Best Online Shopping Sites in India for Clothes in 2024

Frisk through the best online shopping sites in India for Men’s & Women’s clothes in 2024. To get your hands on the latest trends by some of the biggest brands

Here’s a gift for all the e-shopaholics – a page that talks about the top 18 online shopping sites to buy awesome clothes for men & women in India!

Top Online Shopping Sites to Buy Men’s & Women’s Clothes in India in 2024 :

Sometimes, you don’t feel like leaving the door of your house, the comfort of your pajamas and the cozy atmosphere of your house – yet – you crave shopping for jeans, trousers, pants, shirts, t-shirts, Sarees and other such garments! There are a lot of e-stores online, but you can’t randomly select any of the sites and begin buying the clothes or accessories that you want to; you need to search for websites that can be trusted. Here is a list of the top 18 sites that you can count upon for your shopping needs:

Do you want to buy amazing jeans for your legs? Would you do anything to look slim? Are you looking for those slim fit jeans that make you look toned and fitter? Then you need to check the collection of Levi’s on; the moment you enter into this website, you see that there is a list of brands that it deals with. Search for Levi’s jeans and start increasing your collection of some of the best jeans in town. You won’t regret spending even a single buck on anything and everything that you buy from this website.

2. Flipkart – The Trusted Name

There are times when you know that there are a lot of e-stores, but you just don’t know about the quality of the clothes that you get. Flipkart is that one name that is trusted by almost every shopaholic in India. You just need to visit the website, check all the amazing brands like Trendzino, Modern Form, Comfort Layer, B&B, etc. that are into high quality fashion clothes for women; for men, you have brands like Greenwich, Donear NXG, Shopcraze, etc. You just need to find comfortable clothes for yourself, depending upon the size that you generally prefer wearing.

3. The Mantra of Myntra

While people think that Myntra is all about fashionable clothes for women, you don’t know what this website has for men! No doubt there are names like Vero Moda here, but there are also names like Spykar that serve the best clothes for men! You just have to explore the website, check the things that you want to buy to get into a brand new fashion sense and then buy everything to change your lifestyle. The moment you get into clothes of Myntra, you realize how different and unique their quality is!

4. Shop It All On Ajio:

Denims? Graphic t-shirts? Joggers Pants? Track Pants? What is it that you are looking for? The good news is that this website has it all for you! No, not just for the men, but for the women as well. If you want to buy something extraordinary to make your relatives jealous of you, this is the name that you can trust. You have high quality clothes here and that’s one of the reasons why people prefer this website. Since there are brands like Puma, US Polo, United Colors of Benetton, Teamspirit, etc. you are happy about what you buy.

5. Hot Offers on Tata Cliq

Do you believe in changing your fashion according to the change in season? Have you got any idea about the colors that you need to wear during summers, the shades that you need to wear during winters and the prints that you need to wear during autumns? If you have an idea about seasonal fashion, we are giving you a chance to understand it in a much better way – by visiting Tata Cliq website that has some of the best collection in town. That’s not all – you get some amazing deals to save a good amount of money here.

6. PayTM’s Easy Shopping Feature:

PayTM has created a huge demand in the market; the best thing about this website is that it can be navigated easily and thus, you don’t have to remember your credit card or debit card number to shop for any kinds of clothes here. There are good brands that sell products on this website.

7. Limeroad’s Awesome Collection

Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Parineeti Chopra, Kajol and many other names are on this website to style you up just like them. If you have a favorite actress or actor, you can now get into their shoes, use the same makeup like them, slip into the pretty gowns and skirts that they wear to look beautiful and flaunt an imitated style. Let your friends know you are a big fan of someone by wearing something that your favorite star has worn in a movie or on the red carpet of any award function or event.

8. One Name For Shoppers – Shoppers Stop

When was the last time you jumped onto the website of Shoppers Stop? We all know that it is a one-stop destination for all the fashion things that you are looking for. Whether you want to buy shoes or belts, whether you want to buy wallets or handbags, whether you want to buy jewelry or clothes, this is that one place that shopaholics call their Heaven. You can get everything under a single name. Cargos, trousers, pants and shirts for both men and women are extremely good on this website. People usually visit Shoppers Stop when they want to buy office wear clothes.

9. Craftsvilla – Clothes At Their BEST

The moment you realize there’s some special occasion is the very moment you remember to buy an ethnic outfit for yourself. A woman looks beautiful when she wraps herself in a saree or slips into a nice Kurta and Salwar. If you are looking for ethnic wear, Craftsvilla is that one place that can let you buy all the traditional outfits that you have in your mind. That’s not all – for men, this website has special Kurtas that are manufactured in different colors. The shades are so beautiful that you fall in love with them. Craftsvilla has western outfits for both the gender, as well.

