10 Most Durable & Best Sweatshirt Brands in India 2024

Choose from the 10 Best sweatshirt brands in India in 2024 for the most high-quality, comfortable and durable sweatshirts that will last years to come!

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Best sweatshirt brands in India in 2024 then you have landed in the correct place. Here’s a list of them to search for a smooth deal for you. This list was curated with thorough research, and there is a lot more than what meets the eyes when it comes to sweatshirts.

Sweatshirts are a must in the winters, be it for style or to beat the cold, and only when you have a variety is when you feel the thrill of shopping. Also, we would let you choose from the best of the brands.

You might think why sweatshirts and why not other classy winter wear, that is because we believe in comfort more than any other option. Sweatshirts are not only comfortable to wear, but they also bring out the cool in you.

Best Sweatshirt Brands in India

More so sweatshirts are something that can be worn at any point of the day, whether it is too cold or it is a sunny winter morning. Without any hesitance not only will sweatshirts can be indoor stay-at-home wear or day-out wear.

The research that we put in has to bring you to choose from the Best Sweatshirt Brands in India and have you also spoiled with choices for a long period. All the brands that we mention are also easily available online in India and have a variety that will not let you go without tapping the “add to cart” button.

Also, let us remind you that gone are those days when you wait in long lines, and end up not having the best thing up for grabs. These brands will make sure that you have the most upbeat, styled sweatshirts in town without spending a hefty amount, because of how accessible and easy on the pocket they are.

The 10 Best Sweatshirts Brands in India 2024 For Quality Buying

So here is a list of the Top 10 sweatshirt brands in India 2024, you should be ready to choose from the best, and trust us none of these brands will disappoint you. Be it in terms of quality, style, or price. You’d find everything here.

1. Nike

Nike Sweatshirt

Nike is the best sweatshirt brand in India 2024 according to sources and the insane variety it offers in the sports niche.

The fleece sweatshirts of Nike would not only make you feel warm through the winters but also add to your style. Modern athletic wear makes sure you are prepped for the gym and a party all in one. With very soft insides it makes sure that you’re cozy always.

We assure you sizing won’t be a problem because, we know sweatshirts can cause a problem with fit over your arm muscles, it can either be very baggy or too tight-fitting but with Nike that would never be a problem.

Also, if you’re someone who obsesses over fluffy sweatshirts then Nike should be your go-to place. Don’t worry about the weight though, it would feel like a feather over your body.

With a range of colour options, you’d have a great time choosing, and all at a price that would not seem like a burden on your pockets. So, for a classic look that goes with the vibe for an everyday look, Nike is a place to buy.

If in case you’re looking for a gym fit then the Nike sweatshirt can be your go-to, because it is super soft, for working out alongside it being absolutely comfortable and baggy enough for a sweaty session.

Looking for an easy-breezy sweatshirt go online and order from Nike or Myntra right away, as it makes sure you receive things on time, alongside good quality. Trust us, on this, this shall be an investment.

You don’t need to worry about any kind of hassle because of how established Nike is as a brand in India and has been in the market for ages, which ensures you nothing but good quality sweatshirts.

2. H&M

H&M Sweatshirt

If you’re looking for the best Sweatshirts brands in India, H&M should be on the top of your list. H&M has been in India for about six years now and the reviews of any of its products have of course been phenomenal. It has about 49 retail stores in India and is readily available for online shipping across the country. Hence, you have a two-way go at this.

The primary focus of H&M has been to create fashion statements that are available on the runways of the biggest fashion hauls across the world. And, rightly so it has made runaway fashion available for all.

With the compromise of the sweatshirts in the market which have the best styles, H&M is the hub for all your upbeat fashion statements.

H&M is the common point for all your comfortable yet stylish sweatshirt choices, with so many colours and types to choose from, your winter wonderland dreams would come true here.

Don’t worry about whether or not it would be classy because it will, and you’d find sweatshirts for everyone from a ten-year-old kid to a thirty-year-old person. With no compromise on quality, H&M is right there to fulfill all your needs.

What more to add to this wonderful brand’s attributes? It ensures regular and quality delivery and has excellent customer care that would make sure that if you order online then you’re in safe hands. Alongside it has several payment getaways so, you can pay through any way you deem fit.

3. Allen Solly

Allen Solly Sweatshirt

Allen Solly is one of the best sweatshirt brands in India 2024 at the moment. Allen Solly began producing formal clothing and now has ventured into the casual and semi-casual sections too.

Allen Solly has been around in the market for three decades now, as it was established in 1993 in India. With almost 31,000 outlets across the country, you’re only bound to find more than one in your town, and if not, you always have the option of ordering online.

Allen Solly has always been into making smart casuals hence if you are looking for great fashion and under your budget deals then Allen Solly will have you covered. With great colours on the go and quality that is supposedly the best in the market, you’d never be disappointed with Allen Solly.

Allen Solly has a reputation to make great fittings and soft textures that would keep you warm throughout the winters. So, if you want something that keeps you warm like a sweater but not a sweater because you also want to keep up with the styles then Allen Solly is the best choice.

