10 Pure & Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India 2024

This article is a complete list of the available top 10 best jaggery brands in India in 2024. Here is an exclusive buyer’s guide that will help you make the right choice.

Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India

There are many Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India that are best known for their quality and service. Still, when you are purchasing Jaggery, some factors need to be considered as quality, originality and affordability. Jaggery is a sugar that is becoming more popular as a healthier alternative to conventional white sugar. It is made from the sap or juice of plants with a lot of sucrose or sugar in them. This includes plants such as sugar sticks and palms such as date palms and Palmyra.

Conventional Jaggery is raw and unprocessed, so no synthetics are used in its production, and all of the vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and phosphorus, are retained. Here we will discuss some exceptional benefits of consuming Jaggery.

Beneficial Aspects of Consuming Jaggery

Jaggery is rich in vitamins and minerals that help prevent many diseases and keep you healthy. Most people consume Jaggery mainly in winter, as it keeps the body warm. It boosts immunity and let the body be prepared to fight against any disease. The additional sweetener taste makes it more valuable and popular. There are many benefits of adding Jaggery to your daily diet; some are mentioned below

1 – Removes toxins from the entire body

Jaggery’s antioxidants and minerals offer cytoprotective properties, which means it not only clears mucus from the lungs but also cleans the respiratory and digestive systems from the inside out. Consuming Jaggery three times per day helps in the detoxification of your entire body.

2 – Helps with digestion

There is a reason why Jaggery is commonly served as a dessert after meals. It assists in the release of enzymes by stimulating the bowels in our body. Jaggery is also thought to be beneficial to those who suffer from constipation and other gastrointestinal issues.

3 – Assists in the prevention of anemia

As previously said, Jaggery is high in minerals like phosphorus and iron, which help the body produce hemoglobin. Therefore, consuming Jaggery is an excellent preventative strategy for those with a low iron diet or at risk of developing iron deficiency anemia.

4 – Strengthens the immune system

Any meal high in nutrients and aids in the body’s detoxification is beneficial to the immune system, and Jaggery is considered one of the most refined immune-boosting foods accessible to humankind. This is also why Jaggery is taken more in the winter when your body requires an extra boost of immunity to combat colds, flu, and other illnesses.

5 – Assists in weight reduction and glycemic management

White sugar raises blood glucose levels and increases the risk of weight gain and obesity; thus, Jaggery is a perfect substitute. Using Jaggery as a sweet item can help you control your body weight while also maintaining blood sugar levels in check. Jaggery can also help you manage your cravings while attempting to lose weight by making you feel fuller for longer.

The Uncovered List of Top 10 Best Jaggery Brands in India in 2024 :

If you want to buy Jaggery, here are the Top 10 Jaggery Brands in India in 2024. Consider purchasing hard Jaggery. Purchasing hard Jaggery ensures that no additional chemicals are introduced to the sugarcane juice during the heating process.

1. Miltop Natural Jaggery

Miltop Natural Jaggery

Miltop Jaggery is a company that cares about its clients’ well-being. The applicant is one of India’s top jaggery brands and is high in iron, calcium, and phosphorus. It is made from a particular sugarcane type that is being kept in the cleanest possible conditions, and it is Halal certified. Consuming this variation of Jaggery assists in strengthening the stomach-related structure.

It is prepared in the most hygienic manner possible. Miltop Natural jaggery can be used to replace sugar in recipes. It is a handy type of Jaggery that may be used to make sweets, kheer, payasam, and other desserts.

  • Packs of High-Quality Jaggery
  • Iron, calcium, and phosphorus are all abundant in this food.
  • Made under the most sanitary conditions from a selected kind of sugarcane.
  • Jaggery is 100% natural and safe to eat regularly.

2. 24 Mantra Organic Jaggery Powder

24 Mantra Organic Jaggery Powder

The organization operates genuinely inside the land’s excess of parts and is considered the best jaggery powder brand in India. Kitchen detectability is an unusual feature that provides typical reliability, temperance, and consistency in quality. Furthermore, it enables small farmers to earn a living from it. It is one of India’s Best Jaggery Brands, high in malignant growth inhibitors, iron, and minerals, and helps increase resistance to a variety of illnesses.

