6 Best Projectors Under 15000 in India in 2024 with Price List

If you are looking for the best projectors under 15000 in India in 2024 then be sure to check out our detailed list of 6 such pocket-friendly and efficient projectors. Watch your content on the big screen, today!

We bring to you the best projectors under Rs 15000 in India in 2024 as selecting a projector is a tough task at hand, with so much variety to choose from it becomes difficult to separate the best from the rest.

Best Projectors Under 15000 in India

Compiling the list is a tedious task and needs lots of reviewing and research. You have to critically think and analyze each product and ask yourself, which one has the best quality, which projector gives value for money and which projector has the most features available at the most decent price. No need to worry, we have you covered!

We give you a handpicked list and curated guide about the top-performing projectors. This article comprises details of what projectors are, what they do, their types, frequently asked customer queries and the list of the 6 best projectors under 15000. Each review has all you need to know information about the products and the advantages and disadvantages of the product as well.

This guide will give you the perfect walkthrough into the world of projectors. After going through it you will be well equipped with the knowledge you need to have to buy the most suitable projector for you.

What is a Projector?

Projectors are one of the greatest optical image devices ever constructed. A projector is used to cast images on a surface. The surface is called a projection screen. The best projection screens are white and flat so that the image formed is clear and sharp.

These images can be still or moving. Projectors cast light through a tiny lens to form an image but advancement in projection technology has made it possible to cast image directly. Projectors are considered as output devices because they produce an image when given a light input.

What are the types of Projectors?

Projectors are broadly divided into three categories, real-time, moving images and still time images. This classification is based on the type of input that is given to the projector.

  • Real-time projectors like a concave mirror reflect images happening in life. These basically project what is already happening in real life on a screen. Some examples of real-time projectors are camera obscura, concave mirror, opaque projector, overhead projector and document camera.
  • Still-image projectors display images without movement like a microscope, slide projector. Basically, anything that doesn’t require movement.
  • Moving-image projectors are works of art and display moving images. This is the most recent evolution in the field of projectors. Some examples of these types of projectors are LED projectors, LCD projectors, laser projectors and LCOS projectors.

In this article, we will mainly be focusing on the pocket-friendly and efficient and some of the best projectors in India!

Purpose of Projectors

Projectors are also divided on the bases of purpose they are used for

  • Recreational Projectors: These projectors are used for watching movies and recreational content. They are great for private home theatres or a movie park.
  • Education Projectors: These projectors are used by school and other educational institutions to provide smart learning and teaching through interactive media.
  • Business Projectors: These projectors are used by professional firms and corporate houses. They often have features like Microsoft Office and internet access. They are useful for displaying presentations and giving media cues in meetings.

List of best Projectors under 15000 in India in 2024 – Must See!

Are you on the hunt for the best projectors under 15000 in India in 2024. Then you would know that there are so many questions to answer and too many brands to choose from. The Indian market offers a variety of projectors under 150000, all of them competing from neck to neck, of course, but not all of them as attractive. So how do we make a choice?

Picking the right projector and the best one is a great task at hand. Wouldn’t it be extremely convenient and comfortable if someone could give you a list of the best projectors and that too in a very affordable price range?

1. Egate i9 HD Android 720p LED Projector

Egate i9 HD Android 720p with 150 " Large Display LED Projector

The Egate i9 HD Android Projector is one of the best projectors under 15000 in India because it gives you a large number of features at an amazingly low price. The unique selling point of the Egate i9 is the 3 B’s Bigger, Brighter and Better.

The i9 high definition display has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels which is 80 times more than the previous model. Because it has such a highly denied resolution it makes the image sharp, superb quality and so much better.

The Egate i9 HD projector has also seen an upgrade in the number of lumens. It now has 60 times more lumen than the last model. The number of lumens is around 2400 which results in an exceptionally bright picture.

The Egate i9 HD projector offers a 150-inch image which makes it one of the best projectors for homes in India. The screen is as large as many cinema halls and gives you the experience of a private movie hall.

The Egate i9 has an android operating system which not just makes it efficient but a smart projector. You can surf Netflix, Amazon Prime and any internet website on this projector.

Another impressive feature that the Egate i9 offers is the Digital 4 dimensional Keystone. The Keystone has both vertical and horizontal fixing which gives a sharp, stable is the perfect rectangular image.

