Best Scented Candles in India in 2024 that’s Refreshing

Take a glance at these best scented candles in India in 2024 for amazing aromatherapy results that would help you to relax and rejuvenate.

With the help of these listed top 10 scented candles in India one can bring in soothing effects in the house and get rid of all stress and strain. The aroma of these candles stimulates our limbic system and thus helps us get out from anxiety and depressions.

Best Scented Candles in India

Scented candles from reputed brand will undoubtedly create a divine environment around and helps creating a positive vibe. Burning the right candles can regulate our mood and cast a positive effect on our health, both psychologically and physically. Very often therapists and masseurs use these scented candles because of their calming and healing properties. These scent emanating candles also helps us improve our power of concentration.

List of Best Scented Candles in India 2024 for your well being

It is known fact that best scented candles in India are responsible in creating a charming and angelic environment at home. Soothing light with invigorating smell along with its gentle glow creates a cosy and romantic atmosphere. It also adds elegance to your home décor. Our review of the best scented candles in the market takes you through some of the finest brands in this segment and how each one stands out from the other.

Today emerging brands in the segment and some local brands claim to be the best, leaving consumers into a state of bewilderment. Without much of knowledge and brand exposure people tend to pick up the wrong brand which results in negative experiences. We are here to help you pick up the best brands of scented candles through our intensive research process. Our collated list of branded scented candles will guide you to procure the best. Have a look below…

1. MINISO Inkjet Series-Scented Candle

MINISO Inkjet Series-Scented Candle

This Japanese lifestyle brand brings to us the best scented candles in India with wide range to choose from. Founded in 2013, MINISO has rapidly spread across more than 4,200 stores in over 80 countries. With a promise of high quality, fun products at affordable rates, this brand has been in the top of the list in scented candle segment. With an estimated burning time of 36 hours, these palm wax candles are specifically used for aromatherapy. Its vanilla latte aroma is something to die for and comes in a dimension of 25 X 20 X 18 cm (L X W X H).

It is easy to use and is completely safe that’s made from natural materials formulated to burn clean and even. Available in a pack of two candles, each one consists of 150 g of wax. These premium candles doesn’t emit black soot and comes with a promise of gentle flicker. Elegantly packed, MNISCO Inkjet series of scented candles are a perfect gift to friends and newly-weds.

Known to create mood and elevate senses, it is an absolute stress reliever. Infused with finest essential oils these candles are a symbol of luxury that fills up the room with upliftment and positive vibes.

2. Divine Senses Soy Wax Scented Candles

Divine Senses Soy Wax Scented Candles

Divine Senses offer best scented candle in India that are mostly used for occasions like Christmas, Diwali, birthday, thanksgiving, valentine’s day and other major celebrations. These multi coloured scented candles are made of soy wax and measures 40 X 40 X 40 mm. Luxury intensely scented candles are hand poured in small batches for best result and boasts ‘Make in India’ product.

With a burning time of 6 hrs approximately, the mini jar candles comes in 6 fragrances, namely – mini rose, lemon grass, jasmine, vanilla, lavender & sandalwood. The exotic, earthy, rich aroma of these candles creates a soothing environments and stimulates senses. Finest quality fragrance oil is blended with essential oils to provide the best effect that’s delightful and relaxing. These candles come with lead-free organic cotton wick that emits cleaner burning without any soot and irregular lump. Divine senses scented candles burn cleanly and smokeless, provided their wicks are trimmed properly.

3. Bella Vita Organic Scented Candle

Bella Vita Organic Scented Candle

If you are looking for best scented candles in India under Rs 500 then Bella Vita might be the best choice. This Gurgaon based firm is committed to creating all handcrafted, natural solutions invigorated by the natural elements of the earth. Their organic scented candles are best soy wax candles ideal for indoor decorations during Diwali, Christmas, birthdays and other events. Available in a pack of 4, these multi-coloured jar candles are the best gift materials.

With a burning time of 15 hours, they are available in four enchanting aromas, mainly – French Lavender, Turkish Vanilla, California Rose, and Indian Cinnamon. Made out of premium quality materials, these candles provide smoke free flames without leaving any residue behind. It is known to enhance the ambiance of the room with soothing smell and soft flame. These are completely non-toxic and safe, and is hand poured. Pure essential oil brings in the actual essence of the aroma. It can uplift your mood and create a positive romantic vibe.

