10 Pure & Best Stevia Brands in India in 2024

In this piece, we are going to check out the best stevia brands in India in 2024 so that you can reduce your sugar intake with a better alternative. Find solutions to all your queries.

This review of the best and top 10 stevia brands in India will help you choose the finest product from top brands for all your sweetening needs.

Since the market is filled with some of the best stevia brands in India, it’s nearly impossible and overwhelming to decide which one to use. Thus, we are going to offer as much information on the subject as possible. This way, you can have better clarity of which are the best stevia available in India and which products to opt for whilst using them in your cooking.

Best Stevia Brands in India

Some best stevia in India are sweeter than others, some more ideal for baking, some taste a little different, and some are much stronger than others – the features of each of them vary. Hence, in order to not get confused, we have compiled this list for you. Plus, not many might know but stevia belongs to a group of safe, natural, calorie-free sugar substitute and is a great alternative for combating obesity. In addition, stevia’s taste has a longer duration and onset as compared to that of sugar, and a lot of its extracts even possess a bitter like aftertaste with high concentrations.

Thus, when you purchase stevia, read the ingredient label stuck to it. It gives you an idea of what the product contains and what you are about to consume. The best stevia brands in India mentioned below are some of our favorites that not just taste good but are also excellent substitutes to refined sugar.

But before diving straight into the best stevia brands in the market, let’s find out what stevia means!

What is Stevia?


Stevia is possibly unique among other food ingredients since it’s most treasured for what it doesn’t do. Unlike other sugar substitutes, it doesn’t add calories or cause any harm. It’s made from a plant that is a part of Asteraceae family, pertaining to ragweed and daisy.

Today, owing to the high demand for stevia, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared the stevia plant as a safe ingredient to be used in food. In fact, stevia has no calories and is typically 200 times sweeter than sugar. A lot of reports from the past have highlighted that stevia has potential to treat endocrine diseases like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

Thanks to the rise of emerging scientific evidence suggesting that excessive sugar consumption is harmful for human health, many people have begun turning to stevia for sweetness in their drinks and foods. This brings us to the questions, is there a difference between stevia and artificial sweeteners? If yes, what is it? Let’s check it out in depth.

Your Guide to Stevia versus Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose, are similar to sugar but vary in a significant way. Though they have sweetness like sugar, these artificial sweeteners are actually over 600 times sweeter than sugar. To outsource the products available in stores, these sweeteners are typically diluted with bulking agents or fillers. It’s important to note that artificial sweeteners aren’t completely heat stable and also leave an unpleasant bitter aftertaste on several occasions.

Stevia, on the other hand, is not more 30 to 40 times as sweet as sugar in its raw form. The stevia leaves contain a range of chemical compounds though, including a few that generate a bitter taste. Stevia extracts are moderately sweet and much more enjoyable. For this reason, stevia sweeteners are considered healthier and safer than chemical sweeteners. With stevia, it is heat and pH stable and also do not generally leave bitter aftertaste as compared to the former.

A Go-to List of 10 Best Stevia Brands in India in 2024

The best stevia brands in India are no longer in less numbers. The option is abundant and thus, people find it confusing to purchase any one. However, we understand how important it is for you to gain clarity in order to use the right product. And thus, we have created this list of the best stevia brands in India so that you can refer to it and make your decision accordingly. Stay tuned and read the details below:

1. Nothing like Zevic stevia

Zevic Steval : the natural stevia

Among the many brands available, the Zevic stevia is considered as the best stevia brand in India in 2024. If you have got a sweet tooth, instead of going cold turkey, pick up Zevic which is eco-sweet and contains completely natural ingredients. The Zevic stevia is considered as the best stevia powder brand in India with no calories. It can be added to beverages and also be used for baking as well as cooking.

Besides, Zevic stevia is heat stable and is almost equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar. This stevia brand does not include sucralose, dextose, lactose, maltodextrin, or aspartame. A pack of 100 grams, if ordered online, costs somewhere around Rs 180. The next time you are tempted to use sugar to any of your food item, make use of Zevic stevia as a healthier alternative.

2. Try out Steviocal Stevia

Steviocal Stevia : The all natural Stevia

With prevalence of diabetes, the importance of stevia brands, especially Steviocal, has increased more than ever before. Steviocal is looked upon as one of the best stevia in India since it is a natural sweetener that is made from rebudiana leaves, which in turn proves to be ideal for the treatment of diabetes.