Organic Jaggery (Gur) is a natural, ancient sweetener created by concentrating sugarcane juice that goes by various names worldwide. 24 Mantra Organic Jaggery is manufactured from evaporated organic sugar cane and does not include any artificial chemicals in the manufacturing process. However, it does contain calcium lime, which is allowed under organic rules. Organic Jaggery is used to make 24 Mantra Organic Jaggery. It is one of the best jaggery brands in India.

  • 100 percent natural
  • Produced without the use of synthetic pesticides
  • Grown without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Source of power
  • A sweetener that is both natural and tasty
  • Contains a small quantity of a few micronutrients.
  • Simple to use

3. Organic Tattva Jaggery Powder

Organic Tattva Jaggery Powder

Organic Tattva Jaggery powder is made from the most nutrient-dense organic sugar canes, ensuring that it is devoid of chemicals and additives. Organic Tattva’s Jaggery Powder includes 0g trans-fat and 0mg cholesterol per 100g serving. Organic Jaggery Powder has 383 calories per serving. Switch to Organic Tattva’s Organic Jaggery Powder today for a healthier lifestyle! Organic Tattva’s Jaggery powder is a healthier alternative to refined sugar with several health advantages. It provides sweetness to both sweet and savory recipes while also keeping you healthy.

  • 100% Vegan, natural
  • Grown without the use of industrial pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • It is high in minerals, including magnesium, zinc, and iron, which offer various health benefits.
  • From the inside, it assists you in staying toasty warm during the winter.
  • Aids in the treatment of colds and coughs, as well as boosting your internal immunity.

4. Organic India Jaggery

Organic India - Jaggery Powder

ORGANIC INDIA provides the highest quality Jaggery Powder to the consumers, which has no chemical additives and is manufactured from the organically certified sugar cane. This best organic jaggery powder in India is a better alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners and is very healthy and tasty. It improves the flavor of tea, coffee, and other liquids by naturally containing vitamins, iron, and minerals.

It is a sugar substitute that is good for you. This jaggery powder is a delicious, nutritious, and healthy substitute for refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. In addition, it can assist with digestion issues, wash out toxins from your liver, and improve your energy levels by acting as a blood purifier.

  • It is high in minerals, including zinc, magnesium, and iron, which offer various health benefits.
  • A good blood purifier relieves digestive problems, aids in liver cleansing, and increases energy levels.
  • Tea, coffee, and other beverages taste better with it.

5. Nutriplato Jaggery Powder

Nutriplato-enriching Lives Jaggery Powder

Nutriplato jaggery powder makes its position among the best jaggery brand in India. This is made without the use of any fabricated components and employs many years of proven collection methods. It is made from pure sugarcane juice and is produced by the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research. It is abundant in illness prevention components, mineral-rich, and a wellspring of improvements.

It is a delicious and nutritious alternative to ordinary refined sugar. While keeping it healthy, add sweetness to your dishes and snacks. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and it may help fill in the nutritional gaps in your body created by a poor diet.

  • Antioxidant-dense.
  • Mineral-Dense Food
  • India is the country of origin.
  • A sugar substitute
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Low-fat diet

6. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Jaggery

Vedaka Jaggery Powder

Vedaka jaggery powder takes the second spot on our list of the most delicate jaggery powder. This container of top-grade jaggery powder from Vedaka may be used to satisfy your everyday sugar needs. There are no contaminants or flavors added. This best jaggery powder in India in 2024 has a 12-month shelf life. It is simple to use and store because it comes in a bottle. It gives your food a distinct taste. This Jaggery powder may be used to make family sweets or for everyday cooking. Vedaka Jaggery Powder is a premium powder mix.

  • Jaggery powder of the highest grade
  • Adulteration-free, sugar-free, and flavor-free
  • 12-month shelf life
  • It can be used in place of sugar and honey.
  • Enhances the flavor of your food
  • It is packaged in a jar that is simple to use and keep.
  • 1kg in weight

7. Pure & Sure Organic Jaggery Powder

Pure & Sure Organic Jaggery Powder

Pure & Sure is one of India’s best organic jaggery brands and has offered quality jaggery to customers for years. Pure & Sure gives you a nutrient-dense line of unrefined sugar food items produced from organically grown farms in India. Our jaggery sugar is an organic sweetener with no added flavors, preservatives, or refining. A big spoonful of pure jaggery unrefined sugar will help to cleanse your body of impurities.

