8 Top Quality and Best Saffron Brands in India 2024 (Kesar)

Your hunt for the best saffron brands in India in 2024 ends here. We’ve made the work simpler for you by reviewing the best quality kesars in India.

The 8 best saffron brands in India in 2024 that we are mentioning below are trusted one’s for their quality and pricing. We assure, the product of these brands will leave you impressed, satisfied, and joyous.

Saffron, if chosen of the right brand, can bring in a lot of health benefits. Not only that, if you add kesar of the best brands in India, you’ll be amazed to know the deep smell and flavor that this ingredient adds to the food. What makes saffron even better is the fact that it can be consumed by people of all age groups and does not trigger side effects of sort ever.

Moreover, this exotic ingredient is completely loaded with multiple medicinal properties that make it an expensive and one of the most demanded spices not just in India but world-over. One of the smartest ways to identify the best saffron brand is through its strand – the finest product is certain to ooze the deepest flavour, sharpest fragrance, and purest colour. Besides, what makes saffron even more exclusive is its distinctive nature and availability in the market.

Best Saffron Brands in India

Typically, when we speak of the best saffron, only three types come to our mind – Kashmiri saffron from India, Iranian or Persian saffron from Iran, and Spanish saffron from Spain. Amongst these three, Kashmiri saffron is the world’s most preferred kind.

You may easily find out a lot about the best kesar brands in India by simply referring to our guide elaborated below. But before we move on to doing that, let’s go deeper into finding out what saffron exactly is!

What is Saffron, the world’s most expensive spice?

Saffron : The Kesar

For over several decades, saffron is being used as colouring agent and a spice for various recipes. This ingredient is a resultant of the stigmas of crocus sativus Linnaeus which is carefully picked up with bare hands over a six-week period. Post this, the flowers are allowed to pass through the intensive drying process, which then results in a beautiful, fragrant spice that is prized the world across.

Now that you have understood where saffron comes from, you might wonder why is it so expensive. The reason, in short, is that it is very tricky to harvest. The crocus only blossoms through a short period in the fall. Considering the hard work that goes into a saffron yield, it is not tough to see why saffron is so costly and exclusive!

Having known what saffron really is, let’s also check what are some of its benefits!

Your guide to understanding the Top Benefits of Saffron

Besides being a product that adds great flavor and smell to food, saffron is known and used for many different benefits. So, let’s dive deeper to know the benefits of saffron!

  • Saffron is popularly used worldwide owing to its properties that provide protection against fever, cold, and cough since it boosts the immune system in the body.
  • Saffron is a great ingredient for retaining memory and is therefore considered ideal for consumption by the ones who are elderly and are suffering from issues such as memory loss
  • It is considered great for heart health since it keeps a range of heart related ailments at bay
  • Saffron can also be used by people who often face issues of sleep such as insomnia
  • One of the greatest saffron benefits is for the treatment of menstrual cramps in women and can also be utilized to treat a range of allergies including asthma in women and men of different age groups

Since we’ve now learned some of the many benefits of saffron, let’s also move on to find out what can it be used for!

What are the Uses of Saffron?

The usage of saffron for medicinal purpose dates back to ancient times, with its stated therapeutic applications ranging from concerns of the skin, eye, digestive, respiratory, and genitourinary tracts. More than ever, in recent years, saffron has been the topic of various studies, with exceptional results shown in several areas of health, specifically mood disorders. But apart from this, the uses of saffron can often be witnessed in the culinary space. As a culinary spice, it is most used and demanded in the regions where it gets harvested.

So now, let’s check out details on the traditional uses of saffron –

  • Saffron is largely used in India’s Mughal cuisine. Meat is marinated for four days to make shahi raan in which, saffron raisin sauce acts as a major component.
  • The connoisseurs of Middle East make use of saffron in combination with cardamom to add flavor to their coffees.
  • The Pennsylvanians use saffron to flavor and color their popular potpie, which is not a conventional pie but a chicken stew wrapped under large square noodles.
  • Scandinavians are known to use saffron for baking bread which is known as Lussekatter.

Besides these uses, there are many more to add to the list. But for now, to make use of the key ingredient, we’ll need to know the right product offered by some of the best kesar brands in India. So, let’s check that out below!

Take a look at the 8 Best Saffron Brands in India 2024

There are plenty of best quality saffron brands in India in 2024, but we are sharing some of our favorites that we have tried and tested at our homes. We assure, the below-listed saffron brands top in India – be it in terms of quantity, quality, outcome, or pricing. So, let’s dive straight into the details!

1. Try out House of Saffron Kashmiri Kesar

House of Saffron : The Organic Pure Kashmiri Kesar

Amongst the finest in the market, House of Saffron makes up to be the best saffron brand in India in 2024. Being rich with all pure, original, and deep red-coloured threads, House of saffron is considered the best organic Kashmiri kesar sold in India.

