Best Sites to Buy Furniture Online in India 2024 + Buying Guide

It’s time for you to check out the best sites to buy furniture online in India 2024 that is special, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Here’s where you’ll find home inspiration and options to convert your vision into reality.

There’s no doubt that online shopping is massive today, than it ever has been, and in the category of furniture design, it’s the best source to find what you are looking for. Whether looking for sofas, chairs, beds, desks, dressers or cupboards, the potential platforms are seemingly endless. Online shopping websites make it easy to explore all the options, do the research, and find ideas that are otherwise beyond our imaginations.

There are over tens of thousands of online furniture sites that provide one-stop solutions to its end users. Good thing is, these furniture products come at accessible rates, enabling you to entirely-decorate your home without affecting your entire budget. No matter if your choice if modern, sleek or bohemian inspired, we assure you’ll find something that suits your taste and matches your décor.

Your home is as good as a mood board that encapsulates your dreams and visions of life within an area of a few hundred or thousand square feet. How about transforming the same space with a few attractive signature pieces and by adding warmth to the abode? This may in turn fetch you great results if you plan to rent out your house for commercial purpose or to an individual. Whatever it is, the furniture you like online can be yours with just the click of a button.

Here, we’ve prepared an all-encompassing list of the best sites to buy furniture online. Check it out below!

Your Go-To Furniture Buying Guide

Preparing to furnish your home or office space? You’ve come to the right platform. We all know important furniture is for the house or any space. It’s one form of an investment with which you should not rush or compromise. To communicate a room’s purpose (home or office), you need the right furniture. Some of us get impatient and frustrated when purchasing furniture, however, the process is enjoyable and need not be stressful for you. To help you buy furniture from the best sites, we have shared a buying guide that you can follow. This guide is all about removing doubts if you have any, and helping you shop like a professional.

Different Kinds of Furniture

There is a massive range of furniture in the market today. In fact, it can be stressful to shortlist the one that you need most. Hence, even before you decide to purchase; understand the space you wish to furnish. Here’s a list of different types of furniture items.

Living room

The living room is the highlight of any house. It needs to have furniture that can accommodate your family, friends and guests visiting occasionally. Besides serving everyone, ensure there is enough space for everyone to move around comfortably. When looking for the best sites to buy furniture for the living room, consider options like sofa sets, swivels, loveseats, recliners, and more.

Dining room

This is the spot where a family gathers to share warmth, delicious food, and affection towards each other. Besides being the place where meals are served, the dining room can also act as a place for entertainment. Some of the furniture items for your dining room can include dining tables and chairs, sideboards, bar stools, and console tables.


The warmth and comfort that your bedroom gives you is the key determinant of the kind of sleep you’ll have. Hence, it is important to know the interiors, furniture, and overall layout to go for. The furniture items for your bedroom can involve dressing tables, benches, nightstands, and armoires.

Office Furniture

Since we spend a substantial amount of time in the offices, the furniture there should be comfortable. The comfort that the office furniture gives also impacts the productivity of the employees. Some of the furniture items that you can have in your office include desks, book cases, chairs, and cabinets.

Now that we have looked at different kinds of furniture we can have in our homes and offices, we want you to be aware about certain factors that you must consider before purchasing furniture online.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Furniture

Before setting out to invest in furniture for your house or office space, you need to take into consideration some basic factors. Ignoring or side-lining these points would simply mean experiencing an unorganized living space. Here goes:

1. Usage of the Room

The amount of time you’d like to spend in a room should be considered before buying your furniture to avoid unnecessary investment or space wastage. The furniture that you place in a room reflects the purpose. Do you want to transform your bedroom’s look with new furniture? Do you wish to add furniture to your bedroom? Or are you looking for the best sites to buy furniture for your office? Whatever it may be, you need to know the purpose and destination of your furniture and space before investing in it.

2. Size and Layout

To enable free movement in the room and gain optimum utility of the furniture, take into account the size and layout out of the area. A small kitchen with a massive dining table would only make it look cramped. There would be very limited space to move around. Similarly, buying a king size bed for a small bedroom will leave no space for you to walk around freely. Hence, it is crucial to select the right kind of furniture to improve your sleep, productivity and overall movement.

3. Budget

Buying furniture should not push you into debts. To avoid this, have a fixed budget in your mind. Work on a visual plan for how you want your house or office to look like. That should help you understand how much you’ll need to spend and the number of pieces you need to acquire. Although we’d all like to spend a minimal amount, do not compromise on the quality of the furniture you are about to buy. You can find a range of high-end as well as affordable furniture products online.

4. Comfort

The term comfort cannot be underestimated or over-emphasized. Comfort is all that you should look for when buying any furniture items online. Whether you are buying a chair, sofa, or bed, the amount of comfort it gives will decide the duration for which you’ll use it. If it does not meet your preferences, let it go and look for a better option.

