5 Best Shatavari Brands in India 2024 Offering Best Results (Asparagus)

Are you looking for the Best Shatavari brands in India in 2024? Well, you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of everything you need to know about Shatavari and the top brands that sell it, check it out now!

We have seen a lot of people enquire about the Top & Best Shatavari brands in India and rightly so, it’s amazing for well being. In the times we live today with dwindling climatic conditions and unhealthy lifestyles everyone lives in today’s world, small healthy elements in our daily routine are super important. Adding the smallest things to your everyday diet can make a difference that goes a long way.

Best Shatavari brands in India

Selecting the best Shatavari Brand for the upcoming year of 2024 is definitely a tough task at hand, with so much variety to choose from it becomes difficult to separate the best from the rest.

We understand that there are so many questions to answer and multiple brands to choose from. We have made this task super simple by curating an easy guide that navigates all around what Shatavari is, why it is beneficial, what are the top 5 brands for Shatavari and even answered all the frequently asked questions related to it.

You would not have to constantly ask yourself which brand has the best quality, which one is more suitable for me and where to get it, it is all here in this one article. The Indian market offers a plethora of great Shatavari brands, all of them competing from neck to neck, of course, it becomes hard to decide who to choose.

What is Shatavari?

Shatavari is made from the roots of the famous herbal plant, Asparagus racemosus. The old Sanskrit translation of shatavari is “plant with hundred roots”. Shatavari is actually a flowing plant and it can be found in many parts of the world, especially in Asia.

Shatavari is an easy to grow plant and you might even find it growing in random wilderness areas like roadside vegetation, swaps and even natural forest vegetation. The commonly available shatavari powder is prepared by drying the root and then mixing it with other ayurvedic ingredients to obtain a super health beneficial powder.

To the surprise of many people shatavari is not a tree, it is a small, vine-like climbing plant, with thin leaves and a distinct smell. Shatavari is also used as a base ingredient for many ayurvedic herbs. It has many benefits and many health care practitioners evidently prescribe them. Shatvari thrives in the months of June and July, for India these are the peak summer months. This beautiful flowering plant has berries which harbour the shatavari seeds. Shatavari has now become quite popular in the ayurvedic world since doctors and healthcare practitioners realised its immense benefits.

What are the benefits of Shatavari intake?

Shatavari is often called the “king of herbs” because of how many health benefits it has. It is prescribed by a lot of doctors, especially almost all ayurvedic healthcare practitioners. It is considered a home remedy for a lot of diseases as well. Shatavari has a number of benefits like:

  • Shatavari has been known to boost one’s immunity system and give them a higher resistance to infections. It makes someone less susceptible to bacterial infections and viral infections because your body can now fight infections easily. It also helps in decreasing your recovery time after you have suffered from an illness.
  • Racemofuran is one of the newest identified antioxidants. It is also a chemical found in the roots of the shatavari plant. Antioxidants are superb for the body because they filter out blood and remove all the toxins. Cleaner blood of course means better functioning of all bodily systems.
  • Having anti-inflammatory qualities is also something which shatavari offers because it has the same chemical as mentioned above, Racemofuran also helps soothe any inflammation that happens in the body.
  • Shatavari has been known to promote mucus production in the stomach which can be beneficial in the process of digestion. Increased mucus production also helps thicken the stomach lining which acts as extra protection against acid attacks in the stomach and stomach ulcers.
  • Shatavari is also known as a female-friendly herb because it helps in a lot of women-specific problems like management of Premenstrual syndrome, help in increasing fertility in women and also has positive effects during and after pregnancy
  • Shatavari helps in managing hormones and stabilizing them which really helps in calming the body down when a menstruator is going through premenstrual syndrome.
  • It is highly recommended for pregnant women and women who are with a newborn.

Top 5 Best Shatavari brands in India 2024 For Maximum Efficiency

A list of the 5 Best Shatavari brands in India which have managed to dominate the market is brought to you by us. These products have received the best reviews and were the best-selling supplements available in India. Have a look for yourself!

1 – Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Shatavari

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Shatavari

The best shatavari brand in India is referred to as Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Shatavari product. It was made keeping in mind the necessity of the rejuvenation of the female reproductive system and maintaining a balance within the body internally.

The 60 tablets that are food supplements can be consumed during or post-meals to make the inner body of a woman strong and fit. Shatavari is regarded as a female reproductive herb in Ayurveda. It helps nursing moms by boosting their prolactin levels.

This is also advantageous for pregnant women, as it aids in supporting optimal breastfeeding. The herb aids in postpartum recovery by reducing fatigue and increasing physical and mental well-being. It is crucial for the body’s support and rejuvenation, which is necessary for recovery after pregnancy.

Since Himalaya is known to deliver the best quality supplements and cosmetics, this product tends to proudly dominate the market in its range, offering various benefits to the women’s reproductive system.

Not only does it keep the functioning of the internal body right, but it also reduces fatigue and post-delivery tiredness. Consuming one tablet twice daily or as directed by the physician would be perfect for one’s health.