10. Create Trendy Moves with Koovs

When you place your very first order on this website, you get 30% off! But wait a minute… you need to find out which brands you can pick from this website. You have Adidas, The Classic, Urban Bliss, New Look, Liquor N Poker, Glamorous, Reebok Classics, Closet Drama and other such names on this website that promise to change your look and make your crush go GAGA over you. Do we really need to say more about how different the clothes are on this website?

11. Get The Best Deals at Snapdeal

Snapdeal is said to be the country’s most visited e-store where you get the best deals on fashion and trends. Sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, swimsuits are only a few things that you get on this website; there is absolutely nothing that you don’t end up buying here!

12. Voonik – A Name That Defines Fashion

Voonik has been created to VOO you away with its awesome collection. One look at the gallery of this website and you don’t feel like closing the browser without owning at least one of the garments that you see on all those wonderful models who pose for you.

13. Look Great With Zivame Innerwear

Zivame is not just about innerwear, but about high quality innerwear and night suits. It is time you stop buying local innerwear and focus on branded ones, which are made from high quality fabrics. Even the doctors suggest their female patients to wear good quality and branded innerwear so that their hygiene is maintained and they stay away from major bacterial infections, which, otherwise, can take place when the wear low quality non-branded stuff. This website has an awesome collection of cotton and silk night suits as well. You also get some amazing leggings on Zivame to match with your kurtis or tunics.

14. Stalk Fashion on StalkBuyLove

StalkBuyLove is not a name that is known to many, but those who are aware about this e-store ensure that they don’t visit any other name in the virtual world of internet, because they are highly satisfied with the variety, quality and rates of all the fashion clothing that they get to buy from here. Maxi dresses, bare shoulder tops, dungaries and beachwear are only a few things that you can buy from this website; there are a lot of other fashion clothes that you fall in love with, the moment you lay your eyes upon them.

15. Shop Clues – Where Every Shopper Has A Clue

Shop Clues is not an ordinary name in the country; most of the shopaholics ensure that they visit this website so that they can get high quality clothes delivered to their doorstep. This website is popular for its collection of Sarees. If you want to buy a few plain Sarees to wear them to work or you want a Saree that can be worn at a special party or occasion, this is the name that you can count upon. Silk sarees are said to be the best ones on this site. You also get western outfits of amazing brands.

16. Fill Your Wardrobe With Fashion From Abof

With names like Kriti Sanon, Jacqueline Fernandes, Dia Mirza, etc. Abof has proven its sense of fashion. No doubt it has some of the most amazing accessories and shoes for you, but the collection of clothes is completely out of the world. You don’t feel like moving your head when you are going through the gallery of this website. The entire website is divided into different parts like Editor’s picks, Talking Trends, etc. to give you a better idea about which brand you want to pick right away and why. You not only fall in love with the brands, but also like the way the entire website is hosted for you with so much of information.

17. Say YES To YepME

YepME is popular for both, traditional as well as western collection for both the genders. You just have to say YES to all the clothes that you see here. It has an awesome collection of skirts and blouses for the ladies and a wonderful collection of tees for the gentlemen!

18. Quality Clothes at Nykaa Fashion

Have you never heard of the name Nykaa? Of course you have! It doesn’t matter if you are a man looking for branded trousers or a woman looking for a brand new t-shirt to wear on a casual Friday at work, all that matters is that you have been on the website of Jabong and checked all the wonderful brands that you have there. Jack and Jones, United Colors of Benetton, U.S. Polo Assn. are only a few names that you can enjoy buying clothes of; there are many other names that have some of the best collections for you to choose from and create your brand new style.

Why to Get Into Online Shopping for Clothes in India?

The first reason for you to get into online shopping for clothes in India is that when you stay in developed cities, you feel sick of traveling in traffic. When you get into online shopping, there is no reason for you to be worried about traveling in traffic.

The second reason for you to get into online shopping for clothes in India is that you get a lot of variety online. Whether you want to buy jeans or a simple casual Saree, the above mentioned e-stores have everything that you need.

The third reason for you to get into online shopping for clothes in India is that there are hundreds of offers that you can enjoy on everything that you want to buy. From plain tees to ethnic party wear, there is nothing that you would not get on a popular online store.

When you have offers on all the clothes that you want to fill your cupboard with, you feel like purchasing everything that you see in the gallery. This means that you don’t have to visit land based stores for your shopping desires.

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