5. Durability

None of us like to spend an extra bit on the maintenance or repairs of furniture items immediately after buying it. You don’t want to purchase a new furniture piece every time it breaks or wears out. Quality cannot be determined based on the weight of the furniture, but its strength to handle weight, movability, scratch resistant. Don’t go for the furniture that’s cheap, go for the one that lasts a life time.

Buying furniture need not be hectic or stressful. Since you are spending a great amount on the furniture items, make sure you don’t rush. Research well. Check out different websites. Read the reviews of different customers. Understand your needs, budget, purpose, and pursue the best sites to buy furniture online.

A List of Top 10 Sites to Buy Furniture Online in India 2024 :

With online shopping sites, all our needs can now be fulfilled at our fingertips – it saves time, gives us access to better options, and helps us imagine the look of the space after placing the furniture. However, when planning to shop online, ask yourself the following questions before investing your time, energy, and money into it.

– Does the site have a return or exchange policy?
– Does the company send someone to set up the furniture or is it supposed to be done on our own?
– Does the site have a physical store?
– How is furniture delivered to you?

The list mentioned below includes some of our favorite furniture shopping sites recommended by the users as well as industry experts. So, stay tuned and check out the best sites for online furniture shopping:

1. Start Shopping from Pepperfry

You can always count on Pepperfry for great pricing, options, and services when it comes to online furniture shopping. Since commencement, this site has managed to stock up furniture items of all kinds, suiting everyone’s taste. If need be, Pepperfry also has the option of customizing furniture pieces like sofas, wall units, chairs, racks, beds, and tables based on your requirement, budget, and suitability. The best part, you can even ask for online consultation to check what kind of furniture would go well with your interiors and home décor.

Pepperfry has gained reputation for housing over 650,000 products ranging from furniture to home décor. They deliver across major cities in India, for which, orders can be placed through the site or mobile site. If you reside outside India, Pepperfry ships to other countries as well, however, that comes with an additional delivery cost. International deliveries take about 6 days to two weeks.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 24 hours to 11 days
  • Return Policy: Easy return policy for 7 days from receipt of the product
  • Perks: Free shipping, No cost EMI facility, bulk order acceptance, easy returns

2. Find your Furniture on Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is known to have a unique collection, mainly chic and contemporary. The online furniture shopping site offers a massive range of home furniture products such as wardrobes, beds, sofas, dining tables, and chairs along with products from other categories.

Urban Ladder has its presence in more than 12 cities across India, and effortlessly delivers and installs products of any type. The best part is that they offer an option of customization upon request. The products listed on this site are durable and fancy – you are sure to find something of your choice.

Backed a well-designed website, Urban Ladder makes it easy for viewers and potential shoppers who have no clue about how to start when looking for furniture to decorate their homes and offices.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 3 weeks to 6 weeks
  • Return Policy: On the spot return policy at the time of delivery or cancellation before the delivery of the product
  • Perks: Free shipping, installation and after-delivery clean up services, easy returns, no cost EMI facility

3. Browse through your Favorite Shopping Destination – Amazon

Isn’t Amazon one of our most-preferred shopping sites? Those of you who are not aware, Amazon has a massive collection, as much as 25000 products, of utilitarian furniture at absolutely affordable rates. Whether you need a wall unit, shoe stand, computer table, sofa, or a kid’s study table, you’ll find it all in multiple colours, textures and patterns. The website even has a good range of small furniture pieces which can be placed in the house as well as your office space.

Most of these furniture items are made of high-quality wood and glass, which makes it durable to last a lifetime. If you keep an eye on the offer dates, you’ll be able to avail heavy discounts as well. Over the years, Amazon has emerged as one of the leading online furniture stores providing unique collections at economical rates, and this makes them stand out from the rest.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 2 to 4 days
  • Return Policy: Easy return policy for 10 days from receipt of the product
  • Perks: Free and fast delivery on order amount of Rs. 499 and more, easy returns, no cost EMI facility, free installation

4. Try your Hands on Furniture from Flipkart

Surprised to be hearing about Flipkart for furniture items? Yes, this online store ranks among the top 10 when it comes to furniture products. Flipkart initially focused on electronics and books before expanding into fashion and lifestyle as well. Presently, their range of furniture items include sofas, tables, shoe racks, beds, office chairs, and wardrobes. The best part about shopping from Flipkart is, their furniture items are all certified for durability.

With easy return policy and free delivery beyond a certain limit, the shopping experience at Flipkart would definitely be stress-free. Needless to say, the variety of furniture items on this site is massive, and there’s something for everyone out there – classy, modern, chic, and contemporary!

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 5 to 7 days
  • Return Policy: Easy return policy for 10 days from the receipt of the product
  • Perks: Free installation within 72 hours after delivery, easy returns, no cost EMI facility, free delivery

5. Woodenstreet – Your shopping destination

Find furniture for every room of your house or office at this online furniture store. And if you don’t find something of your choice from the collection available, you can get your furniture customized too. As the name highlights, this store features only wooden furniture items. So, if you like wooden furniture items, you are sure to get lost in this wooden haven.