One pack of Pure Herbs Shatavari contains 60 tablets. Note that this product is only for women as it helps in lactation. Some customer reviews also mention that these tablets help cure women’s diseases like PCOS and PCOD.

Women who are suffering from internal problems like weight gain, dry skin, irregular periods, acne, mood swings, abdominal cramps, etc. are recommended to try Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Shatavari for two months to get desired results.

The best part is that these herbal tablets have no side effects. It has also helped teenage girls to gain weight who suffer from the problem of weight loss. All these reasons make Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Shatavari one of the best supplement in India.

2 – Herb Essential Pure Shatavari

Herb Essential Pure Shatavari

Heb Essential Pure Shatavari is another best shatavari powder brand in India. In Ayurveda, Shatavari is the principal uterine tonic. Wild asparagus, often known as Shatavari, is a potent adaptogen. It is highly useful for mending the internal women’s reproductive system.

Shatavari helps the female system through menstruation, ovulation, and pregnancy by strengthening the uterus. It aids in breastfeeding (milk flow and quantity), heat flashes, irritation, and memory problems as well.

This vegetarian product by Jain Lifesciences is an ayurvedic product that boosts the health of women’s internal systems. By toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs, it promotes reproductive health. It also supports the immune system and provides a rich source of vitamin A.

This product can be consumed by both men and women and will benefit the health of all age groups. This is a pure Shatavari powder that is recommended to be consumed approximately 5 grams twice daily but may vary from person to person so please consult a physician.

Many famous and successful YouTubers also recommend this product as it rejuvenates the body and provides an immune system boost for individuals. It helps to balance hormones & menstruation, enhance libido & fertility and reduce menopausal symptoms.

Customer reviews are seen to be on the positive side, wherein many customers got rid of their internal body problems and are now back on track. Customers also reviewed this product is worth the money as they got good results after consuming this product and also got no side effects. For women especially, it helps in the internal development of manifolds: It acts as a rejuvenator, improves the immune system, promotes lactation (production and circulation of milk in the female body), helps in hormonal balance, reduces symptoms of menopause. Being a wholesome product, this is a must-have on your shelf!

3 – Just Jaivik 100% Organic Shatavari

Just Jaivik 100% Organic Shatavari Powder

One of the best organic shatavari powder available in the market is Just Jaivik 100% Organic Shatavari.

This Shatavari is a rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb that cools the body, strengthens and nourishes the tissues, and is 100% organic. It enhances reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs, which has been traditionally used to maintain the proper synthesis of female hormones.

Just Jaivik is a powder containing Asparagus Racemosus to promote vitality and strength in an individual’s body. Shatavari promotes healthy milk production in breastfeeding women as a nutritional tonic.

Ayurveda claims that It is also beneficial in assisting with the menopausal transition. Shatavari has more benefits: it helps digestion and maintains a healthy immune system. This powder is made with natural ingredients and is suitable for both men and women.

It is a nutritional tonic for both men and women. It is suitable for new mothers and soon-to-be fathers.

The powder comes in a zipper packet that can be resealed. It’s ideal for storing and preserving the contents’ characteristics and potency for future use. One to half a tablespoon of powder per day is advised, or as directed by your health care professional or physician.

Users can use this product well by mixing it with water for during or post-meal consumption. Note that it does not contribute to weight gain, so users need not hesitate while consuming it, it will only enhance the immune system and keep a check on the well-functioning of the body.

Customer reviews help us to elevate our product as people have benefitted from our product. People have responded happily to this product as they like its taste and the benefits that this product alone provides.

The best part people like about Just Jaivik is that it is a 100% organic product and people adore it because of its authenticity and genuineness.

4- Organic India Shatavari

Organic India Shatavari

Organic India Shatavari is one of the best shatavari capsules in India and also the most effective female revitalizing herbs. As it aids in the treatment of infertility, leucorrhoea, menopause, and miscarriage, as well as maintaining the PH balance in the area surrounding the cervix and is a great aid to women’s health.

This product is manufactured by Organic India, one of the leading companies in terms of pharmaceuticals and supplementary products.

The Organic India Shatavari not only helps females to rejuvenate their immune systems but also helps them eliminate a wide number of diseases that women are prone to. All Organic India items are lovingly handcrafted.

Each product is a link in a web of interconnectedness that stretches from Mother Nature to our farmers to the end-user. The herbs retain their maximum effectiveness thanks to their innovative processing procedures and dehydration technology, resulting in the finest quality, most effective, pure, and 100% natural products.

Talking about the externals of the product a little bit, the product comes with the dimensions of 5 .17 x 5 .17 x 8 .42 cm and is calculated to be about 81.65 grams of weight. The box of one Organic India Shatavari includes 60 tablets which an individual can consume for about a period of one month.

