj oil filled radiator in India, the Rh 13f comes equipped with a 400Watt PTC ceramic fan heater for better efficiency. The outer body is designed with CRCA material that adds durability and prevents regular oxidation. The PVC plug material strengthens the appliance. Engineered with 13 fins this oil-filled room heater is designed to keep every corner of the room without making any nasty noise.

The castor wheels of the Bajaj oil-filled radiator are smooth, increasing mobility and allowing you to move the appliance without much effort.

Keeping up with its brand reputation, the Bajaj Majesty Rh 13f Plus Oil-filled room heater comes with a two-year warranty adding to its dependability and credibility.

4. Orient Electric Comfort Collection 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Orient Electric Comfort Collection 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

The Orient Electric Comfort Collection 13 Fin Oil filled radiator room heater with advanced S-shaped fins, castor wheels, and cord storage facility is one of the most outstanding products on our list. The room heater equipped with a fan provides even heating throughout the room.

The advanced S-shaped 3rd generation fins facilitate even dissipation of heat all through the room. The three heating adjustment feature allows you to control the rate of heating according to the weather outside and your body requirements. The 360-degree trip over the safety switch works as an additional safety device in case the oil-filled radiator is not placed vertically or installed properly.

Made of an outer steel body the Orient Electric Comfort oil-filled radiator has in-built safety features to protect you and your family against any electric mishaps while handling it.

As one of the best oil filled radiator in India, the Orient OFR comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and castor wheels for easy mobility and storage.

5. Usha OFR 3609 FS PTC Oil Filled Room Heater

Usha OFR 3609 FS PTC Oil Filled Room Heater

Listing the best oil heaters in India 2024, one name that cannot go unnoticed is the Usha OFR 3609 FS PTC Oil Filled Room Heater. Designed to provide the highest heating efficiency, these oil filled radiators add comfort and warmth to your living space. The PTC heating technology and wave style fins are engineered to offer you high degrees of heat efficiency. The inbuilt 400 Watt fans ensure that the heat is evenly spread throughout the room. The fins are coated with high-quality anti-corrosion paint for rust protection throughout its life.

The adjustable thermostat helps you control the heat temperature offering you varying degrees of warmth. The oil-filled heater comes with a cord winder and an inbuilt handle grip. As part of its safety measures, it has a thermal cut-off feature that terminates supply when the heater has reached the desired temperature and also an overheat protection feature to save the appliance from getting damaged due to overheating.

The ISI mark assures the quality and safety of the product while the manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty to protect your appliance from any faults and damage.

6. Singer OFR 11 Fins Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Singer OFR 11 FINS Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

The most economical buy on our list of the best oil-filled heaters in India is the Singer OFR 11 Fins Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater. With its advanced11 fins and three heating positions, this oil filled heater is a class apart from its contemporaries. With its three alternating power capacities (1700, 2300, and 2900 watt) it functions outstandingly fast and stays in an inactive mode every time the temperature drops. The 11 fins are power-coated and work as excellent rust protectors. The nylon castor wheels and metallic back cover are in-built for safety measures and greater mobility.

The smart overheating protection protects the oil-filled heater from damage and the thermostat control regulates the heating temperature. The PTC fan also ensures faster heating and dissipation of heat in different parts of the room.

With a two-year product warranty, the Singer oil filled room heater is endorsed with the important ISI certification marking it safe for domestic use. With a world-class ED/HD oil grade system this oil filled room heater is supreme in its quality.

The oil-filled radiator from Singer comes with a two meters long copper power cord and inbuilt tip-over switch for added security. Horizontally designed, it occupies less space and is compact and sleek for easy use and storage.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly oil filled room heater then the Singer oil filled room radiator is the best buy and a quality deal.

Still, have doubts about oil-filled room heaters and their efficiency? We help you sort out your doubts by answering some frequently asked questions. Have a look…

Which is the best oil filled heater in India?

Buying a good oil filled room heater can be a bit tricky, especially if you have little knowledge about how oil filled room heaters work. In our list above we have tried to bring you the top 6 oil-filled room heaters each one of which is outstanding because of its features and functioning. Choose one wisely that suits your requirements and budget.

How long do oil-filled heaters last?

