11 Best Sites to Book Flights in India in 2024

Here Find the best sites to Book Cheap Domestic & International Flight Tickets Online in India in 2024. Grab the cheaper flight deals and travel to any Indian city or a different country now!

A long trip always gives a different pleasure to the enthusiastic travelers. A traveler knows the joy to travel to beautiful places in this world. However, to move to a different city or to a foreign country, most of these travelers choose airplane as a reliable transportation mode. Although it is a pricey option, the flight makes your journey comfortable.

Now, your major concern is for the flight ticket reservation. The good news for you is that the ticket-booking process has become easier with the availability of online sites. For the convenience of the Indian travelers, we have chosen the best websites for reserving international and domestic flight tickets at a lower price.

An amazing list of Best Flight Booking Sites in India in 2024 :

Most of the flight booking websites in India has tried to integrate the best features to its platform. Their major target is to help the website users in booking their flight tickets safely and easily. We have assessed the top sites to simplify your task of finding a user-friendly platform for flight seat reservation.

1. MakeMytrip

It is one of reputed Indian platforms for online ticket reservations. You can use its MakeMyTrip website to buy tickets for international and domestic flights. You will get several benefits from using this site for booking flight tickets.

Presently, MakeMyTrip has millions of customers. The opportunity of comparing prices of indirect and direct flights has made this online portal highly popular.

There are also loyalty programs, discounts and flash deals. You can download MakeMyTrip app in your mobile. Open the app to get the updated information on the special discount offers. For those, who have booked round-trip, there is a chance of having low booking cost. Thus, you can save money by using MakeMyTrip for your flight reservations.

The customer representatives of MakeMyTrip team are also highly responsive to help you with any query.

2. Goibibo

Gobibo is another digital platform for booking air tickets. Whether you are in Mumbai, Shimla, Pondicherry or Pune, you may easily travel any other Indian city or foreign place. Just buy the ticket from Gobibo, and everything will be easier to you. For a weekend getaway or long vacation, you may use this site for reserving the tickets.

You may use Goibibo app and choose the discount coupons and special deals for the flight. At Goibibo website, you can find a travel section that presents you with important information on the flights, airports and other travel-related facts. Goibibo has recently introduced another interesting feature. You can reserve your flight seat using your WhatsApp without visiting the official site of Gobibo.

3. Yatra

Lots of travellers use this website to get the international and domestic flight information. You can use this site to know about the deals from Indian and international airlines. You may also find out the flight duration and schedule from Yatra.

Pay for your flight ticket using this platform. The encryption technology keeps your bank account information and transaction data safe. Yatra also helps you to know the discounted ticket price, cashback offers and other holiday packages.

4. Cleartrip

With its Headquarter in Mumbai, Cleartrip runs the travel aggregator platform to book flights in India. Although it is a global standard company, it helps the Indians in reserving domestic and international flights. Use the interface of Cleartrip website to find the airfare calendar, flight schedules and various other offers. It is easy to book flight for round trip, multi city and one-way flight.

5. Easemytrip.com

EaseMyTrip is another reliable Indian platform, associated with the travel industry. Travelers can use this site to find the best deal from their trip.

From the holiday package to the flight reservation facility, everything is available at this site. You may stop waiting for the special airfare sale. EaseMyTrip presents you with the attractive air ticket offers. Use the discount coupons, available at the site, and you will have a chance of lowering the price for deals.

Airfare is usually high on Saturday and Friday. However, while you need to have a trip on those days, you may visit EaseMyTrip to find out the flight travel offers.

6. Ixigo

This is another online tool for the Indian travelers. It is one of the user-friendly apps, helping the travelers to choose any airline to reach any site. The search feature of the app interface enables you in comparing the flight fares.

Instant Book is another option, with which you can reserve your flight seat without visiting to a different site. At any time, you can check Flights Status that helps you to record the flight-related timings. Another interesting feature at this site is Flight Fare Prediction. This helps you to know whether there is a chance of having lower airfare rate in future.

