Most Popular and Best Pickle Brands in India 2024

This article is about the best pickle brands in India in 2024 to resolve all your doubts about the best pickle with a researched analysis of the pros and cons. We have gathered the top most 8 brands that deserve your attention and savor. Dig in to gather knowledge about the brand whose pickle can satisfy your taste buds.

Check out the 8 best pickle brands in India known for their awesome taste and choose the one which compliments your appetite. Savouring those hot Rotis and saag can never completely satisfy our food cravings until there’s a spoonful of pickle or achar in the plate. The spicy, tangy, sweet, and sour delicacy is the best comfort food one can ask for.

Popular and Best Pickle Brands in India

No meal is whole without a spoonful of the sweet, sour, highly spiced, and mouth-watering delight. The journey of a mouth-watering pickle begins from handpicking the right raw ingredients, assembling spices, preservatives, and then awaiting the pickle to be ready. This makes up an enduring memory of youth holidays and that of helping our grandmothers make them. Those huge ceramic jars stuffed to the brim with fresh pickles sitting underneath the solar on terraces evoke recollections of carefree holidays.

There are thousands of pickle options available in the market but in times of competition, every company comes up with new flavors and ingredients. Which makes it confusing for the consumers to decide the best. Chill out as we have got you sorted, keep reading the article to decide the best pickle your taste bud can relish forever.

The homemade pickles that have a good variety of flavors and textures and are usually preserved with vinegar, oil, or water. Indian pickles are usually created into a contemporary relish that provides extra flavors to food.

Indian Pickles are broadly categorized into three varieties based on their preservation methods those preserved in vinegar; those preserved in salt; and preserved in oil.

The method of pickling with oil is one of the simplest ways to preserve a food item. Once preserved, the preserved food won’t want refrigeration, and then it travels well, creating it ideal for long-distance journeys.

Many varieties of pickles are available in the Indian Household. Some of the types of mouth-watering pickles are mentioned below –

1. Lime pickle

The perfect achar for the perfect sour food liking person, lime pickles are indeed a delicacy. The sour taste which leaves behind a sweet taste compliments every Indian cuisine available.

2. Mango Pickle:

This delicacy is unmatchable as it brings back the memories of childhood. The simple process begins when uncooked mangoes are marinated with salt and turmeric powder and allowed to settle for a day or two. It is also fermented with mustard oil or made into sweet chutney style pickle.

3. Carrot Pickle:

A traditional Andhra fashion carrot pickle is highly spiced, warm, and slightly tangy that includes lemon juice.

4. Onion Pickle:

Suitable going along with the principle dish generally serves as a salad, Onion pickle brings tears of joy to the consumer’s eyes. The bitter flavor of onions at the side of the sourness of lemon, spice of chili powder is a deal with your flavor buds.

5. Tomato Pickle

The tasty tomatoes are cooked along with the mustard powder and the Indian masalas. It is indeed the ornament of the tangy flavor lovers.

6. Indian pickle:

It is a unique and nutritious achar as different forms of vegetables collectively made into a highly spiced dish. Like cabbage, capsicum, cucumber, mushroom, eggplant alongside chili powder, and turmeric.

7. Garlic Pickle:

The stingy and raw taste adds a twist to the food which is cooked. Or when served with spices garlic achar leaves behind a delicious aroma.

8. Green chili pickle:

Hot and spicy, green chili pickles are a banquet to those who love spicy meal items. This also goes amazing with Roti’s and parathas.

9. Raw Amla Pickle:

In this achar, the taste simply remains on the tongue for positive time. The blended sweetness and salty flavor blow the mind of the taster as it is delightful with every bite.

10. Meat pickle

Pieces of boiled mutton cubes are marinated with sorts of Indian masalas and left to calm down for a positive quantity of time. It is a delight for non-veg lovers or long journey goers.

11. Fish Pickle:

MeenAchar, as the name suggests, is made using different kinds of fishes. This is a need to eat cuisine for tourists who visit coastal regions of India inclusive of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh where flavor sickles are made in each household. This pickle is usually made employing frying the small pieces of fishes and then mixed with ginger garlic paste and different spices.

The Uncovered list of Best Pickle Brands in India in 2024

Do you want to know the Best Pickle brands in India in 2024? Scroll below to know more about the preeminent achar to choose your favorite.

Pickles are deep unmoving in our culture and can take us back in time. In today’s time pickles come with value-added preservatives to keep it tasty and active from getting spoiled. Almost every region additionally has its distinctive form of a pickle with domestically sourced ingredients.

