Most Trusted & Best Sites to Buy Jewellery Online in India in 2024

The list of the best site to buy jewellery online in India is right here to your rescue. Refer to our guide below and start shopping.

Finding the best site to buy jewellery online in India is the need of the hour today. If you too are looking to purchase jewellery online, take a look at the best platforms to do so.

Brick and Mortar stores have always been around us, however, the joy of surfing through the best site to buy jewellery online in India is unparalleled. We are all aware that it has taken a lot of time for a country like ours to embrace the concept of online jewellery shopping. However, with trusted names in the virtual market such as Tanishq, Voylla, Caratlane, PC Jeweller, and Bluestone among many others, the shift has been easier, smoother, and relatively-quicker.

It is often said that jewellery is quite like a woman’s companion. But gone are the days when only women would desire jewellery shopping. Trends have changed, and men too are competing and joining the force equally. Besides this, another difference that has taken place for good is the fact that jewellery is now readily available online, so the younger generation wouldn’t want to step out of their cosy couches and walk up to the jewellery store.

Rather, a considerable number would wish to have it at the touch of a button. So, to make the search easier for such people, we have brought to you a list of the best sites to buy gold, silver, and diamond online in India. And, in the meanwhile, let’s also check if it is safe to purchase jewellery online and if one should go about it or not.

Is it possible to buy jewellery online? Details Unveiled

Many of us are often looking at purchasing jewellery for ourselves or our near and dear ones. For over several decades, we have been purchasing gold, silver, and diamond at a nearby physical store. However, with the advent of e-commerce, the question that arises is, can we buy jewellery online?

The answer here is YES! We can easily buy jewellery online in India through a range of websites at the comfort of our homes. However, there are a few pointers that we must remember before going ahead –

1. Authenticity of the Site

Before you go ahead with investing a large amount in any jewellery piece, check the authenticity of the site so that you don’t end up falling into the trap of fraudulent platforms. Ensure you purchase it from the site of a renowned jeweller.

2. Payment Terms

A lot of unreliable online jewellery stores do not permit the cash on delivery payment mode. To save yourself from getting duped, do cross verify if the site accepts cash on delivery, debit/credit card payment, cheque/demand draft, or bank transfer.

3. Customization

Not all the online jewellery stores offer the service of customization. In that case, you might have to pick and choose from the portfolio available. So, if you have a requirement that may need customization, search for sites that permit to do so. Also, when jewellery pieces are customized, they take longer than the usual period, so do take into account the number of days that the jeweller would take to deliver your product.

4. Size

There’s a strong possibility that the size given for rings, bangles, necklace, or chains may not be apt for you. So, as a precautionary measure, visit your nearest jewellery store, get the measurements noted, and then proceed with placing your order. This will save your hassle of return or exchange of the product.

5. Price Difference

This is one of the most important points you need to remember when shopping online for your jewellery. Be prepared to find a considerable difference in the price point of a jewellery piece purchase in a physical store versus online.

6. Delivery

Most of the online jewellery stores use third-party services to deliver products to their customers. So, before accepting your jewellery, ensure checking the packaging of the item, whether or not it is sealed and has been damaged. If you are not satisfied with the package, do not accept it. In case of online jewellery shopping, you can always exchange or return the products in the stipulated period.

Now that we have learned a few important pointers to keep in mind when buying jewellery online in India, let’s also check how safe is it to do so!

How safe is online jewellery shopping of Gold, Silver, and Diamond?

Thinking of buying Indian gold jewellery online? Trying to source the best site to buy diamond online? But feeling hesitant on purchasing it online instead of a physical store? Well, we understand your concern with regard to the safety and authenticity of jewellery purchased online. However, if you take the necessary precautions, then the online jewellery shopping experience wouldn’t disappoint you. Let’s take a look at the important dos and don’ts –

Dos when purchasing jewellery online

  • Do carry out a deep research in reference to the site, different e-commerce stores available, and client reviews among others.
  • Do go through the official site of the jewellery store
  • Do check the return policy of different online jewellery stores
  • Do refer to the online testimonials and reviews of customers who have purchased from the respective online jewellery stores
  • Do prefer a jewellery store that permits a ‘try at home’ facility
  • Do check the shipping policy of the websites selling jewellery

Don’ts when purchasing jewellery online

  • Don’t forget to check the ‘About Us’ section on the websites.
  • Don’t miss comparing the prices offered by different online jewellery stores.
  • Don’t undervalue or ignore the privacy policy of the website.
  • Don’t pull yourselves into taking a hasty decision.

Jewellery investment, without a doubt, is a big decision for any individual and it is absolutely normal to feel apprehensive or cautious when purchasing jewellery from online stores. However, since online stores offer profitable deals, it only makes sense to get the best out of the money invested. For you to make the purchase, or in other words, investment, you need to know the best sites to buy jewellery online. So, let’s check it out below!

A-List of Best Sites to Buy Jewellery Online in India in 2024

Your hunt to find the best sure to buy gold, diamond, and silver online ends here. Here are the websites where you can buy the finest pieces of jewellery from –

1. Take a look at Caratlane

Caratlane was the first site to begin the concept of online jewellery shopping in India. What makes this platform one of the most-coveted ones is the fact that it offers the facility to try jewellery at home. This is done in the presence of a consultant who visits the desired address as per the customers convenience.