Allen Solly has a great size range alongside ranges, and also sections for male-female and kids which have amazing styles for your choice. Be it a solid sweatshirt, a crew neck sweatshirt, or a hooded one Allen Solly has the classics all decked up for you.

So, not only are Allen Solly sweatshirts easily available they also are available for all. Irrespective of where or who you’re, it’ll have something in store for you. So go and buy them right away, because they will not just keep you warm all winter but also give you a perfect look for your outings.

4. Adidas

Adidas sweatshirt

Adidas rightly so, it is one of the best sweatshirt brands in India. It is a household name in our country partly because of how it accommodates the taste of the daily buyer but also because of how it has stores present almost everywhere.

Adidas as a company is passionate about making sport a lifestyle and hence makes all their products to make athletics very comfortable. The quality of their products hence has no compromise whatsoever.

They are a very customer-focused brand and hence you rest assured that your purchase would be from the best. Adidas offers a very relaxed fit, hence sweatshirts sticking to your body is never going to be a problem. You also don’t have to worry about them being a lanky fit because their sizes are not that huge or oddly proportionate.

If you’re out there looking for something minimal yet something that celebrates your individuality then Adidas is for you. They craft all their products with passion and it is visible through the quality and style.

As a big brand, Adidas is socially and environmentally careful, hence if you’re worried about your fast fashion consumption it shouldn’t be an issue here.

Their goal as a brand is for you to achieve peak performance, be it in sports or any other leisure and the sweatshirts you purchase for them will help you achieve the same. Rest assured there are about 760 franchise stores of Adidas across the country and you’d find variety in all of them without a doubt.

5. United colours of Benetton

United colours of Benetton sweatshirt

UCB makes it to the top 10 sweatshirt brands in India list largely because of how their style is so comforting yet elegant.

United colours of Benetton or as popularly known as UCB is a low-key yet ushering brand in the country, it has a style that combines quality, colour, and fashion all in one. Their sweatshirt collections offer an everyday easy-going look for work or leisure at any place.

UCB is an Italian brand and hence they splurge on colours and if you’re someone who loves a vibrant style palette then UCB has you covered.

UCB collections are always present on-trend, and quality more so they support sustainability a lot and that is their forte. With a booming market here in India, their sweatshirts would be the best buy for you because of how they customize everything to your needs.

They never compromise on quality and that’s the biggest USP of United colours of Benetton, and their sweatshirts have the coolest designs in the market living up to their Italian dream.

In terms of material, the brand is highly dependent on natural fibres hence the compromise of the sweatshirts is always available at their end. They are very prompt at translating the current trends into their clothing which brings out the quality, passion, and personality of the buyer.

Rest assured, the sizes are inclusive and money spent is worth every dime, so go ahead find the UCB outlet right away and make that buy. Not to forget you’d find them online too.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirt

If your search for the best sweatshirt brand in India hasn’t yet been redeemed then it might be time to find the classics and the best at Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger has the classic American Hip style with a preppy twist to it. They incorporate the streetwear style with beautiful colours. They celebrate the essence of the ‘classic American cool’ and hence you rest assured that the Sweatshirts that you buy from Tommy Hilfiger will bring out the cool in you.

Hilfiger’s collections are always evolving, incorporating brighter palettes with loose and oversize forms which bring out the hip-hop style. The comfort that you would experience putting on a sweatshirt would be unparalleled because of how they made fit for you.

The style that Hilfiger Sweatshirts bring to your personality is not only just the American Hip-Hop style but also captivating because they make you stand out from the crowd. They have flawless material and that shows in their clothing. They also make sure that they have very smooth fibres that doesn’t cause any discomfort which is again a plus.

They have a wide range of collections to choose from and also coming down to availability Tommy Hilfiger they are widely available across the country and have wonderful fits to pick up from. All of this makes Tommy not just a great brand to buy from but also makes you happy with your choice and money spent.

7. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Sweatshirt

The brand Monte Carlo is one of the best sweatshirt brands for men. They are a very old brand in the market, but as we know old is gold. They envision and put out high street fashion into the market and hence have been celebrated time again by the Indian consumers.

Monte Carlo is an Indian Brand and hence understands the needs of the Indian consumers very well.

The main objective of Monte Carlo is to meet buyers’ expectations and they put a lot of creative minds and technology to establish that, hence be sure to have your expectations met completely. Rightly so, their sweatshirts are of amazing quality and are beyond comfortable.

They put a lot of attention and detail into their fabric and hence they provide maximum warmth and also give you an amazing appeal for an everyday look.

Monte-Carlo has been in the market for more than 30 years now, so they understand their customers’ needs the best. Thus, you’d never be disappointed with their collection, fits, or looks for that matter.

They also make sure there is a lot that you can purchase under a budget because the Indian market at the crux of it is made of office goers and working people in general who wish to invest in clothing which will last for a long period.

