Best Rupay Debit & Credit Card Offers and Coupons 2022

Pay attention readers, the ongoing Rupay card offers and coupons for 2022 will help you get incredible discounts on online purchases. Take full advantage of these Rupay debit and credit card offers since they have been specially curated for you. It’s time for you to go on a complete shopping spree.

Enjoy shopping endlessly on various online platforms by using your Rupay card offers. Dedicate this month for shopping various items since Rupay debit and credit card offers are available on apparels, travel, health & lifestyle products, home furniture and everything you can possibly think of.

These Rupay debit & credit card offers are meant for people who are constantly on a lookout for new deals and discounts across different categories on online platforms.

Let’s admit, a vast majority of us are fond of shopping on some of the leading online platforms, while a few of us love to travel, and the rest are real food ardents who only care about food-related deals and offers.

Also, let’s not ignore the fact that it’s not only women who take a keen interest in online shopping, but also the men who try to hunt for the best travel and food-related deals.

So, if you are curious to know what these deals are and what do they have in store for you, then you need to keep an eye on them. There’s no way you should miss this opportunity because such offers are not offered too often.

There’s so much you can get through these offers. That’s not it – you are going to be doubly benefited if you have RuPay debit and credit cards.

To give you better clarity, check out the details of these offers down below. The list of offers will clear up any doubts if any –

Here’s a list of Rupay Debit & Credit Card Offers & Coupons 2022 :

If you are a RuPay debit card or a credit card user, you are in a lot of luck. Just so you know, Rupay card in association with several e-commerce sites such as Cleartrip, Foodpanda, Ixigo, Yatra, Abhibus, Pepperfry, and many more have come together with exciting deals that you must have never seen before.

They are all taking an initiative to improve their customer base and enhance customer relations through such a variety of offers. If you don’t believe us, have a look at the offers down below –

Exciting Shopping Offers on Rupay Cards

Rupay card offers on mobiles, laptops, clothing, TV’s, and other categories will blow your mind because these are not the offers that you get to relish upon on a daily basis.

If you are a huge shopaholic who constantly hunts for discounts and deals while shopping, then some of these offers are going to excite you.

Now is the time to prepare a massive list of items you’ve wished to order but could never gather the courage because of budget constraints. Check out the deals below –

1. Amazon – for budget-friendly products

We are huge fans of Amazon simply because the cost and variety of products on their platform is massive. In fact, the craze of online shopping somewhere began with Amazon’s commencement in India.

This time, Amazon and RuPay have collaborated to offer something truly valuable. You can shop for anything on Amazon – be it apparels, home décor items, electronics, or groceries from the Amazon pantry.

If you wish to utilize the Amazon Rupay card offers, you can make the payment using your rupay debit/credit/prepaid card and earn 10% cashback of up to Rs. 100 in return.

How exciting is this, right? The best part is that there’s no predefined minimum order value. You can order for as less an amount as you want. What matters is whether you have a RuPay debit or credit card to make the payment or not. But, don’t you want to know how to redeem this cashback?

If you are eligible for rupay card Amazon offer, you will receive the cashback in the form of Amazon Gift Card which will be equivalent to 10% of your transaction. Do note that you stand a chance to earn the cashback only once per transaction during the offer period. So, use it wisely and optimally!

2. Ajio – your virtual shopping destination

There’s no better platform than Ajio to shop for trendy and classy outfits – especially casual and formal wear. If this bumper offer doesn’t excite you, we are not sure what will!

If you love bulk shopping and end up spending a huge amount on a monthly basis, then it’s safe to say that this offer is suitable for all your needs.

If you happen to shop for Rs. 2199 or more on Ajio during the offer period, you are going to get flat Rs 1000 off on your bill. Isn’t that unreal? Getting such a huge discount is not something that happens quite often.

If you are not aware, do take note of the coupon code you need to apply – for this offer, it is RUPAYAJ251189. Make sure you are logged in to the platform while applying this coupon code.

We are sure you have realized the importance of having a RuPay card to optimally utilize such offers. If you don’t own one, you will not be able to avail this offer. So, catch hold of the people who’ve got the card.

3. FirstCry – your baby’s paradise

If you have got a toddler at home, by now you must know that shopping for adults is much easier in comparison to shopping for them. Right from clothes to toys, diapers to baby products, there’s always a need for something out of this. In such a scenario, an offer that lets you shop as much as you want at the comfort of your home, and even provides a considerable discount sounds absolutely satisfying, right?