Caratlane has a range of gold, silver, diamond, and platinum jewelleries on their portal. There’s also an option of availing next day delivery on some select products. They even claim to offer GIA, HRD, and IGI certified jewellery.

With additional features like 30-day return policy, 1-year warranty, lifetime exchange policy, and complete money back guarantee, Caratlane has evolved as one of the most trusted websites when it comes to buying authentic diamond and gold jewellery.

2. No one better than Tanishq

Tanishq, as a brand, needs no introduction. It has been ruling the markets since forever and is considered one of the fastest-growing, largest, and most-popular jewellery brand.

Tanishq offers a premium range jewellery and have a wide variety of collections, particularly in gold. The company has gained an immense reputation for offering hassle-free return policy with free shipping in the whole country as well as abroad. The brand even provides a range of discounts and offers that are available on the site regularly, throughout the year. So, count on Tanishq when you shortlist the best sites to buy diamond online.

3. Check out Voylla

Founded in the year 2013, Voylla has turned eyes on its site, all thanks to its handcrafted pieces. Over the years, since commencement, the platform has only added to its range of collections in the category of traditional jewellery pieces like Rajputana, Kalamkari, Nawabi, and many more.

What makes Voylla all the more coveted is the fact that they offer 100% authenticity guarantee, using “925” certification for mainly silver. Besides this, one can also get a complete look inspired by famous actresses from Bollywood and the television space under their “Navrang Section.” So, when it comes to purchasing silver, Voylla can easily be look up on as the best site to buy silver online.

4. Consider shopping from Bluestone

Established in the year 2011, Bluestone is a pioneer when it comes to purchasing Indian jewellery online. With 100% certified jewellery in a range spanning over 4000 designs, this online jewellery platform has gained name for being one of the leading destinations since its inception.

Bluestone is one of those very few sites that offer try-at-home service, so much so that you can have a great luxurious experience without even stepping out of your homes. Whether you want to gift your loved ones or purchase one for yourself for a festival, look no further than Bluestone. What makes them a leader in this category is their 30 days money-back guarantee, next-day delivery service, and transparent pricing policy.

5. No other site better than PC Jeweller

Since commencement, PC Jeweller has gained immense name for being one of the finest online jewellery brands offering traditional jewellery, fusion pieces, and contemporary jewellery. If you are looking for 22k gold jewellery online shopping, look at no other platform than this.

With services like easy returns, 100% certified jewellery, free shipping, lifetime exchange, BIS Hallmark, best and transparent pricing, and unusual designs, PC Jeweller easily tops the list when it comes to buying Indian gold jewellery online.

6. Glance through Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar is one of the oldest brands selling the finest pieces of gold and diamond jewellery. If you are one of those who’s apprehensive to buy gold jewellery online, we assure you that you can rely on Malabar without a doubt. They have presence in over 10 countries spread through the means of 250 physical outlets. Malabar ranks among the top 5 jewellery brands globally.

By now, we are sure you’ve got some idea on how and where to purchase your gold, silver, and diamond jewellery from! We hope we have taken away the stress from you through this guide and list of online jewellery stores. However, if you still have some queries that have gone unaddressed, then check out the frequently asked questions section below. That might help you gain better clarity on a few things.


Is it safe to buy jewellery online?

It is absolutely safe to purchase jewellery online. You only need to make sure to shop it from a well-trusted brand and site that assures return, exchange, authenticity, and a reliable pricing policy.

Can I buy jewellery online on EMI?

Yes, you can purchase jewellery online on EMI with the help of your debit/credit card. However, before purchasing any jewellery from any online store, do cross-verify if they offer EMI facility.

Is it safe to order gold online?

Yes, it is safe to order gold online as far as the source and brand is trustworthy.

Which karat gold is best?

24K (100% pure gold) is the highest karat of gold, followed by 22K (92% gold and 8% alloyed metals), and lastly 18K (75% gold and 25% alloyed metals).

Is platinum better than white gold?

Platinum is more dense than white gold, however, it is also expensive than the latter. Besides, platinum is also a durable metal, so it will certainly last better for a longer duration as compared to white gold.

Is it safe to buy diamonds online?

Yes, purchasing diamonds online is absolutely safe, depending on the brand. One benefit of purchasing diamond online is that it is a lot cheaper than buying it in a physical store.

How do you pick a diamond online?

When purchasing a diamond online, look for specifics such as the range in carat weight, clarity, and color. Also, make sure you research thoroughly on what you need .

Which diamond is best?

If you are looking for the best quality diamond, then VS2 and SI1-SI2 diamonds should be your go-to preference.

Which brand is better – Tanishq or Kalyan jewellers?

Tanishq offers better quality and on the other hand, Kalyan offers better value and competitive pricing.

Is it safe to buy jewellery from Caratlane?

Yes, it is safe to buy jewellery from Caratlane since the brand has a great reputation and large customer base in the market.

Ready to pick the finest Jewellery pieces from one of these sites?

The aforementioned sites are few of our best picks when it comes to buying gold, silver, and diamond jewellery as well as artificial sets. So, if you are one of those who likes shopping online, at the comfort of your couch and at a click of a button, then this article is sure to fascinate you.

Keep aside your worries about the quality, pricing, and reliability, and go ahead with buying your favorite jewellery pieces from any of these platforms. We assure you won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping experience!

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