This superfood sweetener is loaded with phytochemicals and minerals that your body needs. This keto sweetener is a fantastic source of energy that also helps to improve the immune system, making it ideal for dieters and diabetics.

Organic jaggery powder is an excellent substitute for refined sugar in tea. Organic gur jaggery is a sugar alternative that may be used in baking. It has a lot of antioxidants and is used to make delicious syrups. Traditional sweets like jaggery cake and chakkara Pongal may also be made using natural jaggery powder.

  • Pure & Sure provide nutrient-dense
  • This jaggery sugar is an organic sweetener.
  • This superfood sweetener is loaded with phytochemicals
  • Organic jaggery powder is an excellent substitute for refined sugar

8. Truefarm Organic Jaggery Powder

Truefarm Organic Jaggery Powder

Truefarm collaborates with farmers worldwide to cultivate 100 percent organic crops and provide delicious, healthy food to your table without the use of hazardous chemicals. All items, such as cereals, superfoods, nuts, and specific spices, are of the finest quality. This best jaggery powder in India is a great sugar substitute since it is high in minerals and has a slower blood sugar effect. In addition, it is produced entirely of organic materials and does not include the sulfur present in refined sugar.

  • Truefarm Jaggery Powder is manufactured from organic sugar cane and has no chemical additives.
  • Organic Jaggery Powder is a healthier option than refined white sugar and a natural sweetener.
  • Organic jaggery powder has many benefits, including the capacity to cleanse the body, function as a digestive aid, sweeten meals healthily, and supply various minerals.
  • Chocolates, sweets, sorbets, and traditional Indian sweet foods all include it.
  • Truefarm Jaggery preserves its molasses content, giving it more minerals and making it healthier.

9. Sri Sri Tattva Organic Jaggery

Sri Sri Tattva Organic Jaggery

Sri Sri Tattva natural jaggery is loaded with nutrients since it is high in fiber and has no synthetic additives, and is considered as best Jaggery in India among consumers. It has all of the ingredients for a couple of Indian sweet meals and tastes fantastic. Jaggery aids digestion and acts as a natural cleanser in the body. It is a delicious, wonderful, and powerful sugar.

Sri Sri Tattva Organic Jaggery comes from well-managed plantations. It is cleaned, organized, and packed under the most hygienic food-grade packing conditions, earning its reputation as one of India’s top jaggery brands. You may order this organic Jaggery from the comfort of your own home.

  • Sri Sri Tattva organic jaggery is nutrient-dense since it is high in fiber and essential nutrients while being chemical-free.
  • It is a must-have ingredient in a variety of Indian sweet recipes, and it tastes fantastic.
  • Jaggery aids digestion and works as a cleanser in the body.
  • Colorful, delicious, and a good source of sugar.

10. Two Brothers Organic Farms Sugarcane Jaggery

two Brothers Organic Farms Sugarcane Jaggery

This Jaggery is made from an heirloom variation sugarcane grown organically on certified organic farmlands and then processed the traditional way organically with ladyfinger as a natural cleansing agent. Two brothers organic farm provides a QR code that will give you the entire lab report when scanned. This organic Jaggery helps digestion, is enriched in calcium, and is also a perfect alternative to white sugar. In addition, this Jaggery has been thoroughly tested for all toxic heavy metal traces, which no one else in India has done.

  • Natural Jaggery/Gud/Gur, high in calcium and minerals
  • Sugar replacement that is good for you.
  • No phosphoric acid, sulfur, formic acid, preservatives, flocculants, or hazardous chemicals/colors
  • Healthy and nutrient-dense, It aids digestion and hence reduces constipation. It helps to stimulate the digestive enzymes in our bodies, which aids in healthy food digestion.
  • Blood Purifier: Jaggery’s capacity to cleanse the blood is one of its most well-known advantages. It cleanses the blood and leaves your body healthy when eaten regularly and in small amounts.
  • It serves as a detox because it aids in the cleansing of the liver by emptying harmful toxins from the body.
  • 10-month shelf life

How to make Jaggery at home?