However, the pickles that we tend to get within the open market usually doesn’t provide that ancient style and isn’t natural. But some keep up with their standard and promise. Read below to know more

1. Add Me Home Made Pickle

Add Me Home Made Pickle

Who does not like their platter decorated with wide ranges of side dishes? Worry not as Add Me Home Made Pickle has the best achar in India as they are advanced and superior in taste. But not everyone has the time and strength to make pickles. Add Me provides you a wide spread of tasty delicious pickles that have the taste of the ones made in standard home-made style. And when it comes to digestion after a heavy meal or simple cravings achar ponders in the mind. The company with its delicious achar range satisfies your cravings.

The company seeks out the greatest herbal and organic ingredients available while maintaining the strictest standards inside the industry. Add me pickles carry on more than 40 varieties starting from 7 types of mango pickles, stuffed green chili pickles, garlic, ramkela, chole chana, gobi- gajar, sweet lemon, kathal, mushroom, and many more.

Their pickles even with less oil could be stored and eaten for a whole year. All Add me pickles are aged and naturally fermented for not less than three months to a year earlier than packaging. you can pick out in step with your taste and preferences.

Moreover, the company claims that every component in their pickles goes under strict fine control from vegetables, salt, spices & oil. That’s the reason you get the same high in first-rate and nutrition and unmatched quality year after year. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly yet delicious pickle to complete your meals, then give Add Me pickles a shot. Check out a few more of its important features mentioned below.

  • All hand made products
  • Naturally fermented
  • Quality controlled product
  • No harmful chemicals or preservatives added
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Sealed glass bottle packaging
  • More than 40 varieties of achar

2. Pachranga’s Farm Fresh Pickle

Pachranga’s Farm Fresh Pickle

Want to try the best North Indian pickles available online? Then dig into the finest flavor of Indian tradition since 1925. Pachranga’s farm fresh pickle is the Original taste of mixed pickles, fit to be eaten with cuisine or by itself. Real portions of Mango, Lime, Green Chilies, Lotus Root, Dela, etc. makes it preeminent.

They possess a range of unique and tasty achar like mango, garlic, green chili, lime sweet, red chili stuffed pickle, mixed pickle, ginger lime, lotus stem, Amla, bitter gourd (Karela), Kathal, dehu, karonda and many more.

The world-famous Pachranga brand from Panipat is surely going to make your every meal praiseworthy. The pickle is created following the Punjabi style and goes distinctly nicely with parathas, dal rice, and compliments curd rice. The best part is that they are neither too salty nor oily and have the proper amount of spices.

These farm-fresh pachanga combined pickles are the first-rate addition for your meal. So, if you need to have the most effective one general-cause pickle in your pantry then the Pachranga’s farm-fresh pickles are just for you. Here are its highlighted features below.

  • Vegetarian product,
  • PET bottles are used as opposed to glass,
  • Delicious flavor,
  • High purity,
  • Long shelf life,
  • Budget-friendly products.

3. Sun Grow Organic Pickle

Sun Grow Organic Pickle

Do you want information on the best types of pickles available? Try Sun Grow Organic Pickle, your rich source of the herbal nutrient. Whether you’re on a casual diet or enjoying delicacies, the achars are going to spice up the flavors. Moreover, the handpicked ingredients are going to linger in your taste buds for a longer time.

Indeed, a healthy and smart snack choice, Sun Grow’s achars are available in variations starting from murabba to flavorful mango pickles. There are also Banarasi red chili stuffed pickles, carrot pickle, Gujrati sweet, and sour pickle, garlic Masala, Rajasthani dry mango pickle, etc.

What makes the company trustworthy is that there are no introduced artificial flavors or colors. Moreover, they supply organic, healthful meals merchandise which is a rich source of natural nutrients.

If you are looking for an option that is a tasty yet healthy and terrific addition to your weight loss program, then add Sun Grow Organic Pickles to your platter.

  • Vegetarian product
  • Less oily and salty
  • No added colors or artificial flavors
  • Filled with nutritious ingredients
  • Plastic jar packed for anti-breakage or spillage.

4. Chokkha Homemade Dried Pickle

Chokkha Homemade Dried Pickle

Looking for the yummiest best mix achar? Are you tired of wasting money on tasteless pickle brands? Then, why not try Chokkha Foods, a family-run employer primarily based in Delhi that makes homemade pickle. The taste resembles exactly like their grandmother’s recipes. The company uses clean ingredients and goes through the entire procedure of making pickles and packaging every single jar to provide an identical flavor.