What makes this product ever better is its airtight fancy packaging that gives long-term quality results. The colour, aroma, and flavour of this saffron brand is quite impressive and can enhance the taste of your recipe instantly.

House of saffron does not contain any flavouring, chemical agent, or added color, and thus, keeps everyone safe from food poisoning and indigestion. For attaining best results from this best kesar brand in India, store it in a dry and cool place.

Also, right before using it, remember to soak the threads into milk or water for better taste, fragrance, and colour. So, if you’d like to try your hands on this pure Kesar from House of Saffron, grab this best saffron brand on Amazon India for just Rs. 475 per gram.

2. Check Baby Brand Saffron

Baby Brand Saffron

Baby brand saffron has gained immense reputation for being the best saffron brand during pregnancy in India. This product is of superior-quality and handpicked, often considered exceptionally safe for cooking purpose.

Baby brand is one of best saffron company that has been in existence for as long as a hundred and seventy five years and has yet managed to attain an excellent reputation for its product quality. What makes the product of this brand even more preferred is its deep red saffron strands and very few, or almost rare, yellow threads.

Besides, baby saffron has been conferred upon with the grade 1 category, which also means that it is completely compliant with ISO standards and consists of absolutely no chemicals to cause indigestion or food poisoning.

The Baby Brand Saffron price in India is Rs. 249 per gram. All you need is a few strands of this saffron to bring out the best aroma, flavour, and color to the food.

3. Cook with Lion 100% Pure Kashmiri Saffron

Lion 100% Pure Kashmir Lacha Saffron

The Lion saffron is yet again one of those brands that is considered to produce the best kesar in India. This product in particular is characterized by its indifferent yet pleasant taste and fragrance. Considering the fact that that Lion brand is entirely organic in nature, it is absolutely safe for consumption by all age groups and is also known to keep a range of ailments at bay.

The best part – this saffron’s price in India is Rs. 205 per gram. The high-grade plastic blister gives this saffron a very long shelf life, enabling customers to use the product for a long period of time without having to purchase a new box of saffron from the market. The Lion saffron can ideally be used for recipes that are both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.

4. Invest in The Gathering Spanish Saffron

The Gathering of Saffron Spanish

Besides being one of the best saffron brands in the world, the product of The Gathering Spanish Saffron is like no other. Its long and thick threads differentiate the product from the rest in the market. Since commencement, this brand has gained immense name for providing fine-quality saffron straight from the farms of Europe.

Like many other saffron’s sold by other companies, this too is healthy, 100% organic, and chemical-free which makes it safe for pregnant ladies as well as kids or elderly alike. Gathering Spanish saffron is guaranteed to add an authentic taste and aroma to your food and so, just a few strands of it will do the magic. For best results, soak it 45 minutes prior to cooking either in water or milk.

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about its adverse effects since it’s completely harmless with natural ingredients only!

5. Nothing as good as Taj Mahal Saffron

The Taj Mahal Saffron

Quite like its unique and royal name, Taj Mahal Saffron makes up to be a genuine Spanish saffron that offers a flavour and texture like no other. This is one of the best saffron in India that has gained an immense name for providing the finest saffron at an affordable price range.

Not just flavour and texture, but the aroma is also strong enough to add an edge to your recipe and bring out the best from it. Moreover, Taj’s saffron is considered very healthy and safe, and hence recommended to kids as well as pregnant kids.

Besides, this Saffron is mainly known for its supreme quality and packaging. With the inclusion of these unique properties, the price Taj Mahal Saffron holds is very affordable – making it viable for regular consumption by one and all. If you’d like to get your hands on it, it’s priced at Rs. 645 per gram.

6. Get home Noor Saffron

Noor takes pride for being one of the leading producers and suppliers of pure Kashmiri kesar in India. This brand came into existence in the year 1999 and has since been ruling the market for offering high-quality and best Kashmiri saffron in India.

Noor’s saffron is not just strong in its fragrance and taste but also entirely pure in its composition. This is one of those very few brands that is often looked upon online to buy saffron, and so, the demand is naturally very high all year along. This saffron both smells and tastes good and is also great for health, since the quality is unparalleled. Saffron of such a texture, quality, and taste can be used to cook different meals, mainly dishes like pulav and biryani.

If you are one of those who is keen on purchasing the Noor Saffron, then you’ll find this online on amazon priced at Rs. 200 per gram. What makes Noor’s saffron different from the rest is the way its derived from the finest saffron plants which then delivers the ideal flavour and taste to your recipes. Now, make some delicious food and add a hint of this saffron to level up the game.