The understanding of what the Indian Audience wants is something this brand did a thorough work on; hence you would not be left with an obnoxious style to pick from. The classic sweatshirts are always available, which is a superb option for you or for the loved one you’re buying them for.

8. Zara

If you are looking for the best sweatshirt brand for women then the best place is Zara.

It is the brand we all look up to when we need our fashion statements made! Zara is ranked as the best fashion brand in the world. It’s owner comes in the top 10 richest people of the world.

The brand stands for four things beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability and they are the harbingers of these themes. The sweatshirts at Zara are not a fashion statement but they are also an investment that takes you through life.

They react to the recent trends in the best way possible and they also take customer feedback in a very nuanced way. This is why their sweatshirts will never disappoint you, be it a minimalistic style or the most outgoing style that there is.

Zara has flagship stores across the country and they are also available online with amazing customer service. They have fits and styles for everyone that makes a whole lot of difference to your wardrobe.

They have been in the market for some time now, and trust us on this they know how to bring out your personality. Be it through the colours they use, or prints they include. If you’re choosing to invest in Zara, be sure that will be the best investment for your wardrobe.

9. Roadster

Roadster sweatshirt

Roadster is Myntra’s outdoor lifestyle brand, it is in collaboration with Roadster MotoGP which makes it the first Indian brand to have an exclusive collaboration with the premier motorcycling championship.

The brand Roadster is affordable, comfortable, and most importantly has a dashing style added to it. With a hint of contemporary appeal in its palette. They have premium quality fabric being used and it is a perfect combination of style and comfort with fittings that make you look very cool.

Roadster sweatshirts are made for everyday use and leisurewear too. They make no compromise in the quality and fit which is why they are even more celebrated and looked out for by every young person in the market.

They have a wide range of collections making them one of the best hoodie brands in India. There is absolutely no bar on styles and colours too. They almost always have some sales going on and that makes the brand even more attractive.
Be sure to check their collection out in Myntra and Flipkart and don’t worry about the delivery convenience because Myntra has supremely great customer service.

10. Jack and Jones

Jack and Jones Sweatshirts

Jack and Jones is a European brand that rides very high on the legacy of exemplary quality and style with unmatched craftsmanship, rightly so why they are included in the best sweatshirt brands in India list. They have around 69 exclusive stores across the country and hundreds of shop-in-shop outlets which makes it easily available to the public.

They are an affordable brand that focuses a lot on providing comfort to their customers and hence is celebrated for the same too. Their sweatshirts have attractive styles, which are comfortable and size appropriate always.

The fabrics used in their sweatshirts are of great quality with durability that last very long. One of their greatest qualities is that their sweatshirts can be worn in any season. Thus, making a purchase of the right-fit Jack and Jones Sweatshirt would be a great decision.

FAQs On the Best Sweatshirt brands Of India

You might have several questions regarding the sweatshirts and how to make the purchase and which brand to choose from. Hence, we have tried to answer a few of your questions, which might help you choose better.

What is the best brand of sweatshirt?

We believe the best sweatshirt brand for you would be the one that creates a sweatshirt or sweatshirt that matches your style, fit, and personality. So, choose the best from our list. One of our personal favourites is Nike, Adidas and H&M.

Which material sweatshirt is best?

We believe cotton is best suited for creating sweatshirts, however, cotton mixed with polyester is also not a bad choice. We suggest cotton because the material has an elegant, matte look and also does age well with time. The more you wash it, the softer it gets.

Which colour sweatshirt is best?

colours are again a very personal choice, but if you’re choosing the same for sweatshirts choosing one colour sweatshirts are way more preferable because they let the style out in a much better way. The most bought colour is black.

What is the difference between sweatshirts and hoodies?

A sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover piece of clothing. It technically covers your upper body and arms, on the other hand, the hoodie does all of this and has an extra hood added to it. Sweatshirts do not have zippers to them, some hoodies do.

Can I wear a sweatshirt in summer?

Yes, you can wear sweatshirts in summer, and they seem to be supremely comfortable in summers. Thus, we suggested having a cotton material for hoodies because they can be worn for all seasons.

Summary of The Best Sweatshirt Brands in India in 2024

As we talk about sweatshirts, we believe choosing the perfect hoodie depends upon what it is that you’re looking for. Yes, you have multiple options and that is also because so many brands are competing in the market wanting to achieve the first position.

But there will only be a few or one that you as a buyer would love and want to buy from. The measures that should be used to choose this are style, fit, fabric, availability, colour options, size options. All of these combined and being available make a brand the best brand in the market for you as a buyer.

You can choose to refer to the guide we just made for you, make sure which brand is the best sweatshirt brand, and then make the decision. We have done the first step for you that is research, and you can trust us on this research.

We always suggest that you go for the brand that fits you and your individuality the best. Also, let us remind you shopping is a long but fulfilling process, and taking your time to choose is completely okay. We suggest you spend time researching even more if required and make the best choice for yourself. We hope we have served the purpose well of being the guide for you.

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