Eyeball the Best Sites to Buy Lehenga Choli Online in India 2024

Scan through the Best Sites to Buy Lehenga Choli Online in India in 2024 and get the most perfect Lehenga for yourself. With numerous options, you are bound to get the lehenga of your dreams.

Read ahead to view the Top 10 & Best Sites to Buy Lehenga Choli Online in India. Lehengas were worn by women in the Mughal Era. During then the popularity of Lehenga increased in the neighbouring states and slowly all over India. This trend of wearing lehenga was adopted by different states making them unique in their very own way.

Currently, there are plenty of designers all over India who are showcasing their creativity in the form of Lehengas. Big Labels like Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar have showcased how lehengas can be a game-changer and how one can showcase themselves through such creative and ethnic apparel. Lehengas in modern India has become a statement piece and are surely not going out of style anytime soon.

Lehengas are traditionally worn on occasions such as weddings, parties, receptions, sangeet, etc. Lehengas come in varying colours, and the colour of each Lehenga signifies a different meaning.

Such as the crimson red lehenga or the bridal lehenga signifies charity, fire, and blood. White lehengas connote innocence, happiness, and elegance. The colour blue represents honesty. The shape and make of the lehengas can differ too, with the Banarasi lehenga to something currently in fashion like the sharara cut lehenga style.

Lehengas are something people often experiment with and create their version suiting their personality. There is no right or wrong when it comes to wearing a Lehenga or styling it per se. Today there are plenty of online as well as in-person stores for Lehengas, they are competing against each other producing cheap fast fashion to keep up with the competition. In this article, we will mention the top 10 websites/stores you can look into that sell ethical, unique, and even handmade Lehengas that will suit your needs.

Scan Through the 10 Best Online Shopping Sites for Lehengas in India

In pursuit of lehengas be sure to browse through these Top 10 Online Shopping Sites to buy Lehengas in India. Each of these sites/brands has its own uniqueness and offers something special. What do they offer? Let us take a peek.

1. Myntra

Myntra Lehenga Choli Collection

Myntra is one of the best online shopping sites for lehengas. When looking for Cholis, do not miss out on the brilliant collection Myntra has to offer. Providing choices of over 150 brands such as Pothys, Readiprint Fashions, BrownBee, Divasti, Mimosa, and 6500 lehenga options such as regions, occasions, etc, Myntra is a shopper’s heaven.

Catering to all age groups and ethnicities, one rests assured when it comes to a hassle-free shopping experience. This eCommerce site has plenty of price variations ranging from Rs.1000 to luxurious brands that cost over Rs.80000. With Myntra as your shopping buddy, you will never have to worry about the quality of the products as the company tries to meet the industrial standards while selecting sellers.

Myntra also provides you with a 100% guarantee that the products on the website are all original and a 30 days return policy. This website helps users to determine and make it easier to choose from the vast collection Myntra has to offer because of the review and the rating algorithm.

The website also offers on-time delivery, so you are never late on your special occasions and presents customers with an excellent team of customer service. With millions of satisfied customers, this brand has paved its path to success and made a place in the hearts of the youth.

With the try-and-buy option, myntra has surpassed its competition and placed itself as one of the topmost choices of the younger generations. Most of you might be familiar with myntra since it has grown a ton in the last 7 years.

And while buying anything from the website you are well assured that your products won’t be compromised in quality. The best part about Myntra is that they offer coupon codes and discounts all around the season, making you get the best of the deal while purchasing from them. They’ll always have something in store for you!

2. Mirraw

Mirraw Lehenga Choli Collection

Mirraw is ranked #2 on our list of best Sites to buy Lehenga Choli Online in India. It is the largest ethnic store in India that caters to worldwide main markets being the USA and Europe. Established in 2011 Mirraw has grown popular as one of the top ethnic stores in India.

Offering a variety of apparel to choose from, for different genders as well as age groups has become a sensation among the youths. This website offers a wide selection of Indian Lehenga Choli by numerous famous designers like Stylee, Juniper, En Vogue, Ujjwal, etc, and categories like bridal, net, partywear, etc.