Well, that’s what this offer is. If you plan to shop on FirstCry anytime soon, during the offer period, you can avail this offer. All you need is a RuPay card and the relevant coupon code – here the coupon code to avail this offer is ‘RUPAY.’ If the total bill amounts to Rs. 1999 or more, you get a flat Rs 650 off on it.

Can you believe it? What would otherwise cost you Rs. 2000 or more will later cost you Rs. 1300 or slightly more. Nothing can get better than this. Enjoy the offer, optimally and blissfully!

4. PepperFry – your one stop shop for furniture

We are never really satisfied with our home furniture, right? There’s always a need for something new or something to be replaced. But what holds us back? Designs, lack of variety, or our budget? Almost everything, right? Well, this offer is going to sort all your furniture-related problems.

If you’ve ever loved a piece of furniture on PepperFry but hesitated to purchase because it was expensive, you can finally pick it up now.

If you happen to purchase anything worth Rs. 1000 or more from PepperFry, and if you have got a Rupay debit card, then you make can full use of this offer. You’ll get to earn 10% cashback along with an additional 5% discount on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000. Isn’t that good news? We all know that the cost of even the smallest furniture costs more than Rs. 2000 to 3000.

So, if you are eligible to avail this offer, take note of ‘PFRUPAY’ promo code which you will need at the time of the payment. The discount will be instantly applied and you’ll only have to pay the balance amount. Fair enough, right? But what are you waiting for? Go check your furniture items and see what needs to be replaced.

5. PrintVenue – personalize your personal gift

Whether you wish to purchase home décor products, customized pens, personalized business cards, or address labels, PrintVenue is the pioneer in this space.

This offer is for all those all professionals who are on a lookout for specific business requirements. By shopping through PrintVenue, you can get up to 35% off on your order. The only thing you need to remember is that you cannot avail this offer if you don’t have a RuPay debit card.

If you have one, go ahead and avail this offer during this offer period and remember to apply “RUPAY” coupon code at the time of the payment. This is it! You’ll have all your personalized products delivered at your doorstep, that too at relatively lesser prices than the original one. Now go, hurry up and figure out what you need to order.

6. Zivame – for your everyday essentials

Get stunned by the amazingly cheap rates of lingerie and everyday essentials on Zivame with this particular offer. Finally, your chance comes to shop all that you want without hesitating about the prices. This is also the perfect time when you should bulk shop since you are going to get massive discounts on all the items.

If you happen to shop for items worth Rs. 1299 or more, you are going to get flat 150 off on your total bill. All you need to do is to apply “ZVRUPAY/ZVBHIM” coupon code at the time of the payment to avail the offer.

Remember, while you make the payment, first select Paytm and then select BHIM UPI for UPI payment option. By doing this, you’ll be sorted with your shopping and the discount as well.

Incredible Travel Booking Offers on Rupay Cards

For your love of traveling, here’s your chance to travel as much as you want. You can officially start planning your trips so that you can make the bookings while the offer on travel booking is still on.

If you’ve been waiting for a particular hotel rate to crash down or come across an enticing tour package, then don’t waste your time just waiting. Grab whatever is available and go ahead with your bookings by availing either of these offers. The best way to not lose an opportunity is by grabbing it when it is available.

We don’t want you to miss this chance of saving a bit by earning cashback or discounts on different deals. So here’s the list of travel booking offers we present –

1. Oyo Rooms – your home-like stop spot

Ever imagined a scenario where you’d get to travel to a destination of your choice and have your stay sorted at minimal rates? It seems impossible in today’s times, right? However, Oyo Rooms and RuPay have come together to clear up this misconception.

Together they’re offering a massive 60% off on your OYO hotel bookings. But don’t you want to know what the requirement is? You should only have a RuPay card to avail this offer. Yes, that’s about it.

We’re sure you must be regretting if you do not have one. But for the other lucky souls, barring your RuPay cards, also remember that you’ll need “OYONPCI” promo code at the time of the booking. Also, since this offer is valid for a limited period of time, do keep an eye on the offer dates. There’s no way you should be missing this chance.