This stevia can be used to prepare diabetic-friendly recipes, whilst also satisfying the sweet tooth. Being completely natural and zero in calories, Steviocal leaves no side effects, and is thus regarded as the best stevia brand for diabetics.

Besides, it contains absolutely no carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, or sugar. Other than its benefits in diabetes, Steviocal is also popularly known for helping in the treatment of other ailments such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidaemia, digestive disorders, heartburn, and skin diseases. So, substitute your sugar intake with Steviocal and experience a change in your lifestyle for the better.

3. Bring home So Sweet stevia

So Sweet Stevia

If you are looking for the best organic stevia in India in 2024, consider So Sweet Stevia. This stevia comes in a tablet form and is 100% water soluble. This is vegetarian product and contains absolutely no calories or carbs. For those who are health conscious and into fitness, So Sweet becomes a great choice.

What’s even better about this stevia is the fact that it has no added flavours, chemicals, or additives. And even better, there’s zero glycaemic index. So Sweet stevia usually comes in a pack of five weighing 100 grams each, costing somewhere around Rs. 650, if ordered online. If you wish to order in bulk, there are packs of seven and ten, too.

Whether it is your coffee, yoghurt, fruit salad, cereal, or tea, sweeten it all with the help of So Sweet stevia. Plus, this is one of the very few stevia products that dissolves easily without any excessive stirring, crunching, or heating. So, keep yourself well by investing in So Sweet.

4. Zindagi Stevia is the best one

Zindagi Stevia

Another very good product to add to the list of the best stevia brands in India is Zindagi. This stevia is easily one of the healthiest and natural substitutes of sugar, loaded with richness of prebiotics and dietary fibre brought to you by means of natural stevia plant extract.

As the brand claims, Zindagi stevia can be used for both cold as well as hot beverages. Just one drop of the product is enough to leave a delicious and lasting sweetening taste, almost equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar. This stevia can particularly be helpful and beneficial for obese, diabetics, and health conscious people. Plus, the best part is, Zindagi stevia is free from additives, contains zero calories, has no artificial preservatives, and has a longer shelf life – as much as a year or more.

Zindagi stevia generally comes in the form of liquid drops and a pack of two is likely to cost Rs. 269, if you happen to order it online. So, enjoy your sweets and fulfill your cravings without being worried about the sugar intake.

5. Give a try for Organic India stevia

Organic India Stevia

When there’s a mention of the best stevia powder brand in India, Organic India tops the list. This stevia is extracted from the leaves of plant species stevia rebudiana. One of the key benefits of this stevia is that it is it can be used in its natural state. Whether you want some sweetness to your cold-drink, yoghurt, pickles, or pastry, Organic India will give the best outcome.

What’s even better is the fact that the sweetness of this stevia can be felt for a long time. One sachet is almost equivalent to adding two teaspoons of sugar. But what needs to be kept in mind is that Organic India stevia needs to be stored at a dry and cool place and should be protected from direct sunlight.

Speaking of the packaging, it comes in a pack of 25 sachets and costs as much as Rs. 240 on an online site. This is a great product for those who are trying to bring their diabetes under control.

6. Bring home MagicLeaf Stevia

Magicleaf Stevia powder

Want the best stevia for tea and coffee? Looking to reduce your sugar intake? Diagnosed with prediabetic condition? Leave all your worries aside and go for MagicLeaf stevia. The taste of this stevia is just like sugar, but minus the calories that goes along.

In the list of the best stevia brands in India, MagicLeaf always tops the charts. This stevia helps to control blood sugar levels and also lowers high blood pressure. In fact, the best part is that it provides help to support in weight loss. MagicLeaf even helps to prevent tooth decay. All that’s needed to be done is that it needs to be stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Lastly, MagicLeaf comes in powered form of 100 grams and costs approximately Rs. 250. If you wish to order a bigger bottle, you can place an order for 250-gram bottle costing Rs. 390.

7. Make use of Bliss of Earth Stevia

The bliss of earth stevia

Your hunt for the best stevia powder in India ends here, since there’s Bliss of Earth stevia. This brand comes with the highest level of purity, as much as 99.8%. You can use this stevia powder for sweetening your drink and desserts without adding any quantity of sugar to your meals. What’s better about this stevia is the fact that it is highly concentrated, and thus, a single bottle is likely to last for more than 2 months.