Mirraw has got you covered for all your lehenga needs and the prices on this website are budget-friendly. It is one of the most trusted sites when it comes to Indian wear and all the clothes are specially curated by teams of experts to match the needs and are always trendy.

Mirraw also excels in customer service and is one of the brands that provide an option to stitch, making it ready to wear straight out of the box. This website does not disappoint and it’s so engaging that you will never leave empty-handed from this site. There is something for everyone.

Mirraw offers a variety of stitching lehengas options like semi-stitched, standard, and custom all varying in the price range. Mirraw appeals to handmade apparel/lehengas and appreciates the hard work of their workers.

It usually takes around 10-14 days for your Mirraw package to arrive at your doorstep and can be returned within 7 days. Mirraw customer services are available throughout the day and night and can be ready to welcome all queries/grievances you might have. You are in luck because Mirraw issues tons of discounts and offers on every occasion and season. If you’re looking for excellent quality ethnic lehengas Mirraw is your shopping stop.

3. Ritu Kumar

Ritu Lehenga Choli Collection

Ritu Kumar is #3 on the list of the best online shopping site for lehengas. It is one of the top respectable designer-wear in India established in 1967 with just a few printers and a table, near a small town in Calcutta by Padma Shri Award Winner Ritu Kumar. She has shown that handcrafted goods may be just as lucrative as machine-made goods, if not more so.

The organization collects the greatest materials and expertise from all over the nation, resurrecting renowned textile traditions and employing hundreds of artists. Ritu Kumar has been recognized and enjoyed all over the globe as a label. Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, and Dia Mirza, to name a few, are among its clients. Also, overseas superstars such as Princess Diana, Mischa Barton, and Anoushka Shankar wear garments made by Ritu Kumar.

The company caters mainly to three occasions of lehenga: bridal, cocktail, and wedding. Prices of the lehengas offered by them are typically in the middle to high range. There are currently 28 lehenga pieces on the site, all of them handmade with love, and each one of them is very unique on its own.

Spectacular Lehenga is something that Ritu Kumar just gets right! The delivery takes around 2-3 weeks. Over the years Ritu Kumar as a Label has set its foot in the industry making it change the whole spectrum of Indian fashion.

Ritu Kumar is a pioneer in the Fashion Industry. One does not have to worry about any grievances that they might be having cause the customer service is just one call away. With good customer service over the years, Ritu Kumar has established high standards and set the example for businesses to come shortly and high business competition.

The Return Policy is super-efficient because of the easy and smooth customer service provided by Ritu Kumar. Why wait, go buy your designer handmade-with-love lehenga right now!

4. Nykaa Fashion

Nykaa Fashion Lehenga Choli Collection

Nykaa easily makes its place in the list of the Best Sites to buy Lehenga Choli Online in India. Nykaa Fashion is among the largest fashion-oriented online shopping platforms, which means they will have something for all your needs. Having something for everyone, be it men, women, or a child, you’re sure to find something that fits your wants and your style too.

Established in 2012, in India, they have maintained the quality of products they deliver and also ensures customer satisfaction. Being an Indian brand they have lived up to their customer’s expectations by specifically focusing on Indian traditional wear, one of them being lehengas, they have one of the best lehenga collections out there, which not only looks good but also speaks quality.

Based on the customer reviews on the internet, the thing you won’t be complaining about is the fit of the lehenga you choose for yourself. Not only have they managed to improve the quality and designs of their products but also the fitting of each of the products so that when one buys from them, they won’t be returning the item.

Since we are on the topic, their return policy is as easy as it gets, assuming you have ordered something and after a day or two you changed your mind and want something else or maybe you just don’t want anything, or perhaps you placed an order mistakenly and have paid for it, there is absolutely nothing to worry about since they have a customer-friendly return policy which ensures that you get your money back to your account within the next 3 working days after the cancellation of the order.

