Best Sites or Apps to book Cab/Taxi Online in India 2024

Are you looking for the best sites to book a cab online in India? If, yes, then here are the list of sites/app through which you can book a cab at a competitive price.

Nowadays, everyone is living a fast-paced life. They seem to be running to gyms, homes, offices and many other places. It certainly becomes a constant scenario in which everyone is running all the time. You might be doing a lot of traveling and commuting and hence you can’t avail any vehicle anytime as it can prove to be costly as well as cause problems to the life. Thus, we have come up with the best sites or Apps to book cab/taxi Online in India. These cabs are used in all the major cities such as Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai to name a few.

Here are the list of sites that can help you to book cab online in a convenient way :

Are you looking for a convenient way to travel? If, yes, then here is the list of online cab booking websites that can help you get a cab at a cheaper price and perhaps in a hassle-free manner. Booking through these cabs can help you to track them and you would indeed be safe in these cabs.

1 – Uber

In the recent few years, Uber has established itself as one of the online cab service giants and a lot of positive testimonials speak about it. The service first commenced in the form of website but after some time the application was launched as well. Uber cabs ensure the safety of the customers keeping in mind that they reach on time and at the same time ensure that the condition of the cabs that is being used is in good condition.

The website, as well as the mobile application, is quite easy to use and it can certainly respond to all the queries that you might be having. In addition, you can customize your rides as per your choice and you can make the payments with the help of a lot of online platforms which certainly attracts a lot of users.

2 – Ola Cabs

It is another cab service giant that has grabbed a lot of the customer market. The quality of the cabs is excellent but may not be as good as uber. The fares, however, are quite a value for money and thus it certainly attracts a lot of customers. In addition, traveling through Ola cabs is quite safe and in fact hassle free.

You can get a lot of discounts on ola cabs and all you need to do is sign up and add the promo codes to it. The promotional offers are released from time to time which tempts the user towards it. A number of options are available for the ride and you can select the one based on your convenience such as ola micro, mini, sedan to name a few. You can make the payments with a lot of options such as cash, debit cards, and credit cards.

3 – Savaari

Savaari cabs is a native cab service which again has mixed reviews from the customer. In this, you have the luxury of paying the fares on an hourly basis which is certainly quite good. You can make the payment electronically as well and you would be provided with e-receipts after that. In the following cabs, drivers are quite professional and make you reach your destination on time. You can make the booking through websites as well as by calling them. One benefit of this cab is they don’t impose any toll charges or waiting charges like any other cab.

4 – Meru Cabs

Meru owns about 6000 vehicles but there has been a mixed response from the customers. By the reviews, it has been known that some of the drivers of the cabs fail to understand the GPS and hence the riders may find difficulty especially if they are new to the city. On the other side, the website is quite convenient to use and it allows the payment to be made in different modes.

5 –

The following cab service is not very popular among the users and hence it is relatively less used. The waiting charges on the following cab are quite expensive and at the same time, they also impose service tax on the users. Moreover, it just has its website and it doesn’t come up with the application for cab booking service.

6 –

The following cab service has a fleet of 6500 cars and it provides one of the best end-to-end long as well as short car rental solutions. It provides the users the best experience and all the drivers of the following cab service are quite professional. It also provides 24 * 7 customer service. It has a website as well as app present so as to cater the needs of the user.

7 – Mega Cabs

Mega cabs are little expensive as compared to other cabs that are available in the market in terms of fares. The fares of the following cab are not fixed and it varies from city to city. The cabs that are available are good as well as average. The waiting charges of the cab are quite expensive and you can make the payment via credit card/debit card or cash. The website is equipped with a lot of functionality such as canceling, cab booking, payment, and many other options. The user experience is fair and you can try out this cab service once.

8 –

BookMyCab may not be as good as compared to other cabs but it is certainly quite good for corporate or bulk booking. The fares in the following cab are quite expensive and the payment can only be done in cash. The websites showcase a lot of offer and it comes up with all the functionalities that are helpful in booking cabs.

Which online cab service is best among all?

The best cabs as per my experience are certainly uber and ola but all the rest are not bad either. Moreover, look out for a cab service provider who is genuine and perhaps gives you the best experience in terms of fares as well as the convenience. Have your pick now from all the cab services that have been mentioned above.

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