Making jaggery from sugarcane is a straightforward process; you need to boil the sugarcane juice, and the end product you will get is organic jaggery. Here we will discuss a proven method to extract jaggery from sugarcane using ladyfinger to extracts the residual while retaining the nutrients same time.

The following ingredients are required:

  1. 1/4 cup water from ladyfinger (Bhindi).
  2. 450 milliliters sugarcane juice
  3. Two-three ladyfingers.

All you need are these three items to make 100 percent pure and unadulterated Jaggery at home. While boiling, the ladyfinger water aids in the separation of the greenish waste layer from the sugarcane juice. Let us have a look at how Jaggery is manufactured at home:

  • In a dish, cut a few ladyfingers and add 14 cups of water.
  • After thoroughly mixing, drain the mixture to remove any remaining water.
  • In a thick-bottomed saucepan, combine the sugarcane juice and the ladyfinger water and heat to a boil.
  • As the mixture begins to boil, you will observe a greenish layer forming on the surface. Remove the layer with a sieve or a pierced spoon and continue to boil the mixture.
  • Continue to cook until it thickens.
  • Please take a little bit of the thick paste and place it in a glass of water to verify the jaggery development.
  • If the Jaggery melts, the mixture has to be cooked longer. If the mixture does not dissolve quickly, remove it from the heat and set it aside to cool.
  • Grease the surface of a pan or mold with ghee or vegetable oil.
  • Fill the mold halfway with the contents of the bowl and set it aside to dry for a day or two.
  • Remove the Jaggery from the mold using a sharp instrument once it has dried.
  • Allow it to cure for another day or two so that the entire structure hardens.
  • It is time to eat your 100 percent pure handmade Jaggery!


Jaggery is frequently suggested as a healthier substitute for white sugar. Have you ever pondered why this is the case? Continue reading to learn more. The post also includes some helpful hints on how to select the best jaggery quality. If you are going to purchase Jaggery for health reasons, you may as well get the finest.

Which type of Jaggery is best?

These jaggery varieties are consumed and are high in mineral and nutritional content, but the presence of fructose and glucose distinguishes their health quotient. Moreover, sugarcane jaggery is produced from unfiltered sugarcane juice, making it a less-than-healthy option for people with diabetes and weight watchers. On the other hand, coconut jaggery is high in antioxidants and minerals like iron, folate, and magnesium and is regarded as a better and healthier alternative to sugarcane jaggery. Therefore, the best Jaggery to eat is coconut jaggery.

Which is the best jaggery powder in India?

All organic jaggery powders are best for consumption in India. This is because organic jaggery powders contain the most beneficial elements for health.

Which is better, Jaggery or jaggery powder?

When it comes to Jaggery Powder, It is the same as the original Jaggery, and the preparation is the same, but the result is different.

How to Store Jaggery?

Jaggery keeps for a long time if kept in an airtight container in a cold, dry location. Break the Jaggery into tiny chunks and store it so that you only have to handle the quantity you need when you need it.

Can I eat jaggery every day?

Yes, you can consume Jaggery daily after your meals to avoid constipation and aid digestion by stimulating the digestive enzymes in your body.

Does jaggery increase weight?

No, weight, instead, helps in weight reduction. There are no Trans fats or other types of fat in this product. Weight gain is a result of Trans fats.

What are the disadvantages of Jaggery?

When you consume too much Jaggery, you might get a cold, nausea, stomach discomfort, cough, headache, and vomiting, among other things. Excessive intake might also lead to weight gain.

Who should not eat Jaggery?

Inflammation-prone people should stay away. It has the potential to increase your blood sugar levels; therefore, blood sugar patients should not contain Jaggery.

Winding up the article – Best Jaggery Brands in India 2024

During the winter, eating Jaggery or gur daily has several health advantages. It would be an advantage if you could substitute the conventional white refined sugar with Jaggery Powder. Starting with a modest amount of Jaggery is the most accessible approach to include it into your everyday routine. Make sweet foods first, such as kheer and payasam, and then go on to various other meals.

Many individuals have difficulties at first, but it is worth paying a little extra money if it is a health question! These details of the Best Jaggery Brands in India will help you choose your jaggery brand while buying.

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