And the return policy is hassle-free too, just by placing a return request you will have a delivery person come to your doorstep and pick up the product for return. Nykaa Fashion is a sub-brand of the parent company Nykaa meaning the quality of the product you will receive is surely going to be top-notch.

5. Utsav Fashion

utsav fashion lehenga choli collection

Established in 2001 Utsav Fashion has slowly and steadily made itself known for Indian Wear both Nationally and Internationally. Utsav Fashion is the manufacturer, wholesaler as well as retailer of varied Indian Wear. It is India’s unique apparel retailer with its production facility in Jaipur.

As a result of their straight internet sales to clients, they not only pass on benefits and reductions to the end-users; the consumers, but they also stitch products for superstars, prominent Bollywood actors, and regular women next door.

They have contemporary patterns, styles, embroidery, and materials that suit one’s style perfectly. On each occasion, whether it’s a religious event, an anniversary, a bridal, or a kitty party, they accommodate your aesthetic preferences.

Utsav Fashion is sure to provide you with an experience you can’t forget, among one of the best online shopping experiences, it will win your heart and guarantee the best quality and expert craftsmanship, providing rich artisan you are sure to make a fashion statement with Utsav Fashion.

Yes, everything you will receive from Utsav Fashion is handmade, so one might think it may take time to get it delivered to your doorstep, this is where Utsav Fashion shows why it’s ahead of its competitors, with its Ready-To-Ship Collection Utsav Fashion has made it very easy if you want something ready-to-go because this collection dispatches within just 24 hours from the order being placed.

For over 2 decades, this fashion boutique has won many hearts and satisfied thousands of customers, this boutique also offers customization or a tailored fit for your lehengas making it all hassle-free and helping make the experience very smooth. They have a dedicated collection for Plus Size and an exclusive tailoring section just for plus sizes. Utsav Fashion is a designer-made brand you can go to for your needs and wants.

6. Kalki Fashion

kalki fashion lehenga choli collection

Kalki Fashion is considered another one of the Best Sites to buy Lehenga Choli Online in India. Established in 2007 by three brothers and a passionate father this store has become a major importer of silk.

Lehengas in Kalki Fashion is curated by the best artisan and craftsmen in India and the best raw materials available to meet lehenga wants. Kalki Fashion is one of the many stores that provide lehengas for everyone with a varied range of products and all the occasions and more.

Kalki Fashion has satisfied over 1 lakh clients and is still going strong. This past decade they have achieved plenty of milestones and are proudly the few brands that provide a ready-to-go collection in their store as well as on their online site.

Shipping of a product takes around 2-3 weeks depending on the customization, and yes Kalki Fashion has a customization option offering different Stichting options to the varied needs of the customers. Kalki Fashion also caters to plus sizes with a special tailoring section to fit the needs.

It is also worth mentioning that the company is a high-end brand but there is a collection that is affordable for people looking for something within a budget line. Kalki Fashion has one of the best collections of Lehenga in India with different styles like jackets, printed crop tops, skirts, bridal, etc for varied occasions such as sangeet, engagement, reception, partywear, intimate wedding collections KalkiFashion.com is sure not to disappoint you.

Kalki Fashion also offers an option to the video shop, where one of their agents helps you get the best Indian Wear/Lehenga to suit your needs. You can Book an appointment with them when it suits your time.

All agents of Kalki Fashion are very helpful and knowledgeable and will surely and certainly fulfil your needs and wants. Kalki Fashion is slowly winning the hearts of people all around the globe and one should try purchasing from them for your next big occasion.


Ajio lehenga choli collection

Ajio is one of the best online shopping sites for lehengas. With a whopping 4.3 stars rating on the App Store, Ajio is our next shopping destination for all kinds of Apparel, especially Lehenga. Ajio has over 2000 lehengas and varied collections to choose from and one can most definitely find their favourite brands( currently having 70+ brands) namely Ritu Kumar, AKS, Nakkashi, Zeelpin, and much more on this website.