The cost of the product is 12000 rupees on amazon, but you might get it in a sale or an offer at a digital store near you. Many find the Egate i9 a competitor of HD LED televisions, but in a much lesser price range.

The Egate i9 is compatible with your set-top box and you can easily browse unlimited content on your projector just like any other device. This is the reason why the Egate i9 HD projector is one of the best projectors for classrooms in India.

EGATE also exclusively gives you the egate play store application which has great features of its own. It has a remote which is compatible with any other device. The egate app helps you manage upgraded and customer support easily. Customer support is also available through live chat.

The Egate i9 is an example of exponential quality because it goes through rigorous certification and testing which includes a 3 feet high drop test.

  • Home theatre experience
  • Make presentations and excel sheets on a much larger screen
  • Brighter and Sharper Images with high definition quality
  • Reliable customer support and trusted brand
  • The projector fan makes noise but a negligible amount
  • The product is Chinese

2. BORSSO™ Moon 7.1 HD Wi-Fi, LED Projector

BORSSO™ Moon 7.1 HD Wi-Fi YouTube, LED Projector

BORSSO™ Moon 7.1 HD LED Projector is one of the best projectors in India in 2024. BORSSO fulfils the promise of quality, and consumer feedback is a testimonial of the same. It is a portable Projector which means you can easily move it from one place to another without any hassle.

The transportation with BORSSO™ Moon 7.1 HD Wi-Fi YouTube, LED Projector is pretty simple. It comes with a High definition Native display which can go up to 200 inches. The resolution is sharp and defined. The resolution is about 1280×800 and it can go up to ultra definition of 1920×1080.

The BORSSO™ Moon 7.1 HD Wi-Fi YouTube, LED Projector has a brightness of 3000 Lumens which makes the colours appear clearer than ever. The colours are extremely vibrant and the hues are reflected perfectly, this is a result of 2000 is to 1 contrast which is combined with a liquid crystal display panel. You see colour in its true form Projected Display could not get better than this.

You can enjoy the experience of a private theatre with your loved ones, without any disturbance and watching movies at your convenience, when you want and how you want. BORSSO gives you a 1 year warranty and it is one of the only brands to give a 1 year comprehensive industry warranty.

An amazing outcome of this keystone correction is also that you do not have to worry about placing the projector in the front of the projection surface, you can just keep it at a place convenient for you. The display can also be zoomed in or zoomed out easily without distorting the image.

BORSSO is one of the most trusted projector brands in India and it comes with 24*7 customer support. BORSSO stores are present in many places spread around India. If you order from BORSSO they give you doorstep delivery and doorstep pick up.

The projector supports wifi, youtube, and many other websites. It is internet friendly and you can browse anything you want, you will virtually have an unlimited library of content. The projector also offers many connectivity options like HDMI and USB so you can also manually connect another device.

All these features make the BORSSO™ Moon 7.1 HD LED Projector one of the best projector under 15000 in India.

  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Excellent resolution, maximum to 1920×1080
  • N/A

3. Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p LED Projector

Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p Large Display LED Projector

The Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p LED projector is one of the best budget projector in India to ever be sold. It is a projector that supports 1080p and 720p display giving you an optimal/HD viewing experience whenever you want to use it. The Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p LED projector

To put it into perspective, this projector has 3300 lumens which provide a high contrast of 2000:1 and manages to give a viewing experience of 210”. Which is basically the best display size as it is similar to that of a curved screen. This will give you a full HD experience while being easy on the eyes.

The design of the Visitek V6 LED projector is quite simple; it has a big lens located at the front-left and the buttons control the projector on the top. The circular button includes; the power button, forward, backward, connect button.

On the side of this LED projector, there are numerous ports so you can connect various devices like phones, laptops, gaming console, pendrive and much more. The ports are as follows, HDMI port, aux, earphone, SD card/reader, VGA and AV. All of this leads to this projector being one of the most compatible projectors which will fulfil your every wish.

The Vistek LED projector comes with one special feature which makes it stand out from the rest. It has a 4D Digital Keystone, this feature removes the issue of blurring of the screen and gives viewers an ultimate obstacle-free viewing experience.

The Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p LED projector has a quad-core CPU, 8BG ROM, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, supports Android 6.0 and Wi-Fi. It also provides a feature known as ‘mirroring’ in which you can use your phone and the projector will project anything displayed on the mobile’s screen.

With such amazing features, the Visitek V6 LED projector is another best projector under 15000 in India.