7. Consider Kashmir Online Store Saffron

The Kashmir Online Store Saffron

If there’s another brand of saffron that delivers a taste and fragrance like no other, it has to be the product of Kashmir Online Store. Being FSSAI certified, this saffron is high in quality and in its raw form. Owing to its strong coloring capability, this saffron is widely used in Indian households for the preparation of desserts.

As the brand is quality-focused, the price range may seem a little high. Every 5 gram of saffron of this brand costs somewhere around Rs. 1300 if purchased online. If needed in larger quantities, an order can be placed accordingly. Plus, the packaging is well designed and unparalleled, which naturally makes it long-lasting.

Additionally, what makes this saffron different from the rest is the fact that it has a honey-like flavor and a lasting sweet taste which makes it a great option for a variety of culinary implications.

So, go ahead and make your purchase for Kashmiri Saffron!

8. Satvikk Pure Saffron is like no other

Satvikk Pure Saffron

Adding up to this list is Satvikk Pure Saffron – a brand that has won millions of hearts around the world. It’s thick and long saffron threads rightly blended with its deep colour are some of its prominent features that make it highly-coveted amongst all age groups.

Satvikk’s saffron contains no chemicals, added color, or external essence since it is a brand that prides on selling 100% pure and natural saffron, straight from the farms of Kashmir to all over India. Owing to its reputation, taste, price, and massive clientele, this company is considered the best saffron brand in the world.

Whether you want it to use it in your recipes or for medicinal purpose, the outcome is guaranteed to be impressive. There are no side effects whatsoever. Plus, the packaging in small portions makes it attractive, long-lasting, and secure for future use. If you are interested in this Satvikk Pure Saffron, you can find it on Amazon for Rs. 266 per gram.

9. OMNA Organic Saffron is the finest

OMNA Organic Saffron

The Omna Organic Saffron produces a product that is unrivaled in its own way. Whether or not you find other products, you’re sure to get this best saffron online on amazon or any other site. What makes it even more better is its fully organic composition which is free from chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

Over the years, Omna Organic Pure Kashmiri Kesar has gained immense repute for the quality of its product, price range, and taste that it adds to the recipes. Rest assured that there are absolutely no side effects of this product. Besides, the saffron of this brand is known for its long shelf life, which easily lasts up to a year with the same kind of outcome. The price of this Omna Organic’s saffron is around Rs. 215 per gram. So, think no more and place your order instantly!

Now that we’ve learned quite a bit about the saffron brands in India, we are certain that you’ll be in a better position to choose the best out of the rest. But, in any case, if you are still doubtful, clear your apprehensions by referring to our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, you’ll find answers to all your queries. If the guide above has left you confused or unsure, the questions addressed below will certainly help you find the right brand and product. Rest assured and take a look at the FAQs!

Which saffron is the best in India?

From quality perspective, Kashmir’s saffron is considered the best in India as well as the world-over.

Which is the best kesar brand in India?

When it comes to the best brand, Baby Brand and Shalimar top the list in India.

Which brand sells the purest saffron in India?

The Gathering Spanish Saffron is considered the purest in India.

Is saffron good for the skin?

Considering saffron is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it naturally become an ideal ingredient for the skin and for treating skin related issues like breakouts and acne.

Can we consume saffron regularly?

Yes, saffron can be consumed on a daily basis in combination with water or milk.

Does saffron expire?

Yes, saffron does have an expiry date. However, the best quality saffron, if dried at the right temperature with the right technique, can last for up to 10 years.

How much saffron is safe?

As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to limit the consumption of saffron up to 1.5 grams per day.

How to eat saffron?

Saffron can be combined with sweet as well as savoury dishes, or by blending with water or milk.

How to use saffron in milk?

To consume saffron with milk, about 3 to 4 strands need to be soaked in it for about 10 to 15 minutes for best results.

How to make saffron milk during pregnancy?

The best way to consume saffron milk during pregnancy is by boiling the milk, adding sugar to it, 3 to 4 strands of saffron, and dry fruits as per choice. This can be consumed either in the morning or night right before sleeping.

Why is saffron so expensive?

Saffron is expensive because it involves heavy labour work. The threads need to be grown, cared, hand-harvested, and processed carefully and delicately.

What are the side effects of saffron?

Consuming saffron in large quantities may possibly prove to be unsafe. Other side effects include dizziness, dry mouth, drowsiness, anxiety, nausea, headache, and change in appetite.

Shop and Savour on the Best Saffron Brands in India in 2024

With the massive list above, we have well understood that there are plenty of saffron brands in India to choose from, most of which taste, smell, and price good. Besides just using saffron to enhance the taste or appearance of the food, it can consumed for medicinal purpose as well since it cures a lot of health problems. So, grab one of your favourites from the list and take things up a notch!

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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