4. Hosley Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle

 Hosley Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle

Best scented candles in India in 2024 comes from Hosley, an export firm which was formed in India in 2002. Known to export exquisitely quality home décor and household utility products, their apple scented candles are one of the best in the category. Their strict QA procedure ensures to craft world class products. The jar candle with 6 pieces of scented tealights is in high demand. Made of red coloured quality wax, it weighs 210 gms and can burn upto 18 hrs. With a dimension of 55 X 55 X 95 mm, Hosley’s scented candle is a great product used mostly for gifting purpose. It is easy to use, safe and affordable.

Crafted with hand poured premium quality wax blends along with essential oil infused fragrance creates a highly fragranced aroma that can uplift your mood. Ideal for spa, aromatherapy, these scented candles are used to enhance the calm environment and bring in divineness. It doesn’t pollute nor produces soot. Available in attractive packaging, these are ready to add exquisiteness to the home décor. One can also try other variants from Hosley, namely – Eucalyptus Mint, Lemon, Lavender, Fresh Bamboo, Hazelnut Crème, Sweet pea jasmine and Tropical mist.

5. Eliora Vanilla Scented Candle

Eliora Vanilla Scented Candle

One of the best organic scented candles in India is manufactured by Eliora. These exotic hand poured vegetable wax candles are in high demand and provides great results in aromatherapy. With a burn time of 30 hrs, these scented blended natural candle weighs 280 gms and produces a divine environment with soothing flame and amazing aroma that elevates our senses. Having a dimension of 64 X 64 X 76 mm, it is attractively packed and acts as a perfect gift item.

Eliora scented candles are made with a blend of vegetable waxes and high-quality fragrance oils for pollution free burn. Its sweet and aphrodisiac fragrance are freshening and energetic. It is organically produced without any additives. These organics scented candles burn easily and evenly, leaving behind awesome aroma in the room.

6. Shraddha Creation Scented Candle

Shraddha Creation Scented Candle

Pillar candles always have a different level of appeal when it comes to celebrations like Diwali, Christmas, birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day. The rose designed pillar candle with the scent of rose infused is just amazing in creating that perfect environment at home. Available in a pack of two, these red coloured candles look beautiful. Shraddha Creation’s product comes in a dimension admeasuring 55 X 55 X 105 mm and weighs 400 gms.

Each of these exotic candles come with a burn time of 12 hrs approximately. These tall designer pillar candles having rose fragrance are no smoke candles and emits gentle and soothing flames that enhances the interior home décor. Made of paraffin wax, these fancy scented candles are in high demand and are best suited for room decoration or table decoration and creates a magical feel on every festival, occasion, and parties.

7. DecDoor Scented Candle

DecDoor Scented Candle

Another brand of scented candle that should be in your list of favourite is DecDoor. This pretty little cookie mini-jar candle with sweet fragrances converts your home like a tranquil garden with all calmness and freshness around. These wonderful candles not only enhances the home décor with their wonderful designs, but the zesty scent also uplifts mind and wards-off insects and pests from the house.

These clear glass votive holders are best sellers among home décor, floral supply and wedding planning industry. Available in multi-colour, the fragrances which DecDoor offers are – French Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Sandal Wood, and Vanilla Bean. The high quality glass jar are easy to handle while the candles emits clean flames without any soot. Ideal for gifting, these cute scented candles will definitely be adored.

8. Pure Source India Scented Candle

 Pure Source India Scented Candle

This Delhi based firm, established in 2007, have been engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of quality fragrance products. Its votive glass candles emits some of the greatest fragrances that provides an angelic environment at home and gives peace of mind. Available in pack of 12 scented candles, this is a great deal to have. The multi-coloured wax candles are of floral fragrances and is a perfect decorative item during festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and daily room decorations.

Mainly fragrances such as Rose, Lavender and Lemon Grass are available. With attractive box packaging it becomes a good gifting item. It has a burning time upto 10 hrs approximately and uses high grade wax that creates no smoke flames that burns smoothly without leaving any residue. The cute romantic soothing flame of these scented candles are highly appreciated by customers of Pure Source. Further, Pure Source’s great customer support makes it a unique company, different from others. These elegant scented candles are a mood enhancer and are a must have.

9. IKEA SINNLIG Scented Candle

IKEA SINNLIG Scented Candle

The Swedish brand IKEA known for its ready-to-assemble furniture and décor is also into top 10 scented candles in India. Their SINNLIG brand of scented candles gives a elegant and premium feel to your home environment. These scented candles in glass has a fruity and flowery fragrance that’s ideal for indoor decoration and brings out the exact essence of celebration. Weighing 338 gms, these scented candles are made of high grade wax and emits ripe scent of sweet red berries with a slight hint of flowers. With a burning time of almost 40 hrs, IKEA SINNLIG scented candles are a perfect gift item.