2. Yatra – worry less, travel more

Yatra has been one of our oldest companions when it comes to seeking travel-related queries. Once again, Yatra has come to our rescue. But, this time Yatra and RuPay have collaborated to surprise you with an offer that you must have never come across earlier.

If you are planning a trip anytime soon, be it to an international destination or a domestic one, look no further, book your flight tickets on Yatra. By doing so, you’ll be eligible to grab a flat 6% off on your booking amounting to Rs. 25000 or more. If you go to calculate, you’ll be able to save up to Rs. 4000 on your international flight ticket.

Moving on to the domestic flight ticket booking, you have a chance to get 7% off of up to Rs. 1500 if your minimum booking amount is Rs. 2000. Keeping aside the rupay card offers on flights, if you are traveling somewhere nearby by a bus, you can get up to 15% off, i.e. Rs. 125. Here, there’s no predefined minimum ticket value required. All that you require is “RUPYT” promo code and your RuPay card.

Go pack your bags now!

3. ClearTrip – for the traveller in you

Similar to Yatra and Oyo Rooms, ClearTrip has also collaborated with RuPay to offer you flat 20% cashback on flights and hotel booking.

Each one us have used ClearTrip one or the other day sometime back to book either our hotel rooms or to book our flight tickets. We must agree that there’s no better comfort than sitting at home and planning your trip. Quite similarly, if you book your hotel or flight tickets through ClearTrip during the offer period, you’ll be eligible to earn the cashback.

However, for availing this offer, you also must have a RuPay debit card. Payment made through any other card shall hold invalid for this particular offer. Use “RUPAY” promo code at the time of making the payment and keep traveling!

4. Ixigo – fulfilling your travel needs

Similar to its competitors, Ixigo too has come to your rescue. You can officially start planning your trips and booking your flights through Ixigo. You must be wondering why? This is so because Ixigo is now enabling you to save Rs. 600 on your next flight booking done through Ixigo if your ticket price amounts to Rs. 3000 or more.

Secretly, we all know that flight tickets for a family would easily cost up to Rs. 10000 or slightly more, which means, you can happily avail this offer. But one thing you need to remember is that the rupay card coupons are extremely important for availing any of these offers. Here, you can use the code “RUPAY/RUPAY2400” at the time of booking.

Besides, what we suggest is, to find the best deal and the one that saves your pocket; you can compare fares on ClearTrip, Yatra, etc. Once you’ve compared your travel partners, choose the destination, book your hotel, and complete your payment through RuPay card. You are good to fly, already!

5. Abhi Bus – hassle-free travelling

With the facility of bus ticket booking on Abhi Bus in association with RuPay, you can avail a discount of flat 50%.

This Abhibus Rupay card offer is pretty straightforward; you only have to book your bus through Abhi Bus and avail the discount which rounds up to Rs. 300 cashback. Isn’t this amount quite considerable? Well, it is. So, if you are interested in pursuing this offer, make sure that you are signed in at Abhi Bus.

Besides this, you can also redeem flat 5%, i.e. a maximum of Rs. 50 for your future private or SRTC bookings. The best part is that there’s no minimum order value required to avail this offer. The only important thing to take note of is the coupon code – CHBKABRUPAY. Make full of this offer!

6. ThomasCook – finest deals for you

Who will not like to save an amount as big as Rs. 6000? ThomasCook has been our travel partner at some point or the other. Whether you’re planning an international holiday or a domestic one, you have a chance to save a substantial part of your expense by availing this offer.

The offer for international holidays is that you’ll be able to save flat 6000 per transaction on air-inclusive customized holiday packages and for domestic holidays, there’s a flat 5000 off per transaction on air inclusive GIT packages. Isn’t that great?

All you need is to be registered with ThomasCook. Once you apply “RuPay” coupon code while making your payment through RuPay card, the offer will be instantly applied to your package. You can then sit back and relax and get going with your shopping for the trip!

7. Zoom Car – save big while you drive around

Do you love to go on long drives but cannot do so in new cities? Why worry when there’s a facility of Zoom Car available in almost every other city. For this offer, Zoom Car in association with RuPay brings to you a chance of securing 20% off on every booking.

However, this offer is applicable only for RuPay card users. All you need to do is to shortlist your trips dates and choose your car accordingly. Once you have booked the car, you need to apply ALRUPAY20 promo code to avail the discount. The balance amount can be paid through any other payment mode. Get rolling and enjoy your road trip!