Coming to the quality of the product, Ajio makes sure you get your money’s worth. The comment section has also shown satisfactory results on the products. The prices on Ajio are very budget-friendly; they start at Rs.1000 and go up to Rs.50000, where it slightly touches the mark of high-end fashion.

Everything Ajio provides is sourced from the best craftsmen and artists from all over India making almost all brands available under one roof. Lehengas provided by Ajio are all spectacular and it is among the best Lehenga stores currently in India.

With everything in mind, we can talk about the customer services provided by Ajio. This online store has among the best customer service and is available around the clock to help you with any queries or grievances that you might have. With easy-going customer service, everything seems like a smooth ride in this store.

The return policy on this store is simple as well, with a 15-day return policy, your product will be picked up and your money transferred within a week and a cancellation policy that goes hand in hand with Ajio’s other policy-making for great customer satisfaction.

Ajio also has another brand namely Ajio Luxe for people who wish to get lehengas from the top brands in the fashion industry namely Manish Malhotra, Nirmoha, Tarun Tahiliani, etc. It is a high-end store and the quality of the products will never be in question as these big names always use top-notch quality raw material as well as craftsmanship.

8. Manyavar

Manyavar lehenga choli collection

What just started as a thought in 1999 has now ventured into a full-fledged business starting in 2008. Within a decade, Manyavar has achieved many milestones and left an outstanding impression on the design industry and is still going strong.

Soon after, the company expanded to include a far broader spectrum of men’s apparel and accessories, making it yet another store for formal events. Throughout its history, the brand has become associated with wedding clothing; a one-stop-shop that has draped the nation in delight and the greatest Indian beauty.

In 2016, the business launched Mohey, a festival attire for ladies, and in 2017, it purchased Mebaz, one of the most well-known high fashion stores in southern India, creating a one-stop shop for Men, Women, and Young kids.

What started as a store for men’s ethnic wear has now turned into a fully-fledged store for all kinds of ethnic wear catering to all genders and age groups. Lehengas in Mohey are designed by the most proficient craftsmen in India and have over 45 lakh satisfied consumers.

Manyavar not only caters to the Indian Public but also ships overseas. Every lehenga in the store is unique, showing the expertise of the craftsmen present at the company. It is also worth mentioning that this designer-made store has set the industry standards to great heights in a matter of few years and all the raw materials used for their lehengas are one of the best available materials.

They currently have around 100 lehengas on their website to choose from ranging from 14k to 150k. Manyavar is a high-end brand assuring the quality will never be compromised and you will always receive your money’s worth. Return Policy is very easy as well and only within 10 days, you can easily return a product for exchange or refund.

9. Kreeva

Kreeva lehenga choli collection

A Gujarat-based label providing excellent women’s apparel for a few years now. Their company develops exquisite outfits that make every lady feel more feminine and appreciate herself, with an emphasis on India’s rich past.

They have a great number of experts and artisans who have enabled the firm to become a top brand in India’s fashion community, defying prejudices that women can’t run a business. Kreeva is a beautiful blend of heritage, joyful vibes, and ancient Indian customs.

Kreeva.com provides a comprehensive internet presence that is far more efficient and hassle-free than buying at a location. You can also contact their style consultants for attires for your physical traits and event, making personalization and style choices smoother.

If you’re seeking for distinctive ethnic clothing to shine out this holiday period, Kreeva.com is your one-stop shop for all marriage costume choices. Kreeva has a large domestic and international customer base, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

The group adheres to the renowned statement, “Don’t dress to impress. Dress to depress. Look so good that others crave your style.” Kreeva sources the best material for your lehenga needs and provides customization for your needs.

This label mainly focuses on connecting to Indian Heritage when it comes to designing their lehenga. They also have excellent customer support which is usually available from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm for all sorts of grievances or any kind of question one might have. The best part about Kreeva is that it has a 7-day return policy which is very hassle-free making it easy for you to return your products.

Kreeva offers coupon-code and offers that are live on the website for all seasons and are available all year round, assuring you always get the best deal whenever you purchase your lehenga.