In fact, being an alternative to sugar and jaggery, this stevia is extremely sweet, much more than other products and thus, you won’t need more than a drop or two to add to any meal.

The Bliss of Earth Stevia brand has got a massive following from customers owing to its unique yet appealing taste, which doesn’t even leave a bitter aftertaste. And additionally, Bliss of Earth doesn’t make you put on weight as it has absolutely no content of carbohydrates or calories. It even protects the health of your bones and skin and leaves a positive impact on your brain functions.

What’s certain to surprise you is the fact that Bliss of Earth stevia even comes in the form of dry leaves. With just a handful of leaves, the desired sweetness can be acquired.

8. Opt for Sugar Free Green Stevia

Sugar Free Green Stevia

Most of us want to avoid sugar intake. And thus, we constantly look for the best stevia brand in India that will help us get rid of our old habits. How about going for the Sugar Free Green stevia? Sugar Free Green stevia are 100% natural and contains 100 pellets that are a great substitute of refine sugar, jaggery, and honey. These pellets of Sugar Free are high on nutrition and great to taste. They consist of absolutely no calories or carbohydrates. In fact, they prevent and reduce obesity, and control cholesterol.

In fact, Sugar Free pellets are suitable for kids too. Over the years, Sugar Free stevia has proved to be a great replacement of sugar for diabetic and sweet-loving people. Those who are health and fitness conscious will most likely find Sugar Free green stevia extremely beneficial since it helps to control calorie intake. Lastly, this stevia leaves no side effect whatsoever, unless taken over and beyond the advised dose.

9. Purchase Dolce Vita Stevia

Dolce vita stevia

Dolce Vita is a unique sweetener, unlike the rest available in India. Dolce Vita is prepared by extracting from stevia leaves in Indonesia where the suitable climate makes the stevioside composition just right, in a way, that it doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.

The best part of this product lies in its long shelf life, which ranges till up to 36 months. Unlike other products that are either in powder or drop forms, this one comes in an easy-to-pour bottle of 250 ml. Use it for your beverages or sweet dishes, the end result is certain to impress you. It is important to note that you do not have to store this stevia in the fridge, just keep it in the room temperature.

10. Do give Sweetherb Stevia a try

Sweetherb Stevia

Sweetherb is undoubtedly one of the best stevia in India. Sweetherb is made from the purest form of stevia leaf extract and thus, is the healthiest, natural substitute of sugar, and calorie-free. Other than keeping one’s blood sugar in check, Sweetherb also consists of several nutrients that boost overall health.

Whether you want to add a few drops to your cake, pastries, protein shakes, tea, or coffee, this stevia is certain to go well and add a hint of sweetness you need. All that’s required is for you to squeeze one two drops of Sweetherb stevia and the result is likely to be close to what a teaspoon of sugar delivers. So, place your order for the best stevia drops now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Though we have given extensive details on best top 10 stevia brands in India in 2024, if you still have some queries, you can check out the FAQ section below where we have tried answering everything we could. Stay tuned.

Which Stevia brand is the best one in India?

Organic India stevia considered as the best stevia brand in India

Is Stevia 100% natural?

Yes, stevia is typically 100% natural, unlike other sugar substitutes, since its made from leaves.

Is Stevia good for health?

Stevia is considered to be safe and healthy for health, if consumed in appropriate and recommended quantity.

What is better, sugar free or Stevia?

Stevia is better as compared to stevia since the latter is absolutely natural, calorie-free, and zero on chemicals or preservatives.

How much quantity of Stevia is safe?

About three to four drops or 2 sachets of stevia is considered safe to be consumed every day.

Can Stevia be harmful?

Yes, stevia can be harmful if consumed in extreme quantities.

Has Stevia been banned in India?

No, stevia is no longer banned as per Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

We hope, through these details, you have received better clarity on the possible stevia brands in India that you can try your hands on!

Get your Hands on the Best Stevia Brands in India 2024

We understand that you enjoy these stevia products since each one of them have a feature of its own. Depending on your need and consumption, choose the brand that is likely to fulfill your requirements. None of these products will dig a deep hole in your pocket and at the same time, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are not indulging in something completely unhealthy. So, add all the sweetness that you want, but not with sugar, rather, stevia.

We assure, this one healthy lifestyle choice will prove to be worth it. You’ll reap its benefits in the long run, if not immediately. So, get shopping for stevia!

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