7. Skyscanner

Skyscanner has achieved a global reputation to the tourists. The Indians may also choose its website to find out the flights to reach to any foreign city from India. Find the names of the domestic and international airports by using the platform of Skyscanner. While you are highly flexible on your flight date, you may easily make out the Cheapest Month, using the search tool of Skyscanner.

8. Via.com

This is also an Indian platform to book your flight tickets. Use the coupon codes, offered at this site, and make your deal more profitable to you. Its presents you with the comprehensive information on the full-service and budget airline service. From Delhi, Mumbai or any other Indian city, you may book your flight seat to go abroad.

9. Expedia.co.in

Use this website for reserving the flights from and to India. You will be able to make a comparison of the best airfare rates. You may look for most of the popular airlines to have successful international or domestic trip.

Thus, Expedia is one of the reliable platforms to find out online flights. You may grab the most profitable deal, offered by the Indian or international airline. Using this website, the travelers can buy tickets of more than hundred destinations.

10. Paytm

Paytm has become a very recognized online portal for flight ticket reservation. You can find out the ticket rates for your international or national flights. Book your ticket and pay for it using the safe payment technology of Paytm. You will also get all the details of various flight deals. Thus, pick the low-priced deal from Paytm platform. You can look for business class or economy class flight tickets online.

11. HappyEasyGo

The last one in our list of online ticket booking platforms is HappyEasyGo. However, it has also all the features to make your ticket booking process easier to you. You will find an airfare calendar at this website. You may make out the available flights for reaching any site from India.

You can download HappyEasyGo app to find out the flight booking discounts. You may also check the balance of Happy Wallet using the app.

Which travel site is best for cheap flight bookings in India?

Although we have talked about various flight booking websites in India, Makemytrip is the best one among them. It is a unique platform to find the low-priced deals online. You may use MakeMyTrip bank coupons to make your deals more affordable to you. There is also MakeMyTrip e-wallet cashback offer for the flight travelers.

Nowadays, most of the travelers choose the online sites for reserving their flight tickets.

Buy your flight tickets conveniently-

This is one of the most important advantages to the online ticket buyers. Book your flight seat from any place and anytime, when you are not busy. Whether you are at your office or your home, you may pay your airfare easily. Use the Internet connection of your Smartphone, PC or laptop.

In the past, the passengers need to go out of the house to purchase the tickets. They wait for the service and face various challenges while booking the ticket. However, the online mode has made your task easier. Most of the online sites help you in making payment for the tickets smoothly. You can pay directly from your digital wallet or use the credit or debit cards safely.

Cancel the ticket- Get refund-

You may find your booking failed for any reason. In that case, you can reserve the ticket for a trip without any hassle. At a reliable website, your money always remains safe. The site will credit back your fund to your wallet. Within fifteen to twenty minutes, you will get the refund. Thus, through the online platforms, your flight ticket cancellation becomes easy. However, you have to go through the cancellation policy of the chosen website. Some websites also give you the option to reschedule the trip.

To do the cancellation, you have to visit the site, and then sign in with all the booking details. From its interface, you may alter the date of your flight journey. You can cancel the reservation or upgrade the seat to another cabin class.

However, few websites may charge you an additional amount for finalizing the flight reservation changes

Travel Insurance

In some of the sites, you will have this service at a reasonable rate. While you face mishap or you have lost baggage, there will be no loss of money.

Check-in- It become easier to you-

As one of the flight passengers, you may save your time through the online check-in process. For instance, when you have reserved a seat for domestic flight, you have the opportunity of checking in before twenty-four hours. For the international passengers, the time may be more than twenty-four hours.

You have to visit the chosen website for airline reservation. Then, enter the essential details and have the printout of your boarding pass from any place. Nowadays, mobile check-in feature is also available at most of the airline ticket booking websites. You will get the bar codes of boarding pass to your mobile.

Look at the price rates of all the airlines-

Different airlines may offer different price rates for your trip. To make the deal more affordable, you may make a comparison of the price rates. Travelers, who have hired travel agent, for booking tickets, will not get this opportunity.