This LED projector offers the best in class sound with built-in stereo speakers or 5W speakers. And to add a cherry on the top you will get a digital zoom up to 40 degrees. Visitek Projector also comes with a 1-year global warranty so if you’re facing any issues you can contact support.

  • Supports 1080p/720p HD viewing experience
  • Offers 210” inch curved viewing experience
  • 4D Digital Keystone feature along with 5W Stereo speakers
  • The lamp life is only 45000 hours

4. Everycom X9 Home & Business LED Projector

Everycom X9 Home & Business Native 720p HD with 6000 Lumens LED Projector

The Everycom X9 LED Projector is the best home projector in India which is also good for offices and other purposes. It is a projector that supports 720p HD resolution and offers 1280 x 720 resolution so that you get the best viewing experience. As the name suggests it has 6000 lumens which guarantee the most optimal experience for viewing movies, videos or anything!

This shiny projector has laminated plastic pieces placed all over it, which gives it a modern look. It also has a quite simple design, there is a big lens in front. It has built-in dual stereo speakers located on the side, covering the whole side so you get good audio experience.

The buttons which work the projector were placed on the top of this LED projector for easy access. These buttons include the power button, arrow buttons, Ok button, menu button and back button. It also has a focus and keystone adjust so that you can set accordingly as to how you want to view the video. This projector offers a vertical keystone correction of up to +-15.

To plug in other devices their ports are available at the backside so this LED projector has a clean look. Everycom provides 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, AV port, VAG port and a power port. All of which are located within one specific square so it doesn’t cause a mess while you’re connecting devices. You can connect devices like laptops, phones, DVD players, Amazon Firestick TV, gaming consoles and much more.

This Everycom X9 6000 Lumens LED projector provides viewers with a screen ranging from 45” to 200” depending upon how they set it up. The projector should however be placed within 1.6m to 7.1m of the wall/screen.

This LED projector has an efficient cooling system to suppress heat and a noise suppression system so while the projector is working it doesn’t disrupt your viewing experience. The noise mainly comes from the cooling fans.

You will get a 1 year national (India) warranty with this LED projector. All these features make the Everycom X9 LED Projector one of the best projectors under 15000 in India.

  • 6000 lumens and 720p HD viewing experience
  • Stylish look and simple interface
  • Vertical keystone correction available
  • Doesn’t support 1080p HD view

5. Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector

Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector

The Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector is one of the best LED projector in India. Boss is an Indian brand that has come up with this LED projector that can project screens ranging from 38” to 180”. This regarding the projector being placed about 4ft to 17ft in front of a wall/screen.

This projector though has a flat bottom, it can be lifted up with the extension provided in the front. The front proudly places a 5x lens which has a dust-free design and comes with keystone correction. The brand claims that no UV rays will be coming towards your eyes while using their projector; safe viewing experience!

The top of this LED projector has all the controls. The arrow button, OK button, menu button. The power button however is located at the back right above the power source slot. On the backside of the Boss S3 LED projectors are all the ports, cooling fan input ventilation slot and speaker. This is done so that the cables can’t be viewed that easily from the front.

There are 2 HDMI, 2 USB, Audio, AV and VGA ports available. You can play movies and videos directly off pendrives, hard disks and mobile phones. You can connect a laptop, Amazon Firestick, Streaming stick, gaming console and even your PC. The Boss S3 LED projector is compatible with almost all devices, the set-up is quite simple.

This projector has 3000 lumens which are quite less than other LED projectors but it still manages to offer 1080p (1920×1080 Pixels) HD viewing experience.

This LED projector is about 1kg in weight and is quite small (36 x 36 x 18 cm). Thus the Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector is also known as the best mini projector in India. You can watch content anywhere, your home, office, school, even in the car. Given its size, you can fit it in a small bag and it will barely be detectable.

On buying this BOSS S3 LED projector you will get a 1-year national warranty that will be available all throughout India.

  • Mini LED projector; 1kg in weight
  • Supports 1080p HD viewing experience
  • Supports multiple devices
  • 3000 lumens; fewer in comparison to other LED projectors

6. Vivibright GP90 Portable Projector

Vivibright GP90 Portable Projector

Vivibright GP90 portable projector is the best portable projector in India! Its dimensions are 25 x 16.2 x 37 cm, which is small enough to be fit in a purse or an average size bag. You can just carry this projector with you on a trip, to the classroom, to the office or even your backyard.