What makes their pickles great is that the pickles are 100% oil loose so that you do not want to worry about oil spilling out of the bottles whilst you placed it in your baggage and take it with you on holidays. This feature also makes it healthy and ideal for those trying to lose weight as well. Made with the use of aromatic spices it isn’t over salty makes it flavorful, unlike any other pickle brands. It has the proper measure of salt in it.

It has the proper blend of spices and other substances making it the pleasant homemade pickle to be had inside the market. Furthermore, it is Vinegar’s unfastened pickle and has a range like Dried Mango, Dried Mango & Hing Mango Pickle, sweet Sour Lemon, Red Chili Pickle, Mango Garlic Pickle, etc.

If you desire an achar range which is great value for money and has very little oil, then Chokkha Homemade Dried pickles are just for you.

  • This is a Vegetarian product
  • Very Less Oil
  • No-Risk of Leakage
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Budget-friendly achars
  • No added Vinegar.

5. The Achaari Nouncha Pickle

The Achaari Nouncha Pickle

It is hard to find south Indian pickles online and The Achaari Nouncha Pickles are the savior. They have a huge range of achars inspired by south Indian and north Indian recipes. Generations after generations have preserved the tradition of achar making. But with technology, there is an addition of chemicals to make achar. The Achaari company is carrying on the tradition and squeezing itself in among and fills the tradition of pickling.

Their achars are incredible in quality, texture, and flavor. Tempting flavors and mystery spices are the best reasons to taste Achaari once. No sooner do you taste The Achaari, you are within the granny’s lap, who’s solar basking pickles on the terrace, filling the house with the unique aroma and the flavor of home!

The Achaari Nouncha Pickles is creating a new tale of pickles however in a novel healthier lifestyle of no oil, no preservative healthier pickles. The company claims that in this busy way of life and busier people, the flavors of their achars take you back to the days of Dadi Nani ka Pyaar. Dried Mango, Lemon, Red Chili Pickle, Khatti Achaari Black Pepper, Khatti Achaari Red Chili, Meetha Raita, Meethi Achaari are some of their awesome achar ranges.

Bringing lower back those conventional flavors and handful memories, the initiative to keep this tradition of healthier pickling alive is what makes their range attractive. If you are looking for a pickle to travel back to memory lane for a pocket-friendly price, then give The Achaari Nouncha Pickles a taste test. Here are the highlighted features mentioned below. Do check them as well!

  • Value for money,
  • Without any oil, sugar, or preservatives.
  • Available both in Amazon and their site
  • Quality controlled products
  • Glass bottle packed products.

6. Natureland Organics Pickle

Natureland Organics Pickle

Find the best pickle online with Natureland Organics pickle range. The company was founded for creating an effective and efficient bridge between Indian marginal farmers and customers internationally seeking excellent organic produce.

Pickling is a method of protection, renovation of flavour, nutrition, aroma, and fitness, these days a lot of adulteration in pickling elements and its unhygienic. But the achars by Natureland are made with quality, consistency, consistent innovation via forecasting customer needs.

In today’s times, the artificial pickles sold in the markets are near to not possible consumptive food items with adverse fitness effects. c here becomes preeminent by presenting you with the taste of originality as they are natural and contain unadulterated elements and earthy recipes. Turning in an exotic treat to your flavour buds so that you can enjoy the taste.

To evoke sense the aroma, honour the purity, and discover the nature in you they provide the achars like green chili pickle, garlic pickle, mango pickle, and lemon pickle. So, if you desire an organic pickle that is fresh and authentic than try Natureland Organics Pickle range.

  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Packed in PET bottle
  • It is a traditional pickle with traditional pickling techniques
  • Best organic grocery used.

7. The Pickle Factory Pickle

The Pickle Factory Pickle

The pickle factory is one of the best pickle brand in India. The regional sweet & spicy pickles are made up of homegrown vegetables and fruits with old age recipes curated by grand moms of family. Pickle factory’s achars have the ideal blend of ingredients that allows in digestion, encouraged for those who need to strive for a new sort of pickle.

The products are of unique taste & experience made by a self-help group of rural women of ethnic Mithila region using desi ingredients like Jimikand, garlic, ginger & green chilies, etc.
Experience a surge of flavour by tasting the pickle which can be eaten with a huge amount of rice without any other Currys.

The pickle factory pickle is really delicious and has a good flavour. The best part is that you get big chunks of products when eaten. It is very good for people who are staying abroad. You can skip any other side dish and eat it solely. They have a range like sweet and spicy mango pickle, spicy mixed pickle, and Amalaki achaar.