With due care and maintenance, oil-filled room heaters can last up to 10-15 years. To increase their longevity keep the heater switched off when not in use. In this way, you can stretch their life up to 16-20 years. Protecting them against corrosion also helps in increasing their life.

What type of oil is used in oil heaters?

The oil in the so-called oil-filled room heater is just a stimulant or medium to radiate heat rather than act as a fuel. This special oil, unlike any ordinary oil, is diathermal. The diathermal oil has a high boiling point and retains heat easily because of which it is used in such oil heaters. The oil is stored in an air tight container which prevents evaporation or mishaps like combustion. Because of its thermal properties, an oil-filled heater keeps radiating heat even after it is cut-off from the energy source.

Is the oil heater safe for the baby?

Compared with fan or bar heaters, oil-filled heaters are relatively safe for babies because their surface area does not get as hot as other convection heaters. Therefore, even if touched inadvertently, they do not cause any burns to babies. As there are no exposed heated coils the oil heaters are not a danger to your baby in normal conditions. The oil heaters come equipped with safety features like a tilt switch that instantly turns off the electric supply if the appliance accidentally trips. This covers the risk of combustion and accidental fire.

Is it cheaper to run an oil-filled radiator?

As compared to traditional heaters, oil-filled room heaters use less electricity to operate. This is because these heaters turn their element off when their coil is hot enough to keep the room warm. Once the coil starts to cool down, the electric current is resumed to heat the coils. The heat produced by electricity is used to heat the oil inside the heater instead of the surrounding air. Since the oil is thermal oil, it radiates heat and warms the room by radiating heat into the room. The heat radiation is slow and the element of the heater remains off for a longer period thus saving electricity.

Is it OK to leave an oil-filled radiator on overnight?

It is never recommended to leave oil filled radiators on overnight. However, if you live in a chilly region and have no option but to use the heater overnight then you should try doing it with some precautions. First and foremost ensure that your oil filled room heater has a high grade thermostat.

Secondly, keep the cord of the heater open. Do not cover it with any cloth, carpet, or shrug lying in your room. Ensure that all connected wires are kept free from obstacles. The vents or openings of the oil heater should be unobstructed and open. They should be left uncovered to avoid trapping heat. Avoid using an extension cord to plug your oil-filled heater. Always plug it directly into the primary power socket. Keep inflammable substances away from the heater.

Avoid keeping the oil filled heater in a damp or moist room. Always keep the thermostat of the oil-filled room heater on so that it cuts the power supply once the appliance has achieved the set temperature. By doing so there shall be frequent breaks in the electric current and the room heater shall not operate continuously.

Do oil filled radiator heaters use much electricity?

Oil-filled room heaters use much less electricity as compared to their counterparts. The electricity consumption of your oil-filled room heater can be calculated by analyzing the quantity of power that the heater consumes, which is technically termed as Wattage.

An efficient oil filled heater usually operates on 1500 Watts. A unit of electricity is defined as 1000 Watts. All you need to do is multiply the power usage of your oil-filled room heater with the cost of electricity (per unit) charged in your last electricity bill and you will get the approximate electricity consumption of your oil filled room heater which is surely much less than other traditional room heaters.

Do oil heaters need to be serviced?

Oil-filled room heaters require very nominal servicing or maintenance. You do not have to refill the oil filled in these heaters as the oil is not used as a fuel, rather as a carrier or medium. All you need to do is ensure good safety measures while using the heater so that possibilities of accident and damage are ruled out.

How dangerous are oil heaters?

Like any other electrical appliance, oil-heaters have their share of risk and dangers if not handled with care. Some common risks involved with oil-filled heaters are the possibility of leakage or covering of vents that might lead to a fault and explosion of the heater. Spillage of oil may also lead to igniting a fire. Therefore, always keep the appliance switched off when not in use. Contact the manufacturer or service center immediately in case of an accident or emergency.

Final Thoughts on the Best Oil Filled Room Heater in India 2024

If you are struggling to keep yourself warm in this dead winter chill then our above list of the best oil filled room heaters in India in 2024 acts as the perfect guide to help you choose the best oil filled room radiator that warms up your space and life. Our comprehensive list aims at providing you true, reliable, and accurate information so that you grab the best deal and bring home a room heater that meets your requirements.

So, go grab the coolest oil filled room heater available in the market and get the warmest experience of a lifetime!

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