The search functions at various websites help you in filtering the offers and special deals for various flights. You may have a view at the accurate price rates at the online sites. It will be easy for you to find out the cheapest deal for your domestic or international journey.

Things that you have remember to book flights :

Although the online websites offer you several benefits for flight reservation, you have to know various things to make the profitable deal.

1. Ticket price for your flight-

It is one of the major factors to invest on the airplane tickets. You know that the airlines set various pricing structures for their services. The passengers always try to search for the low-priced deal. It helps them in saving their money.

The price, shown at the websites, may include or exclude the taxes. You have to check it out in detail. It is also essential to focus on the overhead costs and add-ons, including the baggage charge. Thus, you may find an increase of your overall investment for the trip.

2. Baggage quantity- Find out the restriction rules-

When you have thought of spending long vacation, you may need to carry a weighty and heavy baggage. However, for most of the airlines, you have the option of transporting a limited amount of baggage without any additional charge. While your baggage quantity or weight is more than this limit, you have to pay an amount for it. The rules for baggage is different for all the airlines. Thus, you have to find out the airlines that offer you the highest advantages.

It is better to include only the essential things in your luggage. This will help you to have a control over the weight. Your total baggage weight must not be more than the free baggage limit, set by the airline. You may need to pay much amount of money for rest of the quantities of your baggage.

3. How many halts are there during your flight?

The direct flight is always the timesaving option to you. Most of the passengers try to rely on this option. You may have chosen the non-stop airplane journey. However, still, you have to make sure that there is no halt throughout the journey. It will enable you to calculate the actual ticket value. While there are halts, the airplane may take more time for reaching your destination.

You think that you have booked the cheaper ticket. However, it can take more time than other direct flights. Thus, you have to ensure that you will have no issue for the delay, made by the flights. You must make out whether you should save time or money.

When you are checking the airplane deals, you have to know how many midway halts the flight has included.

4. Location of the airport-

It is much frustrating, while you have not flied to the right airport for the flight. In most cases, the city, having a number of airports, cause this confusion to the travelers. The airports may have similar type of names, and it results in various complications to you.

Another annoying case may happen to you. Most of the travelers get attracted to the cheapest airport. However, they do not know that this airport is much far away from your chosen city. You must make that that you have chosen the airport, nearest to your destination.

5. Insurance

In most instances, the travelers overlook it. However, on various occasions and at different destinations, you must choose to have insurance. It is better to invest more for insurance while your flight is on the snowy winter months or rainy season. You will have the option of rebooking the flight while it is cancelled.

6. Dates for travel-

It is always essential to make arrangement of the tour in advance. Although some travelers look for emergency trip, they must not delay to do anything to start the journey. You may also make a list of the dates, when you are able to enjoy the trip easily. While you are going to have a trip to attend the wedding party or corporate party, you have to choose the dates before your party day. By trying out various dates, you will be able to save your money.

Do not stick to a definite travel date; it can increase the overall cost for the trip.

The travelers may have a preference over one of the airlines. While you are a regular flight passenger, you know whether your chosen airline offers the best service.

7. Validity of your passport

You have to know all the details of the passport-related requirements and rules for the chosen destination. In lots of countries, there is a rule that the guests must have passport validity of minimum 6 months from departure date. Thus, although your present passport is active, there is still a chance of denial of your immigration.
You must have an updated passport to enjoy the trip. There are different websites that present you with the detailed passport regulations in the country.

8. Flight time

Every day, you can find several flights, flying to different destinations. The time schedule for all those flights is different. Thus, you have lots of option to make choice. However, the flights, reaching your destinations at midnight or other unusual times, may charge lower rate from you. Most of the passengers try to arrive at their site at a particular time. Some travelers are not able to catch the flight in the early morning.

One of the best tips for you is that when you are familiar to the chosen place or destination, you can choose the airplane that has an unusual arrival time. However, the new passengers or travelers must not take the safety risk.

From the above guide, you may easily book your flight ticket online. Pay for your tickets safely through the online platforms. Move to any site of this world and make your flight journey successful.

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