Food Offers for Food Lover’s

The following Rupay card offers on food orders are perfect for hungry souls who’ve been waiting for moments like these to satisfy their food cravings.

We are all used to ordering food from out constantly. Let it be a weekend breakfast, a mid-week lunch at the office, or a house-party on a Saturday night, we like having our food delivered at our doorstep from our favorite restaurant.

With the advent of food-delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber-Eats, and many such, our efforts of going to the restaurant or placing an order directly at the restaurant have got saved. The best part is when such offers are introduced. But what are these offers? Don’t you want to find out? If yes, check them out below –

1. Foodpanda – awaken your solid cravings

Foodpanda has been our oldest source of ordering food. We’ve all come across individual offers of Foodpanda, but this time, RuPay and Foodpanda have come together to present an attractive offer for all its foodie followers.

If you are looking forward to avail this Foodpanda Rupay card offer, you are going to be immensely benefited. Wondering how? Well, this is the only offer that enables you to save Rs. 100 on a purchase of Rs. 275.

Yes, you heard that right. By availing this offer, you’ll get to save almost half of your expense. But like any other offer mentioned here, this offer too demands a RuPay card for the payment purpose.

If you don’t use a RuPay card, you’ll not be able to participate. Before or at the time of your payment, do remember to apply RUPAY coupon code in the ‘apply coupon’ section. The process is just as simple and as quick as it sounds.

2. Faasos – the secret to your satisfied stomach

This Faasos offer comes for those of you who are RuPay debit card users. Along with this, if you are a thorough food lover, then this offer might excite you.

There are a few things you need to remember while availing this offer – firstly, you’re allowed to make the payment only through your RuPay card for this particular offer. Also, remember to apply the coupon code at the time of the payment, here the coupon code is RUPAY50.

Besides this, by availing this offer, you’ll be getting a flat 50% off up to Rs. 125 on your order. You’ll only need to pay the balance amount. So, are you set to order a bunch of things to satisfy your cravings? You better be, because this offer is valid for a very limited period. Grab it while it’s there!

3. Mojo Pizza – calling out Pizza lovers

All you pizza lover’s out there, this offer is specially meant for you! You can first avail the offer and then thank us later.

This is your perfect chance to host a weekend pizza party. Wondering why and how you’ll afford it? Well, we’ve found a solution for you. The solution is – Mojo pizza offer in association with RuPay. Surprising, right? But dive into the details and plan your party quickly.

All those of you who plan to avail this Mojo Pizza offer, get your RuPay cards out because that’s your source to attaining a whopping 40% off on your order. Yes, you heard it right. You need nothing apart from a RuPay card and a promo code for grabbing this deal. Remember to apply ‘RUPAY40’ on your payment page at the time of your payment and grab a variety of pizzas at discounted rates. What are you waiting for? Just keep an eye on this offer and be on a lookout for the nearest Mojo outlet. Hurry up!

Order Medicines on Discounts with Rupay Cards

Ever imagined getting discounts on your medicines too? We all know how expensive medicines are and how much our monthly expense on medicines is increasing year by year. In a scenario like this, being offered a deal that saves a considerable portion of your expense on medicines sounds like a boon, right?

Well, that’s what these offers are all about. Check out the details of these offers and grab the one that suits your needs –

1. 1mg – a solution to your happy health

Through 1mg’s association with RuPay, you can avail an instant discount on your medicines and health products. If you haven’t downloaded the 1mg app yet, you must download it to keep an eye on this offer. If not the app, you can also access the website and avail this offer.

Buying medicines offline doesn’t fetch you any benefits, but here, you could get a 20% off on your total bill. All you need is your RuPay debit card to make the payment. Also, do apply RUPAY coupon code at the time of your payment.

This offer is valid for a limited period of time, so grab your notepad, prepare a list, and place an order as soon as the offer is live. Don’t miss this chance of saving a bit of your expense.

2. Netmeds – your online pharmacy store

Those of you who cannot step out to buy medicines, Netmeds is an excellent platform for having your medicines delivered at your doorstep. Besides, a deal that offers a lucrative discount sounds all the more attractive, right? So, look no further. Do not hesitate to order your medicines from Netmeds.