This LED projector offers amazing quality viewing. With up to 1080p HD streaming, the 3200 lumens work together to make sure that you get the best in class experience. To give you an estimate the contrast ratio is about 3000:1, it completely maximizes the LED luminous efficiency.

In comparison to many other projectors, the Vivibright GP90 doesn’t heat up on constant use as it incorporates the use of a dual-cooling fan. These fans are located at both the front and back.

On using this projector you can obtain a projection screen size ranging from 36 inches to 166 inches. This will, however, vary according to the distance you have placed the projector at; 1.2m – 5m from the wall/screen.

Vivibright has buttons placed on top of the LED projector; arrow keys, OK button, menu button, back button, etc. The ports wherein you can plug in external devices are placed at the back of this portable projector. The GP90 offers 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB, AVG AV, power slot and others. You can connect a DVD player, phone, TV, laptop, HDD, harddisk, setup box, fire TV, etc.

The lens of this projector can be covered with a provided cover. It has a focus and keystone adjuster located at the side. There is a place for the remote sensor in the front side so you can conveniently change the settings or control the projector.

It has a built-in stereo speaker located in the front so that you get the best sound quality hearing. You won’t have to worry about buying extra speakers just to enjoy a good movie.

The average portable projector price in India is around Rs.10,000 based similar to this projector.

  • Portable projector; 25 x 16.2 x 37 cm
  • Supports 1080p HD view
  • Easy to use and can connect multiple devices
  • Heavy according to a portable projector; 3.4kg

Complete Buying Guide of How to Select a Projector

Want to buy a projector but don’t know where to start? Well, you have already gone through our list of the best LED projectors in India. So, you must have got a basic knowledge about projectors but if you want to buy one be sure to check out these factors first:

a) Purpose:

Why do you need a projector? Is it for your home? Your school? For office presentations? Each of these needs will require a different projector for them. As the number of lumens and the pixel quality needed for each of these locations may be different. As in a school, you may need an alright projector just to present a ppt, minimum lumens and up to 360 pixels may also work. But for your home theatre, you will need a nice 1080p LED projector which will give you a complete HD experience.

b) Lamp Life:

The most important part of the projector is the lamp, the longer hours a lamp can work the better. Thus if you’re looking for a projector and two same-priced projectors are offering different lamp life, go with the higher one. As it will make sure your projector will work longer.

c) Screen Size:

How big is the wall or screen on which you want to view the content. Select a projector according to that, first measure up the space then check up to how many inches a projector can project a screen and make a decision. For eq, a projector displaying a 180” screen is going to require a big wall.

d) External Devices:

Which device are you going to connect? Will you watch movies or play games? Answering these questions will help you choose a projector which will be best compatible with your device.


Now that you have got to know about the types of projectors, best projectors of India and a guide on how to buy projectors. You still might have some questions. To help you out we have created this list of frequently asked questions, which many customers have in their mind. Be sure to read them all before buying a projector.

Which is the best projector for home use in India?

The Everycom X9 LED Projector is the best home projector in India.

What is the best mini projector?

The Boss S3 LED HD Home Theater Projector is the best mini projector in India which weighs about 1kg only.

Is the Egate projector good?

Yes, it is good. In fact, the Egate projector is one of India’s best projector with the best technology and reviews.

How many lumens is good for a projector?

The number of lumens depends upon where you are going to use it. The more the lumens the brighter the projected content. At home, even a 2000 lumen projector will work equally fine.

How long will a projector last?

A projector will only last as long as its lamp and the average lamp life is about 30000 hours.

Do projectors use a lot of electricity?

No, projectors do not use a lot of electricity.

Which is a better option: TV or projector?

If you have a device off which you can view content and just want to view it on a bigger screen then a projector is a better option.

Buy One of the Best Projectors Under 15000 in India in 2024, Today!

Well, that’s all folks hope you found this article to be as informational and helpful as possible. The list we made of the best projectors was on the basis of customer feedback, our own surveys and what was trending. These projectors are some of the best in the market so buy any-one and enjoy content on the big screen.

We have also mentioned a guide to buying projectors in this article, so be sure to check that out as it may help you narrow down your choices and help choose faster.

Aniket can be defined as a passionate blogger, a tech freak, and a complete shopaholic. He aims to provide a helping hand to the people by enabling a way to save money on shopping by presenting the best online deals & sales updates. With more than 5 years of rich experience in the industry, he assures to provide fully researched content.

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