Woodenstreet is a Jaipur-based online furniture store. It is also one of the very few who started by accepting customer modification requests. What’s even better is, you can also choose the kind of fabric, wood, texture, colour, and finish of the furniture you want. They have a massive collection of ready to order furniture products across different categories.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 5 to 7 daysReturn Policy: On the spot return policy at the time of delivery or cancellation before the delivery of the product
  • Perks: Free installation for products above Rs. 5000, easy returns, free shipping, wide range of wooden-specific furniture items

6. Grab Premium Furniture on Snapdeal

Don’t be surprised to see Snapdeal in this list. Contrary to the popular belief, Snapdeal houses some of the best products from premium furniture brands like EVOK, Purple Heart, hometown, Nilkamal, Durian, etc.

Buying furniture from Snapdeal is very hassle-free, considering the bifurcation that the site has made for customer convenience. Snapdeal has also gained immense reputation over the years for selling budget-friendly yet high-quality furniture items, mainly; sofas, dining tables, shoe racks, wall units, and study tables.

Besides, they also provide a diverse range of office furniture items such as small benches, chairs, tables, and much more. The best part is, they deliver all across India with minimal or no delivery charges.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 3 to 5 days
  • Return Policy: Easy return policy for 7 days from the receipt of the product
  • Perks: No cost EMI facility, free installation, fast delivery, easy hassle-free returns

7. Your Luxury Furniture Store – Hometown

Future Group’s leading brand, Hometown is a widely preferred furniture and décor brand. Here, you’ll not only find furniture products, but home furnishings, décor, and modular kitchen products as well. Shopping from Hometown has its own perks, you also get complete interior decoration services.

The biggest advantage is that Hometown has physical stores across different cities for you to look around. If you are one of those who likes to check the product in person and then place an order online, you can do so in case of Hometown.

Besides having an online and physical store, they have also an app to get better access to a vast inventory of products. As much as Hometown features luxury products, they have a few from affordable range. Plus, all their products are quality certified, so there won’t be a concern of durability. With Hometown, you’ll find complete value for money.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 7 to 10 days
  • Return Policy: On the spot return policy at the time of delivery or cancellation before the delivery of the product
  • Perks: Economical, durable products, free assembly, fast shipping, 0% EMI facility, original products

8. Check out ShopClues

Another online store to join the race of furniture stores is ShopClues. With an assortment of over 40000 products across 50 different categories, ShopClues houses popular Indian brands such as Home by Nilkamal, Nesta Furniture by Century Ply, Usha Furniture, Invogue, Hometown, and Bluebell to name a few.

From book cases, wall shelves, office furniture, study tables, to dining sets and beds, everything is available on one platform. The products on ShopClues come with quality assurance to help you decorate your house or office in style.

The website has been designed with precision, ensuring easy browsing and convenient categorization of its products. In less time, the brand has managed to become one of the most-preferred as well as topmost furniture selling online store.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 3 to 5 days
  • Return Policy: Easy return policy for 10 days from the receipt of the product
  • Perks: Speedy delivery, free shipping, accepts discount coupons, free installation

9. Source the Best Furniture from Evok

Sited in Gurgaon, Evok found its place in the online furniture market in 1962. Since commencement, the online shopping store has been able to find its niche and has amassed great demand for its furniture in India. They not only provide furniture for home, but office spaces as well. All their furniture products are affordable, classic, and unique in a way that you’ll fail to find similar piece elsewhere.

Being one of the pioneers of this industry, brands like Flipkart have also been housing their products on the site. Evok features over 16000 furniture products and is also one of the biggest manufacturers of sanitary products, so much so that they have attain over 40% of the market share.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 3 to 5 days
  • Return Policy: Easy return policy for 14 days from the receipt of the product
  • Perks: Free delivery, free installation, easy return policy, exclusive designs, no cost EMI facility

10. Don’t Wander, Shop from Durian

What started as a retail and wholesale business soon transformed into a manufacturing and online furniture store. Since the launch, Durian has been creating unique and timeless furniture items for people for their homes and offices. Being a manufacturer, they create some of the best-quality, durable sofas, beds, tables, and chairs.

Besides having an online store, they also have over 33 physical outlets across India, featuring new variety every now and then. Big ecommerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon house Durian products too. Presently, Durian ships to cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Surat, Chandigarh, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, and Indore.

  • Delivery: Shipping can range from 2 to 4 days
  • Return Policy: On the spot return policy at the time of delivery or cancellation before the delivery of the product
  • Perks: Free assembly, free shipping, wholesale rates, durable products

Time to Design and Decorate your Space with New Furniture

So, these are some of the top most brands that have been leading the online furniture store space. Whether you want to purchase a sofa set, wall unit, double bed, or refurbish the entire office with new furniture pieces, source the best products from any of these websites. We assure, you’ll not be disappointed. We hope you’ll find the furniture of your choice, taste and budget on either of these sites! With just a few clicks away, you can sort the big list of furniture items you need to purchase and have it delivered at your doorstep, free of cost!

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