10. Peachmode

peachmode lehenga choli collection

Peachmode is a Mumbai-based company started by Anupam Tulsyan in 2014. It is best known for selling one of the finest women’s clothing collections revolving around India’s rich heritage and is considered one of India’s pioneers in the Fashion Industry.

Their lehenga collections are all acquired from the best craftsmen around India, experienced in working with rich materials to accustom them. Despite Being a small brand, this label does not fall short of giving the best experience to their customers and a whole new outlook on their Lehengas, as their lehengas not only are unique and sophisticated in their way but also complement every curve of a feminine body.

The quality of their lehengas is not only good on their own accord but they are also comparable with the big names out there and if it isn’t enough to prove their worth to you, the customer reviews will, which happens to be over 4.3 stars.

When it comes to quality they give you a 100% quality assurance assuring that your apparel will meet the standards and will be top-notch. It may be new to the fashion industry but it is slowly gaining popularity.

They have a 7-day return policy in India, making it a convenient and hassle-free return. The customer service of Peachmode is available 24/7 to answer all and any of your queries. The price points of Peachmode are more on the lower-end and are very affordable, but do not confuse it with the lack of quality because quality is one of their strong suits.

Many celebrities have collaborated with Peachmode such as Neha Narang, Ambika, etc and content creators like Ravina Tekwani, Megha Chadha, etc. Small label numbers like Peachmode might not cross the mind while looking for a lehenga but once a person shops from them, they are sure to return.

A Buying Guide on Lehengas- How to choose the best lehenga for me?

Lehengas are sophisticated Indian Ethnic Wear mostly worn during occasions like weddings, festivals, holidays, parties, etc. Lehengas come in different shapes and sizes with different kinds of work from all over India with varying materials ranging from velvet to silk and in some cases even cotton. Let us look at a few pieces of buying advice you can take into consideration before you buy your lehenga.

Select a style for yourself

When it comes to styling your lehenga you must go with a style in your mind before you go shopping for a lehenga, if not done right this will just lead to confusion. Choosing a style shouldn’t be a hassle. A few easy things you can do for choosing your style is following the trend. Something as easy as opening Pinterest to see the style you most appeal to will make it very easy for you to look for lehengas without overwhelming you with different styles. One can also look at a few colour options that they have in mind, this will help further reduce the list and make your vision a little bit clearer.

Acknowledge your Body Type

Lehengas are meant to flaunt all the curves and angles of a feminine body. Choosing a Lehenga type that flaunts your body type will not only look great but also gives one a sense of confidence. If you are unsure of your body type you can go to a consultant/agent working at a lehenga store and ask them for their help. Now that you know your body shape, you can use this information to determine which blouse shape/design will suit you the best.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to buying a Lehenga. One should always go with whatever feels right. The above guide is just an overview of what can be done while buying a lehenga.


When going through this article you may have come up with some questions. Let us try to answer them with these commonly asked questions.

Which site is best for lehenga?

The best sites for lehenga are Myntra and Mirraw. Both these sites have amazing choices, customization options and splendid customer service.

Which brand is best for lehenga?

Manish Malhotra has been given the title of the best brand of lehenga. However, its lehengas are very expensive.

Which Colour is best for lehenga choli?

There is no perfect colour but blue & golden are most preferred by people.

Which type of lehenga is in trend in 2024?

Multi-colour lehengas are in trend. These are lehengas that have one main colour and a few hues added to them.

Should I buy a lehenga online?

Yes, you should. There is no issue, it’s hassle-free, easy returns and you get plenty of options.

Ending Remarks- the Best Sites to buy Lehenga Choli Online in India

Selecting a lehenga or choli is a difficult task because you barely wear it more than 3-4 times. And you want your lehenga to look perfect. It is due to these high-risk factors that it is suggested that you scan through multiple sites and stores to get an idea of what is available in the market. Fix a budget and try to get something you like within that budget. The sites we mentioned above are all the top-rated sites for buying lehengas and thus you should consider buying from them if you’re out on a lehenga shopping spree. Happy Shopping!

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