If you want to taste pickles with organic and healthy ingredients for a budget-friendly price, then give the pickle factory pickles a shot.

  • No artificial preservative
  • No added colors
  • Made by a self-help group of rural women
  • Glass bottle packaging
  • Made up of homegrown raw materials
  • Budget-friendly.

8. Sri Sri Tattva Pickle

Sri Sri Tattva Pickle

Sri Sri Tattva has been established as the best Indian pickle with the aid of committed people with nearly 4 decades of experience. With a 360-degree method such as a College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, the brand has a holistic technique to create pickles that are of superior quality for health and wellness.

Sri Sri Tattva has a range of pickles like Lemon Pickle with and without Rice Bran Oil, Lemon Pickle, Mixed Pickle, and Mango Pickle. The best fact is that their pickles are made of Rice bran oil which keeps a check on cholesterol, unlike other unhealthy brands.

This also helps in weight management and good skin. So, now eat your favourite pickles without guilt or worry about getting fat. Sri Sri Tattva’s Lemon Pickle is a one-of-a-kind recipe of tangy lemons blended with true spices to feature that greater zing and classic flavour for your meals. The taste is so delicious which is just an example of their finest grade.

You can use the pickles for many days, this does not get destroyed and the taste does not change which makes it preeminent. The packaging is supreme as it is filled in high-quality glass containers to prevent leaking and breaking. If you are looking for an authentic and cheap pickle to add to your daily meal, then try Sri Sri Tattva’s pickle range. Below are its highlighted features.

  • The edible and common salt present
  • Added Vegetable Oil
  • Pure spices and condiments
  • Rice bran oil
  • Glass bottle packaging
  • Pocket-friendly price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Investing in the best pickle brands in India is a tough decision. There is numerous question which is necessary to be resolved before you proceed to buy the tasty pickle. Worry not as we have answered some of them for you.

Which is the best pickle in India?

Mango and lemon achars are the best achar in India. There is a huge demand for them among consumers as it compliments mostly all Indian cuisine.

Which brand of pickle is the best?

Almost all the brands mentioned above are good but Add Me homemade pickle brand has a huge variety of flavors that makes it best. If you want to buy pickles online, then try tasting Add me homemade pickles for sure.

Which mango pickle is best?

Add Me Homemade pickle has the best mango pickle available online. It gives around 7 types of range in mango pickles. Looking at the consumers liking the sweet and sour mango pickles are a great hit.

How many types of pickles are there in India?

There are nearly 40 kinds of pickles obtainable in India. Some of them are Lime pickles, mango, green chili pickles, garlic, ramkela, chole chana, gobi- gajar, sweet lemon, kathal, mushroom, fish pickle, meat pickle, onion, mixed, etc. Amazingly, many pickle brands in India make varieties of achar that are available online for easy accessibility.

Which is the most popular pickle in India?

Ranges and a different flavor of Mango pickles are the most popular pickle available in India. It is more wonderful than mango achar can be easily available to the craver online anywhere and anytime.

Are store-bought pickles good for you?

Not all store-bought pickles are good because many add preservative and artificial flavors. It is important to check for the top pickle brands in India which are tested and authentic to consume. So, that you can savour your choice of pickle hassle-free.

How long do Indian pickles last?

The shelf existence of the best pickles in India relies upon on the method of pickling. If Achar is pickled with the use of oil, it will commonly last for over a year. Achars which are pickled with vinegar bereave their flavor and consistency after 6 months and while the ones pickled with salt can last for the longest period.

What is an Indian pickle called?

The Indian Pickle is popularly known as the ‘Achar’. It is mostly eaten as a side dish to almost every meal. Achar is preserved using vinegar, brine or mostly edible mustard oil using various other Indian spices. India Pickle can be of various flavours and is mostly made from quite a few of the fruits and vegetables.

Is Indian pickle good for health?

Yes, Indian pickle is undoubtedly good for health if consumed in proportion. It is mostly made via the fermenting of the foodstuffs and so it is good for the gut. But at the same time, Indian Pickle is full of sodium as it contains excess quality of salt which

Acquire The Best Pickle Brands in India Unperturbed!

Thanks for reading our article until the tip about the best pickle brands in India 2024. By now we are sure that you have been attentive to all the tips and facts about the range of pickles. So, select sagely and do not let your investment be wasted within the long run. And live a healthy life by choosing a healthy pickle consumed in a balanced way.

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