The soft glow and soothing scent from SINNLIG add atmosphere to any moment and when the candle has burnt itself out, you can use the cup for tealights. Made out of premium quality materials, these candles provide smoke free flames without leaving any residue behind. It is known to enhance the ambiance of the room with soothing smell and soft flame. These scented candles are a great product used mostly for gifting purpose. It is easy to use, safe and affordable.

10. Winsome Decorative Lavender Scented Pillar Candle

Winsome Decorative Lavender Scented Pillar Candle

Known to be as pure candle makers since 1999, Winsome decorative is an established brand in the category. The scented candles manufactured by them will take you to a calm soothing and aromatic space that not only refreshes the air but also uplift senses. This Moradabad based firm has in-house manufacturing unit that maintains international quality standards for all types of candles it manufactures. The paraffin wax lavender scented pillar candles are 7 cm long and available in a pack of 5. These scented pillar candles are perfect for Home Decoration, Diwali, Gift, Aromatherapy and Christmas.

Weighing 400 gms, it has a burn time of 10-12 hrs and provides a smoke less fragrance experience. These are hand poured candles made with utmost care without any toxic materials. Natural essential oils are subtly used. The long lasting fragrances in each scented candle is loaded with an intense amount of fragrance oils to ensure an excellent environment. The stimulating aroma reaches every corner of your living space and stay for long. Get these Winsome scented pillar candles that is characterized by enchanting perfumes that will mesmerize any home settings and décor.

Let us handle your queries

Although we have collated an exhaustive list of best scented candles brand in India that is trending this year, you might still have some queries regarding your next purchase and we are more than happy to address them, so that you end up buying the best and gain a pleasant experience. Following are some of the commonly asked queries on branded scented candles and we have tried our best to address it for you. Take a look.

Which is the best scented candle in India?

Bella Vita Organic scented candles are the best ones in India. It is affordable and available in four enchanting fragrances that will blow your mind and keep the angelic environment of your room intact. Made of all natural ingredients these scented candles are handcrafted having a burn time of almost 15 hrs.

Where is the best place to put a scented candle?

To make best use of scented candles so that the fragrance spreads across rooms, a vital factor is where and how you burn a scented candle. While scented candles can be kept anywhere such as living room, bedroom, bathroom and other places, one thing should be kept in mind – these scented candles should be placed far away from air vents to maximize their fragrances. For better result, use different fragrances in different rooms.

How long do scented candles take to smell?

Although it depends on the quality of the candle, but generally after a couple of hours’ burn, a quality candle releases scent that easily diffuses and richly fills the living space. The burn time for an average candle is up to 30 hrs.

How long do scented candles last?

A candle’s life span depends on several factors. The ingredients that goes in the manufacturing of the scented candles. Also, size of the candles matter. Scented tea light burns for up to 6 hours, whereas expect a smaller pillar candle to burn for 9 hours, a larger one might burn up to 100 hours.

Why are scented candles so expensive?

Scented candles are now treated as luxury item and hence demands a premium on pricing. However, manufacturing cost with expensive ingredients adds up to the expensiveness. It mainly uses plant based wax, that’s on the higher side of the cost. Plus the essential oils and fragrances used in the candles are also expensive raw materials. Moreover, attractive gift packaging also contributes to the higher cost.

How do I choose a scented candle?

If you intend to gift a scented candle, then the basic criteria of choosing the candle is the type of fragrance liked by the recipient. Accordingly you can go for a particular type of scented candle. And if it is for self-use, then you should consider the space area where it would be burning and its purpose. Selection can be also made basis scent type and the type of essential oil used.

Best scented candles in India that turns your home environment angelic

Home is where the heart is, and to create that perfect vibe and have energetic influences, you need to burn the right type of scented candles. Scented candles have a host of benefits, besides being an excellent room décor with its soothing and calm cute flame. Scented candles uplifts our mood, helps us relieve stress and improve concentration power.

Our list of scented candle brands will only help you further to pick up the best brands from market place and lead a healthy and modern lifestyle which is completely stress free and full of joy. Be it jar or pillar, go for branded scented candles that suits your need and enjoy a divine and cosy atmosphere at home.

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