The 60 food supplement tablets can be taken before, during, or after meals to help a woman’s inner body stay strong and fit. These capsules are indicated to be consumed by the user twice daily with lunch or dinner, and they must be kept away from direct heat or sunlight; a dark and cool place is recommended.

Ayurveda considers Shatavari to be a female reproductive herb. It aids nursing mothers by increasing prolactin levels. This is also beneficial to pregnant women because it helps to encourage optimal breastfeeding.

It is a vegetarian product, and also has great customer reviews. Women have noticed great benefits after consuming these and are happy with the results. It helped some females with hormonal break-outs or during irregular menstrual cycles. It is also recommended by customers for women suffering from PCOD or PCOS.

5 – Zandu StriVeda Satavari

Zandu StriVeda Satavari

Zandu StriVeda Satavari is one of the best shatvari powder in India which has dominated the markets. The company is one of the oldest and most trusted firms which produces products in India according to the needs of the customers of India.

Countless scientific studies have demonstrated the relevance of breast milk for a newborn’s growth and development. Lactation issues, on the other hand, are common among new mothers. Satavari, a well-known Ayurvedic galactagogue herb, is used in Zandu Striveda to enhance the level of prolactin, which promotes breast milk production.

Satavari has been clinically demonstrated to boost the prolactin levels by 32 percent. Doctors recommend Zandu Striveda, which has no adverse effects. Ayurveda considers Satavari to be a female reproductive herb. It aids nursing mothers by increasing prolactin levels.

This is also beneficial to pregnant women because it helps to encourage optimal breastfeeding. By lowering weariness and improving physical and emotional well-being, the herb benefits in postpartum recovery. It is essential for the body’s support and renewal, which is required for post-pregnancy recovery.

This product by Zandu named StriVeda Satavari is specially manufactured for women’s health. It promotes healthy lactation, is enriched with Satavari and is perfectly natural and safe for consumption.

It is to be consumed by adding 1-2 tablespoons (10 gm – 20 gm Satavari) into milk (200 gms of milk). Stirring for some time and drinking immediately will give the desired results

The reviews that customers have posted for this product are with mentioning. It has helped a great number of women in the reproduction of milk, balancing the menstrual cycle, controlling mood swings and many other problems.

Women have primarily loved this product for its natural ingredients and the increase of milk production in their bodies for lactating mothers. No mother would like their infants to remain hungry and this product indeed helps to fight this problem by increasing the milk-producing capacity of the body.

How to take shatavari Supplement?

  • Step 1 – Shatavari can be available in different forms like powder or tablet form. Kindly remember to go through the instructions for consumption of Shatavari which must also be present on the back side of the cover of your shatavari packet or box.
  • Step 2 – Shatavari herbal powder can be taken in doses ranging from 3 to 10 grammes per day, divided into 12 to 2 teaspoons.
  • Step 3 – Take the powder in a spoon or take capsules of Shatavari
  • Step 4 – Consume the shatavari combined with normal or warm water, juice, or lukewarm milk twice daily or as instructed by a personal physician.

FAQ’s on Shatavari Brands in India

When it comes to health products people tend to have many questions revolving around their head. We know you must have also had some questions, though we can’t answer all of them for you. We have compiled a list of a few questions which tend to be asked most frequently.

Which brand of shatavari powder is best?

Although there is a wide variety of shatavari powders or capsules present in the market, yet, Carmel Organics provides the most top-rated Shatavari powder.

What is the best time to take shatavari?

Although Shatavari is not a medicine, but a food supplement so it can be taken anytime. But in order to get the best results, one can consume it during or post meals.

Can I take shatavari daily?

Yes, taking Shatavari daily will do no harm at all. Also, consulting a personal physician for its consumption is good advice.

Can shatavari cause weight gain?

Not necessarily, but if a person is consuming Shatavari with milk for a long period of time, it may result in weight gain.

What are the disadvantages of shatavari?

Shatavari consumption in excess can lead to weight gain or bloating as it contains a good portion of carbohydrates. Some people may also face increased heart rate, some rashes after its consumption, but it is only subjective to allergic individuals.

Ending Remarks on the Best Shatavari brands in India

Ayurveda considers Shatavari to be a female reproductive herb. It aids nursing mothers by increasing prolactin levels. This is also beneficial to pregnant women because it helps to encourage optimal breastfeeding.

By lowering weariness and improving physical and emotional well-being, the herb benefits in postpartum recovery. It is essential for the body’s support and renewal, which is required for postpartum recovery.

It is really beneficial for repairing the inside reproductive system of women. Shatavari strengthens the uterus, which aids the female system during menstruation, ovulation, and pregnancy.

Breastfeeding (milk flow and quantity), heat flashes, discomfort, and memory issues are all helped by it. It not only keeps the inside body operating properly, but it also minimizes exhaustion and post-delivery lethargy.

One tablet, taken twice daily or as advised by a doctor, would be ideal for one’s health. It aids in the pain relief of adolescent females and helps to balance the menstrual cycle, abdominal cramps, irregular periods, mood swings, etc.

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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