All you need to do is download the app or get on the website, select the medicines you need, and place an order. At the time of payment, utilize your RuPay card and apply ‘RUPAY’ coupon code. Enjoy earning up to 30% off on all your total bill and save some bit for the next time. Happy shopping!

2. PharmEasy – one-stop solution to healthcare services

If you are hearing about Pharmeasy for the first time, then get accustomed to their services. They are one of the leading aggregators when it comes to healthcare products. With Pharmeasy, you can order your medicines or other healthcare products online.

This time, Pharmeasy and RuPay have collaborated to bring to you exciting offers on medicines. If you wish to avail this offer, you can place an order for your medicines on Pharmeasy app or through the website and avail 10% discount on it.

This offer especially meant for first-time users. Just make sure that you make your payment through RuPay debit card, since only that’ll hold valid for this offer. Besides, do take note of RUPAY30 coupon code which you’ll need at the time of the payment. So now, just sit back and relax while your medicines reach you at your doorstep.

3. Apollo Pharmacy – genuine healthcare & wellness products

A vast majority of us have been purchasing medicines and other wellness products from our nearby Apollo pharmacy. Their services and quality of products is not new to us, however, what’s new is their range of offers.

In order to strengthen their relationship with their customers and expand their customer base, Apollo and RuPay have come together to present an exciting offer. If you regularly purchase medicines from their store, do keep an eye on the offer dates.

We don’t want you to miss this chance of saving a bit of your massive bill. If you have a RuPay card, you can avail this offer at any of the Apollo pharmacy stores and get a 10% discount on your final bill.

Besides this, if you happen to purchase any FMCG products, you can grab a 5% discount on them and a 15% discount on Apollo private label products. Too enticing to be missed, right? We’ve done our part of reminding you, now you do yours!

4. Medlife – stay fit, stay healthy

Medlife possibly has the best deal to offer to its customers. If you are a RuPay card user, then this offer will instantly get you a 25% discount on your medicines and other healthcare products.

You can drop the idea of going all the way to a pharmacy by simply visiting medlife’s website, uploading your prescription, adding in details where you want the medicines to be delivered, and applying RUPAYMED coupon code at the time of the payment. Although the offer will remain valid only for a limited period of time, but you can place a bulk order of your medicines. They’ll be delivered right at your doorstep. So, start making the list and get going!

Entertainment Seekers – Grab Exciting Rupay Card offers here

Aren’t we all hungry for entertainment? Be it in any form – whether it’s about watching our favorite series on Netflix or staying updated with the recent movie releases – we’ve always got our eyes on it. If you are one of those entertainment seekers, then you must check out the offer below. It’s meant for you by all means.

BookMyShow – Watch movies at affordable prices

Do you also love watching movies or plays over the weekends? But let’s face the reality, movie tickets are expensive and it’s not something that can be done over all the weekends. But we bring you good news here – by availing rupay card offer on bookmyshow, you can get up to Rs. 150 off on your RuPay credit cards.

Along with this, on your first RuPay platinum debit card usage, you can flat Rs. 75 off. But those of you who have a RuPay platinum debit card, you’ll first have to save your card on Quikpay and then avail this offer.

Once the discounted amount has been deducted, you will only have to pay the balance amount using the same card on which you have availed the offer. Grab some popcorn, a warm cup of coffee, and enjoy your movie time!

We have given you a complete overview of all the offers, now select the ones that relevant to you and the one’s you would want to opt. For now, this is all about the offers; now let’s walk through the details of RuPay.

All you should know about RuPay

RuPay card is an Indian version of debit or credit card launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to promote the plastic payment instead of cash when making purchases. RuPay card is similar to international cards such as Master/Visa.

RuPay cards are available for which banks?

Some of the Indian banks offering RuPay cards are Central Bank of India, State Bank of India, Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Union Bank of India. One can get a RuPay debit card with a no-frills savings account.

RuPay cards vs Visa cards vs Master cards

RuPay card is an Indian version of debit card whereas Visa and Master cards are an international system debit cards. Since transactions carried out through RuPay will take place within the country, the banks will benefit by paying fewer service charges to the payment gateway in comparison to Visa or Master cards.
Grab the best deals from the coolest stores using the RuPay cards.

The RuPay card offers are giving a chance to its customers to grab some of the best products from the best brands at discounted prices. Don’t waste any more time, get your hands on a range of items at the best prices exclusively curated for you!

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